Transformers: Trinity Trinity Cast (Bots)

Autobot Bumblebee

Citizen, this is a private Rescue Bot facility that must be…a Stark Iron Privileges card? That idiot, Stark, gave you a…?! Say, that is a nice, shiny SHIELD badge you got there. Okay, all chips on the board, Stark DIDN’T invent me. I’m 127 of Construction Batch B. I come from another planet, Cybertron. Don’t bother asking me for the coordinates, I’m not sure how to translate them to ones you would understand. Besides, even if I did, I’m not so sure I want you to visit my dead homeworld. Yeah, my people, the Autobots, fought a war against the Decepticons and we all lost. Cybertron’s incapable of supporting life and I’m the last Autobot. If you find a blue jet with a purple symbol on its wings, that’s the last of the Decepticons, Thundercracker. We both crash-landed here four million years ago and I woke up when the sorceror, Yen Sid, found me and accidentally reactivated me. All I could tell him, originally, was my Identifier, B-127, and how I ended up here. Cybertron’s means of creating life, the Allspark, blew up and both of the Autobot and Decepticon flagships, carrying the last survivors, were caught up in the explosion. My old boss, Optimus Prime, had the Asgardian King, Odin, swear to come to our aid and that honorless, promise-breaking, glitch-spawned Scraplet let us die! So…yeah, I don’t hold the Asgardians in high regard.

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It ain’t just SHIELD that’s gonna have it rough with an alien robot that believes herself to be the last of her faction. Mickey and his friends as well as the Rebel Alliance will have a tough time of it.

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