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Stark Industries Bumblebee

Ladies and gentlemen, if I may borrow Spider-man’s phrase, this is your friendly neighborhood Anthony Stark of Stark Industries. I’ve been doing some reflecting for a bit and remembered where my dad got his start. He invested and invented in new types of technology, one of them being a prototype hovercar. Now, Dad was in a habit of destroying the files on old projects, more so during World War 2. His birthday is coming up, so I figured I’d follow in his footsteps in a bit. Now, you know me, I LOVE cars. My only downside is…I can’t design a car worth spit. But, I know someone who does, and he’s got a whole team to help as well. Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the Bumblebee! Now, this particular car DOES have a Stark Industries spin on it, it’s actually a Robot in Disguise! The first of Stark Industries Rescue Bots, programmed to respond to a variety of emergencies and assist in any way it can! Or, rather, SHE can. I modeled the robot mode after my lovely wife.

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