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Chapter 68

We landed roughly on each other. Hongo was trying to NOT concentrate on his back pain. “Wataru, as soon as I disentangle myself from the rest of us,” I warned, “you better be the fastest Kamen Rider. Because if I catch up, may the multiverse have mercy on your soul for jinxing it!”

“Accursed mummy!” hissed Batman as he got Wyldstyle and Mikhail off of him. “Now he’s gonna get it!”

“Check it out!” called Tonje. “Mine carts!” There was a pair of mine carts sitting on their own respective rails. The doors to the mine were closed.

“We need them open,” I mused as I pointed to the doors. Wataru then tried to open them by force.

“Come on, don’t tell me you’re doubting yourself again!” snapped Kivat.

“No, I just need help opening the door!” Wataru managed to get out.

“Wataru, you’re going about it the wrong way,” called Hongo.

“Pardon?” asked Wataru.

“That vent over there,” explained Hongo as he pointed to what he was talking about, “has electronics that can open the doors. We just need to patch it up and shrink someone down to work with the electronics.”

“I’m the one good with rewiring things,” supplied Batman. “You just need to patch things up.”

“Bad news,” called Wyldstyle. While we were talking, she had gotten to a high shelf with a vent patch. “There’s only one patch.”

“Then whoever’s the giant,” suggested Batman, “needs to transfer the patch as I go.”

“What about that hanging bit?” asked Wataru.

“That will be sorted,” assured Hongo. “For now, Scale Keystone, activate! Lessen scale of Batman and Wataru! Enlarge scale of Wyldstyle!” Batman and Wataru shrunk while Wyldstyle grew. She grabbed the patch, ready to help Batman as needed.

“What happened?!” shrieked Wataru. “Why am I small?!”

“We need you under the dangling part of the vent,” directed Batman. Wataru then guessed.

“I’m just going to hold it up?” he asked as he went under the dangling part.

“Exactly,” confirmed Hongo. “Enlarge scale of Wataru!” Wataru grew and held the part in place while Wyldstyle transferred her patch when Batman needed it changed. After a while, everything was rewired and the doors unlocked.

“Well,” sighed Wyldstyle as Hongo got everyone back to their normal sizes, “I guess these carts are the only way out.”

“Then let’s not waste any more time,” declared Wataru. “Kivat, let’s go.” He held his hand to the air.

“All right!” cheered Kivat. “Let’s go!” He flew into Wataru’s hand and folded his wings. Wataru pressed a button in between the bat’s ears and the mouth opened. “Gabu!” (Bite!) called Kivat. Wataru then put Kivat’s fangs onto his hand, making stained glass patterns appear on his body while chains wrapped around his waist, forming a red belt with a hook in front and three whistle-like devices on each side. Wataru then showed Kivat in front of him.

“Henshin!” he announced. He then attached Kivat to the hook by his feet and let him swing down, making a deep bell sound. Quicksilver then formed around his body before bulking up and coloring itself. The suit was predominantly black with silver shoulder guards and a leg guard wrapped in chains. He had a red chest and red trim around his yellow, bat wing eyes.

“So, that’s Kiva,” I mused.

“Transforming may be a good idea,” suggested Hongo as he struck his pose. We followed suit by drawing our i.d. tags. “Rider…” began Hongo.

“Henshin!” we announced. We all transformed and then boarded the mine carts. We went down, down, down towards another area.

“The Scarab,” boasted a voice, “and its powers are MINE to control!”

“The mummy!” snarled Batman. “Quick! After him!”

“Looks like a dangerous game of bumper cars,” I mused. We kept bumping him, making him lose his grip on the explosives he was trying to light. He tried changing tracks frequently, but it was no good, he changed them too late. Finally, we went on a track that took us out of the mine and made us fly through the air onto a roller-coaster track. We went around the track a couple of times, but the ride we had made Kiva look a little sick, even under his helmet.

“Wataru, don’t you dare throw up!” warned Kivat.

“I’m trying!” mumbled Kiva. The mummy’s cart then left the track and crashed through a circus tent.

“This way!” called Batman. We all left the cart and went into the mummy’s tent. Kiva and I bounced on the trampoline all the way up to a trapeze swing. I grabbed onto the bar and Kiva grabbed my legs. We swung on it a few times before letting go and landing on the ground. Kiva and I felt something coming up our throats that was NOT going to be held back, so we dismissed our helmets and…I don’t need to paint you the picture.

“What took you so long?” asked Batman.

“Now I remember why I HATE roller-coasters!” I mumbled as our helmets came back.

“I don’t want to ride any more rides,” moaned Kiva. “I have an allergy to thrill rides.”

“You and me both,” I said as I patted Kiva’s shoulder. That was when creepy laughter rang through the tent and the mummy rose up from a hole.

“You were fools to think that mere mortals can stop me!” he boasted. “Witness the true power and might of the Diamond Scarab!”

“Fools?” I hissed. “I am no fool. I am a hero! Dai Super Charge!” My armor bulked up, then flew off to reveal… “Kamen Rider Vortex! Evil will ultimately bow to me!”

“Kamen Rider Gallop! My riding skills are unmatched!”

“Kamen Rider Swing! I’ll be taking your legs!”

“I am Gandalf the Grey! Prepare to see some fireworks!”

“I’m Wyldstyle! Time to think outside the box!”

“I’m Batman! The Dark Knight rises!”

“Kamen Rider Kiva! I will break the chains of fate!”

“I am the start of a group of warriors! I am Kamen Rider!”

“No, you’re dead!” declared the mummy. He used the Scarab to raise more mummies! “Rise, my warriors! Defend my honor!” ordered the mummy. Kiva punched one and it fell apart.

“They’re pretty weak!” called Kiva. “It’s the numbers that concern me.”

“Just keep at it!” I directed. I managed to touch Kiva and got his i.d. tag. “All right, let’s see what you’ve got!” I inserted the i.d. tag and selected Kiva’s normal appearance.

“Kiva Steel!” announced Vortoranii. The wardrobe change my appearance to that of Kiva’s and I started striking more mummies with my sword. Somehow, I wasn’t getting the usual power.

“What gives?!” I snapped.

“You need to use the Garuru Saber form!” explained Kiva. “Watch!” He pulled out a whistle from his right side with blue highlights and put it into Kivat’s mouth.

“Garuru Saber!” shouted Kivat as he blew into it. A high-pitched whistle rang out and some device came flying towards Kiva. It unfolded into a sword with a snarling wolf’s head on the hilt. Kiva grabbed it with his left hand and chains wrapped around his arm and shoulder before snapping to reveal a newer spiky shoulder pad and a blue arm. Chains wrapped around his chest before snapping and revealing a new blue chest. Kivat’s eyes flashed between red and blue before settling on blue. Kiva’s eyes went blue as well before he adopted an animalistic stance.

“Garuru Saber,” I repeated. “Got it!” I summoned the selection circle and changed forms again.

“Kiva Garuru Saber Steel!” announced Vortoranii as the wardrobe closed on me. The whistle that was part of changing into that form sounded and my arm and eyes changed color. After we took care of the other mummies, the main one summoned a giant mechanical scarab!

“RUN!” I shouted as we got out of the way.

“I’ve got an idea!” called Batman. “Shift Keystone, activate! Cyan, on the platform above the target board! Magenta, on the flaming platform! Yellow, on the icy platform! Shift! Kiva! Cyan!” Kiva was sucked into the portal and ended up on the platform. The mummy got his scarab to charge, but it resulted in the scarab knocking itself silly. Kiva then held up another whistle with purple highlights and put it into Kivat’s mouth.

“Dogga Hammer!” announced Kivat as a loud, deep horn blasted. A large purple hammer appeared and unfolded. The head of the hammer looked like a large purple fist and was three times the size of Kiva’s head. He grabbed the shaft with both hands and chains wrapped around them before snapping and revealing purple, gauntleted arms. His chest became purple as did his and Kivat’s eyes. Kiva leapt down and swung the hammer into the mummy’s side. I leapt onto the mummy and got him to tip over so the scarab would be on top.

“Get off me, you silly thing!” snapped the mummy as more mummies came. I saw a seedling.

“Gandalf!” I called as I pointed to the seedling.

“I think I know of two other elements that may help!” answered Gandalf. “Elemental Keystone, activate! Element of fire, Vortex! Element of water, Ichigō! Element of earth, Kiva!” Ichigō took care of the fire by the magenta Shift portal while I got rid of the ice near the yellow one. Kiva used his new powers on the seedling to make it grow vines that hit the mummy. He managed to get the scarab on its legs again and it started digging!

“Shift! Vortex! Yellow!” called Batman. I went to the formerly icy platform and the scarab charged at the target board beneath me, knocking itself silly again. Kiva swung the hammer again and knocked the scarab onto the mummy again.

“I command you to move!” ordered the mummy. There was another seedling, so Kiva grew a giant slab of earth from it. It fell and the scarab burrowed again.

“Shift! Ichigō! Magenta!” shouted Batman. Ichigō was on the now charred platform as the scarab came up and charge one last time, only to meet with the same result.

“WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT GETTING OFF OF ME?!” roared the mummy. One last seedling that Kiva grew, one mini volcano that threw a hot rock onto the scarab, effectively destroying it! While he was tossed into the air by the explosion, Kiva, Swing, Ichigō, and I got ready for our kicks. Kiva used a whistle on his right and put it into Kivat’s mouth.

“WAKE UP!” announced Kivat as he flew off his hook. Kiva raised his chained leg into the air as Kivat broke the chains. The armor opened to reveal red demon wings and a green circle on top of the foot. We all then leapt into the air. Kiva didn’t call out his kick, but the rest of us did.

“RIDER KICK!” called Ichigō.

“RIDER SWING KICK!” shouted Swing

“RIDER VORTEX KIVA GARURU KICK!” I announced. The mummy was kicked into the…stuff that Kiva and I…you know. He landed there and lost his grip on the Diamond Scarab. The mummies then lost their new life-forces and fell.

“Goodness,” panted Gandalf. “I have not seen magic like that in some time.”

“Not magic,” countered Gallop as he took the head off one of the mummies.

“I knew it!” hissed Batman. “They were robotic exhibits from a carnival! Because this mummy isn’t a mummy at all. It’s…” mask pulling-off time! “…the Fun fair owner!”

“Er, I don’t know of any fun fair owners made of solid space!” argued Swing. We all looked to see the head! That wasn’t a human head! The head belonged to…

“Vortech!” yelped Batman as Lord Vortech tore his mummy disguise off and got his usual clothes back on.

“And I would have gotten away with it,” hissed Vortech, “if it hadn’t have been for you meddling kids!”

“Decided to do your own dirty work?” I asked.

“Dirty work,” answered Vortech, “would have been a fine description if you didn’t kick me into your bile!”

“You’re not getting the Scarab back!” I declared.

“Try and stop me!” snapped Vortech as he charged at me. I managed to roll out of the way and Batman decked him, knocking a bag of studs from him. “THIEVES! THAT’S MINE!” roared Vortech. At that moment, a portal opened behind us as X-PO’s voice came through.

“Sorry to interrupt,” he called, “but you guys have the final Foundation Element. Head back to Vorton, but only if you, you know, want to save the entire multiverse.” At that point, Vortech seemed to get an idea, then stopped trying to get the Scarab from us.

“Yes, trot along,” he dismissed. “Take your trinket. I don’t need it; I have your friends.”

“Let’s go!” called Wyldstyle. I wasn’t one to argue, but Vortech’s change of heart scared me. Still, we took our leave of Scooby Doo’s world with Kiva behind us.

“So, you’re the one helping them, are you, X-PO?” I muttered to myself “A rather big mistake. Now, which dimension did I banish you to?” My musings were interrupted by voices. I hid behind one of the poles and saw Shaggy and Scooby running into the tent.

“I heard it in here!” called Scooby in his usual ‘r’ laden speech.

“Then, like, why aren’t we running in the opposite direction?!” asked Shaggy before they tripped into a bathtub. When they recovered, they saw the remains of my disguise. “Like, dude,” yelped Shaggy, “that is so freaky-deaky!” Their friends then came running up to them.

“You guys already solved the case?!” asked Fred in disbelief.

“And had the police take away the bad guy?!” quizzed Velma.

“Was it the fun fair owner again?” asked Daphne. Shaggy and Scooby decided to make up a story.

“Yeah, that’s right!” replied Shaggy.

“Yeah!” finished the dog. “Scooby Dooby Doo!” All right, that’s enough of that foolishness. Time to take my leave! I hope Igura had better luck than I.

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