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Lord Vortech


The bad guy who freed Hiro Adachi and gathered all the villains he could get, Lord Vortech is the one who made Hiro’s Rogue Driver, the basis for all Vortex Drivers. He’s been sending the villains out to gather the Foundation Elements to collapse all universes into one.

Sitting in his fortress of Foundation Prime, he is constantly scheming to seize power, even if he enslaves someone like Queen Empress Scorpainia and her people, the Tarlaxians. He’s made an enemy of Death and her fellow Horsemen, but sees them as an annoyance.

That all changed when X-PO gathered Megumi Hishikawa and her Feudal Nerd Society, as well as their new allies to combat the threat Vortech poses. Beware Vortech! He’ll stop at nothing to unite the multiverse under his tyrannical rule!

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 77

“Vortex!” called Wyldstyle as we flew through the rift. “Do you have a plan for keeping Vortech occupied when we get to Foundation Prime?!”

“As a matter of fact, I do!” I replied.

“How crazy is it?!” quizzed Apocalypse.

“Some of us will think ‘Oh God, oh God, we’re gonna die’!” I responded.

“Yeah, I figured your plan would elicit that response!” called Elphaba.

“Then, it’s such a pity,” called a voice that we all dreaded, “that you’ll never get to put it into action!”

“Hello?” asked GLaDOS over our comms. “I have news which may be upsetting. I am detecting a…”

“Lord Vortech!” interrupted Batman as he pointed ahead of us. Vortech was massive!

“I thought I’d save you the trouble,” quipped Vortech, “and come to defeat you here! I don’t want the mess in my new world! How are you enjoying the rift so far?!”

“I’m very tired of being in freefall!” replied Gandalf.

“Guys, new plan!” I called. I then increased my diving speed, going straight for an area on Vortech’s armor. I had noticed that it held dimensional maelstroms in three different areas to power it. The others caught on and followed me. We soon landed on the armor covering Vortech’s right shoulder.

“Get off me!” protested Vortech. “What do you think you’re doing?!”

“This armor stabilizes you as you travel the rift, right?!” I called. “What happens if it’s damaged?!”

“I see!” replied Wyldstyle. “If we can overload the maelstrom, it might damage Vortech!”

“Not as long as I live!” boomed Vortech as Vortexons appeared.

“Wyldstyle, you should really learn to zip it sometimes!” I called.

“Whoops!” said Wyldstyle.

“All right, what’s past is past,” I replied. “Heavy hitters, with me! Tech savvies, overload the maelstrom!” All tech related fighters got to work sabotaging the machinery holding the maelstrom while the rest of us kept the Vortexons off their backs.

“Guys, are you any closer?!” called Cole.

“We’re getting there, just give us a minute!” called Apocalypse.

“I don’t think we HAVE a minute!” I replied.

“Oh, for the love of…GET OUT OF THE WAY!” roared War. She then brought her sword down onto the machine. It sparked and the maelstrom exploded, damaging Vortech and flinging us off in the process.

“WHAT DID YOU DO?!” roared Vortech. “YOU LITTLE PESTS!”

“Just as predicted,” muttered Batman. The Defender rocket then zoomed by and fired.

“All that fuss to bring a gnat in to help you?!” taunted Vortech. “Pathetic!”

“I don’t know,” I replied as we landed on Vortech’s left shoulder, “it did its job distracting you!”

“Little ants,” snarled Vortech, “I’m going to squash you!” He summoned more Vortexons. The techies got to work as the rest of us held the enemy off.

“Wait, HERE’S what we did wrong!” called Build as he connected a wire. Just then, the maelstrom started destabilizing.

“Here we go again!” I called. We jumped off as the maelstrom exploded and sent Vortech into pain.

“ARGH! You’re really getting on my nerves now!” he roared.

“You wait until we get started!” I called. “We have more help than you could ever muster!

“Really?” taunted Vortech. “You could summon every being alive to help you, it still won’t result in your victory!”

“Guys, there’s one last maelstrom to deal with!” called Death. “Right on his belt buckle!”

“Oh, grief!” I moaned. “Oh well, at least it’s not BELOW the belt! DIVE!” We dove and landed on the belt buckle.

“I grow tired of your antics!” boomed Vortech as he summoned more Vortexons.

“Keep going, guys!” I encouraged as we heavy hitters kept the enemy off the techies. Just then, our job got harder! Someone in a luchador’s outfit arrived and locked onto Batman.

“Batman,” he announced, “I will break you!”

“Bane!” snarled Batman. Bane then grew massive muscles and started swinging!

“I’m going to enjoy hearing your bones shatter!” promised Bane. He then saw the tech guys messing with the maelstrom. “Victory won’t come for you!” he roared.

“Get away!” I called. The techs got away from Bane’s charge. He collided with the machine but didn’t damage it. Just then, I noticed something around his ears. “Nice earrings!” I called.

“Earrings?!” snarled Bane. “Do I look like a girl to you?!”

“Wow, sexist much?” I asked. He then felt around his head and realized that his new earrings were grenades with no pins! They exploded, causing a massive headache for him and destroying the machine. “Your doing, Deadpool?” I asked.

“They looked better on him than me!” called Deadpool.

“Enough!” called Vortech as he flung us off! Just then, a familiar blue box arrived! One and Thirteen poked their heads out.

“Vortech, old boy!” called One. “It looks like you’re stuck!”

“How about we give you a push!” called Thirteen. As they went back inside the TARDIS, it rammed into Vortech, causing an exit to open behind him.

That exit led to Vortech’s temple on Foundation Prime. We all landed roughly while Vortech towered over us. “Er, Godzilla,” I gulped, “I think NOW’S a good time to get big again!”

“Got it!” confirmed Godzilla.

“Not this time!” boomed Vortech as he fired a beam at Godzilla’s Kaiju-riser.

“NO!” roared Godzilla. The Kaiju-riser was destroyed.

“Welcome to the end of chaos,” boasted Vortech, “and the beginning of perfection!” He then started altering the temple until it resembled a fortress!

“Oh no!” I breathed.

“It’s perfect, isn’t it?” asked Vortech. “One single dimension with one single ruler! Kneel to me and I may have mercy on you!”

“Lord Vortech can NOT get away with this!” snarled Wyldstyle.

“I already have!” boasted Vortech. “Who do you gnats think you are?!” That was it! One last roll call for this adventure!

“Kamen Rider Outback!” announced Lord Joshua Williams. “Better watch your back, mate!”

“Kamen Rider Claw!” called Lady Sheela Kumar. “My weapons shall turn you into ribbons!”

“Kamen Rider Swing!” resolved Lady Tonje Haugen. “I’ll be taking your legs!”

“Kamen Rider Hunt!” called Lady Tanisha Akintola. “I shall always get my prey!”

“Kamen Rider Clash!” announced Lady Livia Acqua. “A duel with me shall end in your defeat!”

“Kamen Rider Climb!” shouted Lady Irina Kuznetsov. “Mountains are a warrior’s best friend!”

“Kamen Rider Gallop!” called her brother, Lord Mikhail Kuznetsov. “My riding skills are unmatched!”

“Kamen Rider Sengoku!” called my brother, Prince Hiroki Hishikawa. “You shall get a taste of Feudal Japan!”

“Kamen Rider Vortex!” I, Queen Megumi Hishikawa, declared. “Evil will ultimately bow to me!”

“Kamen Rider Guard!” thundered my boyfriend, Sir Richard Saunders. “None shall harm my friends, family, and lady!”

“Kamen Rider Touché!” called his sister, Dame Emily Saunders. “En Garde, thing of evil!”

“Kamen Rider Zhànshì!” announced Lord Haitao Lin. “Try and stop my quest!”

“Kamen Rider Arch!” boasted Duke Emmanuel Babineaux. “My skills outdo Robin Hood!”

“Kamen Rider Kämpfer!” called Duke Lukas Ackermann. “Your defeat will be certain at my hands!”

“Kamen Rider Seeker!” announced Lady Xiomara Elizondo. “It’s not gold I seek, but your end!”

“Kamen Rider Battle!” called Lord Michael Archer. “For friends and family, I shall be victorious!”

“Kamen Rider Apocalypse!” announced Dame Lacey Thanatos. “Your world shall end!”

“I am Gandalf the Grey!” announced Gandalf. “Prepare to see some fireworks!”

“I’m Wyldstyle!” called Lucy, Wyldstyle, Master Builder. “Time to think outside the box!”

“I’m Batman!” called Bruce Thomas Wayne. “The Dark Knight rises!”

“I am the start of a group of warriors!” announced Takeshi Hongo, Kamen Rider Ichigō, the first Kamen Rider. “I am Kamen Rider!”

“No, you’re all DEAD!” roared Vortech as he summoned Vortexons.

“CHARGE!” I shouted. Boy, did the battle begin! We clashed with the Vortexons as Sh’Kar and her crew were teleported onto the Enterprise. They got to work distracting Lord Vortech while Batman found something about the gravity in a certain corner. There was a pile of junk on the wall. He tried to pull it down, but it didn’t budge. He pushed it slightly upwards and it moved easily.

“Vortex!” he called to me. “I need your help!”

“What do you need?!” I asked. He didn’t explain.

“Shift Keystone, activate!” he announced. “Yellow, on the floor! Cyan, on the wall perpendicular to yellow! Magenta, on the ceiling! Shift! Cyan! Vortex!” I appeared on the wall, walking 90⁰ from the rest of my friends. I shoved the junk up to the ceiling and the gravity it was generating pulled the pile onto it. “Shift! Magenta! Vortex!” I started walking on the ceiling and pushed the junk to the edge where Batman could safely pull it down. “Shift! Yellow! Vortex!” I arrived back on the floor and changed steels.

“Wyldstyle steel!” called Vortoranii as my vision became a Master Builder’s vision. I built a transmitter that beamed unknown instructions to the Defender rocket. It then targeted the square and fired!

“LEAVE THE FOUNDATION OF ALL DIMENSIONS ALONE!” boomed Vortech. Part of the square turned to ash! “You dare try to ruin this dimension?! MY DIMENSION?!” Just then, the walls crumbled and the floor broke up, leaving only platforms leading to a higher platform.

“The Foundation is weakened, along with Lord Vortech!” called Gandalf.

“Excellent!” cheered Death.

“Ichigō, get up on the higher ledge!” I called. “I see a vent and its patch!”

“Understood!” called Ichigō. He jumped onto the ledge.

“What does a vent and patch have to do with stopping Vortech?!” yelped Nigō.

“Scale Keystone, activate!” announced Ichigō once he got onto the ledge. “Enlarge scale of Nigō!” Nigō then grew, startled at the sudden increase in altitude!

“What kind of toys have YOU acquired?!” he yelped.

“Could you apply the patch, please?!” snapped Ichigō. Nigō did so, then held up a dangling part. “Lessen scale of Deadpool!” announced Ichigō.

“All right, Mini-pool!” squeaked Deadpool as he shrunk. He crawled into the vent. As he did his business, I overheard Legolas and Gimli.

“Legolas! Two already!” called the Dwarf.

“I’m on seventeen!” replied Legolas. Gimli was momentarily stunned.

“I’ll have no pointy-ear outscoring me!” he bellowed. He went back to lopping legs off the Vortexons.

“I am everywhere!” boasted Vortech. “I am all powerful!” The area behind us opened and I felt a buzz.

“Locate Keystone, activate!” I called. “Initiate rift detection!” I found it in that area. “Identify source of rift!” The information was beamed into my head. “Locate help from D-0-C-T-0-R-W-H-0!” I announced. A Dalek then flew in. The shell looked…different. It was grey, with darker grey sensor globes on its skirt, antennae on each globe, spikes lining the inside of the plunger, a pupil in the blue light of its eyestalk, pyramidal speech indicators, and some sort of shield around its neck. It looked at us and was filled with its usual hate.

“Exterminate!” it squawked.

“Parlay!” I yelped.

“Parlay?” asked the Dalek. “I have no understanding of the word! It is not registered in my vocabulary bank!”

“I have a proposition for you!” I elaborated.

“Explain!” demanded the Dalek.

“Lord Vortech has begun his plan and is powered by Foundation Prime!” I said. “We need to bring him down so both sides can flourish!”

“That Foundation,” helped Gandalf, “is most definitely the key. The palace will be destroyed along with it.”

“You propose an alliance?” quizzed the Dalek.

“Wouldn’t it be a testament to Dalek strength and purity,” I asked, “if you helped a lower life-form beat a god-like creature?” The Dalek appeared to consider.

“…Request accepted!” it responded later. “The truce ends when Vortech is damaged!”

“Agreed,” I said. The Dalek then flew into the air to lock onto the square. It aimed its gunstick.

“Exterminate!” it shouted as it fired. The segment was destroyed and I decided now was a good time to send the Dalek back!

“Dismiss help!” I called. The Dalek was sucked into a rift and Vortech noticed. The area behind us crumbled away as we moved closer to Vortech. Wyldstyle took this opportunity to make a giant proton pack with a Chroma Lock design on it, a red circle, a purple left L-shape, and an orange right L-shape. “Okay, we have to search for the discs!” I suggested. “Find them!” We traveled across the room to find a gateway. The coordinates were set to Vorton! I made a quick call to GLaDOS to build something that can cause damage. We then fired up the gateway we had and GLaDOS poked her head out.

“It appears you need my help,” she said. “That is so unlike you. Now, hurry up and finish this!” She threw a rocket turret through the portal and closed it. I took command of it and fired it at the square. It was now one fourth of its original shape! Vortech struggled to keep himself up from the hammering the Enterprise was giving him!

“Your disobedience only angers me further!” he threatened as he summoned more Vortexons. As we fought, the area containing his gateway fell apart and we continued our search for the Chroma discs. Wyldstyle found them buried under some rubble around the room.

“Chroma Keystone, activate!” she announced. “Chroma Lock, reveal! Chroma! Red! Apocalypse! Chroma! Blue! Vortex! Chroma! Yellow! Batman!” We all jumped into our respective paint blobs, then Batman and I took our respective L-shapes while Apocalypse jumped first into the circle, then my position, and then Batman’s. The Proton pack then fired at the square, but it wasn’t enough power!

“You cannot prevent the inevitable!” laughed Vortech.

“Crap, we need to give it more power! More electricity!” I wailed.

“My turn!” called Gandalf. “Elemental Keystone, activate! Element of lightning, Vortex and Apocalypse!” The electric aura surrounded us both and we looked at Gandalf in surprise. “It has been said by X-PO,” explained Gandalf, “that you two will beat him!” We got the hint, then fired streams of lightning at the proton pack, giving it the necessary power to fry the last remaining fragment of the square!

“NO!” wailed Vortech as the fortress fell apart. “YOU’VE UNDONE EVERYTHING! YOU’VE DESTROYED PERFECTION!”

“Your brand of perfection is only stagnation!” I thundered back in reply, dodging debris. “That’s what the Feudal Nerd Society was founded on! We know we can never achieve perfection, but we don’t care! You would make everything the same, but we know that diversity and mixing ideas make one truly strong!”

“Lord Vortech, last of the Vortonians,” affirmed Apocalypse, “you were so obsessed with perfection, you’ve blinded yourself to the chaos you and Shocker Rift have wrought! Now, look at yourself; all alone with no allies and no power!” As Vortech thrashed about, he fell into the white sea while the fortress split apart. We were rapidly losing stable ground! The Enterprise dove and leveled itself.

“JUMP!” shouted Batman. He didn’t need to tell us twice. We jumped onto the Enterprise’s hull and tried to get us out of here, but Vortech’s fist smashed its underside! We landed on a circular platform and saw Vortech, still giant, rise from the sea beneath us.


“Do you think we annoyed him?” gulped Wyldstyle.

“Perhaps, just a touch,” replied Gandalf.

“Then let’s make him madder!” snarled Godzilla.

“Now, how to begin?” wondered Vortech. “I will not be denied retribution!” He summoned Vortexons and fired eyebeams!

“Hey, that’s my thing!” snapped Superman. Vortech then opened a bunch of rifts and allowed junk to fall all around us! Wyldstyle found a way to make a giant slingshot with the junk and fired it at Vortech. Vortech stumbled but regained his balance. He then tried to tilt the platform to make us fall into the sea, so we held on for dear life! When it was clear he wasn’t getting the result he wanted, he leveled the platform again and tried again, Vortexons, eyebeams, and summoning junk. This time, the junk was fireworks, Gandalf’s specifically, so Gandalf lit them and they launched at Vortech! Vortech recovered from the hit and tilted the platform again. No dice, we weren’t gonna fall into the sea! The platform leveled and Vortech tried the same method one last time. What’s the definition of insanity again? The junk he summoned this time was a giant cannon that Batman charged up to full power. He fired and Vortech stumbled, losing his breath.

“I can…reassemble the Elements!” he gasped. “This isn’t defeat for me! This isn’t where it ends!” Unbeknownst to him, three portals had opened behind him.

“You’re right, Vortech,” confirmed Batman. “But, that is!” He drew Vortech’s attention to the portals.

“NO!” called Vortech as he was getting sucked in. “YOU CAN’T WIN!” He was then fully pulled in, but the power of the portals was too strong! It was sucking EVERYTHING in! The TARDIS then arrived and Eleven and Twelve opened the door.

“Come on!” called Twelve. “This place is for the Knacker’s yard!”

“Get in!” called Eleven. We all piled into the TARDIS and it quickly took off.

“All right,” said Thirteen as she, One, Four, Five, Six, and Eight worked the console, “we need to tie up that rift into a pretty, little bow so that Tall, Dark, and Shouty can’t get out and you lot,” she left the console to shove us all back to the door, “need to stand just there. Good. Don’t move!” She then handed us a small little silver cylinder with a red light on top. “Hold these,” she ordered us as she returned to the console.

“Is there anything we can do?” asked Death.

“I suppose,” replied Two, “you could yell.” He then opened the door behind us! We were sucked into the rift and yelled as Two suggested. W. Doctor poked his head out.

“Sorry,” he called, “but there’s a good chance we won’t be able to get out of here if this works!” He then pulled the phone out of the exterior and dialed. “Are you ready to go, X-PO?!” A rift then opened and X-PO’s voice drifted through.

“You know, for a Time Lord,” he sassed, “you really like to rush people! There, final calculations complete. Uploading now. Vortex Riders and friends, point the devices the Doctors gave you at Lord Vortech.” Vortech’s head arrived and we did as instructed.

“W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” he demanded.

“Giving you what you wanted, Vortech! Perfection!” I responded. “The perfect prison!” The devices made an energy cage.

“Argh!” snapped Thirteen’s voice. “It needs a push to get Vortech all good and trapped!”

“I have the perfect solution in mind!” I called. “Doctor Thirteen, come join us!” Thirteen was confused but took me up on the offer. “All right, Minna-san!” I called out. “One last kick for the road!” Everyone then got into kicking position and did a flying kick towards the energy cage. “RIDER ALL RIFT KICK!” I announced. We kicked hard and the energy cage surrounded Vortech. Thirteen went back into the TARDIS as multiple portals pulled the rest of us in. I had blacked out from the sudden pull, so I had no idea what would happen next. All I heard was Vortech’s final defiant roar.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 71

“Look at all the junk!” breathed Guard as we entered the citadel.

“If I didn’t know why Vortech was collecting it all,” mused Battle, “I’d call him a hoarder.”

“There’s just one problem,” remarked Wyldstyle. “Where’s MetalBeard?!” She then remembered. “Oh, and your friends too, of course.”

“I don’t know,” replied Batman. “It’s empty.” He was right. There was nobody there!

“So were the Mines of Moria when I arrived with the Fellowship,” warned Gandalf. “Be on your guard.” Wise words.

“I always am!” declared Batman.

“Is that…the Keyblade?!” I asked.

“It is!” confirmed Sengoku. “How they separated it from Sora, I’ll never know!”

“That’s not all they stole,” called Ichigō. “Look!” We looked up to see a spaceship above us.

“A Prometheus-class starship!” breathed Touché.

“Look at the name and registry!” called Guard. We got a good look. It was NCC-1701-G. The U.S.S. Enterprise-H!

“That name must be a Foundation Element!” I guessed. “How’s Starfleet gonna explain this?!” Someone cleared their throat and we turned to see Lord Vortech sitting on his throne.

“Ah-ah-ah!” he chided. “Those aren’t for you!”

“Vortech, you’re playing with fire!” I warned. “We need to take them back to their respective universes! These ARE for us!”

“No,” replied Vortech as he opened multiple rifts, “THESE are for you!” Vortexons came out of the rifts and charged at us! We defended ourselves.

“What’s the idea with the Vortexons?!” snapped Seeker. We kept them back.

“Why have an army if you have to do everything yourself?” asked Vortech. He summoned a giant gun and fired. “Did you honestly think you could just wander into my palace and steal your friends back?”

“That’s the general idea!” replied Wyldstyle. “Set the prisoners free! You can’t hold them forever!”

“It’s over for you now!” declared Vortech. “Give up, now!”

“Not a chance!” I answered. It was then I realized that Vortech was slowly turning himself into mist! The mist was gathering around us! Thank goodness Arch had a bright idea and swapped i.d. tags. Sento had given us the secrets of his forms while X-PO was making the map. Arch swapped out his i.d. tag for the Build one and selected a form.

“Build HawkGatling Steel!” announced his belt. The Build Driver’s voice then resounded throughout the temple.

“TENKUU NO ABARENBOU!” (The Rampage of the Skies!) it called. “HAWKGATLING! YEAH!” He then fired off multiple rounds from his bow and the mist released us. A fire tornado appeared with Vortech in the center!

“I am one with the elements!” he boasted. “I control them!” He then sent out some fire rings, decreasing the power of the tornado before he was just in a fire shield.

“Gandalf!” I called.

“Elemental Keystone, activate!” announced Gandalf. “Element of water, Royal!” I then doused the shield. X-PO chose this moment to call us.

“Hey, guys!” he called. “Soooo, this is gonna be a pain, buuuuuut the rift calculations are taking longer than I thought. Use this to keep Lord Vortech preoccupied.” He then opened a rift to give Decade a Rider Card. It had my image on it.

“Minions, deal with these interlopers!” ordered Vortech. More Vortexons appeared and attacked. When we cleared them, Vortech made himself into mist as he summoned that giant gun again. “You cannot hide!” We were snagged again! Decade had managed to turn his book into another configuration and used another card.

“Attack Ride: Blast!” announced the Decadriver. It fired off multiple shots into the mist. The mist yelped in pain as it became an ice tornado. It sent rings out, decreasing its size until it was just Vortech in an ice shield.

“My turn!” declared Decade.

“Element of fire, Decade!” announced Gandalf. As the red aura surrounded him, Decade held up the new card walked up behind me.

“This may tickle a bit,” he warned.

“Eh?” I asked. He then inserted the new card into the Decadriver.

“Final Form Ride: Royal!” it announced. Decade then mimed opening my backside and aaaaaaaAAAAAARRGRHRGHERGHR! My head folded into my chest! My arms raised above my shoulders, sprouting blades and forming a sword! My legs twisted up at the knees, making the handle and cross-guard! I turned into a sword and was in a lot of pain!

“Talk about Targetmasters!” joked Guard. I was in too much pain to ask. I then heard the Decadriver say something else.

“Final Attack Ride: R-R-R-Royal!” it called. I then felt fire go up my arms and I felt myself being swung downwards! I then unfolded back into my human shape, my pain subsiding. I walked up to Decade and slapped him.

“NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!” I roared. “THAT WAS TOO PAINFUL!” Vortech then tried again.

“I am everywhere!” he boasted as he turned into mist. “I am all powerful!”

“Nope!” called Kämpfer. “Nipping this in the bud!” He fired multiple shots into the mist and it formed Vortech’s fire tornado again. I was still controlling water, so I doused it once the fire rings passed us. We then attacked Vortech, but he knocked us aside with his staff.

“NO! NO! This will not happen! I am Lord Vortech!” shouted Vortech. The rift X-PO created then opened and started sucking Vortech in, but…well, X-PO can explain.

“Ah, the old creating-a-giant-spider-web-to-stop-from-tumbling-into-a-massive-dimensional-rift act!” he mused over the comms. “Megumi, your Keystone! Now, hurry up! The rift won’t be stable for long! Sorry! I’m kind of bad at this! I fell asleep in Dimensional Rift-making Class!”

“I’m sure it will be sufficient, X-PO!” I assured. “Locate Keystone, activate! Initiate rift detection!” I found it. “Identify source of rift!” The information beamed into my head. “Locate help from D-0-C-T-0-R-W-H-0!” A Special Weapons Dalek and a standard Dalek in khaki-green, a Union Jack under its eyestalk, and an army utility belt from WWII.

“I am your soldier!” declared the standard Dalek.

“As am I,” reported the Special Weapons Dalek in a deeper Dalek voice.

“No Daleks!” snapped Battle. “I absolutely draw the line!” I wasn’t about to look a gift-horse in the mouth, though.

“Daleks, can you shoot the web Vortech spun himself?” I quizzed

“We can!” assured the Special Weapons Dalek.

“Do it,” I ordered.

“We obey!” called both Daleks. They took aim and fired! Vortech was about to be sucked in! Then…it happened. He closed the rift behind him and landed on the floor in a superhero landing pose!

“I think this has gone on long enough!” he chuckled as he dusted himself off. That was when his minions grabbed us and restrained us, cancelling our transformations. He then opened rifts to reveal Robin, MetalBeard, Frodo, and Ichimonji!

“BATMAN!” shouted Robin.

“Gandalf!” screamed Frodo.

“Wyldstyle!” called MetalBeard.

“Hongo!” yelled Ichimonji.

“Friendship is a weakness,” boasted Vortech. “You should have just destroyed your Foundation Elements.” He then called up someone. “Hiro, how fares the siege?”

“It fares well!” replied Hiro’s voice. “We’ve found the Element vault and have scuttled Vader’s Star Destroyer!” I then became worried and switched my comms on.

“Anyone! Report!” I shouted.

“Guys, it’s X-PO!” replied the person on the other end. “Vorton’s under attack! It’s times like this when I wish I knew how to fight and not make sarcastic comments!” I then heard a struggle and the Joker’s laugh. A new caller came in.

“This is Rusty!” answered the new caller. “We’ve been overrun! The Elements we have are being taken!”

“Correction,” corrected a voice I loathe, “the Elements you’ve HAD have BEEN taken!” Hiro and his forces had appeared out of a rift and set our Foundation Elements beneath the shield in the floor.

“Here you go, Boss!” called the Joker.

“What did you do to X-PO, Joker?!” demanded Batman.

“I put a smile on his face!” replied the Joker. The Foundation Elements then rose on pillars where they were set and orbited the Enterprise. They made an energy cyclone that went straight to the floor and revealed what was beneath a set of sliding panels.

“BEHOLD!” boomed Vortech as the object came up from beneath the forcefield. “THE FOUNDATION OF ALL DIMENSIONS!” I must say, the end goal was NOT what I expected.

“All this,” muttered Batman, “for a green square?!”

“I think I know what that square is!” answered Richard. We turned to him. “We’re just Legos to Vortech, for him to manipulate as he sees fit! That green square is just the starters kit, the place for him to begin making worlds!” Vortech then landed on the square. Energy coursed through him!

“I can feel everything!” he cried. “Control everything!” Just then, the cages opened and the occupants orbited Vortech!

“Hey!” roared Batman. “Give us back our friends!”

“Oh, don’t worry!” replied Vortech. “The last thing I want to do is…” he then spawned a blob of whatever he was made of, “KEEP YOU APART!” He laughed manically as he tossed the blob into the air.

“What is he doing to them?!” wailed Gandalf.

“He’s insane!” called Wyldstyle. Ichimonji, MetalBeard, Robin, and Frodo made contact with the blob as it enveloped them, combining them and other metals and ligaments into a four-headed, winged, sword wielding, cannon-armed, giant monster!

“The next time we mess up,” asked the Riddler to Hiro, “is he going to do that to us?”

“…Let’s not find out the answer to THAT particular riddle, shall we?” suggested the Joker.

“Vortech, where, exactly, does that monstrosity enter into our plan?” asked Hiro. Vortech then chuckled.

“Your services…are no longer required!” declared Vortech.

“…Kisama!” insulted Ambassador Hell.

“YOU’VE DOUBLE-CROSSED THE WRONG MAN, VORTECH!” bellowed Hiro. “Your current numbers against mine make for bad odds!” He loaded his i.d. tag. “HEN…!” He didn’t get very far as Vortech knocked his former flunkies aside.

“Our numbers cannot overwhelm one like Vortech!” called Davros. “We must withdraw!”

“…All hands, retreat!” ordered Hiro. They fled the citadel as ships scrambled to get Shocker Rift away from Vortech.

“MetalBeard!” wailed Wyldstyle. The monstrosity turned to us.

“We are the Quad!” droned the creature with all four heads.

“Robin, stop!” called Batman.

“There is no Robin,” declared the Quad, “only the Quad!”

“Ichimonji, snap out of it!” called Hongo.

“Ichimonji is nothing but a cog for us, the Quad,” droned the Quad. It swung its sword, but a rift opened beneath us.

I couldn’t help but chuckle as they fled my citadel. “You can’t run forever!” I proclaimed. “Every dimension is mine! And YOURS will be the first to suffer!” I decided to enlarge the scale of my new creature, the Quad. Once it was at the correct height, my order was simple. “Destroy them!” I ordered. “And then, destroy their worlds!” As the Quad flew off, I noticed my pocket was lighter. …NOT AGAIN! Now I’m 115,000 studs lighter!

“That back-stabbing, no-good, piece of…!” I snarled as the ship left Foundation Prime. “I’M the one who’s supposed to betray HIM, not the other way around!”

“Evidently,” remarked Igura, “Vortech’s played us for fools. What are your orders?”

“…Find a dimension far enough away for some breathing room,” I ordered the Dalek at the helm. “We need to regroup.”

“I obey!” obliged the Dalek as it began a search for a suitable dimension.

We arrived at Vorton to see it in ruins. Life support was still on, but most of the equipment was under repairs. Sento was busy trying to fix… “X-PO!” cried Wyldstyle.

“No, not another death!” I wailed.

“What have they done to you?!” called Gandalf.

“I guess,” gasped X-PO, “not everyone loves my care-free approach towards protecting the multiverse. Sorry I couldn’t save your…” his voice-box malfunctioned for a bit. “But, I programmed the Gateway,” he continued. “You must stop the Quad! I think this is the end for me, guys.”

“No, don’t talk like that!” I protested. “We’ve got a whole science team to save you!”

“My tech is beyond a lot of scientists,” argued X-PO. “Megumi, try not to blame yourself. I cannot…” his voice finally faded.

“NO!” wailed Wyldstyle. Flora started hugging Brendan, crying. I stumbled backwards, another loss on my hands.

“What do we do?!” asked Gandalf. I didn’t answer.

“…Megumi?” asked Emily. I wiped my face; my sadness being replaced with anger as I allowed myself to turn into Tora-Onna.

“We save our worlds,” I vowed, “and get our friends back!”

“Yeah!” declared Wyldstyle. “And then, we kick Vortech’s butt!”

“At least I made his pocket lighter,” replied Tsukasa. He pulled out a bag of studs. 115,000 was the total, bringing our total to about 4,361,000.

“Tsukasa, see if you can meet with Kiva,” I requested. “Tell him it’s time to gather the Riders. He’ll know which Riders to get.”

“Got it,” confirmed Tsukasa. Rusty opened a rift for him and he went through.

“Track the Quad,” I ordered Elphaba and the Brigadier. “Give me the coordinates and I’ll get us all there. Minna, we’re going at it in full gear!” Hongo struck his pose, we drew our i.d. tags, the Heralds opened their phones, and the Horsemen got their belts ready.

“Rider…!” began Hongo.

“HENSHIN!” we all announced.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 68

We landed roughly on each other. Hongo was trying to NOT concentrate on his back pain. “Wataru, as soon as I disentangle myself from the rest of us,” I warned, “you better be the fastest Kamen Rider. Because if I catch up, may the multiverse have mercy on your soul for jinxing it!”

“Accursed mummy!” hissed Batman as he got Wyldstyle and Mikhail off of him. “Now he’s gonna get it!”

“Check it out!” called Tonje. “Mine carts!” There was a pair of mine carts sitting on their own respective rails. The doors to the mine were closed.

“We need them open,” I mused as I pointed to the doors. Wataru then tried to open them by force.

“Come on, don’t tell me you’re doubting yourself again!” snapped Kivat.

“No, I just need help opening the door!” Wataru managed to get out.

“Wataru, you’re going about it the wrong way,” called Hongo.

“Pardon?” asked Wataru.

“That vent over there,” explained Hongo as he pointed to what he was talking about, “has electronics that can open the doors. We just need to patch it up and shrink someone down to work with the electronics.”

“I’m the one good with rewiring things,” supplied Batman. “You just need to patch things up.”

“Bad news,” called Wyldstyle. While we were talking, she had gotten to a high shelf with a vent patch. “There’s only one patch.”

“Then whoever’s the giant,” suggested Batman, “needs to transfer the patch as I go.”

“What about that hanging bit?” asked Wataru.

“That will be sorted,” assured Hongo. “For now, Scale Keystone, activate! Lessen scale of Batman and Wataru! Enlarge scale of Wyldstyle!” Batman and Wataru shrunk while Wyldstyle grew. She grabbed the patch, ready to help Batman as needed.

“What happened?!” shrieked Wataru. “Why am I small?!”

“We need you under the dangling part of the vent,” directed Batman. Wataru then guessed.

“I’m just going to hold it up?” he asked as he went under the dangling part.

“Exactly,” confirmed Hongo. “Enlarge scale of Wataru!” Wataru grew and held the part in place while Wyldstyle transferred her patch when Batman needed it changed. After a while, everything was rewired and the doors unlocked.

“Well,” sighed Wyldstyle as Hongo got everyone back to their normal sizes, “I guess these carts are the only way out.”

“Then let’s not waste any more time,” declared Wataru. “Kivat, let’s go.” He held his hand to the air.

“All right!” cheered Kivat. “Let’s go!” He flew into Wataru’s hand and folded his wings. Wataru pressed a button in between the bat’s ears and the mouth opened. “Gabu!” (Bite!) called Kivat. Wataru then put Kivat’s fangs onto his hand, making stained glass patterns appear on his body while chains wrapped around his waist, forming a red belt with a hook in front and three whistle-like devices on each side. Wataru then showed Kivat in front of him.

“Henshin!” he announced. He then attached Kivat to the hook by his feet and let him swing down, making a deep bell sound. Quicksilver then formed around his body before bulking up and coloring itself. The suit was predominantly black with silver shoulder guards and a leg guard wrapped in chains. He had a red chest and red trim around his yellow, bat wing eyes.

“So, that’s Kiva,” I mused.

“Transforming may be a good idea,” suggested Hongo as he struck his pose. We followed suit by drawing our i.d. tags. “Rider…” began Hongo.

“Henshin!” we announced. We all transformed and then boarded the mine carts. We went down, down, down towards another area.

“The Scarab,” boasted a voice, “and its powers are MINE to control!”

“The mummy!” snarled Batman. “Quick! After him!”

“Looks like a dangerous game of bumper cars,” I mused. We kept bumping him, making him lose his grip on the explosives he was trying to light. He tried changing tracks frequently, but it was no good, he changed them too late. Finally, we went on a track that took us out of the mine and made us fly through the air onto a roller-coaster track. We went around the track a couple of times, but the ride we had made Kiva look a little sick, even under his helmet.

“Wataru, don’t you dare throw up!” warned Kivat.

“I’m trying!” mumbled Kiva. The mummy’s cart then left the track and crashed through a circus tent.

“This way!” called Batman. We all left the cart and went into the mummy’s tent. Kiva and I bounced on the trampoline all the way up to a trapeze swing. I grabbed onto the bar and Kiva grabbed my legs. We swung on it a few times before letting go and landing on the ground. Kiva and I felt something coming up our throats that was NOT going to be held back, so we dismissed our helmets and…I don’t need to paint you the picture.

“What took you so long?” asked Batman.

“Now I remember why I HATE roller-coasters!” I mumbled as our helmets came back.

“I don’t want to ride any more rides,” moaned Kiva. “I have an allergy to thrill rides.”

“You and me both,” I said as I patted Kiva’s shoulder. That was when creepy laughter rang through the tent and the mummy rose up from a hole.

“You were fools to think that mere mortals can stop me!” he boasted. “Witness the true power and might of the Diamond Scarab!”

“Fools?” I hissed. “I am no fool. I am a hero! Dai Super Charge!” My armor bulked up, then flew off to reveal… “Kamen Rider Vortex! Evil will ultimately bow to me!”

“Kamen Rider Gallop! My riding skills are unmatched!”

“Kamen Rider Swing! I’ll be taking your legs!”

“I am Gandalf the Grey! Prepare to see some fireworks!”

“I’m Wyldstyle! Time to think outside the box!”

“I’m Batman! The Dark Knight rises!”

“Kamen Rider Kiva! I will break the chains of fate!”

“I am the start of a group of warriors! I am Kamen Rider!”

“No, you’re dead!” declared the mummy. He used the Scarab to raise more mummies! “Rise, my warriors! Defend my honor!” ordered the mummy. Kiva punched one and it fell apart.

“They’re pretty weak!” called Kiva. “It’s the numbers that concern me.”

“Just keep at it!” I directed. I managed to touch Kiva and got his i.d. tag. “All right, let’s see what you’ve got!” I inserted the i.d. tag and selected Kiva’s normal appearance.

“Kiva Steel!” announced Vortoranii. The wardrobe change my appearance to that of Kiva’s and I started striking more mummies with my sword. Somehow, I wasn’t getting the usual power.

“What gives?!” I snapped.

“You need to use the Garuru Saber form!” explained Kiva. “Watch!” He pulled out a whistle from his right side with blue highlights and put it into Kivat’s mouth.

“Garuru Saber!” shouted Kivat as he blew into it. A high-pitched whistle rang out and some device came flying towards Kiva. It unfolded into a sword with a snarling wolf’s head on the hilt. Kiva grabbed it with his left hand and chains wrapped around his arm and shoulder before snapping to reveal a newer spiky shoulder pad and a blue arm. Chains wrapped around his chest before snapping and revealing a new blue chest. Kivat’s eyes flashed between red and blue before settling on blue. Kiva’s eyes went blue as well before he adopted an animalistic stance.

“Garuru Saber,” I repeated. “Got it!” I summoned the selection circle and changed forms again.

“Kiva Garuru Saber Steel!” announced Vortoranii as the wardrobe closed on me. The whistle that was part of changing into that form sounded and my arm and eyes changed color. After we took care of the other mummies, the main one summoned a giant mechanical scarab!

“RUN!” I shouted as we got out of the way.

“I’ve got an idea!” called Batman. “Shift Keystone, activate! Cyan, on the platform above the target board! Magenta, on the flaming platform! Yellow, on the icy platform! Shift! Kiva! Cyan!” Kiva was sucked into the portal and ended up on the platform. The mummy got his scarab to charge, but it resulted in the scarab knocking itself silly. Kiva then held up another whistle with purple highlights and put it into Kivat’s mouth.

“Dogga Hammer!” announced Kivat as a loud, deep horn blasted. A large purple hammer appeared and unfolded. The head of the hammer looked like a large purple fist and was three times the size of Kiva’s head. He grabbed the shaft with both hands and chains wrapped around them before snapping and revealing purple, gauntleted arms. His chest became purple as did his and Kivat’s eyes. Kiva leapt down and swung the hammer into the mummy’s side. I leapt onto the mummy and got him to tip over so the scarab would be on top.

“Get off me, you silly thing!” snapped the mummy as more mummies came. I saw a seedling.

“Gandalf!” I called as I pointed to the seedling.

“I think I know of two other elements that may help!” answered Gandalf. “Elemental Keystone, activate! Element of fire, Vortex! Element of water, Ichigō! Element of earth, Kiva!” Ichigō took care of the fire by the magenta Shift portal while I got rid of the ice near the yellow one. Kiva used his new powers on the seedling to make it grow vines that hit the mummy. He managed to get the scarab on its legs again and it started digging!

“Shift! Vortex! Yellow!” called Batman. I went to the formerly icy platform and the scarab charged at the target board beneath me, knocking itself silly again. Kiva swung the hammer again and knocked the scarab onto the mummy again.

“I command you to move!” ordered the mummy. There was another seedling, so Kiva grew a giant slab of earth from it. It fell and the scarab burrowed again.

“Shift! Ichigō! Magenta!” shouted Batman. Ichigō was on the now charred platform as the scarab came up and charge one last time, only to meet with the same result.

“WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT GETTING OFF OF ME?!” roared the mummy. One last seedling that Kiva grew, one mini volcano that threw a hot rock onto the scarab, effectively destroying it! While he was tossed into the air by the explosion, Kiva, Swing, Ichigō, and I got ready for our kicks. Kiva used a whistle on his right and put it into Kivat’s mouth.

“WAKE UP!” announced Kivat as he flew off his hook. Kiva raised his chained leg into the air as Kivat broke the chains. The armor opened to reveal red demon wings and a green circle on top of the foot. We all then leapt into the air. Kiva didn’t call out his kick, but the rest of us did.

“RIDER KICK!” called Ichigō.

“RIDER SWING KICK!” shouted Swing

“RIDER VORTEX KIVA GARURU KICK!” I announced. The mummy was kicked into the…stuff that Kiva and I…you know. He landed there and lost his grip on the Diamond Scarab. The mummies then lost their new life-forces and fell.

“Goodness,” panted Gandalf. “I have not seen magic like that in some time.”

“Not magic,” countered Gallop as he took the head off one of the mummies.

“I knew it!” hissed Batman. “They were robotic exhibits from a carnival! Because this mummy isn’t a mummy at all. It’s…” mask pulling-off time! “…the Fun fair owner!”

“Er, I don’t know of any fun fair owners made of solid space!” argued Swing. We all looked to see the head! That wasn’t a human head! The head belonged to…

“Vortech!” yelped Batman as Lord Vortech tore his mummy disguise off and got his usual clothes back on.

“And I would have gotten away with it,” hissed Vortech, “if it hadn’t have been for you meddling kids!”

“Decided to do your own dirty work?” I asked.

“Dirty work,” answered Vortech, “would have been a fine description if you didn’t kick me into your bile!”

“You’re not getting the Scarab back!” I declared.

“Try and stop me!” snapped Vortech as he charged at me. I managed to roll out of the way and Batman decked him, knocking a bag of studs from him. “THIEVES! THAT’S MINE!” roared Vortech. At that moment, a portal opened behind us as X-PO’s voice came through.

“Sorry to interrupt,” he called, “but you guys have the final Foundation Element. Head back to Vorton, but only if you, you know, want to save the entire multiverse.” At that point, Vortech seemed to get an idea, then stopped trying to get the Scarab from us.

“Yes, trot along,” he dismissed. “Take your trinket. I don’t need it; I have your friends.”

“Let’s go!” called Wyldstyle. I wasn’t one to argue, but Vortech’s change of heart scared me. Still, we took our leave of Scooby Doo’s world with Kiva behind us.

“So, you’re the one helping them, are you, X-PO?” I muttered to myself “A rather big mistake. Now, which dimension did I banish you to?” My musings were interrupted by voices. I hid behind one of the poles and saw Shaggy and Scooby running into the tent.

“I heard it in here!” called Scooby in his usual ‘r’ laden speech.

“Then, like, why aren’t we running in the opposite direction?!” asked Shaggy before they tripped into a bathtub. When they recovered, they saw the remains of my disguise. “Like, dude,” yelped Shaggy, “that is so freaky-deaky!” Their friends then came running up to them.

“You guys already solved the case?!” asked Fred in disbelief.

“And had the police take away the bad guy?!” quizzed Velma.

“Was it the fun fair owner again?” asked Daphne. Shaggy and Scooby decided to make up a story.

“Yeah, that’s right!” replied Shaggy.

“Yeah!” finished the dog. “Scooby Dooby Doo!” All right, that’s enough of that foolishness. Time to take my leave! I hope Igura had better luck than I.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 63

“I revealed myself to be Kamen Rider Shade when we got back,” answered Kaede once Livia finished.

“So you DID resort to magic one time!” called a voice. It was 70-year-old me!

“I didn’t actually follow through with it!” wailed Kaede.

“You were about to use magic!” argued 70-year-old me.

“This is monumentally bad,” gulped Michael.

“How so?” I asked.

“Caan’s returned, mentally, to his old Dalek ways,” explained Michael. “Hating other lifeforms, that’s bad enough, but he’s now in a form he considers impure. He’s being driven mad by his own flesh. The stink of his ancestral Kaled genes. He hates his own existence and that makes him deadlier than ever.”

“Not exactly something Daleks want to do,” mused Rusty, “hating their flesh.”

“Can you guys give any hint on him?” I asked my future and her children.

“No need to worry about him,” assured 70-year-old me. “He’ll die a few years from now.”

“It’s gonna be a surprise for him,” replied Kaede.

“Caan isn’t exactly someone to underestimate,” muttered Michael.

“Maybe,” I commented, “but enough about that Dalek, let’s talk about Haitao and Joshua! Where are they?”

“Right here, Your Majesty,” called Joshua. “Boy, do we have a story to tell you!”

“I really don’t see why you’re making such a fuss, after she failed you,” I said to Vortech.

“Making a fuss?!” snapped Vortech. “Caan, she’s got intimate knowledge about our operations!”

“She’s not interested in us anymore and she hates the Vortex Riders as much as we do,” I assured Vortech. “We’re fine.”

“Forgive me if I’m skeptic,” replied Vortech.

“Trust the one who looked into the Time Vortex, we’re fine!” I insisted.

“Has anyone found Heather?” asked War.

“She’s building too near Hell’s outskirts,” I whispered.

“I felt it too,” wheezed Pestilence. Famine mumbled a response.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full!” I whispered sharply. Famine mumbled “Excuse me,” and swallowed whatever she was eating.

“So why aren’t we there?” she said before chowing down again.

“Sonic’s presence concerns me,” I responded, fear creeping into my soft voice. “If he’s the Sonic from THAT universe, it could prove catastrophic if the Vortex Riders find out.”

“You mean…you think Sonic may be the Sonic from the combined universe resulting from Clusters C-Y-8-3-R-T-R-0-N and 5-3-G-4?” War grunted.

“The same,” I replied. “If it is, we may experience the Convergence a lot sooner than we’re ready for.”

“I wish you didn’t say that,” wheezed Pestilence.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 54

“Another Apocalypse Driver?” I yelped when Sheela finished her story. “There can’t be two! Lacey said it would be catastrophic!”

“I have a feeling Heather doesn’t care,” mused Emily. “She’s now bent on bringing life down with her!”

“Doesn’t care about what?” asked a voice. It was Lacey. She was still in her student uniform, as she decided, but her petticoats and ascot were purple. “I wasn’t here for the story, what’s going on?”

“Heather just took a part to make another Apocalypse Driver,” I answered.

“What?!” yelped Lacey. “She can’t do that! What part did she take?!”

“Some quarter-circle from your old home,” answered Ben.

“No, not that!” wailed Lacey. “That’s part of the Apocalypse Weapon Dial! The circle on my belt buckle! That universe, because of hair-raising, deadly scenarios, hides the one for Death Scythe!”

“What could she want with it?!” I asked.

“If I were a betting girl,” answered Lacey, “to get a body.”

“Do you have any ideas where the other Weapon Dial parts are?” asked Emily.

“Indeed, I do,” replied Lacey. “The belt itself is in Dimension G-0-D-Z-1-L-L-4, a bunch of giant monsters run around in that one.” My eyes went wide and I gave a big, fat grin. If I got the naming convention of dimensions down, the belt is in…

“Godzilla’s dimension?!” I squealed. “EEEEEEEEE!!!!”

“I’m that big of a fan too,” chuckled Lacey. “Continuing, the War part is in Sludgiona’s current home, the Pestilence part is in the retro video game dimension, and the Famine part is in 8-4-C-K-T-0-T-H-3-F-U-T-U-R-3.” I then formed a plan.

“X-PO,” I directed, “fire up the Rider chance for Back to the Future. We have four dimensions to strike at. Lacey and I will go to Godzilla’s home, Xiomara and Emmanuel are going back to work with the Ghostbusters, Livia and Hiroki are heading into the game world, and the next two rider team will go back to the future.”

“A little sting operation?” chuckled X-PO. “All right! All Riders, to the Gateway room!” Everyone assembled in the Gateway room and I told them the situation. I assigned teams and X-PO set up the Rider Chance for Back to the Future. The hands rotated. “And the Riders are…Haitao!”

“Yes!” cheered Haitao.

“…And Joshua!”

“ACE!” called Joshua.

“All right,” I muttered. “Anyone have studs?”

“Studs?” asked Reinrassic.

“They are the main currency here,” explained Rook. “They are little discs that come in either silver, gold, blue, or purple.”

“Oh, these things!” said Reinrassic. He drew out a bag. The studs inside totaled 275,000, making our total 2,972,000. “Have you spent any of them?!” asked Reinrassic.

“There’s nothing TO spend them on,” sighed Joshua.

“All right, everyone,” I called, “If we could step away from our finances at the moment, I want everyone properly trained up and rested for the mission tomorrow. If Vortech decides to attack the dimensions for more Foundation Elements while we try and stop Heather, I want to be ready.”

“I recommend you take one of us with you,” suggested Batman.

“You raise a good point!” I called. “Batman, you’re with me and Lacey. Wyldstyle, you’re going with Joshua and Haitao. Gandalf, you need to go with Livia and Hiroki. Hongo-san, I want you with Emmanuel and Xiomara.”

“Nice!” cheered Wyldstyle. “I kind of liked that dimension!”

“In that specific time period, maybe,” mused Haitao. “Wait until you see Hill Valley in 1955 and 1985.”

“Yes, lovely areas to visit,” called a voice. It had a slight English accent. We whirled around to see a man in a white coat with epaulets, a cane, and a cybernetic right hand. I got ready to fight, but Gwen stopped me.

“Professor Paradox!” yelped Ben.

“You know this man?” asked Reinrassic.

“Ah, Ben!” called Professor Paradox. “And we’re on Vorton, too! So, the Vortech Wars are in full swing! How’s Klawjektor working out for you?”

“Who?” asked Ben.

“Klawjektor!” insisted Professor Paradox. “You were supposed to have unlocked him a while ago! Or, is my Chrono Navigator running fast?”

“What are you doing here?” asked Rook.

“Oh, just travelling the multiverse,” answered Paradox. “Bumped into the Doctor, by the way. How he gets around with that scarf is beyond me.”

“What scarf?” I asked.

“The Doctor wore a ridiculously long scarf in his fourth incarnation,” explained Michael.

“So, what, you’re a universe traveler?” I asked.

“After a fashion,” mused Professor Paradox. He held up his robot arm. “My Chrono Navigator is the multiverse’s GPS.”

“And the whole thing happened in the 50’s,” muttered Richard.

“Professor Paradox and the U.S. Military were working on a Time Travel experiment,” explained Emily. “Something went awry, and the professor was flung into the Event Horizon. He spent…oh, I don’t know…thousands of years in there. He didn’t eat, sleep, age, nor went to the bathroom. He just existed. Of course, he did the only logical thing and went bananas, that’s putting it mildly, yes, but became bored with that after a few millennia, went sane, and learned.”

“I now have complete understanding of the Space-Time continuum and can go anywhere and anywhen I want, within reason,” continued Professor Paradox.

“So, why are you here?” I asked.

“Just needed to ask a question,” replied Paradox. “You haven’t seen a pair of twin girls yet, about yea high?” He reached up to his chin. Everyone was confused. “No? I must be thinking of another moment. Ta-ta!” He then seemed to teleport away.

“Time travelers,” muttered Batman, “always seem to go loony in some way.”

“We’ll discuss that later,” I remarked. “For now, we need to train and rest up.”

“What do you want the rest of us to do?” asked Turretorg.

“Keep the defenses on standby in case Hiro decides to come knocking,” I directed. “I need us ready for him too.”

“All counter measures will be prepared,” promised Reinrassic.

“You intend to stay?” I asked.

“This requires Atasian Technology,” replied Reinrassic. “And I will provide it. I require the use of your communications terminal.” We allowed access and Reinrassic spoke in growls.

“I never heard the Atasian language,” remarked Max.

“I did, when I changed their DNA,” answered Ben. Reinrassic finished and turned to us.

“My planet, Augstaka, needs a portal to send the fleet,” he reported. I gave the go-ahead and Atasian ships flew into Vorton’s orbit. More growls came over the comms. “Fleet Admiral Asoorma requests to be beamed down,” requested Reinrassic.

“Your mom’s a Fleet Admiral?!” gulped Ben.

“Correct,” confirmed Reinrassic. “As such, she is my First Lieutenant in Military matters.”

“She’s free to come on down,” I granted. Reinrassic relayed my approval and a blue, female Atasian beamed into the Gateway room.

“Home looks a lot more civilized than when I last saw it,” sighed the Atasian woman. Asoorma, if I got Sheela’s story right. “Ah, Ben. I understand YOU had a helping hand in it,” remarked Asoorma. “Now that I see the full scale of your help,” she held her hand out. Ben shook it. “Thank you for saving my people, Ben Tennyson.”

“No biggy,” assured Ben.

“Are you the one in charge?” asked Asoorma.

“No, that would be Megumi, there,” replied Ben as he pointed to me.

“Queen Megumi Hishikawa, at your service,” I introduced. “Walk with me, I’ll brief you on the situation while your son addresses the Atasian troops.” I led Asoorma away as the rest moved to get themselves ready.

“Admiral’s Log: Stardate 53159.932. I had just received word that an anomaly was making frequent appearances in orbit above New Unity, a colony founded after final events with Data’s brother, Lore, had taken place. I am concerned that the inhabitants of New Unity, freed Borg Drones, would be under attack by their former Collective, but Hugh, the leader of the colony, and personal friend of mine, said that the Borg do not deal with generating these types of anomalies. The new Enterprise H is on its way to the Colony and will be entering orbit shortly. End Log.” The computer chimed that it finished recording what I said. I got up from my chair, moving towards the door. This Enterprise is certainly…flashier…than the one I commanded. I made my way to the bridge. I was hoping to not get caught, but someone said, “Admiral on the bridge!” Everyone stood to attention.

“At ease,” I assured. I noticed the Captain’s chair was empty. “Whereabouts is Captain Sh’Kar?”

“In the Captain’s Ready Room, sir,” replied the Helmsman, a Caitian man.

“Thank you,” I said. One thing I WILL say, the Captain’s Ready Room is not all different from what I’m used to, just behind the bridge instead of beside it. I chimed my presence.

 “Enter,” boomed an Alto voice. The door slid open and I saw Captain Sh’Kar, daughter of Nor’theen. The Klingon woman stood when she saw me. “Admiral Picard,” she noticed. “I was unaware you would be coming here.”

“Just a small visit,” I assured Sh’Kar as I sat in the chair across from her. She sat back down. “How’s the ship getting on for you?”

“So far, it’s going well for the crew,” replied Sh’Kar. “Many of them would have sold their soul to be on a ship named Enterprise.”

“What about you?” I asked. Sh’Kar then understood.

“I will admit,” she sighed, “this is nerve-wracking. However, the crew doesn’t need to know that.”

“Most of the crew,” I suggested. “It helps to have an inner circle.”

“I suppose,” muttered Sh’Kar. Her Klingon values made her a bit guarded, but Worf recommended her highly. The Communications chime then came on.

“Sareth to Captain,” called a man’s voice. I nodded.

“Go ahead, Sareth,” boomed Sh’Kar.

“We are approaching New Unity,” reported Sareth.

“On my way,” replied Sh’Kar. We left the Ready Room and entered the bridge. She took her place at the Captain’s chair while I stood by Sareth, a middle-aged Vulcan and head of security. “Hail them,” ordered Sh’Kar.

“Hailing frequencies opened,” confirmed Sareth.

“This is Captain Sh’Kar of the Enterprise,” boomed Sh’Kar. “We are responding to a request for Federation help from this planet.” The viewscreen changed to show a young man strapped in by metal, wires, and tubing, the classic Borg Drone look. Normally, I would have flashbacks of when I was in such a condition, but this was a friendly face.

“And we are glad to see that our request was answered,” replied the Borg. “I am Hugh, leader of New Unity. We are glad to see a Federation ship, especially one with the name of Enterprise.”

“And we are glad we’re among friends,” answered Sh’Kar.

“I see that Picard is here as well,” cheered Hugh. “Good to see you again!”

“And you, old friend,” I replied. “I trust politics do not bore you?”

“No, I have fresh challenges every day,” chuckled Hugh. “Would you please come down? I would like to discuss this in person.”

“I see no problem with that,” I mused.

“Neither do I,” remarked Sh’Kar. “Send us the preferred coordinates and we’ll meet you there.” Hugh sent over the coordinates and ended communications “You two, with me and the Admiral. Transporter room 2,” Sh’Kar ordered two ensigns. We made our way to the transporter room and stood on the transporter pads. “Energize,” ordered Sh’Kar. The operator set the controls and beamed us to Hugh’s office. Hugh greeted us with handshakes all around.

“You look great, Cap…Admiral Picard! A Starfleet Admiral?” he realized.

“Things have changed when we last met,” I replied. “This is Captain Sh’Kar of the starship Enterprise H.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Captain,” greeted Hugh.

“The pleasure is mine,” reciprocated Sh’Kar. “Forgive me if I sound short, but I understand that there is a frequent anomaly?”

“No need to ask forgiveness,” assured Hugh. “We would like this matter dealt with as quickly as possible. If you would follow me.” Hugh led us out of his office and into the city that made up the Capital of New Unity. It was…intriguing…to see Borg acting as they did before assimilation. Still, there wasn’t an aura of menace that usually comes with the Borg. “As you can see, in the years since our last encounter with the Federation,” reported Hugh, “we’ve learned to work as individuals and as a group. It has sprouted a new civilization, your charter, if memory serves.”

“Yes, indeed,” I replied. All of a sudden, a blue hole appeared in front of us. “And THAT!” I said.

“That’s the anomaly that plagues us!” exclaimed Hugh. The Borg nearby were clearly scared.

“I don’t understand,” muttered Sh’Kar. “When you contacted Starfleet, you said it was in orbit.”

“It WAS,” replied Hugh. “This is the first time it’s ever been on the planet.” At that point, something seemed to go through. It looked like a man. I feared the worst.

“Q, if this is your doing…” I growled, wishing it weren’t. That was when the figure tossed a man through. The man that was tossed was the same member of the Q Continuum I frequently encounter. He appeared to be in a lot of pain.

“Picard…run!” croaked Q.

“Oh, how the mighty have fallen!” laughed the figure. It stepped out of the hole as it closed. The figure was a man made of…well…space. He was made of the blackness of space with stars studding his body. He clapped eyes on me. “Ah, Captain Picard!”

“Admiral,” I corrected. “Are you the one behind the blue holes appearing above New Unity?!”

“I am,” replied the man. “I am Lord Vortech, future ruler of the multiverse and master of Hypertime.”

“You are also terrorizing these people,” snarled Sh’Kar.

“I’m sorry, bumpy head, who are you?” asked Vortech.

“I am Captain Sh’Kar of the U.S.S Enterprise H,” said Sh’Kar, bristling.

“Ah, a new ship to carry the Foundation Element of this universe!” cheered Vortech.

“Picard,” gasped Q, “don’t let him take the ship!”

“Foundation Element?” I asked. “Multiverse? Hypertime?”

“I’m sure you understand the concept of parallel worlds?” asked Vortech.

“The Federation HAS had encounters with alternate universe versions of ourselves,” replied Sh’Kar.

“Splendid, a frame of reference,” mused Vortech. “Hypertime is like time, only it moves and flows like a river, branching off into tributaries, sometimes rejoining the main line. And, with each universe, there is something holding it together, like the foundation of a building, hence, Foundation Element. The name, Enterprise, is one such Foundation Element. This particular Element can transfer from ship to ship, but still carries the spirit of your universe, your charter. And I WILL have that ship! Terrorizing these mere playthings was needed to get you here!”

“You have committed an act of aggression on a warp-capable civilization and an ally of the United Federation of Planets!” I snarled. “If you do not cease your activities…” My threat was cut short as multiple smaller holes spat out various crew members!

“Ah, that went faster than I anticipated,” mused Vortech. He then activated a device, allowing a viewscreen to come up. The man he was talking to was in some sort of black armor and large helmet. He was on the bridge! “Ambassador Hell, I trust everyone is off the ship?” asked Vortech.

“Indeed, sir,” called the man. “Every single inhabitant of this vessel is now on the planet. The Enterprise is ours. All we need is a way back.”

“I’ll be up there shortly,” answered Vortech. “Is Engineering taken?”

“The entire ship is ours,” reported Ambassador Hell.

“Get off of my ship!” boomed Sh’Kar.

“Or what?” asked Ambassador Hell. “You’ll fight me?”

“I’m giving you the choice to get off my ship of your own free will,” growled Sh’Kar.

“Careful,” I warned.

“Why would I do that?” asked Ambassador Hell.

“So you don’t die in the explosion,” replied Sh’Kar. “I refuse to let Federation technology fall into enemy hands!”

“What explosion?” asked Ambassador Hell. Sh’Kar looked at me, revealing her intent. So new, yet so determined.

“Computer, this is Captain Sh’Kar of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Destruct Sequence 1, Code 1, 1-A,” she ordered.

“Vocal patterns not recognized,” reported the computer.

“What?!” roared Sh’Kar.

“Did you really think I wouldn’t block vocal access to the ship?!” asked Ambassador Hell.

“Splendid! Beam me up!” called Vortech. Vortech was beamed up and appeared next to Ambassador Hell. “I know you don’t have the capability to do so, but do NOT attempt to follow me. I have more power than Q over there.” We then saw the Enterprise leave through a large portal. Sh’Kar howled, the totality of her anger reverberating across the planet. Someone is playing a larger game, someone that terrifies people like Q.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 50

“HOW DO THEY KEEP FINDING MY FOUNDATION ELEMENTS?!” roared Lord Vortech as he smacked the Stunticons and Snatcher around. “Every time I send you fools to retrieve one, they’re right behind you!”

“Don’t blame us!” protested Lex. “They obviously have some sort of technology to find them!”

“Oh, but I AM blaming you!” snarled Vortech. “I picked you nitwits because you were the most powerful in your universes! You still allow those idiots to challenge you and defeat you!”

“Not true!” argued Motormaster. I rolled my eyes.

“This whole thing went down with Hiro’s death,” I sighed.

“You think me unaware of that, Ambassador Hell?!” roared Vortech. “That’s why Igura’s out there! But an edge cannot come quickly enough!” He looked among us. “I have to find out how they’ve been doing it, find out where they’re hiding!” His eyes stopped on the image of a Foundation Element as he got an idea. He started laughing. “And I think I know exactly how to do so!”

We returned to Vorton and presented the token. “Nice job, everybody! Good on the new guys too! Congratulations! And, just think, years ago, that adventure would have cost you one whole quarter!”

“Hey, uh, mind if we stay a bit?” asked Sonic.

“It-a looks like you-a need some help,” observed Mario.

“I can help as well!” called Peach.

“Sounds reasonable!” I mused. “Well, Gamer Riders? Shinnosuke-san?”

“I’m afraid we have to go,” replied Emu. “Poppy has a job as a nurse when she’s not guiding us Gamer Riders and I’m a doctor.”

“I just got hired as head of Genm Corp.’s design department for their games,” answered Parado.

“And I’m a police officer,” remarked Shinnosuke. “We all have jobs that demand our attention.”

“Then, farewell, and I hope to see you in the final battle against Vortech,” I declared. X-PO opened a portal for them and they headed back home.

“Hey, do these mean anything to you?” asked Sonic. “I was collecting them in Defender before that alien trapped me in there.” More studs, whoopee.

“How many?” I asked Vortoranii.

“We’re at 2,697,000 studs now,” she counted.

“Any extradimensional excursions that went on during our hunt for the Foundation Element?” I asked.

“No,” sighed Richard happily. “It’s been pretty quiet.” That was when the alarm sounded.

“PO-Lambda has been detected!” reported X-PO.

“WHAT?!” I yelped. “Why did we detect him again?! He should have left Vorton!”

“All indications are that the intruder never left,” replied X-PO.

“That doesn’t make sense, why would he stay?” muttered Emily.

“We have an opportunity to ask,” I replied. “Emily, Richard, Mr. and Mrs. Saunders, X-PO, you’re with me. Livia, show our new arrivals around. X-PO, where’s PO-Lambda?”

“Still on the Executor,” reported X-PO. “Kämpfer, Vader, Death, and Apocalypse are searching the ship right now. The lockdown’s still out of commission. We can beam up with the teleporter.”

“Good idea,” I remarked. “Henshin!” I transformed back into Royal. “We need as much power in reserve as we can get.”

“You know, you CAN call us by name,” replied Mrs. Saunders

“Discussion for another time, Mama,” answered Emily. “Henshin!” She became Touché again.

“Henshin!” announced Richard as he turned into Guard. “Mom, Dad, might want to get a firearm. I’m not sold on the stormtroopers’ shooting.”

“Neither am I,” commented Mr. Saun…Fred. “I’m gonna find out why they’re so crappy at it after this is done.” They grabbed rifles and we headed to the teleporter. We beamed to Vader’s location.

“Ah, I see X-PO’s responded to the alarm,” mused Kämpfer. “Good. The intruder is in the repair bay for the droids on this ship.”

“Lead on,” I directed. The ship lurched again! “What’s going on?!” I demanded. Kämpfer took out his tablet and got the sit-rep.

“The ship is accelerating!” he reported. “The intruder has limited control!”

“I thought our technical teams installed the new safeguards,” snarled Vader.

“We did!” protested Kämpfer. “And triple encrypted them! There is no way the intruder should be able to get into the ship’s systems!”

“Well, it’s clearly possible, because he did it!” snapped Apocalypse.

“That’s irrelevant,” I argued. “What’s our heading?”

“Working on it!” assured Kämpfer. “Ah! Got it! …What?”

“What is it?” I asked.

“We’re just going faster,” reported Kämpfer. “Our orbit is still around Vorton.” I was confused as everyone else.

“We…aren’t leaving?” I asked.

“If I were the toaster-possessing ghost,” replied X-PO, “I would bring the guns around and start shooting stuff!”

“Even then, that’s a waste of power,” commented Fred. “With the shields raised, a Star Destroyer could steamroll through anything in its path and not even scratch the paintjob.”

“Kämpfer, Apocalypse, get to Engineering and see if you can slow us down,” I directed.

“Ja!” confirmed Kämpfer.

“On it!” obliged Apocalypse.

“And if there’s a radiation leak, don’t be a hero!” I called as they headed off.

“Very little risk of that, I can assure you!” replied Kämpfer. They were out of sight.

“Your Majesty,” muttered Guard, “there’s something rotten here, but I can’t put my finger on it!”

“We’ll get our answers from the intruder,” I affirmed. We made it to the Droid Repair bay. “On my signal,” I directed. “Three! Two! One! NOW!” We charged in, making a lot of noise and seeing an Astromech Droid stab PO-Lambda with something. It started screaming and shaking! It then rose up and started putting off a bright light! It then changed into a profile of a human skeleton, then the skeleton went from human to humanoid tiger and back to human again, all while muscle flowed back onto the bones. Organs came back and filled the empty spaces. Skin was restored! Hair grew back! The figure faced us and spoke.

“Sā, Rogue Driver!” it called in a man’s voice. A red vortex opened. A device like my belt flew into the man’s hands. Reality hit me.

“No!” I breathed. “That’s not possible!”

“Oh, but it is!” chuckled the Rogue Driver. “Took you long enough to come back. Let’s get you decent.”

“I agree,” said the man. He then put the Rogue Driver to his waist and it made a belt strap wrap around. Pistols then appeared, one on each side of his waist. Blue pants then flowed over his legs as black boots appeared on his feet. A green shirt materialized on his upper torso and a brown trench coat appeared to cover his body. He unbuttoned the coat and put his hand to the air. A short, flat topped, brown hat appeared and he put it on. “Genomorphic upgrade to host body, successful,” reported a man I hated. “Resurrection, complete!” Death took a sand timer out from her robes. There were Japanese characters on it. 足立ヒロ. They translated to Adachi Hiro, my biological father. The sand was all in the upper bulb. Kamen Rider Rogue was back.

“Guys,” gulped Fred. “The man, he looks like…!”

“He is!” I snarled.

“I am!” replied Hiro.

“How?!” hissed Death. “You blew up in Chima!”

“Only thanks to that twit that ruined everything!” snarled Hiro as he pointed at me. “But, if you must know, I took a page out of someone’s book and turned my soul into living data!”

“Lord Vyce did that to face Linkara!” remembered Guard.

“That tin-plated dictator was nothing,” dismissed Hiro. “While most of my organic material and cybernetics were nothing but ash after I detonated myself, I flew around the multiverse, looking for a way to get a new body! I briefly returned to my home universe and scoured an old base for answers. I had to possess the dead body of a Combatman and go through the files.

“The data I came across showed how to turn a soul into data, so I made the ultimate sacrifice and did so. The data also said that there were ways to make a new body. Project: Ghost Body was where Shocker stored the genetic information and needed cybernetics to make a new body so they could use monsters over and over. I took that data and made numerous attempts to get to Foundation Prime, but I was met with a problem. Vortech was the one who sent me and retrieved me. I didn’t know Foundation Prime’s coordinates. So, I found an old PO robot and possessed it while the events of Touché’s excursion into Jurassic World went on.

“I tried recruiting Heather, but she stupidly brushed me aside. I overheard you wanting to find her, no doubt to get information, so I removed her. I then went to the Ghostbusters’ universe and followed you but altered my exit so I wouldn’t be caught immediately. However, you used the PKE meter to find me, and here we are. Your Dalek is dead and I live.”

“Forgive us if we don’t throw a party,” muttered X-PO.

“Ah, X-PO,” observed Hiro. “You were the one who found Foundation Prime, you will get me back there.”

“I hate to be the bearer of GOOD news,” snarked X-PO, “but Vortech deleted that when you guys fired me!”

“Nonsense!” dismissed Hiro.

“It’s true! That’s another reason why we’ve been getting the Foundation Elements!” insisted X-PO.

“You seriously don’t remember the coordinates of YOUR discovery?!” hissed Hiro, his smirk fading. “Never mind, this vessel will do nicely.”

“If you think I’m going to let you take this ship,” declared Linda, “I have a couple of laser bullets willing to disagree with you!”

“And I’M willing to order Vorton’s destruction!” I snarled. “When it goes, so do our Foundation Elements!”

“You’d never dare!” challenged Hiro.

“Dai Super Charge,” I announced. I then concentrated on portals throughout Vorton and brought everyone on board.

“OI! What’s going on?” called Joshua.

“X-PO,” I ordered, “activate the secondary a.i.”

“On it,” confirmed X-PO. It took a few seconds.

“Secondary a.i online,” intoned a voice.

“Secondary a.i., this is Queen Megumi Hishikawa,” I answered. “Activate Vorton Destruction sequence. Destruct sequence 1, code 1, 1-A.”

“First destruct sequence code recognized,” reported the a.i.

“Guard,” I directed.

“Secondary a.i., this is Sir Richard Saunders,” answered Guard. “Activate Vorton Destruction sequence. Destruct sequence 2, code 1, 1-A, 2-B.”

“Second destruct sequence code recognized,” reported the a.i.

“X-PO,” I commanded.

“You gave X-PO that kind of power!?” snarled Hiro.

“Secondary a.i., this is the Experimental Portal Operator,” called X-PO. “Activate Vorton Destruction sequence. Destruct sequence 3, code 1, 1-B, 2-B, 3.”

“Destruct sequence ready,” reported the a.i. “Set time and initiate final code to begin countdown.”

“Set Vorton Destruction,” I ordered. “Command code 0-0-0-Destruct-0 30 minutes.”

“Destruct sequence completed and engaged,” called the a.i. “Vorton will detonate in 30 minutes.”

“X-PO, Priority Vortech alpha! Abort Vorton Destruct sequence!” demanded Hiro. X-PO’s eye flashed red. “WHAT?! But, that only happens when the code’s been deleted! And it was tied into the coordinates of………you told the truth! Vortech really DID wipe the coordinates from your memory!”

“Took you long enough to realize that,” snarked X-PO.

“You can try whatever trick you may have previously installed in X-PO,” I hissed, “but, when he was tossed aside and I proved myself, he chose ME to lead him! I’m the one in control here! So, I suggest you…!” I didn’t get far as Hiro fired! He then drew his i.d tag.

“Henshin! Dai Super Charge!” he announced. He went straight to Kamen Rider Rift and proceeded to barrel through us and enter the corridors.

“After him!” I shouted. We took off and ran after him as he headed to the bridge. He managed to lock us out.

“Engineering to Megumi, what’s going on?” asked Kämpfer.

“Hiro’s back,” I replied. “Vorton’s gonna blow in…25 minutes now. We’re locked out of the bridge. Can you get us in?”

“2 minutes to let me do so,” called Kämpfer. The ship’s comms activated.

“Relinquish control of the ship to me, or I gas you all, pick up the Foundation Elements, and let Vorton explode,” shouted Rift.

“…1 minute, then,” remarked Kämpfer.

“Good work,” I called to Kämpfer. “As for you, Rift, I recommend you back off!”

“I have no reason to,” dismissed Rift. “Not when Foundation Prime needs to be raised.”

“I like how you have new ears,” I commented, “and yet, you’re still hard of hearing! There’s no way for us to get from here to Foundation Prime, much less contact it!”

“I have traveled throughout the multiverse and have seen universes of pure majesty!” declared Rift. “I have seen ancient mindless evils that fill in the cracks and eat dimensions just for a snack! I have heard tales of an Outer God made of pure glitchy data that was convinced to commit suicide by a fat, screechy comic book nerd! Contacting Foundation Prime for help is ‘small potatoes’, I believe the expression is. You are but a flea that I can brush aside!”

“There are reasons for us not finding Foundation Prime, much less talking to it!” I insisted.

“A fabrication by the original Vortonians, at best,” snarled Hiro, “a ruse by you, at worst. Either way is irrelevant.” At that point, the bridge opened and we crept in. Hiro was still working at a console. I then converted my sword to gun mode and leveled it at Rift. I almost pulled the trigger, but Rift brought out his weapon in bazooka mode and fired! “Did you really think I would fall for that?” he quizzed.

“Vorton Destruction sequence aborted,” reported the secondary a.i. No!

“You think you can beat ME?!” roared Rift as he fired. “I am Adachi Hiro, the vanquisher of Death herself! My life shall continue until the multiverse is all one! You are but the footnote in the pages of my glory! And when they build statues of me, trampling over you, you shall be remembered as…”

“Excuse me,” interrupted a soft, woman’s voice.

“WHAT?!” roared Rift as he faced a woman with bronze hair, a bronze dress with 13 panels of four spheres, a sleeveless top, a choker with two rings, a hairband with a light on each end, a blue dot in the center of her forehead, and silver gauntlets with a plunger resting on the right forearm and a Dalek gun resting on the left forearm.

“That’s my friend you just insulted,” said the woman. She then used the plunger to grab Rift’s chest and toss him over her head. Death was confused.

“I want the life-timer of the woman in front of me,” she whispered as her eyes glowed. A sand-timer came into her hands and she looked at the name. Her eyes went wide. “Impossible!” she whispered.

“What? What is it?!” I asked. Death turned to the woman.

“You squishy, green maniac!” she whispered with a grin.

“Who are you talking about?!” I demanded.

“RUSTY!” cheered Death. “He’s…she’s alive!” She pointed to the woman. I gave the woman a look. On closer inspection, her dress DID look like a Dalek.

“Well?” asked the woman. “Aren’t you going to say thank you?” She held a hand to her ear.

“Well, Rusty,” I mused, not believing her, “I suppose that 2,000,000 stud reward you gave us will have to go back so you can spend it wisely.”

“What are you talking about?” asked the woman. “I gave you 220,000 studs. This was before Vortoranii became your belt’s a.i and it made the total, at the time, 600,000. I was there when you were crowned Queen and functioned as a member of your Tech support staff.” I don’t believe it! It really is…!

“RUSTY!” I cheered as I ran forward. I hugged him…her and laughed in joy. “But…how…we fired your body into a star! How are you…?”

“The Dalek?!” roared Rift. “IMPOSSIBLE!”

“You know what, you can explain later,” I said to Rusty.

“Of course,” agreed Rusty. “Now, as for you, for causing a radiation leak, as I would have put it earlier, EXTERMINATE!” She fired from her blaster and Rift glowed teal with his skeleton showing. He screamed but didn’t crumple to the floor. Instead, he swatted the beam aside. Odd, given that it was light and radiation. Rift panted.

“That…hurt!” he gasped. “Did you really think I wouldn’t be altered to prevent death by a Dalek blaster? I was surrounded by xenophobic maniacs when we recruited Davros and those tanks!”

“Huh,” I muttered. “Swing and a miss, Rusty.”

“In all honesty, I should have figured that,” replied Rusty. Rift then fired on us and escaped the bridge.

“He’s going for the hangar!” yelped Death.

“I’ll cut him off!” called Rusty.

“No!” I countered. “Does your plunger still work as a computer interface?”

“Manipulator arm,” corrected Rusty. “And, yes, it does.”

“Talk to the ship’s computers and slow down our orbit,” I directed. “I’ll face Rift.” I charged off before anyone could stop me. I saw Rift walking the corridor and looking out the window. He got visibly angry. I peeked out my window and could see our orbit slowing down. Thank you, Rusty. I then aimed my weapon at Rift’s window, waited, and fired! The window shattered as the air was being sucked out into space. I grabbed an overhead support and Rift grabbed my leg!

“Activating emergency bulkheads!” called X-PO’s voice over the comms.

“Belay that!” I ordered

“What?!” yelped X-PO.

“I have business that requires an open window!” I replied. I felt Rift climbing up my leg. At that point, I raised my other foot and slammed it onto Rift’s head. “I! HAVE HAD! ENOUGH OF YOU!” I said as I kicked. One final kick was enough to send Rift flying through the window and into space. His suit should give him enough air for five hours, more than enough to make a rift for himself. He flew past Vorton. “Okay, X-PO, you can close the bulkheads!” I called. An emergency blast door slid over the window, stabilizing everything. I let go of the overhead support and let myself tumble to the floor. I then cancelled my transformation. “…Wheeeee…” I sighed.

Emily had just checked us all over after that hair-raising escapade. We gathered in the Gateway room after our check-up. “Well, all in all, that could have gone worse,” I mused.

“COULD HAVE GONE WORSE?!” protested Mr. Babineaux. “The creature that kidnapped us came back to life and nearly made you destroy our base of operations! The rest of us were surprised to be evacuated that quickly! I’m still trying to process the information!!”

“Papa,” calmed Emmanuel. “Perhaps this event happened for the best. We have an old friend back, Hiro’s been defeated as usual, and the Executor is back in control.”

“There IS an explanation waiting,” I recalled. “Rusty, how DID you come back? We fired your body into a star, per your last wish.”

“That’s where things got tricky, even for me,” answered Rusty. “After you fired me into a star, my shell’s computers switched on. I was surprised but decided to take advantage of the situation. You do recall that Azmuth was studying my shell?”

“I remember,” I muttered. “I argued with him a lot about it. Eventually, I caved.”

“Good thing you did,” replied Rusty. “When Ben confronted Azmuth about it, I beamed into the Omnitrix and collected and copied various genetic samples, combining them into one. I then beamed myself and the samples to the Codon Stream on Primus. My new body then rose out of the stream and started testing out the limits. By all appearances, I was human, but I noticed holes on my forearms. I then realized those were for armaments, specifically, mine. I had to get back, so I waited for a ship. Azmuth then arrived on a ship with a female Chimera Sui Generis named Myaxx. I snuck aboard the ship and waited for take-off. It took a few days, but I was taken to Galvan Mark II. Azmuth was creating his own Gateway. It didn’t have the proper codes to connect to Vorton, but I still remembered them. I generated my own portal to the closet here as I was still nude. I then found clothes that would emulate my shell. Once I was dressed, I returned to the upper levels and found my shell in its glass case. I took the armaments and then teleported to the Executor’s bridge.”

“And then you gave your dramatic reveal,” I chuckled. A couple of tears came down. “It’s good to see you again!” I gave him…her…I gave Rusty a hug. Rusty reciprocated.

“I guess, the question is, what pronouns are we using?” asked Elphaba.

“Yeah, that leads to another question,” muttered Tanisha. “Why a female body?”

“I just thought it looked cool,” replied Rusty. “So, female pronouns are preferred.” I then broke off the hug.

“Still, it’s good to have you back!” I cheered.

“Good to BE back,” replied Rusty. Lukas then entered, looking pale and weak.

“WHOA!” yelped Emily as she led him to a bench. “Dude, are you okay?!”

“Nein,” muttered Lukas, shakily, “nein, I’m NOT okay. I…er…I recently undid Hiro’s control over the Executor.”

“Do I even WANT to know how he got control?” I asked.

“Well, to answer that,” replied Lukas, “he connected like an Astromech. He then copied over code and altered a few things. All in all, not that different from when Tech Support takes over your computer.”

“So, why are you so spooked?” asked Emmanuel.

“Because, in going through the code,” clarified Lukas, “in getting it back to the settings before he got in and updating the security software, I discovered something. He copied something over.”

“What did he copy?” I asked, fearing the worst.

“He copied…Vorton’s coordinates,” gulped Lukas.

“WHAT?!” shouted Batman.

“He’s got our location locked in the Rogue Driver,” confirmed Lukas.

“Wha…when did he do that?!” I asked.

“I’m not sure,” replied Lukas. “My best theory, given what went on, it was as he accelerated the Executor’s orbit. He used it as a false trail to distract whoever would be on to him. …Even then, the whole plan was, er, half-assed, I believe the expression is.” I ran my hands down my face.

“We’re in a precarious state, everyone,” I muttered.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 44

I will freely admit, I was feeling nervous. Okaa-san had completed my dress in about a week. She used white with gold for the outermost skirt. My shoulders and upper arms were exposed while my forearms had sleeves from the elbow to my fingers. The interior of the sleeves and the fluffy material at my elbows were gold. My bodice was white with gold trim on top. The exposed petticoats were white like the train of my dress. This was the first time I wore a dress with a train. I was at my makeup mirror, putting on lipstick. When I finished, I noticed how worried I look, especially without my tiara on. That thing was like a security blanket. I started breathing deeply and unclenched my fingers. “You’ve been through worse, girl,” I whispered to myself. “Besides, your friends believe in you.” I heard a knock. “Come in,” I called. Hiroki poked his head through the door.

“We’re ready,” he reported.

“On my way,” I said. Hiroki left the door open. No turning back. Time to be a Queen. I walked slowly, noticing the details of the hallway from my room to the Gateway room. It took a minute to get there. When I did, I saw the aisle I was going to walk down. Death and her team, our families, the F.N.S, X-PO, Turretorg, Discornia, Team 10, the Stormtroopers and Vader, Rusty, the Brigadier, Elphaba, Chell, and Hongo were on either side. Ursula and our Transformer allies had already gone home. Batman, Wyldstyle, and Gandalf were on the Gateway platform. Gandalf was in the center, Batman was on his right, Wyldstyle was on his left. I walked down the aisle and got on the Gateway pad in front of Gandalf. When I stopped, I knelt down. Batman handed Gandalf a simple gold crown with three points on the front and an oval shaped sapphire at the base of each point. Gandalf accepted the crown and first raised it for all to see, then lowered it onto my head.

“Now come the days of the Queen,” called Gandalf. “May they be blessed.” I gave a small smile, then rose and turned to face my friends. I was met with applause and a teary-eyed Okaa-san. As I looked, I realized that they wanted me to assume more power, so I can better help them, and they can better help me. The butterflies in my stomach went down as I motioned for quiet.

“Thank you,” I began. “All of you. In all my years, I never had such valuable friends and family. Without you, I would be a totally different person. I am truly grateful to have you as my friends and family, even those that were once thought of as fiction. So, I say again, thank you, and may our days be blessed.” I was met with applause. “Now then,” I decreed after it had died down, “to the cafeteria? Ready to feast?” I was met with cheers. “Let’s go!” I called. We sojourned to the cafeteria. As we ate and drank, I noticed War get something on her phone. “Everything alright?” I asked in a low voice, not wanting to disturb the party.

“Not really,” grunted War in the same low tone. She called Death over. My brother joined us. “I just got a message saying Jō had entered the campus.”

“Jō?” I asked.

“Shigeru Jō,” whispered Death, “a guest lecturer when we have a history lesson.”

“The name sounds familiar,” muttered Hiroki.

“Hiroki, you, of all people, should know him!” whispered Death. “He’s the 7th Showa Era Rider, the 7th Rider of all Riders, Kamen Rider Stronger!”

“Stronger?! Seriously?!” yelped Hiroki.

“Yes, and it said he just entered After Academy,” grunted War.

“So, another lecture?” I asked.

“Except, he’s been in the campus for a week now,” whispered Death.

“That’s…disturbing,” I muttered.

“Pardon me,” whispered Death. “I must investigate this.”

“See you later, then,” I bid. Death bowed and left.

“If this worries Death, should it worry us?” asked Hiroki.

“I should hope not,” grunted War.

I had arrived back at After Academy. Something was going up my spine and it wasn’t good. I entered the selectively permeable wall and found Jō. He was with his girlfriend, Misaki Yuriko. They both had the halo mark on their brow to show that they were dead. Yuriko noticed that Jō’s eye and hand were ashen gray. Jō was confused about it. He brought it to my attention and fear gripped my heart. I ordered a Lockdown. Nothing was going in or out. “What’s gotten into you?!” asked Jō.

“The only way any dead person’s body parts would go ashen,” I explained, “would be because those parts were stolen from your grave!” Jō and Yuriko then realized the implications. I got my belt on. “Henshin!” I announced.

“Death!” called my belt. My suit formed. Yuriko jumped into the air and landed in a red, black, and yellow suit with a ladybug motif. This was her hero form, Denpa Ningen Tackle (Electro-wave Human, Tackle). Jō took his jacket off to reveal a yellow shirt with a large, black S on the front. He then stuck his right arm to the side and his left arm pointed towards the right. He then rotated his arms so they were sticking out to the left.

“Henshin!” he announced. He then pulled an imaginary rip cord on his left arm with his right. “STRONGER!” His suit appeared in a crackle of electricity. The belt looked like an eight-pointed star. His suit was black with red shoulder pads connecting at the rib cage and sporting a large, black S. He was sporting a white scarf. The whole motif was based off the Rhinoceros beetle. This was Kamen Rider Stronger.

“Is there any artefact that the intruder would want?” asked Tackle.

“There is one,” I whispered. “We’d best check it out.” I led the two heroes to the room where the Foundation Saber was kept. Shocker Nova Combatmen were accompanying Igura. One of them alerted her to our presence. Igura turned to see us. Her left hand looked like it belonged on a man and her eyes were a different color. One was black, the other was brown. What scared me was that her right arm was like a Vortonian’s. I didn’t need to guess the donor.

“Well now, Kamen Rider Stronger!” she chuckled. “Thank you for donating your hand and eye to me. Rest assured; you will not be forgotten when the new multiversal order is here.”

“Back away from that room!” I whispered. “I’m warning you!”

“You’re warning me?” hissed Igura. “No, I’M warning YOU! Don’t interfere. You have no idea what I’m capable of.”

“You have no idea what that blade will do to your psyche!” I whispered. “You’re about to unleash forces you cannot control, nor comprehend! The Foundation Saber’s power will tear you asunder!”

“I AM power!” growled Igura. She turned to her men. “Keep them occupied.” The Combatmen swarmed us, slowing us down sufficiently to allow Igura access. She entered the wall and I went through enough to clear a path. I went through the wall, too late. She had already disabled the security measures and grabbed the sword. She then put it in a metal harness shaped like a blade. After that, the sword started unleashing power, as did Igura. The energies synced with each other, signifying that Igura had mastered the Foundation Saber. “At last, the power of the multiverse belongs to ME!”

“No…” I breathed, my transformation cancelling automatically. I fell to my knees. Igura then put the tip of the blade at my throat.

“I would cleave you in two for taking my Hiro’s soul!” she snarled. She then guided my head upwards with the sword. “But, you didn’t, did you?” I was confused. “I looked through your Ledger of the Dead,” explained Igura. “You keep track of all the souls you’ve claimed. Hiro’s soul is marked with a blue circle instead of a green check mark. You couldn’t find his soul in Chima, could you?”

“…No, I couldn’t,” I admitted. “However, Hiro is dead and will remain so!”

“Time will tell,” laughed Igura. She then grabbed me by the hair and dragged me out of the room. She released me and ordered her men to retreat. Stronger and Tackle looked and saw Igura make a circle with the Foundation Saber, creating a rift. “Farewell,” she bid. She and her Combatmen departed. Stronger and Tackle checked me over.

“This war has just tipped in the enemy’s favor,” I muttered.

“A harness for the blade?” asked Vortech when I returned. “Surely my genetic donation would be sufficient.”

“Vortech, you warned me about the power this thing has,” I replied. “I am not a fool. For all I knew, the sword’s power would still make me lose my mind, even with my new Vortonian arm. Better to play it safe.”

“Fair point,” conceded Vortech. “Now, we should be prepared for Universe G-H-0-5-T-8-U-5-T-3-R-5-1-9-8-4. Zod will be in charge and Sludgiona will take your place.”

“Pardon?” I asked.

“You have bigger priorities, locating Hiro’s soul, for a start,” replied Vortech. “Why settle for just one edge when we have a chance for two?”

“So, you want me to find Hiro and bring him back to us?” I quizzed.

“Correct,” confirmed Vortech. “Do not come back empty-handed again.”

“Understood,” I obliged.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 37

It took a while to locate him, but Daisuke was located in the Amazon, his namesake. He was in my universe, thank goodness. “All set?” Megumi asked me.

“Ready when the support staff is,” I called. Our newest ally, Chell, gave the thumbs-up.

“Ganbarou, Hongo-san!” (Good luck!) wished Hiroki. I waved my thanks and headed through the portal. As I went through, my mind went through all sorts of questions, chief among them was “Would he recognize me?” He was a wild man when I met him last. I soon arrived. The coordinates could only get me as far as the Amazon in my universe. Now comes the slightly easier part, finding Daisuke in this place.

“Away we go,” I declared. I started walking. As I walked, I heard branches on the ground snapping. I stopped as I realized there were multiple sources. “Daisuke?” I asked, hoping I was among friends. Perhaps a little too much to hope for. A four-armed ant monster leapt out with men in black bodysuits with tassels running along the arms and women in red bodysuits with the same tassels, only wearing silver eye masks instead of full face masks. I had remembered the ant monster be called Togeari Jūjin (Ant Beastman) from Daisuke. “A fight, I see?” I remarked. I got into the sequence. “Rider…HEN…!”

“Stop him!” ordered Togeari Jūjin. The foot soldiers attacked before I could finish. That’s something new for me. These guys were starting to overpower me! Just as Togeari Jūjin raised his arms to strike, he was tackled by something, or someone. The monster threw the person off. It was a man of Japanese ancestry, his hair, betraying some silver, was wild, like the expression on his face. He wore a silver bracelet on his upper left arm. He was muscular and had his hands out in a clawed fashion while he crouched as if he was going to pounce.

“Not nice place to meet, Hongo,” he said in his broken Japanese.

“I had to find you,” I replied. “Shall we?” Daisuke brought me into a tree where we could continue our transformations uninterrupted. Daisuke snarled and growled as he crouched. I did my usual sequence. “Rider…HENSHIN!” While I did that, Daisuke held his hands up in a clawed fashion, crossed them in front of him, and uncrossed and raised them again.

“A-MA-ZON!” he cried. As we leapt down, we changed into our Rider forms. His motif looked more like a monitor lizard than an insect like I take. He was green with red lines appearing on the suit, had yellow torso armor to look like abs, black boots and gloves with fins and silver claws on his fingers. His helmet looked almost like a green anglerfish and piranha. He had red eyes like mine, a single antenna with a red ball on top, and a jaw guard that moved when his jaw moved. His belt was white with a red handle on each side of the buckle, a buzz-saw blade pointing forward on the buckle, and red eyes on top. The look was completed with a white scarf. “Amazon!” shouted Daisuke once we landed. This was Kamen Rider Amazon, the sixth Kamen Rider of my era. We then went on the offensive. Amazon had an animalistic berserker style, thus fighting with bites and scratches as well as punches and kicks. He also gives off a battle cry of “Gii! Gii!” whenever he fights. When he dealt with the foot soldiers near him, he then targeted Togeari Jūjin. They grappled for a while as I took care of the foot soldiers. Normally, I wouldn’t hit women, but these ladies are serving evil and are trying to kill me. I didn’t have much of a choice. “How you here?!” quizzed Amazon to his opponent as he fought.

“A man named Hiro Adachi brought me back to take care of you!” explained Togeari Jūjin. “He said you would prove to be too dangerous to his employer’s plans and so got me back from Hell!”

“Then I send you back there!” declared Amazon. He leapt onto his opponent and bit hard into his exoskeleton. He then leapt off to use his finisher. “DAI SETSUDAN!” (Great Slice) he said as he chopped into the creature. Togeari Jūjin screamed before falling over dead. The foot soldiers ran when they saw their commanding officer die. We panted to catch our breath. “You…change…a lot,” panted Amazon as he caught his breath.

“I had my cybernetics upgraded,” I replied. We cancelled our transformations.

“Why you here?” asked Daisuke.

“I’m here because of a greater threat,” I answered. “Our universe is under attack by a creature named Lord Vortech. He’s gathering these objects called Foundation Elements, artefacts that keep all universes stable, and he’s using other people to do his dirty work. I have other friends helping me fight him, and one of them needs your help.”

“My help?” asked Daisuke.

“Her name is Megumi Hishikawa,” I explained. “She’s someone who just found out that she’s a naturally occurring Shocker Cyborg with Tiger DNA. She wants to access that side so she can become someone called Kamen Rider Vortex.”

“Another Rider need my help?” quizzed Daisuke.

“Exactly,” I confirmed.

“Where she?” asked Daisuke.

“She’s in another universe,” I answered. “I have the means to get us there.”

“Then we go!” declared Daisuke. I brought out my communicator.

“X-PO, Daisuke has agreed!” I called. “Ready to rejoin Megumi’s team!”

“One rift to the Princess, coming up!” announced X-PO.

“Princess?” quizzed Daisuke.

“In her native universe, it’s just an act,” I explained. The rift opened. Daisuke stepped back a bit. “It’s alright, it’s safe,” I assured. Daisuke cautiously stepped forward, then leapt in. I followed and saw him tumbling and screaming in terror. “This is gonna be a long trip,” I thought.

Once Hongo left, Rusty got to work finding the Jurassic Park world. I turned to Emily’s team. “All set?” I asked.

“Ready and waiting, your highness,” replied Emily as she made some last-minute adjustments to her hairpiece.

“Target coordinates set!” reported Rusty.

“We’ll see you later!” called Emily as she and her team went through.

“That just leaves us,” muttered Batman.

“My lady,” queried Gandalf, “are you sure this is the right course of action?”

“The enemy has an advantage over us,” I replied. “With Hiro having that kind of power, Vortech could finish us with a simple order. If I can access my Cyborg side, we may level the playing field again. And, before you ask, no, I’m not training in my dress. That’s too many skirts for me to worry about. Trust me, the training clothes I have on will serve me in greater stead.”

“Honestly, your clothes never crossed our minds,” assured Wyldstyle.

“You guys are up!” called Elphaba.

“Good luck!” wished Xiomara as Hiroki’s team saw mine off. Tonje and Tanisha led the way with we Keystone bearers following. We fell through the vortex.

“Keep an eye out for the exit!” warned Wyldstyle. “I don’t wanna be floating around this thing all day!” That was when we encountered Hongo and another man. The new arrival was screaming in terror.

“That was quick!” I cheered. “So, that’s Kamen Rider Amazon?”

“He would introduce himself,” replied Hongo, “but I think the experience is traumatizing for him.” The exit then showed up. It was in an ornate building with a Lion theme going on.

“The Lion Temple!” called Tonje.

“We’ll be among friends!” cheered Tanisha. Daisuke lost his breath. We landed in the room, a throne room with a fountain. Anthropomorphic lions were conducting their business when they saw us. One of them, an old man with a silver mane, a sleeveless pearl gold chest plate, and a dark blue kilt and cape stood up from the throne when we landed. He was apparently in conference with an Crocodile man in a gold helmet, a gold chest plate with large shoulder pads, and a red torn up cape as well as an Eagle man in blue robes, a gold chest plate, and a gold helm. He had talons for fingers and a set of wings from his back.

“Who are you?!” roared the lion. The crocodile hissed.

“How dare you interrupt us, apes!” screeched the eagle.

“You want fight?!” snarled Daisuke.

“NO!” yelped Tanisha as she got between us and the animals. “No! No one wants to fight anyone! Please, everyone, let’s not panic!”

“Why should we listen to intruders?!” bellowed the lion.

“Okay, Your Majesty, for once, no tricks,” answered Tanisha. “We’re from another universe where all of Chima’s history was just a tie-in story for a line of building toys. I am Lady Tanisha, an expert on Chima and the various tribes and individuals on said tribes, like you, King Lagravis, ruler of the Lion Tribe.” The lion was startled. “And your fellow rulers here are King Crominus of the Crocodile Tribe and Ewald, current head of the Ruling Council for the Eagle Tribe. Lagravis, you were friends with Crominus, but politics drove you apart. Ewald, you love to find the perfect solution, which is a strength, but a weakness as well. Crominus, you’re trying to get your son, Cragger, to lead in a pragmatic way instead of his hot-headed way. Lagravis, your son is Laval, whom we met. Ewald, your daughter, Eris, prefers to be on the ground with Laval and Cragger.”

“How do you know so much about our personal lives?!” hissed Crominus.

“Like my girlfriend said, you and your lands are part of a building toy line in our universe,” explained Tonje. “We’re all from different universes. I am Tonje. This is Tanisha. This is Hongo. This is Batman. That’s a new friend of ours, Daisuke. That’s Wyldstyle. And this is our leader, Princess Megumi Hishikawa. We’re all humans.”

“Pleased to meet you, Your Majesties,” I greeted. We bowed to them. The tension seemed to go down a bit.

“That’s the who, the what, and the where taken care of,” hissed King Crominus. “Now, all we need is the why.”

“Okay, that will take some time,” I muttered. I started explaining why we were here. When I mentioned Shocker Rift, Crominus hissed.

“Something you wish to share?” asked Ewald.

“That organization you mentioned,” requested Crominus. “Is a man named Hiro Adachi among its members?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact,” I replied.

“He’s near my home, the Crocodile swamp,” declared Crominus

“And that leads me to my reason for being here” I continued. “You see, he’s a Mutant Cyborg of Shocker design and passed on his genetics and (somehow) cybernetics to me. He’s my biological father.”

“And we need to access her Mutant Cyborg side to gain an advantage over Shocker Rift,” supplied Tanisha.

“And you believe your friend, Daisuke and the terrain of Chima can help?” asked Lagravis.

“Yes,” answered Tonje. Lagravis settled and started thinking.

“If I may,” interjected Crominus, “the Beaver Tribe is experiencing a mass vacation. We could use them to build a training ground for her and Daisuke.”

“We don’t want to interrupt anyone’s vacation!” I assured.

“Actually, we do,” countered Tanisha. “The Beaver Tribe finds the idea of vacations abhorrent. It’s been used as a threat as working is considered fun to them.”

“Have any of them suffered karōshi?” asked Hongo. He was met with confused stares.

“The literal translation is ‘overwork death’,” I explained. “Did any beaver work himself to death?”

“Not at all,” replied Lagravis. “In fact, the most Beaver deaths occur during a vacation, when their muscles atrophy to the point of uselessness.”

“Eesh, other end of the spectrum,” I gulped. “All right, which way?”

“Follow us,” called Lagravis. The three rulers led us to these vehicles with one wheel with the controls and seat near the rear. “These Speedorz will get us to the Beaver Tribe,” explained Lagravis

“I’ve always wanted to ride one!” cheered Tonje.

“I’m not so sure I want to ride one,” said Tanisha, a little hesitant.

“Oh, don’t be a baby,” teased Tonje. “How hard can it beeeEEEEEEE!!!!” The Speedor took off and ran right into a wall near the training grounds for the lions. The Speedor was mangled and Tonje was thrown off in time. “Okay, it’s harder than it looks,” she moaned. She summoned her horse and pressed a button. It turned into a motorcycle!

“Our steeds can do that?!” I called. “How did I not notice that?!”

“Fighting got in the way,” mused Tanisha. She summoned her steed and changed it into a motorcycle as well. I followed suit as well as summoned the other vehicles.

“Can you get mine?” asked Daisuke. “It called Jungler.”

“I’ll see if I can get it,” I said. I searched throughout the rift to find it. I pulled something through. It was a red motorcycle with wings on the back and a mouth and green eyes.

“That Jungler!” called Daisuke. He leapt on it and we sped after the rulers to the Beaver Tribe. It was a civilization that used wood a lot, go figure. The citizens, a diminutive people, looked downcast. The buildings were in tip top shape. The people just sat around with their tools in hand, looking down.

“Tanisha,” I whispered.

“I know,” observed Tanisha. “They don’t have work to do. We need to talk to Breezor.

“Is he the leader?” I asked.

“Right,” confirmed Tonje. We headed to a large hut to see a beaver sitting on a throne.

“That’s Breezor,” explained Lagravis. He then turned to the beaver. “Breezor, my friend!” Breezor looked up.

“Welcome to my hall, Lagravis,” greeted Breezor. “I wish you visited us in better spirits.”

“We actually came to lift your spirits,” called Crominus.

“Oh?” asked Breezor. “Some sort of circus?”

“A building job for this lady,” replied Ewald as he pointed to me. Breezor and the beavers in the hut got out of their funk slightly.

“Go on,” invited Breezor.

“Megumi, you explain,” directed Crominus.

“Thank you, Your Majesty,” I replied. “Mr. Breezor, as you guessed, I’m not from any tribe of Chima. And an enemy is coming that will take something called the Foundation Element. Because of that, I need to access my beast side quickly and will need Daisuke’s help. Can you guys build a training ground to help in that regard?”

“Do you even need to ask?!” cheered Breezor. He grabbed a wrench and addressed his people. “Grab your tools! We have work to do!” The people cheered, grabbed tools, made plans, and then rushed for the site.

“That was quick,” I mused.

“Follow those Beavers!” called Tanisha. We got on our vehicles and sped after them. This was gonna take some time.

“I can’t believe this,” Hiro muttered. “Vortech decides which hostages to use and which not to? Why should I bring the families of the Vortex Riders when Frodo, Robin, Ichimonji, and MetalBeard are more valuable?!”

“What’s he going on about?” asked one of the hostages, a Mrs. Linda Saunders.

“Ah, the usual,” I replied in the language we Shocker Combatmen use, that “Yee!” sound we make. It’s so refreshing to talk with someone who understands you that ISN’T your boss. “He’s sore that you guys were chosen as bargaining chips instead of those that carried Foundation Elements.”

“Hoo boy,” muttered Linda’s husband, Fred another person who understands us. “How will that impact your work?”

“His mannerisms are already doing so,” I sighed.

“I understand that we need whatever power that’s required to conquer our universe,” griped a Combatman working on the communications array with me, “but the way he’s going, I’m halfway tempted to ask him for time off!”

“Hey, does the name Mikoto mean anything to you?” asked Linda. “Nova Combatman, er, woman?”

“Yeah, I know her, why?” replied my partner.

“Yeah, I heard that my daughter, Emily got rid of her,” winced Linda.

“NO!” moaned my partner. “Not Mikoto-chan! I was gonna ask her out when she came back!” I gave him and the Saunders a cup of tea.

“Here’s to Mikoto-chan,” I toasted. We raised our cups. “Rest in peace, friend.” We then poured the contents of the cups onto the ground as libations.

“Why are you twits slacking?!” roared Hiro. “I want communications to Foundation Prime established before Vortech is…*ahem*…is…bothered by such…distracting minutiae.” My partner and I got communications set up and Hiro took over. “Inputting access code and booting up,” he reported. Vortech’s face appeared.

“Good to see that the operation didn’t fail in the communications department,” remarked Vortech.

“Good to hear you too,” muttered Hiro. “We’re about to initiate the search for the Vortex Riders.”

“See that you don’t disappoint,” ordered Vortech.

“Certainly knows how to inspire, doesn’t he?” muttered Linda.

“You, shut up!” snapped Hiro.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 36

“That was…quite an adventure you had!” I breathed. Tanisha curtsied as we clapped. “I think you left out where you got the studs, though.”

“Oh, Wheatley had accidentally snagged them when he was looking around GLaDOS’ gateway room,” explained Tanisha. “I took them when we were in the rift.”

“All right, my friends, I think we’ve had a long day,” I sighed. “Now, why don’t we…”

“Did you know that the mitochondria is your powerhouse? Wait, you’re not Cell!” I instinctively punched the guy that said that and he crashed into the wall. He slid down as if he was dead.

“Did…I just…manslaughter…Spider-Man?” I asked .

“Really?” sighed Emily. “Gonna make THAT mistake?”

“At least SOMEONE knows me!” muttered the guy I punched.

“Wait, how did you…?” I asked, unsure of how he survived that.

“Mutant, friendo!” laughed the guy. He jumped to his feet so I could see the number of pouches on his red and black suit. “Well, Mutate, really, but, whatevs!”

“Wade, how did you find us?!” sighed Emily.

“My magic unicorn!” snarked the guy. “Anyway, INTRODUCTIONS! I’m your Deadly Neighborhood Deadpool! It rhymes with No School! Too Cool! Ain’t no Fool and I’m acting like my incarnation in the Ultimate Spider-Man TV series. Damn it!”

“Not a breaker!” wailed X-PO.

“A what?” asked Emmanuel.

“There’s a dividing force out in the multiverse,” explained Vortoranii. “A force that divides us from other null dimensions, where nothing exciting happens in the way you’re used to. That force is called the Fourth Wall, and some idiots in the multiverse love to turn it into powder! Hence, breakers!”

“What can I say?” chuckled Deadpool. “She-Honk and I do it a lot!”

“She-HULK, you mean,” corrected Richard.

“Don’t feed him!” wailed Emily.

“She’s big, green, makes noise,” argued Deadpool.

“And has the authority to sue your cancer-ridden rear,” countered Richard.

“A case like that can drag on for years,” dismissed Deadpool.

“So, wait, are you some guy who randomly spouts nonsense?” I asked.

“Among other things,” supplied Emily. “He’s called the Merc With a Mouth.”

“Merc?” I repeated “As in, mercenary?”

“Yepperoni!” confirmed Deadpool. “And, right now, some Asian dude contracted me to assassinate your skirt wearing ass!” He pointed to me.

“Ignoring the fact that you can’t tell the Japanese apart from the rest of Asia, the thought of Hiro stooping that low never really crossed my mind,” I said.

“Yeah, well, the pic he gave me looks nothing like you.” Deadpool held up a picture of Sailor Moon.

“Oh, absolutely not!” I confirmed.

“Ah well!” giggled Deadpool as he tossed the picture aside. “Enough making the Toku Fandom mad. I’m gonna murderlize you real good with Black Betty and Vera!” He pulled out his guns. “Maybe this stupid retelling of Lego Dimensions will get somewhere with me around!”

“Guns?” I asked. “Buddy, your employer can tell you how poorly that’s gonna work out for why is there a breeze through my shoulder?” Deadpool’s left gun was smoking. “I stand corrected,” I mused, “also perforated. Also, AAARRRGGH!” I clutched my shoulder in pain.

“And the blades here are Adamantium, baby!” cheered Deadpool. The twin katanas he had ended up in talk show chairs. “Meet Wanda and Selene! Who I named after my cats, that I had to put down with these swords.” He got up close and whispered in our ears as Emily got the bullet out. “Also, they weren’t cats, but feral tortoises!”

“Henshin!” called Emmanuel. He turned into Arch and fired off an energy arrow into Deadpool’s head. “Un, Deux, Trois, Quatre…” he counted before Deadpool came back up.

“Okay, the swords aren’t Adamantium,” he conceded. “They’re Carbonadium.” Arch shot him again. He hummed the French National Anthem for a bit before Deadpool popped up again. “DAMMIT!” he snapped, getting a little mad. “Listen, you rifle-dropping…!” Arch shot him again before he could get any further with that one.

“Mon Dieu,” muttered Arch, “and you told me he was Canadian, oui Emily?”

“I know, nowhere near as polite,” agreed Emily as she patched up my shoulder. “Go easy on it, all right?”

“All right, that’s F***IN IT!” roared Deadpool as he drew his swords. “Every time you idiots do this to me; you make me lose a bit of my memory! While I’m more than happy to say bye-bye to Uncle Vance and his camping trip from Hell, I can’t risk losing the time I got lucky at band school! So, sit still and let me dice you up!”

“Henshin,” called Emily. As she turned into Touché, her foil blocked his swords. “Listen, Wadey, can I call you Wadey?”

“You can call me whatever you want while I carve you like a goddamn ham!” threatened Deadpool.

“3,706,” counted Touché, remembering all the pig jokes she heard in her life. “Wadey, I get what your shtick is.” She knocked his swords out of his hands.

“AH! MY TIPS!” he yelped.

“One of us does something to you that would kill a normal person,” continued Touché, “you DON’T die, you crack a joke that offends someone, we do it again, rinse and repeat! You’ve lost your luster, dude. So, take your swords, your guns, your Fourth Wall breaking, and go back to your native universe.”

“Eh, sorry,” mused Deadpool, “but, a job’s a job’s a job! And I’m getting paid big time to kill your boss. So, step aside and let this be the easiest 10,000,000,000,000 bucks I’ve ever made!”

“You mean studs, right?” I asked.

“Er, no, I meant bucks,” countered Deadpool. “And not the male venison!”

“Deadpool, neither side uses American Dollars,” remarked Joshua.

“What else is there?” asked Deadpool.

“Can whoever’s watching or writing this explain to Deadpool what’s going on?” Touché asked the heavens as she changed back. A laptop came up from a pedestal in the floor. Deadpool went to DeviantArt, typed in a username, and found the story the artist made. He stopped at a certain point and developed a nasty twitch.

“Studs?” he hissed. “They were gonna pay me…in STUDS?! THAT’S NOT LEGAL TENDER WHERE I’M FROM!! IT’S NOT EVEN ILLEGAL TENDER!! AND THEY WERE GONNA CONVERT ME INTO ONE OF THEIR CYBORGS INSTEAD OF GIVING ME CHIMICHANGAS?! Okay, deep breath…” he inhaled, then exhaled. We waited a few seconds. “Congratulations!” cheered Deadpool. “You’ve just convinced me to break contract and fight Lord Vortech with you guys!”

“What do you want in return?” I asked.

“You ARE a smart one, this ISN’T a freebie!” replied Deadpool. “I want the 10 trillion and chimichangas they promised me!”

“How many chimichangas?” asked Emily. “I think the replicators can make the desired amount.”

“A butt-load!” answered Deadpool. Emily checked the options and saw that there was, indeed, a butt-load option. She selected it and out came the promised amount.

“As for the money,” called X-PO, “how would exclusive rights to the money dimension work out for you?”

“There’s a money dimension?” I asked.

“You’re lying,” muttered Deadpool. X-PO opened a rift and Deadpool stuck his head through. After a few seconds where his arms went limp, he pulled out, his eyes wider than an insect’s. “I could retire on just .01% of that!” he breathed. “Take a look!” We all poked our heads through and…Deadpool wasn’t wrong! Stacks of cash, gold, and jewels as far as the eye can see.

“Smaug wouldn’t have needed Erebor’s gold!” I exclaimed. I turned to Deadpool. “Well? Will that settle our debt?”

“Immensely!” confirmed Deadpool. “In fact, Your Highness, you’re the first person to have me on retainer!” A card printed out of the gateway.

“Just tap the little blue circle and Dimension 1-N-F-1-N-1-T-3-C-4-5-H is yours,” explained X-PO.

“Speaking of dimensions, I gotta get back,” announced Deadpool. “Gotta sharpen my weapons, reload, add a few pouches to the suit…”

“You really ARE a Liefeld creation, aren’t you?” muttered Emily.

“Hey, at least my current artists can draw my feet!” snapped Deadpool. A portal opened up. “And that’s my ride. Smell you later!” Deadpool, mercifully, went through.

“Okay,” I muttered, “any MORE crazies we should deal with, or can we retire to our rooms?” Nothing happened. “Let’s get some rest then.” Everyone dispersed. “Hiroki Nee-san,” I said, “would you walk with me for a sec?”

“Of course,” replied Hiroki. We walked around, away from prying eyes. It was then I decided to speak.

“Sending Tanisha to the Portal universe without backup? What the heck?!” I snapped. Hiroki tensed up.

“Megumi,” he countered, “with all due respect, we were pressed for time. On top of that, Tonje’s not a gamer.”

“I’M not a gamer,” I reminded him, “and I survived that universe. Know why? Because I had the necessary backup. Tanisha would have guided Tonje through that universe just fine. If anything, it would have been easier on Tanisha so someone could have kept Igura off her back.”

“But, would explaining things not have slowed them down?” asked Hiroki. “That universe IS enemy territory.”

“That we have frustrated once before,” I reminded. “There would have been plenty of time for Tanisha to explain things to Tonje. I cannot have people underestimate one another. It’s because of having experts on certain universes that we survived thus far and it will continue to serve us all well. I don’t recall you raising any objections to me going to an unknown universe. Have I got that wrong and I didn’t hear your numerous objections?” That hit him.

“I…raised no such things,” he mumbled.

“Then I would advise you to extend that courtesy to the others, all right?” I directed.

“Yes, Sister,” he muttered. He left to his quarters without another word. The loneliness of command, gotta love it, huh?

“Lord Vortech, get me out of here!” wailed the potato battery I brought with me when I returned. In it was GLaDOS’ main neural processor.

“Considering your failure to destroy a Vortex Rider and the fact that you lost the rift technology Hiro left you,” snarled Vortech, “I see no reason to do so. You shall serve as a constant reminder to those that would dare fail me, Igura and Hiro, chiefly.”

“Excuse me?” I protested.

“You allowed yourself to be defeated by a child!” growled Vortech. “Your excursion into J-U-R-4-5-5-1-C-P-4-R-K had better not end in failure!” I gulped, realizing Vortech’s not in the mood for excuses.

“Yes, Lord Vortech,” I mumbled.