Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 76

“Okay, where’s this a.i you need repairing?” asked Twelve once we finished our story.

“Here,” replied GLaDOS. “I have a morality core that needs uninstalling.”

“Nice try,” commented Thirteen.

“He’s over here,” explained Lukas as he and Sento wheeled X-PO’s body in on a stretcher. “Can you help us fix him?”

“No problem,” replied Ten. “K-9 used to do this all the time.”

X-PO’s repairs were taking a while. The Special Weapons Dalek, Ab, was guarding the door, moving his gun back and forth to ward us off. “What’s the deal with that Dalek?” I muttered.

“It is a Special Weapons Dalek,” said Tetley the Dalek as he served tea. I accepted a cup.

“You seem to get twitchy whenever you look at Ab,” I observed.

“All Daleks do,” explained Rusty as she approached us. “Special Weapons Daleks are usually categorized as insane, especially by those that created them. I was one such Dalek, during the Dalek Civil War, between the Renegades and the Davros loyal Imperials.”

“The Daleks had a civil war?” I asked.

“And guess what it was about?” quizzed Rusty.

“Genetics?” I guessed.

“Exactly,” confirmed Rusty. “Both factions hated each other’s chromosomes. I was one of the developers of the Special Weapons Dalek in the Imperial Faction. Davros himself decreed its creation. Only Daleks in the Scientific Division were aware of its development. It was designed to have only one function: extermination.”

“Hence, why it has no plunger arm,” I guessed.

“Right again,” confirmed Rusty. “Its first act of destruction was the annihilation of the original Renegade Faction, those that didn’t escape Skaro. It destroyed to order, but…”

“…But?” I invited.

“But,” continued Rusty, “as it fired, the first backwash of radiation ravaged its body and mind. Every time it’s fought, its chromosomes alter. It became, no, it IS twisted and insane!”

“Your experiments,” argued Tetley, “were successful. It was with the aid of the Special Weapons Dalek that the Renegade Emperor and his retinue were destroyed in their control room. It has served in all crucial campaigns: Pa Jass-Gutrik, the war of vengeance against the Movellans; Pa Jaski-Thal, the liquidation war against the Thals; and Pa Jass-Vortan, the time campaign, the war to end all wars.”

“Yes, and,” countered Rusty, “each time, it has become more uncontrollable. We of that original Scientific Division simply dubbed it the Abomination, hence why it’s called Ab.”

“I am aware of that designation,” replied Ab as his gun pointed at Rusty.

“Point it elsewhere,” I commanded. “I’m not having another Dalek Civil War. We have bigger problems than that.”

“I obey,” responded Ab. Rusty released a sigh of relief. Just then, a voice came into our ears that filled our hearts with joy! It was X-PO’s voice!

“Awesome! Well done!” called X-PO from the room. He and his repair crew joined us and I gave him a huge hug.

“Easy on the shell!” warned the Doctor. “He’s not as able to handle stress as he once was!” I released him and contented myself with some tea. Batman had coffee and dunked a doughnut in it.

“GLaDOS,” he rasped, “have you figured out a safe way to get us back to Foundation Prime?”

“Yes,” replied GLaDOS. “Do not concern yourself. There is zero chance of my being harmed.”

“What does it matter?” asked Gandalf. “Lord Vortech controls the very fabric of all worlds! He’s invulnerable!”

“What if he wasn’t IN a world?” I asked. “Remember when he trapped us?”

“Oh, what’s good for the goose,” replied Seven, “is good for the schoolboy, eh?”

“Gander,” corrected Death. “And it could work.”

“Hold on a sec,” interrupted X-PO, “you’re talking about trapping Lord Vortech in a rift loop?”

“It’d have to be flawless though,” remarked Twelve. “Not like that shoddy one I rescued you lot from.”

“Can you do it?” I asked.

“I’m the Doctor!” replied Thirteen. “And you’ve got a lot of me and a brilliant technical staff. We might be able to.”

“Was it four or five sugars, Doctor?” asked Tetley as he brought more tea.

“I recommend we stop shillyshallying,” remarked One, “and get on with the calculations.”

“Okay, we’ll keep Vortech busy,” I said. “Riders, those that have them, final form time. We’re gonna need all the power we can muster.” Everyone took out their respective transformation trinkets while Hongo struck his pose.

“Rider…” he began.

“Henshin!” we all finished.

“A-MA-ZON!” called Daisuke as he became Amazon.

“Charge Up!” announced Stronger. The S on his chest spun and he gained silver trim. Kabuto then grabbed the Hyper Zecter out of thin air again

“Hyper cast off!” he called

“Hyper cast off!” called the Zecter. The horn got bigger and his armor got bulkier. “Change Hyper Beetle!” called the Zecter.

“Climax Form!” called Den-O’s phone as he attached it and the Imagin piled on. Kiva inserted another whistle, fuestle, I mean, and summoned a dragon that could fit on his forearm.

“Tension Fortissimo!” called the dragon as it broke the chains on Kiva’s shoulders and leg, allowing a cape to unfurl, his armor became gold, his eyes went red, and a small crown appeared between the eyes. “Henshin!” called the dragon as it attached itself to Kiva’s left forearm.

“Kamen Ride: Decade!” called the Decadriver. Once he was ready, Decade took out a phone and slid a card into it, touching it nine times.

“Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz, Blade, Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva!” called the phone. Decade then pressed a button. “Final Kamen Ride: Decade!” He then gained pink eyes and a card on his head while a sash of all final forms lined his shoulders. He placed the pink part onto his right hip and put the phone into the pink part’s usual place

“XTREME!” called the W Driver once it absorbed Phillip and opened up. W became CycloneJoker Xtreme again. OOO used the purple medals and scanned them.

“PTERA! TRICERA! TYRANNO! Putotyrannosaurus!” called the OOO Driver as he utilized the Putotyra Combo. Fourze inserted a new switch where the rocket switch would be.

“Cosmic!” announced the Fourze Driver. He pulled down on the switch’s cover and pressed the button. “Cosmic on!” announced the belt. Fourze’s suit went sky-blue as the numbers of all the Astro-switches appeared on his chest.

“INFINITY, PLEASE!” shouted the WizarDriver. “HI-SUI-FU-DO, BOU-ZABA-BYU-DOGON!” Wizard’s armor was more diamond like.

“Fruit basket!” announced Gaim’s Sengoku Driver. All metal fruits appeared and merged with him as he inserted it into his Lockseed. “Lock open! Kiwami (Extreme) Arms! Dai Dai Dai Dai Shogun!” (Mighty Warlord). Gaim looked more like a silver clad Shogun.

“Drive! Type: Tridoron!” announced the Drive Driver. Drive’s new armor looked more like his car.

“Cho Kaigan: Mugen!” (Infinity) announced the Ghost Driver. Angelic rock music played as it chanted. “Keep Going! Go, Go, Go! Go, Go, Go! Go, Go, Go! Gotta Ghost!” His suit was white with angled shoulder pads and a rainbow horn.

“Hyper Muteki!” (Muteki means Invincible) announced Emu’s Gashat. He then attached it to the side of the Gashat already in his belt. “Docking!” announced the belt. He then pressed the button on top. “Bakkān! (Open!) Muteki! Kagayake! Ryuusei no Gotoku! Ougon no Saikyou Gamer! (Shine bright! Like a true shooting star! The ultimate gamer, clad in gold!) Hyper Muteki Ex-Aid!” His form was similar to mine, but he was all gold and had long hair.

“GACHĀN! Mazaru Up! (Mix it up!)” called Parado’s new Gamer Driver as he opened it. “Akai kobushi tsuyosa! Aoi Puzzle rensa! Aka to ao no kousa! (Red fist strength! Blu puzzle chain! Red and blue crossing!) Perfect Knock Out!” Para-DX was now a mix of red and blue with spiky hair.

“GACHĀN! LEVEL UP!” called Brave’s Gamer Driver as he inserted Taddle Legacy. The jingle sounded a lot like Taddle Quest. “Taddle Rekishi! Mezameru Kishi! (Embrace the legacy! Awaken your chivalry!) Taddle Legacy!”

“Great! All yeah!” said Build’s new yellow and blue, two slot occupying Fullbottle. Build put it into the belt.

“Genius!” it announced. Build then turned the crank and it looped on “Yeah! Yeah!” before asking “ARE YOU READY?!”

“Build up!” ordered Build. His armor was now white as red shaded Fullbottles lined his left eye, his right arm, and his left leg, while blue shaded Fullbottles line the remaining extremities.

“Kanzen Muketsu no Bottle Yarō!” (The Completely Flawless Bottle Guy!) called the belt. “Build Genius! Sugei! Monosugei!” (Amazing! Simply amazing!)

“Dai Super Charge!” My armor bulked and flew off, revealing Kamen Rider Vortex. “Are we ready?!” I called. Everyone cheered. “GLaDOS, the safe path, if you please.” GLaDOS beamed the information into my helmet. “Minna, let’s go! CHARGE!” I opened a path and led us all down the path GLaDOS gave us.

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