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Marshii’s Bio Lectures: Life-spans

Welcome back to Marshii’s Bio Lectures. Today, we’re gonna talk about the different life-spans of the species of the Realms. We’ll start off with the biological immortals. They can die by any death except old age. Tweeners, Elves, Luminarees and some Blenders fall under this category.

Next are those with a maximum life-span of 50,000 years. Some Taurs, like Mermaids, some Humanoids, some Myxies, and some Blenders fall under this category. Sometimes, you don’t age as gracefully! Look at me! I’m only 35,000, middle-age! Yet I STILL got the gene for getting silver hair and wrinkles early on! Ah, listen to me go on about my age. You’re here for a lecture, not a rant.

Coming up next are those that live up to 45,000 years. Anthros, Elementals like Falnii, some Humanoids, some Myxies like Gorfanth, and some Blenders fall under this category. Queen Elmpam and King Orbak are blessed with such a long life-span.

Those that have a life-span of 40,000 years are the rest of the Formless, some more humanoids like Malnar and Foresna, some more Myxies, and some more Blenders, like Lardeth and Arsha.

At 35,000 years, the rest of the Taurs belong in this category, like the Centaurs and Driders. Their hectic lifestyle is what contributes to this shorter life-span. However, there ARE a few in this category that break it.

The rest of the Myxies have a life-span of 25,000 years. These would involve Satyrs, Kitsunes, and others.

The remaining Blenders have a life-span of 20,000 years. Something in the genes didn’t allow them to enhance their life-span from the parent species. We’re trying to fix that now.

The Sentina only live as long as 15,000 years. Animals generally don’t live as long as most species, this is a fact. Sentinas get a longer life-span because they have the capability to identify, in our manners of speech, what the problem is so doctors can correct it.

Chimeras only live about 10,000 years. Being an artificial race, they don’t have the genes for a longer life. Like the rest of the Blenders, we’re fixing that. I feel an obligation to fix it as I benefitted from research that was conducted through the Chimeras’ suffering.

Last is the life-form that lives only 5,000 years, if they weren’t killed in battle. These would be the Golems, the shock-troopers for all Splitter branches. The only reason they don’t live as long is because we don’t have the research that made them. It’s the most well-protected of Splitter knowledge.

So, that’s the over-view of our life-spans. Next up is my last lecture on the specifics of each scientific category of species. It’s gonna be the dullest, I’ll warn you right now, but you better pay attention. Need I remind you of your assignment? See you soon.

(Real World Author’s note. Once all the lectures are done, I want you to make your own character and give the character’s scientific classification.)

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