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Marshii’s Bio Lectures: Main Classifications

Well, well, well, decided to figure out some biology, did you? You’re asking the right woman. I’m Dr. Marshii Borontho, Lieutenant Junior Grade and Chief Medical Officer aboard the Realmfleet ship, Endeavor, registry CRS-2784, and you’re going to be finding out the different race classifications and which species belongs where. Today’s lecture is just gonna be the basic over-view on the classification system.

Each species is categorized by the common factors that unite them, whether or not they have animal features, whether or not they have a distinctive shape, and whether or not they’re alive. Yes, even the undead are involved. We usually call them Tweeners, they’re in between life and death. Zombies, Vampires, Ghouls, Ghosts, and other such haunts.

Next up will be Taurs, half humanoid, half animal. Us Merfolk are in the Taur category. Another, more obvious example, and a clue as to where we got the name, would be Centaurs.

The next classification is…tricky. I’ll explain in a later lecture. We put Orcs, Goblins, Elves, and Humans into this classification, calling them Humanoids.

Next up is the Anthros, animals that gained a humanoid shape through extraordinary evolutionary circumstances. Inus, Nekos, Selans, and other such life-forms fall under this category. The current Under-Queen is an Anthro.

We then move onto Myxies, a humanoid life-form with animal features. Satyrs, Harpies, and Kitsunes would be examples of a Myxie.

Next, we have the Sentina, animals that can think, reason, and communicate as other life-forms do. Talking horses, telepathic Cerberuses, and other such life-forms. The Under-realm Royal Family has a telepathic Cerberus, hence why I mentioned it.

Next up, Elementals. They’re life-forms usually characterized by, or made of, a certain element. Trolls, Dryads, Alarunes, Zephyrs, and Genies fall under this category.

Coming up, we’ve got the Formless. They have no definitive shape or gender, usually taking on some humanoid characteristics. Some examples are Slimes, Absorbintas, and Luminarees.

Next, we have the Blenders, life-forms that a mix of any species, barring Sentinas. Even though they communicate as we do, mating with a Sentina is still bestiality. Let’s say a Mermaid and an Inu mated. The child would have the Inu’s upper torso and the Mermaid’s tail.

Last is the Arties. They’re artificial life-forms like Chimeras or Golems. Because, long ago, they have proved they can be more than what they were made for, under Realmfleet law, they have the same rights as anyone else. However, recently, only Chimeras got the full extent of rights. Golems…only the three Splitter branches know how to make them. They’re only used as Shock Troopers.

I hope this gave you a basic understanding of how we’re classified scientifically. Next time, we’ll talk about the life-expectancy of each category. Later, we’ll talk about the specifics of each category. Once all the lectures are done, I want you guys to figure out where you place on the system. See you later.

(Real World Author’s note. Once all the lectures are done, I want you to make your own character and give the character’s scientific classification.)

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