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The Three Realms Money

As Bashoon and her family can attest to, everything in a civilization needs some form of economy, whether it’s a barter system or depends on the use of coinage. The economy of The Three Realms falls under the latter. Through the use of coinage, many goods and services can be bought. There are five types of coins; tin, copper, bronze, silver, and gold. The most common slang for coinage would be using the first letter of the coin type. Por ejemplo: “You owe me 47 C’s!” The person is owed 47 copper coins in this instance. Like any system in The Three Realms, it’s all based around a multiple of 5. In this instance, 50 is used.

50 tin coins = 1 copper coin

50 copper coins = 1 bronze coin

50 bronze coins = 1 silver coin

50 silver coins = 1 gold coin

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