The Three Realms The Three Realms World Building

The Three Realms Pantheon

Ages ago, 25 gods and 25 goddesses clashed, fracturing the universe into three, the Realms that exist today. After they fought, they soon realized the damage they had wrought to the world they had created. The fracturing was permanent, the Realms could not be put back together, so the 50 Divine Ones, the Realms’ name for all the gods and goddesses, went about uniting the Realms in a different way. They implanted the ideas of Realmgates in the most brilliant minds of all the Realms and, while other inventions were made, the Realmgate idea was first and foremost on their minds. While a war was waged as the Realms came into contact, the Divine Ones had left a message, explaining their conflict and how their mistake fractured the universe they had created. Over time, the people of the Realms learned from each other and, eventually, formed Realmfleet. There was ONE similarity in all the Realms, the number 50 was used frequently. The Divine Ones are divided into the 10 Aspects, each associated with a color. Each aspect has 5 Divine Ones in it. Below are the Aspects, their associated colors, and the Divine Ones that represent them in some capacity. F is for Female and M is for Male

  1. Pink (Love)
    1. Lamsar (F)
    2. Olpen (F)
    3. Sentriam (F)
    4. Benthe (M)
    5. Galmik (M)
  2. Red (Fire)
    1. Mordek (M)
    2. Enfor (M)
    3. Glaktem (M)
    4. Shenfia (M)
    5. Pecktar (M)
  3. Orange (Magic)
    1. Halmii (F)
    2. Meloma (F)
    3. Alpira (F)
    4. Clamfii (F)
    5. Nartor (F)
  4. Yellow (Lightning)
    1. Morkal (M)
    2. Entralg (M)
    3. Zalkii (F)
    4. Oldramor (M)
    5. Foltrim (F)
  5. Green (Earth)
    1. Gramfar (F)
    2. Freemal (F)
    3. Galampa (M)
    4. Salformii (F)
    5. Oltrimpeer (F)
  6. Blue (Water)
    1. Slameek (M)
    2. Ernsem (F)
    3. Geltrak (M)
    4. Goltiampor (F)
    5. Oltorki (M)
  7. Purple (Air)
    1. Gremto (M)
    2. Altrek (F)
    3. Senforna (M)
    4. Merdra (M)
    5. Glemprag (M)
  8. Black (Ending)
    1. Balmo (F)
    2. Falheem (F)
    3. Slafnal (F)
    4. Reemeer (F)
    5. Aldrama (F)
  9. Grey (Balance)
    1. Mortrek (M)
    2. Eldrem (M)
    3. Endrek (M)
    4. Colto (M)
    5. Senfor (M)
  10. White (Beginning)
    1. Seemeertii (F)
    2. Clompofenta (M)
    3. Reemiltee (F)
    4. Galtrak (M)
    5. Bolmola (F)

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