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Trinity Soul: Ch 74

The Closing Ceremony was in full swing. Megumi, Arsha, and Optimus’ holo-form stood on the podium that indicated which spot they won. Confetti came down as they were cheered and applauded on all sides. The Five Chizaran Princesses then arrived with Azuliterii holding a large, leather-bound book, Rojenthi holding a round device with a handle, and Rosadera holding a long box. “Ladies and gentlemen,” began Rosadera, “this 3V2R is certainly one for the books. We witnessed a Convergence bring unlikely universes together, saw both allies and enemies come together, and got to see the final end of Lord Vortech. I must say, I will never forget this one. These three combatants,” she gestured towards Megumi, Arsha, and Optimus, “have proven to be the toughest of this tournament’s contenders. Now, they shall claim their rewards.” Azuliterii approached Optimus and handed him the book.

“Optimus Prime,” she announced, “Third Place prize is the Grand Tome, a spell book with all the spells known to magic users. I believe you and your friends will enjoy studying it.”

“We sure will!” gasped Optimus. “I never thought I’d see it in my life! It’s considered as mythical as Vorton was!” Rojenthi then approached Megumi and handed her the device.

“Megumi Hishikawa,” she proclaimed, “Second Place prize is the Keystone Forge. The Vortonians stole it from Vortech and gave it to us before their extinction. We believe you are most worthy to use it. There ARE three more Keystones to make. Bring them into existence and a new era will begin in the multiverse.”

“Is this new era’s beginning time sensitive?” asked Megumi.

“No, thankfully,” answered Rojenthi.

“Then I think I’ll wait until my kids are on their adventures before I use it,” declared Megumi. “Gives me enough time to look over the instruction manual.”

“Not a bad idea,” agreed Rojenthi. “The manual’s inside the handle.” Rosadera then approached Arsha.

“Arsha Royana,” she called, “as promised, you are the master of the Master Wand.” She opened the box to reveal a silver wand with tiny jewels set into it. “Use it however you see fit, but guard that thing jealously.”

“I have a place for it already,” replied Arsha as she accepted the wand. “Realmfleet’s been notified and they’re ready to put the Master Wand in the Vault.”

“Good to hear,” bid Rosadera. The winners then thrust their prizes into the air in a sign of victory. “With all that,” declared Rosadera, “it’s time for the Closing Parade! If the winners will follow us, we’ll all go to the Winner’s Float!”

The Chizaran Spectrum Marching Band began playing and led the way as the crowds cheered for a spectacular event. The float could hold Optimus in robot mode as well as Megumi, Arsha, and all of the Chizaran princesses. Their friends and families were on floats right behind them. Everyone waved and smiled at the crowd, all proud of the event they participated in. The parade lasted for a good solid two hours. While everyone was still smiling and waving, fatigue was about to set in until the floats pulled up to their designated areas. Arsha, Megumi, and Optimus followed the Chizaran princesses to the Closing Torch and accepted their own smaller ones. They raised the torches, then threw them into the Closing Torch, causing it to leap up and change colors repeatedly, all with the associated colors of the Chizaran princesses “Ladies and gentlemen from all realities,” began Rosadera, “we cannot thank you enough for supporting past, present, and future tournaments. This will always be considered as one of the famous ones. Arsha Royana, Megumi Hishikawa, Optimus Prime, thank you so much for giving a good show and making friends along the way! Your sportsmanship and aid deserves the highest reward!” She then pulled out three coins, each divided up into 17 segments, each segment with a single color from the Chizaran princesses. “Chizara and her people would be honored to welcome you as honorary Chizarans and pray that you and your friends and family will visit us whenever you wish!” explained Rosadera.

“My Lady Rosadera,” replied Arsha, “I speak for my friends and family when I say we would be honored!”

“I speak for my people as well,” supplied Optimus, “when I say we graciously accept.”

“And I know my friends and family,” finished Megumi, “are spoken for when I say we are honored.”

“Bring it in, then!” called Rosadera as she opened her arms for a hug. Optimus transformed and activated his holo-form before joining Megumi and Arsha in hugging Rosadera.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” called Blancalmarem to the cameras, “your means of viewing does NOT, repeat, NOT need adjustment! Arsha, Megumi, and Optimus and their friends and families are honorary Chizarans and may visit us whenever they wish!”

“This is a rare honor for anyone in the multiverse,” continued Nemengra. “Normally, only contestants may visit us and only if they are participating in the 3V2R. After aiding us against Vortech’s attempted takeover of our home, we all felt they would love to see a world they’ve saved whenever they wish.”

“We cannot thank you all enough for your support through these times,” Blancalmarem went on, “and hope to see you tune in to future tournaments! I am Blancalmarem, the white princess of Chizara and the life leader!”

“I am Nemengra, the black princess of Chizara and the death leader,” finished Nemengra.

“And we thank you for joining us for the 590,492nd Verse Vs. Verse Rumble Royale!” the two princesses finished together.

After the Ceremony, everyone gathered at Castle Nerd Skull for an outdoor feast. Even the Chizaran princesses joined the feast. Food for all diets, including Energon, was available. As everyone sat down, Megumi tapped her fork against her glass for quiet. “Friends and family, both new and old,” she began, “normally, we’d have to tread carefully around a Convergence. During this time, we’ve all had our…difficulties. However, I think I can safely say that, if our universes go through a Convergence again, I would be welcoming you all with open arms! Arsha Royana, you run one of, if not THE, best ships in Realmfleet. Without your imagination and guidance, we wouldn’t be talking as friends. Don’t hesitate to call us if you want help in bringing Dr. Borg down. Optimus Prime, you and your Autobots are some of the best warriors I have ever met. If you need aid in defeating the Decepticons, you know who to call.” Everyone clapped when Megumi finished. She held her hands up for quiet again. “Now, there IS one cloud on the horizon, and that is the departure of Batman, Wyldstyle, Gandalf, and Hongo. You four, there is still time to reconsider.”

“We’ve already made the decision,” replied Batman. He then did something not many would think he would do. He pulled his cowl back to reveal Bruce Wayne. “Besides, we haven’t really done much to protect our own homes. It’s time for us to go.” He then stood up and walked over to Richard who had already changed into his usual outfit. “Richard Saunders, Kamen Rider Guard, King of the Feudal Nerd Society, it would be my pleasure to give you the Shift Keystone.”

“Thank you,” accepted Richard as Bruce handed him his Keystone Gauntlet. Gandalf then approached Michael.

“Lord Michael Archer,” he announced, “I would like to bestow the Elemental Keystone to you.”

“I graciously accept this gift, Gandalf of the Istari,” thanked Michael as Gandalf bequeathed his Keystone Gauntlet. Wyldstyle then moved to Emily.

“Dame Emily Williams,” she began, “CMO of the F.N.S., you’re the one best suited to use the Chroma Keystone. You better put it to good use, you hear?”

“Loud and clear, Lucy,” replied Emily as she accepted Wyldstyle’s Keystone Gauntlet. Last, Hongo approached Hiroki.

“Prince Hiroki Hishikawa,” he chuckled, “I can’t think of anyone more suited to use the Scale Keystone. Stay up to date on the Kamen Riders, understand?”

“I do, Hongo-san,” assured Hiroki as he was given Hongo’s Keystone Gauntlet.

“Minna,” called Megumi as Batman, Hongo, Wyldstyle, and Gandalf sat back down, “we’re all going to miss them, but we won’t forget them, will we?”

“Not a chance,” agreed Richard. Just then, there was fanfare played with imaginary trumpets! Everyone turned to see Lisa and the Stooges coming out with a covered serving tray.

“Er, should we be concerned?” Nazay asked Richard.

“Let’s just say,” replied Richard, “they might foul up whatever fowl was cooked.”

“Ladies and gentlemen,” called Moe, “presenting the multiverse’s best goose!” They uncovered the tray to reveal a well-cooked goose.

“Now, with your permission,” announced Curly, “I shall carve!” He sharpened the knife, took up the fork, then stabbed the goose with it.

“AWK!” cried the goose. Curly yelped in surprise. Some of the feasters goggled in horror.

“What are you screaming about?” asked Moe. “Go on! Carve the goose!”

“I can’t!” replied Curly. “Our goose ain’t cooked!”

“How do you figure?” demanded Moe.

“It called for help when I jabbed it with the fork!” explained Curly.

“Go on, lame-brain!” snarled Moe. “Give me a gander at that goose!” He took the fork and knife from Curly and stabbed the goose with the fork.

“AWK!” the goose shouted again. This time, Moe yelped and more of the feasters looked on.

“Hey!” called Larry. “Come on, guys! We’re all hungry! Stop stalling and carve that goose!”

“I’m afraid to touch it!” stammered Moe.

“Afraid?” laughed Larry. “Now, that’s silly!” He then stroked the goose. “Look at that nice, beautiful…” he was interrupted by the goose laughing. He yelped and grabbed Moe in fear!

“Turn me loose!” snapped Moe as he shoved Larry aside. By now, everyone was scared of eating the goose.

“No wonder you can’t carve it!” gulped Larry. “That thing’s ticklish!”

“You mean it’s haunted!” yelped Richard.

“Why didn’t you kill that one?!” Nemengra called to Death.

“That thing IS dead!” protested Death.

“How do you know?” asked Nemengra.

“‘How’!” grunted Death. “She asks the Grim Reaper ‘how’!”

“Maybe some seasoning will tenderize it,” Larry suggested to Moe.

“Good thinking,” praised Moe. He turned to Nazay. “Could I have the pepper, please?” Nazay handed him the pepper shaker. Moe shook the contents onto the goose. The pepper elicited a sneeze as the goose jumped.

“Gesundheit,” bid the Stooges before yelping in fear. Curly then noticed some crackers, then got an idea.

“Hey, fellas,” he called, “I got a brainstorm!”

“Anything in your head’s a storm,” snarked Moe.

“Well, this is a good one!” assured Curly. “We just need to stuff it!” He took a cracker from the dish. “I’ll stuff this thing with crackers, we let it soak up the gravy, then we all eat the crackers.”

“Boy, am I dumb for not stuffing that thing,” Moe chided himself. “Well, we know how to fix it. Get busy.”

“Right!” confirmed Curly as he took the cracker dish. He then held a cracker near the opening, then he felt the cracker get taken from him. He noticed his hand was empty, then picked up another cracker. “You know, a funny thing just happened,” he remarked. “I had a cracker in my hand…” the new cracker was taken from him! He yelped in surprise and ran his hand down his face.

“Quit stalling and stuff that bird!” snapped Moe.

“It’s haunted!” wailed Curly. “Every time I put a cracker there, it snatches it right out of my hand!”

“Step aside!” snapped Larry. “How could a cooked bird be haunted?” He took a bit of the outer skin off and ate it. “Tastes good,” he reported. He then sniffed it. “Smells good!” The goose then burst into flames! The feasters yelped and the goose quickly turned to ash. Richard and Nazay edged their heads towards the ashes and noticed a molted bird head slowly rise from the ashes.

“Hey, that’s Alfonso, my phoenix!” called Death. She then turned to the Stooges. “I told you idiots not to bring him!”

“You imbeciles!” shouted Richard. “You ruined our dinner!” He then grabbed his knife. The Stooges screamed in fear and ran away from the feast.

“…Well, it looks like we’re getting pizza,” sighed Megumi.

“No, we’re not,” called Lisa as she brought another covered tray out. “I anticipated they would do something like this, so I prepared more geese on the sly.”

“Life-saving Lisa saves us all!” called Richard as everyone applauded. Death scooped up the ashes and her recently returned-to-life phoenix and set them somewhere out of the way so Lisa could set the goose down.

“And now, with no further interruptions,” declared Lisa as she took up the knife and fork. While she DID hesitate in stabbing the goose with the fork, no sound escaped it when she did. She then carved the goose and continued carving the other geese so everyone had a share.

After the feast, Megumi sat on a hill and looked at the starry sky. She sighed, both happy that she made new friends, yet sad that she had to say goodbye to them as well as Hongo, Gandalf, Wyldstyle, and Batman. “I’m gonna miss you,” she sighed to herself.

“Miss who?” asked Optimus’ voice. Megumi turned to see Optimus in robot mode and Arsha climb up the hill.

“Well, you two, for starters,” replied Megumi. “As well as the four former Keystone Bearers.”

“It was kind of fun travelling the multiverse with them,” sighed Arsha as she and Optimus sat down. “Depths, it was fun meeting you.”

“I enjoyed our time together,” agreed Optimus. “I’m glad I got to see your abilities and cunning. I’m just sorry we need to part company.”

“If you ever want to visit us,” offered Megumi, “just give us a call. We’ll welcome you with open arms.”

“Thank you,” bid Arsha. The three then turned their eyes to the stars, just sitting and enjoying the company.

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