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Trinity Soul: Finale

The day had come when Optimus, Arsha, and their friends and families had to return home. Jandro, Twaldar, Swalmu, Agus, Wilson, Skyfall, Quake Hammer, and Henry were with Megumi, Batman, Wyldstyle, Gandalf, and Hongo as the Brigadier, Elphaba, POmega, Chell, and Rusty manned the Gateway. Two massive rifts opened near Vorton. “Their paths home are ready,” reported Rusty. “Feeding their respective portals to their ships.”

“Well done, Rusty,” thanked Megumi. She then turned to Optimus and Arsha. “I guess this is it, then,” she sighed.

“So much has changed,” proclaimed Optimus, “since Megatron dumped your friends and families onto the Autobots. I learned so much about the multiverse and hope to learn more. But, as they say, duty calls. I still need to stop the Decepticons. Speaking of, Quake Hammer, you still have a chance with the Autobots.”

“I’d rather not risk having the D.J.D pounding on my door,” replied Quake Hammer. “Thank you for the offer, though.”

“Dr. Atmadja,” Optimus then bid to Agus, “I hope you get the recognition you deserve at After Academy.”

“I have friends to help me,” replied Agus. “Thank you for letting me study you and the Autobots.”

“Captain Skyfall,” gulped Optimus, “I still can’t apologize enough for what I said. You are the bravest Autobot I’ve met.”

“If I may be a little rude, Sir,” requested Skyfall, “enough with the apologies already! I forgive you!”

“I deserve the rudeness,” replied Optimus. He then turned to Arsha. “If we ever meet again, you had best be prepared for my new wand wind-ups.”

“Oh, I’ll be more than prepared, all right!” declared Arsha. “I’m gonna miss seeing different schools of magic than the ones of my home.”

“As will I,” answered Optimus. He then turned to Megumi. “Your Majesty, I am proud to be proven wrong about Vorton and Vortech. It was a privilege to fight by your side.”

“The privilege was all mine,” returned Megumi. “May you end this conflict with the Decepticons quickly.” Optimus bowed, then activated his comms.

Ark, this is Optimus,” he called. “One to beam up.” He vanished in a transporter beam.

Optimus was beamed directly to the Ark’s bridge. He sat down in the Captain’s chair and looked around the bridge. “We have our proper portal,” reported Prowl. “Feeding its location to the helm now.”

“Portal location acknowledged,” called Bumblebee.

“Bring us home, Bumblebee,” directed Optimus.

“Aye, aye, Sir,” confirmed Bumblebee as he keyed in the necessary commands.

The Ark moved to its proper portal and it shut behind the ship. Arsha then turned to Jandro. “I understand you’re going to make a new Grelnak Clan,” she recalled.

“Brendan and I will bring a new era to Vampire-kind,” replied Jandro.

“I wish you nothing but prosperity for the new Grelnak Clan,” bid Arsha. She then turned to Twaldar. “Petramel’s gonna miss you, you know.”

“We’ve kind of drifted for a while,” remarked Twaldar. “It’s time to make new memories. Besides, I’ve got Charline waiting for me.”

“Then may you be blessed under the Ozanor Star,” wished Arsha. She turned to Swalmu. “I don’t believe I’ve ever seen you so happy before you met Flora. Treasure her.”

“I intend to,” promised Swalmu. “May your future be blessed with happiness.”

“May you receive the same happiness,” Arsha responded correctly. She finally turned to Megumi. “I’m sorry we won’t be competing together in future 3V2R’s,” she sighed. “I wanted to see how strong Tora-Onna is for myself.”

“When we meet again,” assured Megumi, “we’ll spar with me as Tora-Onna.” The two ladies then hugged. Arsha broke off the embrace after a few seconds, then switched her communicator on.

Endeavor, this is the Captain,” she called. “One to return to the ship.” Green energy surrounded her and she vanished.

Like Optimus, she was transported to the bridge. “Course for the portal home laid in,” reported Nazay. “According to the Gateway’s calculations, it’s right above the Glasna Kingdom.”

“Right back where we started,” chuckled Oak.

“Realmfleet informed me,” called Shalvey, “that Denstra’s shuttle is on its way. We’ll meet her when we get home.”

“Well then, let’s get home,” declared Arsha. “Nazay, nice and easy.”

“Aye, Captain,” confirmed Nazay as he made the necessary course corrections.

The Endeavor entered the portal and it closed once the ship entered it. All that was left was Batman, Hongo, Wyldstyle, and Gandalf. “Ladies first,” rasped Batman as he gestured to Wyldstyle. Wyldstyle approached Megumi.

“Megumi,” she began, “I don’t think I’d ever have an adventure that would top ours. Doesn’t mean I’m not gonna try. You better make sure you have some cool adventures yourself; you hear?”

“I hear,” replied Megumi. “Goodbye, Lucy. Until our next meeting.”

“A rift to T-H-3-L-3-G-0-M-0-V-1-3 is ready,” reported Elphaba.

“See you later, alligator!” called Wyldstyle as she jumped into the rift. Gandalf then approached Megumi.

“I have seen you grow and change in so many ways,” he mused. “You have proven to be a capable defender, no matter the odds.”

“And you are more than you realize, even now, Gandalf,” replied Megumi. “I know one usually says this to the Great Eagles of your world, but, farewell, wherever you fare till your eyries receive you at the journey’s end.”

“May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks,” returned Gandalf in the correct reply.

“Gandalf, M-1-D-D-L-3-3-4-R-T-H awaits,” called Rusty. Gandalf nodded, then entered the rift. Hongo then moved towards Megumi.

“You claimed that you only had basic knowledge about us Kamen Riders when you and your friends first flew over me and Ichimonji at Arakawa Natural Park,” he recalled. “Don’t underestimate how powerful even basic knowledge is. It got you through three adventures and I foresee more victories for you.”

“And you are a stout-hearted man,” chuckled Megumi. “Never lose sight of it.”

“I never will,” promised Hongo.

“K-4-M-3-N-R-1-D-3-R is waiting for you,” announced the Brigadier. “It looks like Shocker’s making a move.”

“Then I shall make mine!” declared Hongo as he struck his pose. He thrust his right arm to the left side as he held his left fist at his hip. He then rotated his right arm to the right. “Rider…” he called. The shield on his belt then slid open to reveal the fan as it absorbed the power of the wind. He then held his right hand in a fist and put it to his right hip as he thrust his left arm to the right. “…HENSHIN!” he announced. He then jumped into the portal as he became Kamen Rider Ichigō. Batman was the last to talk to Megumi.

“I’m grateful for what you did and continue to do for the multiverse,” he thanked. “I hope you can visit.”

“I might visit during your work hours,” chuckled Megumi. “Both daytime and nighttime.”

“I look forward to it,” replied Batman.

“D-C-C-0-M-1-C-5 is ready,” called POmega.

“Goodbye,” he called as he jumped into the rift. Megumi then turned to Elphaba and her team.

“You sure you guys don’t want to go home?” she asked.

“With a permanent Tarlaxian presence on Vorton,” replied Rusty, “we won’t let loneliness make us do something stupid. We’re fine right here. You, on the other hand, have a home to get to. 8-3-Y-0-N-D-C-1-T-Y still needs you.” Megumi then turned to those that remained.

“Everyone, let’s go home!” she called. “CHARGE!” Everyone leapt into the rift and flew through it all the way to Beyond City. They soon hailed for rides to their respective homes. Megumi had the house to herself as Richard was working and Lisa was in her new classes, but, this time, she didn’t mind. She had only good memories on her mind. Her mind then thought about her future children, then she got a naughty grin. “Well,” she mused, “Richard and I DO want to bring Kaede and Kaitlyn into the world. …Yes, this time, we’ll go unprotected!” She then went into the bedroom, set her phone on the nightstand, and sent a message while she unfastened her top.

“And make sure our dimensional communicator is taken apart!” Megatron barked at Starscream. “I’m not having Dr. Borg listen in on us! We’re going to use the parts for something else!”

“Shockwave and Eggman,” replied Starscream, “have something in mind for those parts.”

“Good to hear,” rumbled Megatron. “Has the Ark returned yet?”

“The Ark’s assumed a standard orbit,” reported Starscream. “We’re ready to catch the Autobots unawares.”

“Excellent,” declared Megatron. “Now, we just need to find that…”

“Megatron!” called Eggman, “Galvatron’s finally returned!”

“Let him in!” ordered Megatron. “I intend to speak to my future self personally!” Megatron stormed through the moon base and met with a purple Decepticon with a three-pronged crown and an orange cannon on his right arm. “Galvatron! Where have you been?!” demanded Megatron.

“I was staying out of your way as you lost focus on the survival of our universe!” snapped Galvatron. “Besides, I’ve found something we need in our fight against Unicron!”

Optimus looked around the Command Center as the Autobots returned to work. “Home, sweet home,” he sighed. Blackarachnia then approached him.

“It’s nice to be back,” she sighed as she leaned her head against Optimus’ shoulder. “Kind of nice not to have the fate of the multiverse on your shoulders.”

“Preach, sister,” agreed Optimus. “You got anything to do?”

“Not in terms of Autobot duties,” replied Blackarachnia. “I think I need to tidy my lair, though.”

“Why you still have a lair, I’ll never know,” muttered Optimus.

“Girl’s gotta have a private place somehow,” she purred.

“But with a messy web littering the place?” asked Optimus.

“Hey, that’s just how black widows make their webs!” snapped Blackarachnia.

“Okay, you’re the spider expert,” replied Optimus.

“Come visit when you’ve got time!” bid Blackarachnia as she transformed and sped off to her lair.

“It looks like Realmfleet didn’t find us,” remarked Jansha as she finished her survey of the lab. “Everything’s just the way we left it before Hiro found us.”

“You know,” mused Dr. Borg, “working with Shockwave, I DID notice what could have made our original attempts end badly. Perhaps we should keep them in mind when we try again.”

“What about the dimensional communicator?” asked Tormo. “Soundwave could listen in on us.”

“I’ve already stripped it down to its individual parts,” assured Jansha. “We WON’T be getting any surprises from the Decepticons.”

“Then we will proceed with our original plans,” declared Dr. Borg. “The Realms will unite under me WITHOUT the Decepticons.”

The Endeavor landed safely at the Mid-Realm’s Glasna Kingdom. Queen Dimorea Handra, the ruler of the kingdom, greeted them warmly, despite the cold that gripped the area all year long. “You’ve proven yourself well in that tournament,” Dimorea praised Arsha.

“You saw it, then?” quizzed Arsha.

“From Realmfleet HQ,” explained Dimorea. “I’m pleased you have secured the Master Wand from the hands of evil.”

“Just doing my job,” assured Arsha. “Still, I’m gonna miss Optimus and Arsha. They became really good friends.”

“I’m sure we’ll see them again,” mused Dimorea.

“Captain,” called Bashoon, “Denstra’s shuttle is coming in.”

“Time to meet my new First Officer,” declared Arsha. She turned to Oak. “I don’t remember if I said this, but thank you for your service.”

“It was an honor to serve,” replied Oak.

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