Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 26

Go ahead, play the Doctor Who theme. Imagine your own intro sequence. Now, imagine the names “Jodie Whittaker, Michael Archer, Emmanuel Babineaux, Sheela Kumar, Irina Kuznetsov, Hiroki Hishikawa, Tonje Haugen, Xiomara Elizondo.” Now, imagine the title of the show. You can see it in bold, capital letters. Doctor Who! Now imagine Jodie Whittaker’s grinning face in the stars then fading into the episode’s title, The Dalek Extermination of Earth! before we cut to the interior of the Dalek Command Saucer. “Time capsule detected!” reported the Dalek running Scan-Ops.

“Battle computers estimate a ninety-seven percent chance that it is the Doctor!” read off the Dalek running the battle computer mainframe.

“Oh, I think we can up that to one-hundred percent,” replied a voice from the shadows. “However, I give you my word, this time, there’s a zero percent chance of the Doctor’s survival!” As the voice ranted, the TARDIS landed in an old station of the London Underground that had been exposed by bombing. Outside, the Daleks were squawking orders to the humans.

“Do not resist the will of the Daleks! All humans must present themselves for processing!” they bellowed. We all poked our heads outside.

“So, where and when is this?” asked Xiomara.

“London in the year 2055,” replied the Doctor, “or, at least, what’s left of it.” She sighed in annoyance. “Who else but the Daleks would cause so much destruction?”

“Well, no point staying down here,” I mused.

“Right,” agreed the Doctor. “We need to find a way up onto the street. I don’t want to be late for the surprise welcome party.”

“Oh, look,” observed Irina, “a locked door.” It was a shutter style door.

“Well, Doctor,” I jested, “these broken shutters are nothing your magic wand can’t handle.”

“You mean the Sonic Screwdriver?” asked the Doctor.

“Po-tay-to, po-tah-to,” I dismissed.

“The Sonic Screwdriver is a tool of the Time Lords!” argued the Doctor in annoyance. “It is technological in operation, not mystical!”

“It’s a device that can perform a multitude of tasks with either the flick of a switch,” I countered, “or an incantation. It can function as a crude laser or unlock doors. That’s what a magic wand does.”

“Well, at the moment,” replied the Doctor as she pulled out the charred remains of a Sonic Screwdriver with the TARDIS at the end of it, “a Sontaran shot it. I haven’t gotten around to fixing it. Michael, be a dear and get the toolkit.” She then got a faraway look. “I really need to use it more often. I don’t know why I stopped.” She then pushed me into the TARDIS. “In any case, off you go!”

“Wait! But…!” I couldn’t complete my sentence as the door was shut on me. “I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE IT IS!” A beep from the console alerted me to a path being shown in yellow light. I figured out who made it as I grinned at the console. “Is there anything Time Lords can’t put into their time machines?” I asked rhetorically. The console then showed me a person in simple clothes on its view screen. “Yes,” I muttered, “humility isn’t a Gallifreyan’s strong suit.” I followed the path into a room built like a futuristic tool shed, complete with the TARDIS’ old roundels. “Not even the Doctor knows what the roundels are,” I muttered to myself. I grabbed the toolkit and returned outside. The toolkit apparently also has telepathic circuits as I knew what tools were inside and what their main functions were.

“Excellent!” cheered the Doctor. She knelt down at the door controls that she had opened up. “Now then, pen torch.”

“Pen torch,” I replied as I handed her the tool. It was a pen with a powerful torch at the end, or flashlight, if you’re from America. The Doctor pulled a small clamp arm out and attached it to the edge of the opening after she turned the torch end on. After adjusting the light, she could see what to do.

“Magnetic clamp,” she requested.

“Magnetic clamp,” I replied, handing her the tool. She put it across the internal workings to make a circuit.

“Astro-rectifier,” requested the Doctor.

“Astro-rectifier,” I confirmed. It was used to give temporary power to the circuit the magnetic clamp was making. The doors opened and the Doctor removed her tools. As I put them back, I started wondering to the Daleks’ purpose here.

“What do you suppose brought the Daleks here?” asked Irina, voicing my thoughts.

“I’m fairly sure that they didn’t get lost on their way to a plumbing convention,” mused Emmanuel.

“I never asked Davros why the manipulator arm looks like a plunger,” muttered the Doctor as we went up onto the street.

“Why ask Davros anything?” I asked. “He just wants to cause destruction.”

“But, a plunger?” quizzed the Doctor.

“Daleks are the masters of Earth! Daleks are the masters of Earth!” shrieked a Dalek. A saucer then blasted a large hole where a double-decker bus was resting.

“Daleks reign supreme!” called another Dalek.

“Alert!” screeched a third. “Vortex riders detected!”

“Right on cue,” quipped the Doctor. “Not so nice to see you again.”

“Time Lord genetics detected!” reported a Dalek.

“Confirm identity of Time Lord,” ordered a Black Dalek.

“I obey!” obliged the subordinate. A probe stuck itself into the Doctor and flew towards the Dalek.

“I already got vaccinated!” she protested.

“TARDIS located!” screamed a Dalek that traveled to the Underground.

“You don’t even have legs!” called Hiroki.

“They don’t need them,” I gulped. “Stairs may have been a problem for early model Daleks, but not these new ones.”

“Identity confirmed!” reported the Dalek that stuck the Doctor with a needle. “It IS the Doctor!”

“Exterminate!” ordered the Black Dalek.

“Drivers ready, everyone!” I directed. “Protect the Doctor!” We got our i.d tags out and readied ourselves.

“Henshin!” we all announced. We donned our familiar Rider suits and charged the ranks of the Daleks as the Doctor looked at a wall of blue light.

“A Dalek energy shield,” she muttered, “and heavily guarded too. There’s nothing getting past that in one piece. There must be a power source nearby. And chances are we’ll find a few more Daleks too.” As she looked around, we fought off the Daleks.

“Might want to add us to your ‘Ka Faraq Gatri’ files!” I quipped. “The Doctor’s getting lonely being your only arch-nemesis!”

“Ka what now?” asked Sengoku.

“It’s Dalek for ‘Oncoming Storm’!” I explained. I then stabbed a Dalek right between the manipulator arm and the gun stick. A bit of green dripped from my blade. I then turned it into rifle mode and fired on three more. As we fought, the Doctor found something. It was a console that had the same globes that are on the Daleks’ skirts.

“AHA!” she cheered. “What do we have here?”

“Dalek technology?” asked Swing.

“Unmistakably Dalek technology,” confirmed the Doctor. “And if my calculations are correct, and they are, then this is one of the power sources to that energy field.” She started fiddling with the electronics inside. The unit started shaking. “Take cover!” called the Doctor. Those of us that could fell on our fronts and covered our heads. The Daleks, regrettably, do not have a way to do so. I couldn’t see their deaths, but I could hear them. Judging by the boom and the following death rattles they made, I guessed that the shrapnel pierced their casings and killed the creatures inside. We got up and saw the grisly aftermath of those Daleks. They weren’t moving.

“Non-Dalek lifeforms detected!” screamed a Dalek’s voice. “Exterminate! Exterminate!”

“Stay calm!” called the Doctor. “More Daleks incoming! We need to get to safety!”

“Where in this time zone is safe?!” asked Arch.

“Especially now that a Special Weapons Dalek is coming!” I yelped.

“You’re right,” agreed the Doctor. “There’s nothing we can do here. The Daleks will have us surrounded. So, where to next? Let’s take a punt, shall we? Back to the TARDIS!”

“Problem,” replied Seeker, “the Daleks are surrounding the Underground entrance. That Special Weapons one is with them. If only Wyldstyle were here.”

“How easy you forget,” chuckled Climb as she drew out the Wyldstyle i.d tag. She swapped hers out for the new one.

“Wyldstyle Steel!” announced her belt. She got the Wyldstyle Steel on and used the Special Weapons Dalek and some street lamps to make a laser beam to slice through the Daleks and get back to the TARDIS. We got inside and started working the controls, this time with Arch and Sengoku standing to the side. The Doctor told them to head down to a room near the pool and retrieve a valuable asset. We landed in Central London again, but in a different time.

“2015,” sighed the Doctor. “A good year, or at least, it will be if we can find the next power source to break down the Dalek’s force field.”

“And you think that we can find it here?” asked Sengoku as he and Arch brought a robot in. It was shaped like a dog, was gray, and had its name on one side. It had a red visor with a probe that could be extended from the eye. It had a pair of radar dishes to look like dog ears and had a wire tail. It had a dog tag, a set of controls on its back, and a hook for someone to attach a lead (leash) on it. It looked quite battered.

“K-9!” I cheered. K-9 didn’t move.

“He’s had quite the tumble with some Sontarans,” explained the Doctor as she opened K-9 up. She fiddled with the electronics and muttered to herself. “Let’s see…can’t quite…ah, yes…need to align that…oops, almost forgot where arrow A points…and Bob’s your uncle! One fully operational tin dog!” She closed the dog and switched it on. As the eye glowed red, she went to the front, holding her hand out to sniff. The probe extended as K-9 gathered data on the hand, then the head tilted to see the face.

“Master?” quizzed K-9 as the probe retracted. The Doctor stroked her dog’s head, making the tail wag. “Last time I saw you,” said K-9, “was with Mistress Sarah.”

“This is the Mark IV K-9?” I asked.

“Yes,” confirmed the Doctor. “I picked him up after Sarah…passed.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” I sympathized, remembering Sarah Jane Smith’s actress having a battle with cancer. She died in 2011. Then I remembered what the Doctor said earlier. “K-9, when were you around the Sontarans?” K-9’s response, apropos, given that he doesn’t know me and my friends, was to deploy his stun blaster from his snout.

“Negative! Negative! Negative!” barked K-9 as his ears rotated backwards. “Retreat! Retreat! Retreat! Intruders are not welcome in the TARDIS!”

“K-9! HEEL!” ordered the Doctor.

“Master?” asked K-9.

“I picked these people up to help me with a Dalek problem in 2055,” explained the Doctor. “Now, recognize Michael, Emmanuel, Hiroki, Irina, Tonje, Sheela, and Xiomara: friends.” K-9 slowly retracted his blaster and extended his probe. We cancelled our transformations and held our hands out for him to scan. When he was finished, his tail wagged.

“All are now recognized as friends, Master,” reported K-9. “Correction; Mistress.”

“Calling me Master is fine,” assured the Doctor. “Now, shall we get moving?” We left the TARDIS with K-9 at the Doctor’s heels. We were in Central London. A tree was about to be planted, but the truck’s crew was on break. I then remembered something.

“Doctor,” I observed, “there was an area that would have had a tree in 2055. It would have easily been long enough for us to climb the bus and get to another part to find the energy field power source.”

“I think Richard and Emily would call it going halfway around your butt to get to your elbow,” muttered Irina.

“They used another word, but yes,” agreed Hiroki.

“That could be our best option,” mused the Doctor. “K-9, see if you can plant that tree.”

“At once, Master,” obliged K-9. He found a panel at the truck’s rear and extended his probe to interface with it. A claw arm on the truck then grabbed the tree and put it in the ground.

“OI!” called one of the crew members. The whole crew saw us. The Doctor drew out a wallet with a blank card, at least, blank to me. She presented it to the crew.

“I’m the Doctor, this here’s the relief crew your Foreman asked for,” she answered.

“You trying to be funny?!” snapped the man. “I’m the Foreman and this paper’s blank! I didn’t ask for a relief crew OR a doctor!” The card, called Psychic Paper, didn’t work.

“More clever than you gave him credit for, eh?” I muttered to the Doctor.

“Look, sir,” argued the Doctor, “planting this tree is VITAL to the survival of the human race. For, in the future, that tree could very well alter the course of human history, being a beacon of hope, showing every man, woman, and child that perseverance will ensure their survival and you’re not buying a single word I’m saying, are you?”

“What gave that away?” quizzed the Foreman. He was dialing a number on his mobile, the police, in all likelihood. Sadly, he couldn’t complete the call.

“Master! Hostiles, incoming! Danger!” warned K-9. We turned to the sky to see the Dalek fleet! We landed on the date the Daleks invaded Earth!

“All hail the Daleks!” called one of those pepperpots as it shot one of the crew. The Daleks were firing everywhere on the screaming masses.

“Time to go, I think!” yelped the Doctor. We turned to face a Dalek right behind us. Its eyestalk was a few centimeters from my face.

“All humans are to surren…!” it barked. The Dalek didn’t complete its sentence as I whacked it off with a knife hand chop. “MY VISION IS IMPAIRED! I CANNOT SEE!” We got out of the way of the gunstick as the Dalek fired wildly. We retreated into the TARDIS.

“Daleks conquer and destroy!” called another Dalek.

“I’d love to stay and reminisce,” muttered the Doctor as we gathered around the controls, this time with Xiomara and myself being left out, “but, you know how it is. Things to do, planets to save.” We took off and returned to Dalek controlled Central London in 2055. The tree we planted had indeed grown with branches long enough to get to the roof of the bus.

“Drivers ready!” I called. We got our i.d tags and struck our poses.

“Henshin!” we announced. After we donned our suits, we climbed up the tree and landed on the bus. Poor K-9 was almost left behind!

“I got him,” called Arch. He swapped out his i.d tag for the Batman one.

“Batman Steel!” announced the belt. He then fired the grapple gun onto the latch for K-9’s lead.

“Master Arch, what aaaAAAUUGGH!” yelled the tin dog. K-9 was brought up rapidly onto the bus’s roof. He’s one that claims he has no emotional programming but judging by how his tail was stiffer than usual, I’d say Arch spooked the poor dog.

“Next time, just let poor K-9 use his hover generators,” moaned the Doctor as she reassured her dog.

“Intruders detected!” reported a Dalek. “Protect the energy shield!”

“Exterminate the Doctor!” ordered a Black Dalek.

“I obey!” obliged a third. After dispatching those Daleks, we had managed to get a lift truck to get us up to where we could see the generator, but the only ledge was on the second floor instead of the top floor.

“Let’s see, judging by the decay,” said the Doctor as she licked fingers after touching it, “I’d say it was completed in 1867. We just need to go a couple of years before and move the ledge up.” She then took out a whistle, blew into it, and the TARDIS appeared. “And the TARDIS whistle works just fine!” cheered the Doctor. We got back into the TARDIS and headed for 1865 Central London. This time, the Doctor decided to hang back with Claw. The landing was…bumpy, to say the least. As we staggered out, we cancelled our transformations again. Our shoes crunched against newly fallen snow. “Here we are,” whispered the Doctor, “Victorian London. The Gelth, Weng-Chiang, a giant dinosaur in the Thames, I’ve got a tale or two to tell from my time here.” She examined the snow. “It must be winter,” she observed. “Strange how quiet it is, and there’s a sinister look to the snow.” I then saw old friends of the Doctor.

“Hey! It’s the Paternoster gang!” I called. I approached the gates to try and introduce myself, but they shut on their own accord.

“Creepy old gates slamming shut of their own accord in the middle of the night,” muttered the Doctor. “Never a good sign.” We headed to an old crane, but part of it was frozen in ice.

“I think I can handle this,” called Hiroki. “Or, rather, with Wyldstyle’s help, I can. Henshin!” After the Henshin sequence, he activated Wyldstyle Steel and built a large flame thrower. After that, we moved the ledge to the top floor where it was needed. We were about to get into the TARDIS when we saw a shaggy, brownish, bear-like creature spraying the TARDIS with some sort of aerosol that made ice on contact. The thing was bipedal, had fearsome claws, and when it turned, we saw yellow eyes and teeth.

“A Yeti!” I exclaimed.

“Yeti?” asked Xiomara.

“What on Earth is the Great Intelligence up to now?” moaned the Doctor. That’s when the Yeti laughed. That surprised me, they usually roared.

“The Great Intelligence?” growled the Yeti. “That thing is nothing more than a Cosmic Annoyance. I’m a Yeti of Vortech’s design. The Mark IV Yeti, if you will.”

“That dolt’s interfering here?” I snapped.

“He intends to control this universe,” explained the Yeti. “After seizing the Foundation Element of this universe, a Dalek gunstick, he figured the best thing to do would be to get rid of you, Doctor. And, with the avatar of the true Gaia Memory in our possession,” Sengoku was surprised, “ah, I THOUGHT that remark would startle you, Kamen Rider Sengoku, the self-proclaimed Rider Encyclopedia. Yes, we have Philip. Shōtarō followed after him, but we lost him.”

“Henshin!” announced the rest of us.

“Careful!” warned Sengoku after we finished transforming. “If they have access to the true Gaia Memory, they may possess the power to make their own.”

“And a Gaia Memory looks like…?” I ventured. The Yeti then grabbed a USB flash drive and pressed a button near the plug. It was brown like the Yeti’s fur and had an illuminated Y on it.

“YETI!” announced the flash drive after the Yeti pressed the button.

“That’s a Gaia Memory,” explained Sengoku. “They carry the memories and powers of certain things, like the wind, or metal, or Yetis, in this case.”

“Amazing what one can build with Master Vortech’s abilities,” crowed the Yeti. He then pulled back a fur flap on his right arm and put the Gaia Memory in at a diagonal and then pushed it flush against his arm’s internal mechanics.

“YETI! MAXIMUM DRIVE!” announced the Gaia Memory.

“Yeti Freezer,” declared the Yeti as he got ready to swipe his claw. We raised our weapons to strike, but the Yeti swiped the air, making ice encase us. We froze on the spot. “I am hardly the only one in this city’s timeline with a Gaia Memory. Sengoku, you’ve probably heard of Kamen Rider Eternal. That Rider’s been essential in making the two Gaia Memories my master has in his possession. Speaking of which, Lord Vortech wouldn’t want you running around and ruining things, so I’ll just deal with you now. With you lot gone, the Vortex Riders are that much weaker and the Time Lord will finally die. Say goodbye, Doctor and Company.” He raised his claw to strike, but something interrupted him.

“SONTAR-HA!” it roared. Something tackled the Yeti and knocked him to the ground while a pair of women got us out of the ice. Being of a colder body temperature than humans, the Doctor recovered more quickly than us.

“Is everything quite all right?” asked one of the women, wearing a black veil.

“Apart from being frozen, Madame,” I shivered. “I think we’ll be okay. We’re not feeling sluggish, at least. The Doctor, even less so.”

“So, you know the Doctor?” asked the other woman. “Is he still in there?” She was pointing to the TARDIS.

“No,” corrected the Doctor, “SHE’S right here. Good to see you again, Madame Vastra, Jenny. I presume Strax is dealing with the Yeti?” The person that tackled the Yeti was then flung off. He picked himself up and grabbed a large club. He had a potato shaped head, reached up to my solar plexus, had three fingers, and a crazed expression.

“I’m going to enjoy eviscerating you, Sontaran!” roared the Yeti.

“Prepare to meet complete and utter dismantling at the hands of a Sontaran Warrior!” declared the creature, a Sontaran.

“Strax, return here at once and put that club down!” commanded Madame Vastra.

“But, Madame!” protested the Sontaran, Strax.

“Now!” ordered Vastra. Strax grudgingly put the club down and joined with Vastra and the other human.

“And the young woman with you is your wife, Ms. Jenny Flint, correct?” I asked.

“That’s…right…” stammered Jenny.

“Now that the Sontaran lap dog has returned to its master,” growled the Yeti, “the TARDIS key! I can’t have you returning to 2055!”

“I don’t think so!” snarled the Doctor.

“JOKER!” announced the voice of a Gaia Memory. We all looked around, Sengoku trying more feverishly to find the source of the voice.

“Henshin!” called a voice behind us.

“JOKER!” announced the mysterious Gaia Memory. A small orchestral hit played. We turned to see a Kamen Rider in black with purple trim, red eyes, rounded shoulder pads, and a long silver unibrow evoking the letter W. The belt he wore was red with a silver outer lining that held a black Gaia Memory with an illuminated J. The Memory Slot was tilted to look like an L resting on its point.

“Kamen Rider…Joker!” introduced the mysterious Rider as he flicked his left wrist to make a J with his thumb and pointer.

“YOU?!” roared the Yeti. “How did you find me?!”

“Nothing escapes a Hard-Boiled detective, Dopant,” declared Joker.

“Half-boiled, you mean!” argued the Yeti.

“That’s not a Dopant, Shōtarō-san,” replied Sengoku. “That’s a robot powered by a Gaia Memory with Kamen Rider Eternal’s help and Philip’s coercion.”

“Then, where’s Philip?” demanded Joker to the Yeti.

“Like I’d tell you!” roared the Yeti. He pressed his Gaia Memory’s button again.

“YETI!” announced the Yeti Memory. He then put it in his neck and swung it down. “YETI! MAXIMUM DRIVE!” Joker then took out his Gaia Memory and put it into a slot on his right leg. He then pressed a button on the slot.

“JOKER! MAXIMUM DRIVE!” called the Joker Memory. Energy gathered around his foot.

“Rider Kick!” announced Joker.

“YETI CRUNCHER!” shouted the Yeti as energy flowed around his teeth. As the Yeti charged with an open mouth, Joker leapt at the Yeti and delivered a powerful kick, shattering the Yeti’s teeth. “MY TEETH!” screamed the Yeti. The kick was still travelling as the ice around the TARDIS shattered.

“And we’ll be going back to 2055,” cheered the Doctor. “All of us, Paternoster Gang and new Rider included.” We got into the TARDIS and Joker started looking around.

“Welcome to the TARDIS,” I introduced. “Yes, it’s bigger on the inside and it can travel to any planet, any time. Now, please don’t gawk. We’re landing.”

“Couldn’t we take a breather?” asked Joker.

“Not likely, given that Daleks are surrounding the TARDIS,” I answered, looking at the screen. Sengoku explained what Daleks were as we got ready to fight. “Er, Ladies and Gentlemen,” I gulped. “The Daleks have a hostage and have recovered the Yeti. They seem to be with a Kamen Rider.” Joker looked into the screen when he heard me say “Kamen Rider”. This Rider had a white suit with a black cape, blue gloves in the style of flames, yellow eyes, and three prongs like a crown. He had a belt like Joker, but the Gaia Memory was white and had an illuminated E. He was holding a knife at the throat of someone in what I would call a fashion disaster outfit. A red Dalek with prongs around its neck and three dome lights instead of two was at the head of the group. This was a Dalek Supreme.

“Doctor, we know you are in there!” boomed the Supreme. “We are willing to cease the attack if you surrender yourself to us in exchange for Philip!” It was referring to the human the Kamen Rider was holding his knife to.

“Come now, Shōtarō,” declared the Rider, “surely a hard-boiled detective could understand the reality of the situation. Surrender the Doctor and we’ll stop attacking London.” After confirming the mysterious Kamen Rider’s identity, I pressed the external communicator.

“Eternal, surely you know about the Daleks,” I replied. “They’ll exterminate you on the spot once the Doctor steps out, as well as Philip.”

“Our leader has ordered them and their master not to do so,” called Kamen Rider Eternal. The Doctor took over negotiations.

“‘Their master’?” she said. “That was the phrase you used? The Daleks answer to no one, not even their creator.”

“Given that I saw him shout orders at a couple of these tin cans,” answered Eternal, “I’d say that claim is in dispute.”

“Davros barked orders and the Daleks said that they obey?” I muttered.

“Something seems wrong here,” mused Madame Vastra.

“Perhaps it’s a Dalek duplicate,” guessed Strax. The thought hadn’t occurred to me.

“Which one?” I asked. Multiple possibilities ran through my head.

“Their hostage, most likely,” figured Jenny.

“You have five seconds to obey!” demanded the Dalek Supreme.

“It could be a bluff,” guessed the Doctor. “It could be that they may strongarm Shōtarō or myself into obeying.”

“Four!” counted Eternal.

“Then again, why would the Daleks need Philip?” asked the Doctor. “Now that they’ve learned how to do so, they can make their own Gaia Memories without him.”

“Three!” counted the Dalek Supreme.

“Doctor!” I yelped, guessing her endgame.

“Two!” counted Eternal.

“Power down,” ordered the Doctor to all Riders. “I think we’d better do as they say.” As we powered down, I noticed Shōtarō’s civilian form was dressed in film noir detective clothes, complete with fedora, er, trilby, er, whatever. We headed for the doors.

“ONE!” counted the Dalek Supreme. We stepped out when it said that.

“Good afternoon!” greeted the Doctor.

“Doctor, you’re proving to be a thorn in our side,” hissed Eternal.

“Oh, no tea and chat?” asked the Doctor. “For someone who claims to be Eternal, you’re forgetting what makes eternity bearable. Tea, a good meal, a story, brilliant lights,” she seemed to be shooing one of us off in secret. Xiomara then got an idea and got to the lift truck. “You see, you surround yourself and poor Philip with the ultimate racists. The ultimate terrified people.”

“You imply that the Daleks know fear, Doctor,” argued the Supreme. “You are incorrect!”

“Oh, but you DO know fear,” countered the Doctor. “Where else does your hatred stem from? You fear anything that isn’t a ‘pure’ Dalek, the Dalek Civil War is a prime example. You would smash anything that Daleks didn’t make because the materials didn’t come from Skaro or any planet in your empire of ruin.”

“We’ve built an empire of purity!” shouted the Dalek Supreme. “The Daleks on those planets do not have to deal with other races! It was Davros who said so! When all other life-forms are suppressed, when the Daleks become the supreme beings of the universe, then there is true peace! There is no war in our empire, Doctor! We succeeded where the Time Lords have failed! Yet, you still dare to oppose us!”

“Yes, we do!” declared the Doctor as Philip surreptitiously went over to our side and handed Shōtarō a belt that looked like the driver he had mirrored itself, holding two Gaia Memories instead of one. “We dare to believe we can survive!” said the Doctor. “We hold the future in our hands! We dare to keep all of our dreams alive! It’s time we took a stand!”

“You can win if you dare!” I sang. Everyone turned to me in confusion. “The Doctor started it by quoting the Transformers movie.” While that went on, Philip showed Shōtarō a green Gaia Memory with an illuminated C.

“What?!” yelped the Doctor. “No! I…okay, yes, but it was the good one!”

“Doctor, you waste our time!” bellowed the Dalek Supreme.

“Past tense!” jeered Xiomara. “She wasted your time!” She was holding the remains of the shield generator.

“Energy shield losing power!” reported a Dalek.

“Protect the final generator!” ordered the Supreme.

“Two down, one to go!” called the Doctor. “It appears that we still have work to do!”

“Exterminate!” screamed a Dalek as it fired. We dodged. We got ready to transform, Shōtarō put the new belt on and one just like it appeared on Philip’s waist. They pressed their Gaia Memory buttons.

“JOKER!” announced the Joker Memory.

“CYCLONE!” called the green one.

“Henshin!” we all shouted. Philip then put his Gaia Memory into the right slot of his belt. It transferred through data into Shōtarō’s belt as Philip fell asleep. Strax got him into the TARDIS as Shōtarō put the Joker Memory into the left slot and tilted both sides.

“CYCLONE! JOKER!” announced the belt. It started with a technical guitar to Joker’s orchestral hit. The suit looked like Joker’s but the was a silver band going down the middle with the right half green and sporting a silver cape.

“And Kamen Rider W (pronounced Double), the two-in-one Kamen Rider, is here!” said Sengoku. W spoke in both Philip and Shōtarō’s voices.

“Saa, omae no tsumi o kazoero!” they taunted. We then charged the ranks of the Daleks. The Doctor set to work trying to find the final generator with K-9. It didn’t take long to find it as Daleks came out of the wall near the house we altered.

“Destroy the TARDIS!” ordered a Dalek. Good plan, won’t work.

“More Daleks?” gulped Shōtarō’s voice from W.

“Stay alert!” called Philip’s voice from W. As Philip spoke, W’s right eye flashed. We kept the Daleks off the Doctor’s back while she and K-9 found an energy field guarding the path to the generator.

“K-9, if you please,” requested the Doctor. K-9’s blaster came out and shot the mechanism making the shield. “…I was expecting a little finesse, but I’ll take it.” K-9 drooped his head slightly. We then approached yard doors. On it was “I.M. Foreman. Scrap Merchant. 76, Totter’s Lane.”

“The scrap yard where it all started!” I declared. “Whizzing through time and space with Susan, Ian, and Barbara on the 22nd of November 1963!”

“The doors are locked,” muttered the Doctor, concerning herself with the present situation. “Back to 2015 it is!” She summoned the TARDIS and we piled in; Philip still sound asleep. I turned to Sengoku.

“Philip’s soul entered the Cyclone Memory,” he explained. “It’s how W gets the powers of the wind. Philip’s soul then entered Shōtarō to act as strategist.”

“And, their catchphrase?” I asked.

“‘Saa, omae no tsumi o kazoero’?” quizzed Sengoku. “It means ‘Now, count up your crimes’. Shōtarō’s mentor, Kamen Rider Skull, was the first one to say that.” The TARDIS then gave its landing noise.

“Here we are!” called the Doctor. She then fished something out of the toolkit. It turned out to be Missy’s Laser Screwdriver!

“I thought she abandoned that when she was the Prime Minister!” I yelped. “What are you doing, carrying that around?!”

“Swiped it from him before he died on the Valiant,” explained the Doctor.

“She? Him?” queried Seeker.

“Madame, Monsieur, who are you talking about?” asked Arch.

“An old acquaintance of the Doctor, with a higher degree in Cosmic Science while the Doctor barely scraped by with a 51% on the second attempt,” I explained.

“That is confidential!” snapped the Doctor. “Besides, I was a late developer! He underwent a sex change regeneration before me. She now calls herself Missy, but I still know her as the Master.” We stepped out of the TARDIS. The Doctor headed to the chain over the yard’s doors when we heard something familiar. “That’s a TARDIS arriving,” muttered the Doctor. “The new Type 90.” This TARDIS took the shape of a pillar box, Britain’s free-standing post box. The top opened to let a woman out. She was in the clothes of an early 20th century nanny, complete with a ridiculous hat. Her expression was not one I would personally expect on a nanny, this was cold and calculating.

“Oh dear,” sighed the woman in a Scottish accent. “Don’t go away, Doctor!” She had climbed out of her TARDIS and walked towards us. “My coordinates seemed to have slipped a tad,” mused the woman. “Still, not bad after a round trip to Gallifrey.”

“Speaking of the Master,” I hissed.

“Missy, if you must,” corrected the woman. “I do hope you can spare a moment of your time, Doctor, especially with Daleks on the way.”

“Sarcasm always was a weak point, even with you,” snarled the Doctor.

“May I say,” I interjected, “that that hat looks utterly ridiculous. I preferred the beard version of you. Anthony Ainley was a fantastic version of you.”

“I rather like this form,” countered Missy. “It allows me to travel incognito.”

“Maybe in the early 20th century,” argued the Doctor.

“Well, Time Lords need a sense of style,” said Missy softly, “some of us, anyway.”

“Now look, if you’re here to be rude…” hissed the Doctor.

“I came here to warn you,” interrupted Missy, “an old Time Lord acquaintance of ours is involved with the Daleks.”

“Old school chum?” I asked.

“Well, which is it? You? Rallon? Drax, Rassilon forbid?” quizzed the Doctor.

“I believe she was once called Ushas,” recalled Missy.

“You mean the Rani?” yelped the Doctor. “She’s a jackanape like you, causing nothing but trouble!”

“She has something called the ‘Eternal Memory’ in her possession,” reported Missy.

“You mean it’s a woman as Kamen Rider Eternal?!” exclaimed W.

“A Time Lady, no less,” continued Missy. “She’ll certainly try to kill you, Doctor. The High Council thought you should be made aware of her.”

“How very kind,” snarked the Doctor. Missy tensed up in irritation.

“You are an incorrigible meddler, Doctor!” she hissed. “Still, the Council believes your hearts are in the right places. Now, be careful, will you? The Rani’s learned a new trick or two with the Eternal Memory.”

“I refuse to be worried by someone as cold and typically Arcalian as the Rani!” rebuffed the Doctor. “She’s an unimaginative plodder, like yourself!”

“Her degree in neurochemistry was higher than my own in cosmic science, loath though I am to admit it,” answered Missy.

“Yes, well, she was put in a house that values study,” conceded the Doctor.

“I do suppose you’re right in her being unimaginative,” continued Missy. “She stole my little ‘surprise’ from when I first came to Earth.”

“Oh?” asked the Doctor.

“Examine the chain around the doors,” instructed Missy. As the Doctor moved to do so, she was stopped by Missy’s umbrella. “However, be careful.” The Doctor pushed the umbrella aside. She then felt on the door around the chain and felt something off when her hand was at the seam of the door. She followed it all the way to the top and then felt around the chain in that area. I’d say a special invisible string was being used.

“A volatizer?” guessed the Doctor. Missy nodded. “Oh, grief!” said the Doctor. “If it should fall, it’ll explode, taking the scrap yard, surrounding buildings, and people with it. She’s most likely rigged it up so opening the door or cutting the chain will make it fall.”

“Well, I hope Missy has a witty way of dealing with it, since it was her original idea!” I demanded. Missy had vanished. I heard her TARDIS going away. “COME BACK!” I shouted. Too late.

“Good luck!” called Missy’s voice.

“Never mind her,” called the Doctor. “I have a plan.” She carefully pulled the string upwards, slowly, I might add, until we could see a black cylinder with a drum on top, the volatizer, I believe. “All right, someone fetch the magnetic clamp.”

“I got it,” I responded as I went into the TARDIS. I grabbed the clamp and then headed outside to hand it to the Doctor. She used one end of the clamp to get a grip on the volatizer and get it over the doors without falling. At that point, a Dalek saucer flew overhead.

“You will obey the Daleks!” barked a Dalek.

“I’ve just about had enough,” snarled Swing. She took the volatizer off the clamp.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU CRAZY VIKING?!” I yelled. She turned to the ship.

“This is a Time Lord explosive!” Swing shouted. “I hope my clumsy human fingers don’t do something clumsy!” She then tossed it at the saucer! “Oops! You guys handle it!” After the saucer exploded, she turned to me. “What was that about me being a crazy Viking?”

“Er, nothing, just rambling!” I said quickly.

“Thought so,” muttered Swing. While that went on, the Doctor, W, Sengoku, and Claw made a ramp from the scrap.

“Alright, back to the TARDIS!” called the Doctor when they were finished. We piled in and returned to 2055, hacking through Daleks who were confused about the ramp that mysteriously appeared. “All right, I should be able to get to the last generator from here,” remarked the Doctor as she climbed the scrap. We stopped by a control panel before the Doctor said “Oh, blast!”

“What’s the matter?” asked Claw.

“A Dalek and Eternal are guarding it,” replied the Doctor. “I can use this device to override the Dalek’s controls system, but I need someone to take care of Eternal.”

“We took care of Eternal once,” called W. “We can do so again. This ‘Rani’ is inexperienced in terms of the Gaia Memories.”

“Get to it, then!” encouraged the Doctor. W took off as the Doctor started messing with the controls.

“SYSTEM MALFUNCTION!” yelped the Dalek. “HELP ME!” Eternal was confused.

“Lady, you’re making a mistake, siding with evil” called W. Eternal turned to see W pull out new Gaia Memories. One was red with an illuminated H and the other was silver with an illuminated M. He pressed the buttons.

“HEAT!” announced the red one.

“METAL!” called the grey one. He then swapped out the Cyclone and Joker Memories for the new ones, Heat in the right slot and Metal in the left.

“HEAT! METAL!” announced the belt. A bit of rock music played followed by a metallic synth as the right side went red and the left side went silver. A long staff appeared with a red grip looking like a W.

“Let’s go, Time Lady!” challenged W. Eternal cocked her head. “We had a run-in with an old acquaintance of the Doctor. Apparently, she was male once, and called herself the Master. Calls herself Missy nowadays.” Eternal gripped her knife.

“So,” she hissed, “that jackanape decided to interfere! I don’t when or HOW she regenerated since HE used up his and was in the habit of borrowing bodies!”

“Let’s just say,” I replied, “a certain war changed that. You, of all people, should be familiar with the Great Time War.”

“I am, and I didn’t participate,” answered Eternal. “The last Dalek I fought was the cause of my first regeneration. I liked that body!”

“So, the incidents with Loyhargil and sleep deprived humans were your favorites?” I asked. That got her. She started throwing punches while W was dodging and swinging his staff. I jumped in with my sword and went on the attack. We traded blows for a while, but, W and I had to end it. W pulled the Metal Memory out and put it into the staff.

“METAL! MAXIMUM DRIVE!” announced the Memory. Fire started coming out of both ends of the staff.

“Metal Branding!” called W in both Shōtarō and Philip’s voices. I inserted my i.d tag into my sword.

“Final Attack!” announced my weapon.

“RIDER BATTLE SLASH!” I called as I swung my sword at a diagonal while W swung the staff and unleashed a torrent of flames. Eternal sparked before the belt she used spat out the Gaia Memory she was using. The suit disappeared to reveal a woman in ginger hair and goth clothes with a knee-length skirt and a lab coat. Her emerald eyes were burning into my soul as her black lipstick adorned lips parted in a snarl. She turned to the Dalek that the Doctor hacked into.

“It looks like my work is done anyways,” hissed the Rani. “See you later.” She stepped into a rusty boiler and closed the lid. Judging by the noise and its fading away, I figured out that it was the Rani’s TARDIS. When it faded completely, the Dalek screamed.

“The coast is clear!” called the Doctor. “Time to shut down the energy shield and put an end to this!” The Dalek then fired on the generator before exploding. We heard a noise like machinery winding down. “And that’s our cue!” guessed the Doctor. We made our way back to where the shield was and found a dais with a control panel on board.

“A Dalek Transmat!” I breathed.

“Last time I saw this model was during that whole mess with the Hand of Omega,” mused the Doctor. She managed to get it working. We all got out of our suits and Philip came out of the TARDIS. “Shall we?” invited the Doctor. We used the Transmat to beam ourselves upwards onto a Dalek ship. I just hope there aren’t any Daleks where we beam into.

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