Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 27

After the titles play again, a brief replay of the scene where we transmat up to the ship will remind us what happened. Dalek Transmats are unpleasant feeling, let me tell you right now. After that unpleasant trip, we all got out to make sure there weren’t any of those stupid pepperpots. We secured all the area needed. Madame Vastra, Strax, and I secured a northern corridor. Xiomara, Emmanuel, Hiroki, and Philip secured an eastern corridor. Jenny, Shōtarō, K-9, and Tonje secured a western corridor, and Irina and Sheela secured a southern corridor. It was awkward silence time, even with the steady noise of the ship. I never knew what made that noise around Dalek facilities and ships. “That rhythm is starting to annoy me to no end!” hissed Strax.

“Save it,” I hissed back.

“Silence, girl!” snarled the Sontaran. That’s the disadvantage of being a clone race, like the Sontarans, you can’t tell the difference between genders. Back to the awkward silence. The Doctor was at work with a console in the junction we were securing.

“So,” I mused, “just making idle conversation here, I’m a tad bored, Commander Strax, if we were enemies and you, of course, beat me in battle as a Sontaran soldier, what would you do?”

“Well,” answered Strax, “given that you haven’t made any attempts to make an enemy of me, I find that situation unlikely. However, in a strictly hypothetical situation, of course, I would most likely submit you to each of the processes on Field Major Styre’s manual on human resistance to torture.”

“Styre?” I yelped, remembering the episode he starred and subsequently died in. “I didn’t realize he published.”

“Posthumously,” Strax explained. Madame Vastra shook her head.

“Brutes,” she muttered. “Michael, if you’re so bored, maybe you should find out what the Doctor’s doing?” I saw the irritation in the Silurian’s eyes.

“I…see your point,” I gulped. I headed over to the Doctor. I know, some men will call me a wimp. Tell me, would YOU argue with a lizard woman from the age of the dinosaurs you knew had eaten humans before? No? Didn’t think so. I leaned over the Doctor’s shoulder and cleared my throat.

“Tea time already, Strax?” asked the Doctor, not even looking in my direction.

“Okay, I’m a lot taller than him, for one,” I said, annoyed.

“Yes, but you have the potential to be brutish as him,” remarked the Doctor.

“Not true!” I argued.

“So, you’ve had no wars?” countered the Doctor.

“As ever, Doctor, the soul of tact!” I replied. “What are you doing, anyways?”

“Just figuring things out, as usual,” answered the Doctor.

“Anything I can do?” I asked.

“Not on this end, no,” muttered the Doctor. “I, on the other hand, just need to find the temporal origin of this ship…ah, got you!”

“You have answers?!” I asked. “Where and when did this ship come from?!” The Doctor didn’t answer, she just pulled out a laser spanner and messed with the transmat!

“And then one more pick-up before I shut this off for good!” she called.

“Doctor?! Answers?!” I asked. The Doctor said nothing as she and I shoved some plungers out of the way as they shimmered into view. Wait, plungers?

“Unauthorized computer access detected!” said the harsh, grating, metallic tones of the plunger’s owner. The Daleks had bypassed the guard positions we had set up by transmatting in their own ship! We were quickly surrounded.

“What?!” yelped the Doctor. “I wasn’t doing anything!” The transmat started smoking. “That was like that when I got here!” Xiomara and her group were herded aside to make way for someone I didn’t want to see. The horribly scarred remains of a man glided their way past. The person used a black Dalek skirt with white sensor globes to move, had a black shirt with only his right arm to his name, a control panel in front of him, sunken in, fried shut eyes with a single blue orb in his forehead to see, a metal cage around his scalp, silver shoulder pads, and a back rest. His hand was robotic in origin, one he most likely built himself after someone shot it off. He cracked a blackened smile as he clapped his robot eye on the Doctor.

“You might have a new face, Doctor,” he  in a voice that had was aided by a cybernetic voice box, “but I see you are still the same old prattling fool!”

“Davros,” hissed the Doctor. “Not so much a bad penny as a mad penny.”

“Oh, great, I meet the lunatic behind the existence of these dust bins,” I groaned. “I knew the Rani said you were involved, giving orders, but I didn’t think it was as part of the invasion force.”

“What have you done with the population of the Earth?” asked the Doctor.

“I have…given them new employment,” answered Davros as he turned to the Daleks. A horrible thought struck the Doctor.

“The Daleks!” she gasped. “They’re…?”

“Yes, Doctor,” chuckled Davros. “Your precious humans.”

“Necros and Satellite Five!” I called.

“Yes, making Daleks from human genetic material is hardly a good idea,” supplied the Doctor. “For a start, they may be driven mad by their own flesh and gain a concept of blasphemy. For another, it may spark another civil war.”

“Blasphemy?” asked a Dalek. “I have no understanding of the word! It is not registered in my vocabulary bank!” That made me arch an eyebrow.

“My mistakes on Necros and the mistakes made by the Emperor on Satellite Five have been corrected,” continued Davros. “Many qualities needed for Daleks are buried in all manner of life. What better way to unleash those qualities than to make Daleks? Silurians are cold hearted, Humans are divisive, and Sontarans are war-like; most excellent qualities.” He turned to the Daleks. “Confine them to the holding cells!” He glided away. “Whilst I reformat a Dalek production line to accept a Time Lord body.” The Daleks led us to our holding cells, even going so far as to put us in separate cells. That would tear Vastra and Jenny apart and the Daleks knew it.

“I know, I know,” sighed the Doctor as she came to her cell. “I’ll make myself at home, shall I?”

“Enter!” barked one of the Daleks.

“By the way,” snarked the Doctor as she did so, “I’d like a wakeup call at seven and two soft boiled eggs for breakfast.” Laser fields activated over the openings. “And plenty of butter on the soldiers!” called the Doctor as the Daleks trundled away. Well, most of them, one took the bait.

“Why would you need butter on soldiers like the Daleks?” it asked.

“Oh, please tell me Davros didn’t delete toast soldiers during your mutation!” I wailed.

“Not mutation!” argued the Dalek. “Purification! And the soldiers of toast shall be exterminated!” It trundled away.

“Not before the Sontarans destroy them first!” called Strax. I rolled my eyes.

“Daleks,” sighed the Doctor. “So predictable.”

“Madame,” I called to Vastra, “there is such a thing as toast in your time, right?”

“There is,” interjected the Doctor before Vastra could get a word in, “but the electric toaster hadn’t been invented yet.” She fiddled with some wires and deactivated the energy shields of our cells. She then blew on her new TARDIS whistle with said vehicle appearing. “And now that we know when and where this ship came from,” continued the Doctor, “we can stop this travesty before it happens.”

“You may know, but WE don’t!” called Philip.

“I’ll tell you on the way,” promised the Doctor as she opened the TARDIS. “Do cultivate a sense of urgency.” We entered the TARDIS and got to the controls. Philip, Shōtarō, Jenny, Vastra, myself, Hiroki, and Irina hung back while the rest worked the controls. Strax was clearly enjoying helping pilot the TARDIS.

“Doctor, it is a privilege to pilot this magnificent device with you to go to battle against an enemy such as the Daleks!” cheered the Sontaran nurse.

“Well, if things go well,” muttered the Doctor, “we should be arriving at their ancestral seat any second now.”

“Ancestral…” I began, then an unanswered question was answered. “SKARO?! We’re going to the Dalek home world?!”

“If things go right,” replied the Doctor. “And so far, nothing can go wro…” she didn’t get to complete that sentence as the TARDIS shook violently. “I NEED TO STOP SAYING THAT!”

“WHAT’S GOING ON?!” yelled Irina.

“TIME SCOOP!” shouted the Doctor.

“Not the Death Zone!” I wailed.

“No!” answered the Doctor. “Somewhere else!” We landed roughly. The scanner wasn’t working. “Drat,” hissed the Doctor. “We’ll have to poke around.” We stepped outside onto…what…? “It can’t be!” breathed the Doctor. “This isn’t possible!”

“We landed in the one place the Doctor shouldn’t have gone to, Trenzalore!” I whispered.

“Why?” asked Sheela.

“See that giant version of the TARDIS’s exterior?” explained the Doctor. There it stood, taller than Burj Khalifa. “Well, that is the TARDIS, but in the future. The interior dimensions are bleeding into the exterior in this time. Inside there is the late Doctor, may I rest in peace.”

“That’s your tomb?!” gulped Tonje.

“Yes, and I shouldn’t be here,” answered the Doctor. She saw a ledge. “This way,” she directed. We climbed the ledge. “Something tells me the answer to all this lies ahead inside the TARDIS.” As we traveled, we saw some Weeping angels, but they seemed scared, as if they were running from the Doctor’s tomb.

“Something doesn’t add up,” I muttered. “Trenzalore’s future was altered when the Time Lords gave you a new regeneration cycle. Why is this still here?”

“I can’t see that far ahead in my time stream,” answered the Doctor. That was when we heard footsteps. We turned to find ourselves surrounded by beasts. They were stocky humanoids, had the snout of a boar, four eyes, one on each side of the head, starting from the face, two sets of large ears, one over the other, clawed hands, and vestigial wing flaps around the arms. They had sharp teeth in a snarl.

“Tetraps?!” I yelped. “How did the Rani con these people again?!”

“I see you haven’t looked closely at these Tetraps,” called a voice. The Rani stepped from behind the rocks in front of the Tetraps. “I had traveled to Mondas to get the schematics for the earliest Cybermen and applied them to these Tetraps.” I looked closer to see some shiny parts under the fur. “Beautiful slaves, aren’t they?”

“You say that as if you expect a round of applause,” hissed the Doctor.

“Have a care, Doctor,” warned the Rani, “you are not here to play the clown!”

“Was it you that used the Time Scoop that brought us here?” asked Sheela.

“And it is here that I shall make my greatest experiment,” answered the Rani.

“Well, I apologize for the inconvenience,” quipped the Doctor, “not to mention my curiosity.”

“What do you want to know?” asked the Rani.

“What you’re doing in my future gravesite for a start,” replied the Doctor.

“I simply needed a good site for my newest experiment,” remarked the Rani.

“Would this experiment have anything to do with me?” asked Philip.

“It DID require you,” said the Rani.

“Did?” quizzed Shōtarō. “What made you stop using Philip?”

“I gathered the necessary data from the Daleks,” explained the Rani.

“Then, why are you making Gaia Memories?” asked the Doctor.

“My own needs,” finished the Rani. I was starting to get a little peeved.

“I don’t know as I like the cryptic remarks you’re giving here,” I snarled.

“Fine, I’ll explain,” sighed the Rani as she opened a gate. “Gaia Memories hold more than the powers and memories of things; they also hold the experiences of different species.” She held up a bluish-green Gaia Memory with an illuminated H. She then pressed the button.

“HUMAN!” announced the Memory.

“Is that why you fought us?” asked Emmanuel. “To gather data?”

“Not exactly,” answered the Rani. “I came to gather a species’ time stream.”

“I don’t follow,” admitted the Doctor. The Rani pulled out a white Gaia Memory with nothing on it.

“This is a blank Gaia Memory,” lectured the Rani. “When I install it into my TARDIS, I can read the memories of any species of my choosing. The only limit, however, is the Time Lords. For some odd reason, I can’t just plug this into my TARDIS and read my own species time line. My theory is that because we’re not supposed to know our futures, that limit carried over. So, I did something no TARDIS ever did, and went to Gallifrey’s future, where we’re nothing more than time streams littering our planet.”

“You’re insane! Gallifrey’s time locked! No one’s ever done that!” shouted the Doctor.

“Well, I did,” argued the Rani. “Now, of course, I’m familiar with the laws of time, so I told no one when I came back. It’s going to happen eventually, so why resist it? Before I came back, I stuck this blank Gaia Memory into the time streams of every Time Lord that will go extinct on Gallifrey. After that tedious trial, I discovered that not all Time Lords will die there. So, I travelled to other Time Lord’s tombs throughout the universe, even my own. The last one I visited was the Master’s tomb.”

“Does that Time Lord die as male or female?” I asked. “Just curious.”

“Spoilers,” interjected the Doctor, bringing up the memory of her wife, River Song. “In any event, you’ve proven your power to make Gaia Memories, but I can’t help there’s something a great deal more to visiting tombs and breaking the laws of time.”

“Really now?” asked the Rani.

“What are you doing making Gaia Memories like Davros with his Daleks?” asked the Doctor. “And what do you intend to do with them?”

“Tarsek, get over here!” barked the Rani. A Cyber-Tetrap lumbered forward and pulled out some equipment. “So far, I have 25 Gaia Memories, bar the Time Lord one. With this and the Zone Gaia Memory, I will initiate the Never-Ending Hell Maximum Drive with the Gaia Memories I created.”

“The Zone Gaia Memory?!” yelped Philip.

“You plan to conquer this universe?” called Shōtarō.

“Hardly,” scoffed the Rani. “Using the Maximum Drive, I intend to slice through the Time Vortex, undoing it and making it nothing more than a mass of energy.”

“A dimensional manipulator!” realized the Doctor. “You intend to turn our universe into a dimensional manipulator!”

“While you escape in your TARDIS!” I snarled.

“I shall be back, once the turbulence has subsided,” answered the Rani.

“But how will that work out for you in the long run?” asked Sheela.

“Because I intend to make my own universe,” replied the Rani. “That’s why I used the time scoop, to get to your tomb, Doctor.”

“You know of my habit of having companions,” quizzed the Doctor. “Why are these people involved?”

“Workers are required in my new universe,” answered the Rani.

“You have the Cyber-Tetraps,” I pointed out.

“And Vortech can give you minions,” continued Xiomara.

“The Cyber-Tetraps are needed for my military police,” dismissed the Rani, “and Vortech had his usefulness fulfilled.”

“I see,” realized the Doctor. “Turning this universe into a dimensional manipulator will make the Foundation Element lose power, forever frustrating Vortech’s plans. This whole thing was a means to an end for you.”

“Now that you understand the experiment,” declared the Rani, “I need access to your tomb.”

“I don’t think so!” snarled the Doctor.

“Drivers ready!” I called.

“JOKER! CYCLONE!” announced Philip and Shotaro’s respective Gaia Memories.

“Henshin!” we called.

“CYCLONE! JOKER!” shouted the W Driver All riders were in their suits with Phillip safely out of harm’s way.

“I’m hardly scared,” taunted the Rani as she pulled out her belt and strapped it on. She then pulled out the Eternal Memory and pressed the button.

“ETERNAL!” it called. She then put it into the Memory slot.

“Henshin,” she announced and tilted the Memory slot.

“ETERNAL!” repeated the Memory. Her suit formed and Kamen Rider Eternal stood there.

“We keep the Rani out of the Doctor’s tomb at all costs!” I commanded. The Doctor managed to get in to reinforce her…er…casket if you will. With the Cyber-Tetraps pushing us back, Eternal strode towards the tomb. W did a last-ditch maneuver by pulling out the Joker Memory and putting it in the Maximum Drive slot.

“JOKER! MAXIMUM DRIVE!” announced the Memory.

“Joker Extreme!” called W in both Shōtarō and Phillip’s voice. W then leapt into the air and extended both of his feet. He then split in half! First the Joker half struck her, then the Cyclone half. The two halves reunited, thank goodness, and I prepared my attack. I inserted my i.d tag into my blade and converted it to rifle mode.

“Final attack!” yelled my weapon.

“RIDER BATTLE BLAST!” I shouted. The shot hit the ground, ending in a large explosion. I chuckled. “No way is she getting up from that,” I boasted. The smoke cleared. The Cyber-Tetraps were lying dead, but Eternal still stood. She charged after the Doctor! “STOP HER!” I yelled. She entered the tomb! I got in to see Eternal toss the Doctor aside and smash the console open. The rest had caught up.

“What is that?!” called Sengoku as he pointed to a mass of blinding white light in the shape of many strings huddled together.

“That’s the Doctor’s time stream,” I explained. “All Time Lords break down to become their time streams. Leaving bodies behind is passé to them.” Eternal then jabbed the incomplete Gaia Memory into the Doctor’s time stream. She then pressed the button, causing the Doctor to clutch her head in pain. Eternal then extracted the Gaia Memory as it changed colors. It was as red as the planet Gallifrey and had an illuminated T. Eternal did a test and pressed the button.

“TIME LORD!” announced the Memory.

“Finally!” giggled Eternal. “Now I can begin!” She fled to the top of the tomb and pulled out another Gaia Memory. It had an illuminated Z on it. She pressed the button and put it in one of her Maximum Drive slots.

“ZONE! MAXIMUM DRIVE!” called the Gaia Memory. That was when other Gaia Memories flew into the other Maximum Drive slots and went from A to Z.


“This is it!” called Eternal. “NEVER-ENDING…!” She didn’t complete her sentence as something knocked the knife out of her hand. The object then flew over Philip’s body and converted him into data, sucking him up into itself!

“Don’t be alarmed!” assured Sengoku. “We’re about to see W use the Xtreme Memory!”

“The what?!” I asked.

“A bird-like Gaia Memory directly connected to the True Gaia Memory!” explained Sengoku. W then closed his belt, allowing a rather bulky, metallic bird to slide over the Cyclone and Joker Memories. The middle band started glowing as the belt opened again with the bird split in half, revealing a small turbine with an illuminated X.

“XTREME!” announced the belt. A small whirring noise, like a fan belt, was heard, followed by a small piece of epic orchestra. W then started pulling on the silver band dividing him and pulled it apart to reveal a white, crystalline middle section. The unibrow disappeared and in its place were X protrusions on each side of the head. He gained a set of shoulder pauldrons in the shape of sideways W’s. A sword and shield then appeared in his hand.

“What in the…?” yelled Eternal. W then grabbed the Heat, Joker, and Cyclone Memories, and two new ones, one was yellow with an illuminated L, the other was green with an illuminated P. He then put the Cyclone, Heat, yellow, and Joker Memories into the shield, then put the green one into the sword hilt. The weapon then spoke.

“CYCLONE! MAXIMUM DRIVE! HEAT! MAXIMUM DRIVE! LUNA! MAXIMUM DRIVE! JOKER! MAXIMUM DRIVE! PRISM! MAXIMUM DRIVE!” announced the weapon. If I were to go on the letters, I’d say Luna was the yellow Memory and Prism was the green one. W then drew the sword out with colors flowing around it. He tossed the shield in the air and jumped, landing on the spinning shield and flying towards Eternal.

“BICKER CHARGE BREAK!” called W in both voices. When he reached Eternal, W swung the sword at her, the energy causing a lot of her Gaia Memories to shatter. The only ones that survived were Yeti, Dalek, and Eternal. Speaking of, Kamen Rider Eternal couldn’t handle the exploding Gaia Memories and keep her balance near the edge of the tomb’s roof, and so she fell.

“Saa, jigoku o tanoshimu!” called  Sengoku. Eternal’s suit had disappeared, revealing the Rani as she started glowing yellow. “What the?!” gulped Sengoku as we cancelled our transformations.

“Time Lords have a way of cheating death,” explained the Doctor. “Whenever an old body gets frail or is too badly damaged, our DNA rewrites itself and our cells rearrange themselves to make a new body. The side effect is that our personalities can change as well.” The Rani stood up to glare at us, then she stumbled to a small mausoleum. She fumbled for a key, leading me to believe the mausoleum was the Rani’s TARDIS. Before she put the key in the lock, her regenerative energy exploded as her face and body morphed. She grew a few inches, her chin and nose were pointed, her hair pulled back to reach her shoulders in a 50’s bob and it darkened to brown. The light died so we could see her pale skin and emerald eyes, piercing into our soul.

“I only had that body for fifty years!” she snarled in an Irish accent. “Do you have any notion what you’ve done?!”

“Stopped you from making a dimensional manipulator out of this universe?” asked the Doctor with a smirk.

“Sarcasm will get you nowhere, Doctor!” snarled the new Rani. She scuttled into her TARDIS and fled Trenzalore.

“You know,” mused the Doctor, “for once, I agree with the Rani. How about we leave this beastly place?” We were all in agreement. We still had to get to Skaro to stop the Dalek invasion. The Doctor piloted the TARDIS herself this time, muttering something about humans making the TARDIS jumpy, so I got a translation from what Hiroki said after the Rani fell. “Saa, jigoku o tanoshimu,” means “Now, enjoy Hell,” a perversion on W’s catchphrase. The TARDIS landed in an observation tower on a planet with sand everywhere, red skies, and no plant life to speak of. The buildings were metallic in nature.

“So, we’ve made it?” I asked.

“Daleks conquer and destroy!” screeched a voice I’m familiar with.

“Skaro,” replied the Doctor, “home of the Daleks. It looks like they’ve been busy too. Last time I was here, this place was in ruins.”

“After the sewers revolted?” I asked.

“You mean the sewers of Skaro are revolting?” asked Emmanuel, trying to understand the grammar I used. I shook my head, confusing the poor man.

“The Dalek word for sewer is the same as the word for graveyard,” I explained. “The creatures inside the tanks are genetically hardwired to live, no matter the condition. But, even they’re not immune to aging. Overtime, the creature breaks down, rots, decays, liquefies.”

“And so, the still fresh Daleks rip the old ones out of their casings and drop them into a sewer?” guessed Xiomara. She shuddered when I nodded. “Remind me never to consult them for retirement plans.”

“We need to get down,” I observed.

“Right!” called the Doctor. She grabbed a Dalek arm from a broken casing. “This Dalek manipulator arm should be compatible with that control switch.” K-9 moved to speak. “No, it’s not a plunger, before you ask!”

“Master!” warned K-9. “Daleks are patrolling on the ground below us!”

“And watchtowers are scanning for intruders,” I continued.

“Stealth is key, then,” remarked the Doctor. We managed to slip past the watch tower and found ourselves at the edge of a green river. There were stepping stones across the way. “Watch your step,” warned the Doctor as she tested one out. “I don’t fancy taking a dip in a pool of toxic Dalek waste.” As we crossed the river of radiation, we noticed a control panel that was allowing toxic waste to fall across our path. “Step aside,” called the Doctor. She found the pipe flow controls and redirected the waste into a gaggle of Daleks down below, allowing us passage. “A simple case of reversing the polarity,” chuckled the Doctor. “Even a pudding brain could’ve handled that.” We noticed that the path had laser walls that switched on and off at different intervals, so we timed our way through the walls. We made our way to the lift, but a black Dalek was guarding it. We stayed out of sight.

“If only we could bluff Daleks,” I muttered.

“What about the old hacking method?” asked the Doctor as she got to work on a control panel. The Dalek then started spinning.

“DIZZY! DIZZY!” it yelled. It then exploded, clearing the way for us.

 “Going up!” called Irina. We climbed onto the lift and went up. On the roof of the building was a machine that had a Dalek skirt with a big globe on top. There were no weapons to speak of and a grey hexagonal eye in the center. The globe opened to reveal Davros.

“Welcome to my new empire, Doctor,” he announced. “It is fitting that you should be the first to fall to the power of the Daleks!”

“Drivers ready!” I called. Shōtarō and Philip brought out their Gaia Memories. Philip then went a safe distance away from any Daleks that will inevitably surround us.

“JOKER! CYCLONE!” said the two Gaia Memories.

“Henshin!” we all called.

“CYCLONE! JOKER!” announced the W Driver

“Kamen Rider Sengoku!” began Sengoku, “You shall get a taste of Feudal Japan!”

“Kamen Rider Climb! Mountains are a warrior’s best friend!”

“Kamen Rider Claw! My weapons shall turn you into ribbons!”

“Kamen Rider Arch! My skills outdo Robin Hood!”

“Kamen Rider Seeker! It’s not gold I seek, but your end!”

“Kamen Rider Swing! I’ll be taking your legs!”

“Kamen Rider Battle! For friends and family, I shall be victorious!”

“Kamen Rider W! Saa, omae no tsumi o kazoero!” The Doctor had a bit of trouble coming up with a catchphrase.

“Er…I am the Doctor, the healer of time and space!” …Awkward silence. “Er, anyways, nice to see you again, Davros. Surely, you must be running out of escape pods by now?” That was when a TARDIS materialized in the shape of some Dalek equipment. The Rani stepped out in a new outfit, simple pants, a simple shirt, and a lab coat. She brought the Daleks with her.

“GET THEM!” she roared.

“All hail Davros!” called a Dalek.

“I’ve got something up my sleeves, but I need cover!” yelped the Doctor.

“Everyone, we protect the Doctor at all costs!” I declared. We started fighting the Daleks before the Rani joined the fray.

“ETERNAL!” announced her Gaia Memory.

“Henshin!” she called as she put the Memory into her belt and activated it.

“ETERNAL!” said the Memory as her suit formed. She drew her knife and attacked me! I kept blocking with my sword.

“Come now, ma’am,” I taunted. “Surely you don’t want your childhood destroyed!”

“Irrelevant!” replied Eternal. “You ruined the greatest experiment ever!”

“You were going to turn your universe into a dimensional manipulator!” I argued. “You would take the Doctor’s place as the last of the Time Lords! That was Hell, even for a wanderer like the Doctor!”

“Unlike the Doctor, I could have lived with it!” hissed Eternal.

“Forgive me if I’m skeptic!” I replied. Davros continued monologuing!

“After all this time,” called the lunatic, “finally, my Daleks will take their rightful place!” The Doctor made a pylon powering Davros’ throne explode, making him jolt. “You will not be so fortunate next time!” promised Davros. “Attack them, my Daleks!”

“They’re trying to do so!” taunted Strax. “Let me say, they’re hardly the best examples of warriors.”

“You say that as if this is war!” laughed Seeker. “Señor Strax, this isn’t war, this is sport!”

“Of course, the conquistador would say that!” I joked.

“I’ll get you later for that, Michael!” said Seeker hotly, as she converted her blade into rifle mode. She then put her i.d tag into the rifle.

“Do not anger me!” warned Davros. “You are a pathetic insect against my Dalek creations!”

“Final attack!” announced Seeker’s weapon.

“RIDER SEEKER BLAST!” called Seeker. She then shot another pylon, making Davros quiver again.

“Stop that!” he roared. Eternal put her Gaia Memory into the knife.

“I should have done this when I fought W,” she muttered.

“ETERNAL! MAXIMUM DRIVE!” announced the Memory. W started going into spasms as he went grey.

“Eternal Requiem,” called Eternal as she brought the blade down on W. The Gaia Memories flew out and W’s transformation was cancelled. Philip woke up and got Shōtarō out of danger. That was when a pale gray, mechanical velociraptor jumped into Philip’s hands. Shōtarō smirked.

“Reckless, as always, I see,” he mused as he pressed the button on the Joker Memory.

“JOKER!” called the Memory. Philip did some fancy folding on the raptor to reveal that the tail held a Gaia Memory with an illuminated F.

“FANG!” announced the Memory.

“Henshin!” called the two men. This time, Shōtarō put the Joker Memory in first and passed out. It appeared in the left-hand slot of Philip’s belt as he put the Fang Memory into the right-hand slot and tilted it. The rest of the Fang Memory became a raptor head with a horn on the snout as the W Driver opened.

“FANG! JOKER!” announced the Driver. The suit was a little different to say the least. It was white on the right half with the Joker colors on the left. It was a little spikier than the original.

“Time to go for the finisher!” snarled W. He pressed the horn three times.

“FANG! MAXIMUM DRIVE!” announced the W Driver

“Fang Streiser!” called W as he performed a flying roundhouse kick, which projected the head of the Fang Memory biting down on Eternal and the pylon she was in front of. The Eternal Memory flew out of the belt before shattering completely, cancelling the Rani’s transformation. The pylon blew up, making Davros jolt again.

“A foolish error on your behalf!” boasted Davros. “Daleks, EXTERMINATE!” The Daleks fired. “This will be my ultimate victory!” ranted their creator. “You cannot stop it!” He then noticed something. “Wait, where’s the Doctor?!”

“Oh, don’t mind me!” called the Doctor. She was fiddling with a control panel.


“I think you said that a while ago,” I observed. We kept the Daleks busy. “Doctor, what are you up to?” I asked.

“A little messing around,” explained the Doctor. An image of her face popped up on the screen.

“What are you doing?!” shouted Davros. “CEASE AT ONCE!! THE DALEKS ARE MEANT TO OBEY ME! THEY! WILL! OBEY! ME!”

“For future reference,” called the Doctor as she finished, the image on the screen changing to that of Davros, “it’s a really bad idea to route all your targeting software through a single computer node!” The Daleks then started shaking as if they were resisting movements but couldn’t.

“Weapons targeting is being overridden!” reported a Dalek. “I cannot control! I cannot control!” The Daleks started haphazardly firing on Davros and the Rani!

“Oh no, I’m not wasting this regeneration!” yelped the Rani. She scuttled into her TARDIS and fled.

“No! Stop! I AM YOUR CREATOR!” shouted Davros.

“We cannot override the Doctor’s commands!” screamed a Dalek.

“CURSE YOU, DOCTOR!” shouted Davros.

“That’s the first time he ever said that specific phrase,” I observed. There was a massive explosion in the sky as Davros started going up.

“And that’ll be your fleet exploding, Davros,” revealed the Doctor. We turned on our heels, after the Doctor blew on her TARDIS whistle. “I hope you’re well insured. See you next time, Davros.”

“DALEK!” announced a Gaia Memory voice. As the TARDIS reappeared, we turned to see Davros put a Gaia Memory into a Dalek gun from his chair. “DALEK! MAXIMUM DRIVE!”

“DALEK EXTERMINATION!” roared Davros. A single blue bolt of light flew towards us. We got out of the way…well…all but Kamen Rider Climb. She was hit by the blast.

“IRINA!” I shouted. The rest is a blur, your Highness, but we put her in stasis for the trip here.

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