Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 64

Let me tell you, Your Majesty, our adventure was a wild one! We landed in Hill Valley in 1985, and I do mean landed. The rift opened up in the sky and dumped us onto someone! As we were picking ourselves up, we were apologizing over and over to the poor person turned crash mat. “It’s all right!” she assured us in an American Neutral accent. “Accidents…” she faced us and got a good look at us just as we got a good look at her. She was of Japanese descent and dress like a princess, complete with a large pink dress and a tiara. She had ginger hair and emerald eyes, currently wide with some form of surprise. “No…” she breathed.

“Sorry?” I asked.

“No, not now!” she moaned. “I’m busy!”

“Er…why don’t we start over?” suggested Haitao. “I’m…”

“Haitao Lin,” interrupted the princess. “And the Aussie over there,” she pointed at me, “is Joshua Williams. And she’s Wyldstyle.”

“…Who the hell are you?!” asked Haitao.

“And you’re the one who wants to be a diplomat?” Wyldstyle joked.

“I can’t tell you, not yet,” sighed the princess. “I wasn’t supposed to show you my face! My sister’s gonna laugh for YEARS about this!”

“Er, is there something we should know?” I asked.

“I’m from your future,” replied the princess. “All you should know about me is my Rider name, Kamen Rider Spark.” That was when I noticed a jeweled belt on her waist.

“Oh, a Kamen Rider!” called Wyldstyle.

“Yeah, and there’s supposed to be someone else with you,” realized the princess. At that point, I swear I could hear voices.

“GET AWAY FROM ME!” shrieked one. I identified this one as Heather. She then ran past us with something in pursuit. It looked like sand had formed a shape both in the air and on the ground. On the ground was the upper torso of a monster and its lower torso was in the air directly above it! The legs had hooves while the upper torso had deer antlers on its head and hoof-like fingertips.

“Your wish,” demanded the creature.

“My what?!” yelped Heather.

“Tell me your wish,” the creature elaborated.

“Why should I?!” asked Heather.

“I can grant you any wish,” replied the creature, “but a price must be paid.”

“…Any wish?” asked Heather.

“Any wish,” repeated the creature.

“…You know, I think I may need you,” mused Heather. “There’s something in this universe called the Famine Dial Part. I need that to complete my belt. Can you help me find it?”

“Easily,” boasted the creature.

“What’s the catch?” asked Heather.

“I’ll just need to know the date of your most precious moment,” answered the creature.

“Just that?” asked Heather. “All right then, we have a deal.” The creature’s legs then dropped to the ground and the upper torso went on top of the legs. His sandy complexion gave way to show a brown creature with a deer-like appearance.

“The Deer Imagin!” breathed the princess.

“It’s somewhere around here,” mused the Deer Imagin.

“DOC, ARE YOU TELLING ME IT’S 8:25?!” shouted a voice we’re all familiar with. “DAMN! I’M LATE FOR SCHOOL!” Marty ran out of the house and knocked the Deer Imagin aside.

“That’s him!” called the Imagin. “That’s the one that has your part!”

“Let’s get him!” roared Heather.

“NO, YOU DON’T!” I shouted as we leapt out of hiding. We tackled them and they tried to get us off. Our scuffle woke someone up from a bush, then we heard the Sword Form jingle.

“Henshin!” announced the person.

“Sword Form!” called the voice of Den-O’s belt. We all turned to see Den-O as his Sword Form armor attached itself onto him.

“Ore…sanjou!” shouted Den-O as he assembled his sword and started swinging. The Deer Imagin managed to block with just his hands. Meanwhile, the princess got her belt ready and pulled out a pink crystal sphere, pressing a button on it. It flashed before speaking.

“SPARK!” it called. The princess then opened her belt buckle and put the sphere inside. A pink mist was gracefully coiling around her. When it got to her navel, she snapped her fingers, in both hands as well.

“Henshin!” she declared. The mist then formed an entire cloud surrounding her and light flashed inside three times before the princess chopped her way out, making the cloud disperse. Her Rider form was white with pink highlights and hearts on her rounded shoulders, front, elbows, knees, and toes. “Kamen Rider Spark,” introduced the princess. “Hatred shall be your undoing!” She charged at Heather, her gauntlets flashing her claws, and started scratching. Heather tried to get away, but to no avail.

“Get out of here!” she bellowed.

“Not a chance!” shouted Spark.

“We better help them,” Haitao said to me.

“Right,” I replied. We drew our i.d. tags.

“Henshin!” we announced as we donned our suits. Zhànshì helped Spark with Heather while I took care of the Deer Imagin with Den-O.

“Move aside!” shouted the Imagin. “I have a contract to complete!”

“We’re not leaving!” declared Den-O. “You think I’ll leave this fight in such a manner?! You’re dealing with me! I don’t do warm-ups and I don’t do warning shots! I turn my fights up to 11! From start to finish, I go for the climax!”

“I’ll end your climax just as quick as you started it!” the Deer Imagin shouted. “You’ll be crying in pain when I’m through with you!”

“ACK!” yelped Den-O. “DON’T SAY THAT!!” He then heard something and turned his head skywards. “No, Kuma! No one’s crying!” At that point, Kintaros knocked Momotaros out of Ryōtarō’s body. The Sword Form armor vanished as Den-O looked at the two Imagin wrestling on the ground. “Come on!” wailed Momotaros. “We were getting to the good part!”

“Take a break!” demanded Kintaros as he tossed Momotaros aside and possessed Ryōtarō. Den-O then pressed the yellow button and swiped the pass.

“Does that happen a lot?” Wyldstyle wondered.

“Axe Form!” called the belt as the armor appeared for Axe Form.

“Ore no tsuyosa ni, omae ga naita!” declared Den-O. He then cracked his neck. “Namida wa kore de fuitoke!” He turned the sword into an axe and was hitting the Deer Imagin with it multiple times. The Imagin then stopped the axe to sniff the air.

“DAMMIT! WE’VE LOST HIM!” shouted the Imagin.

“We’ve got another chance,” assured Heather. “If I remember right, Marty will be at Twin Pines Mall at 1:15 AM. We’ll get him there!”

“No one’s getting anyone!” declared Spark as she pressed a button on her belt.

“FINISH SPARK!” it called. Spark then leapt into the air.

“SPARK: RIDER KICK!” she announced as she gave her Rider Kick. Heather was smart enough to throw a trashcan in the air to block the kick, throwing Spark off balance. She and the Deer Imagin ran off as Spark landed. “Dammit!” she swore as she cancelled her transformation. “Well, we’ll have to go to Twin Pines Mall to ambush her.”

“Meanwhile,” I recalled, “Strickland gave Marty his fourth tardy slip, called him a slacker like his father, then has to see his dad cave in to Biff Tannen’s demands.”

“Sounds like the kid’s got worse luck than Ryōtarō,” replied Momotaros.

“We can change that,” declared Kintaros as he stepped out of Ryōtarō.

“We’re not changing anything!” snapped the princess.

“She’s right,” I confirmed.

“We can’t change his history,” agreed Haitao.

“Not even a smidge,” mused Wyldstyle.

“WHAT?!” snapped Momotaros.

“I’m sorry,” replied the princess, “but the events we’ve described are fixed points in the multiverse. What happens, happens. We’ve got to let him continue with his currently sucky life.”

“Says who?!” snapped Momotaros.

“Says me!” answered the princess, hotly.

“What, and you’re in charge?!” asked Momotaros.

“Princess, time-traveler, yeah!” declared the princess.

“Momotaros, Imagin, no!” countered Momotaros. “I don’t need your permission to end his bad luck! I’ll do it myself!”

“You even try,” hissed the princess, “and they’ll think you a lunatic! Come on! Twin Pines! We’re going there!”

“I’ve got something to say about that!” shouted Momotaros.

“Oh, I BET you do!” replied the princess.

“Momotaros, I’m sorry,” I calmed, “but if we try to change the outcome now, it may give Heather what she wants.” Momotaros grumbled but subsided.

“Fine, we’ll let him be,” he sighed.

“Good,” declared the princess. “Now then, to Twin Pines Mall!”

It was 1:15 when we arrived. We kept to the shadows so no one could see us. Marty was taping the unveiling of the DeLorean. “Never mind that now!” Dr. Brown said twice over. Marty hoisted the camera up and started filming.

“All right, I’m ready,” he called.

“Good Evening!” Dr. Brown said to the camera. “Good evening, I’m Doctor Emmett Brown. I’m standing on the parking lot of Twin Pines Mall. It’s Saturday morning, October 26, 1985, 1:18 a.m. and this is temporal experiment number one.” He then got his dog, a sheepdog called Einstein. “C’mon, Einy! Hey, hey boy, get in there! That a boy, in you go! Get down, that’s it!”

“All right, so far so good,” I muttered.

“Please note that Einstein’s clock is in complete synchronization with my control watch,” called Doc Brown.

“Right, check, Doc,” replied Marty.

“Good,” cheered Doc Brown. He turned to his dog in the DeLorean. “Have a good trip, Einstein, watch your head.” He shut the door and brought out his remote control.

“You have this thing hooked up to the car?” asked Marty.

“Watch this!” directed Doc Brown. “Not me, the car, the car! If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour, you’re gonna see some serious sh*t!” He started the car up. “Watch this, watch this!” The car then rushed towards the two and generated a light show around the front before it disappeared in a bright light and left a pair of fire trails on either side of the two. “Ha! What did I tell you?!” cheered Doc Brown “Eighty-eight miles per hour! The temporal displacement occurred at exactly 1:20 a.m. and zero seconds!”

“THAT POOR DOG!” wailed Ryōtarō.

“He disintegrated him!” yelped Wyldstyle

“No one’s disintegrated!” I assured the two. “Einstein’s all right!”

“Then, where the hell is he?!” shouted Momotaros.

“Not ‘where’ the hell, ‘when’ the hell,” corrected Haitao.

“Doc Brown modified that DeLorean to become a time machine,” I explained. “Einstein was sent one minute into the future.” Another flash heralded the DeLorean’s arrival. It was covered in frost. Doc opened the door to show Marty proof of Einstein’s trip. He then showed how to operate the main function of the DeLorean. When he got to the bit about him swiping the plutonium he needed from Libyan Nationalists, Momotaros sniffed the air.

“What are you doing?” asked Haitao.

“You can smell the Imagin?” quizzed Ryōtarō.

“It’s close!” replied Momotaros.

“Uh oh,” I gulped as history was unfolding in the correct order. The Libyan Nationalists were approaching Marty and Doc Brown! And right behind them were Heather and the Deer Imagin! “Stop them!” I shouted. We charged out of the bushes, ready to transform. Ryōtarō pressed the red button as the princes pulled her pink crystal out and pressed the button.

“SPARK!” it called. Haitao and I drew our i.d. tags.

“Henshin!” we all announced.

“Sword Form!” called Den-O’s belt as Momotaros possessed Ryōtarō.

“Ore sanjou!” declared Den-O as he quickly assembled his sword. We managed to intercept the duo and keep them distracted.

“I thought I made it clear we will brook no interference!” roared the Deer Imagin as his horns glowed. He charged right at me, knocking me down and winding me! As I was gasping in pain, my transformation was cancelled. The Imagin picked me up. “Now, pay the price!” As he reeled back for a punch, a gunshot rang out and Doc Brown fell to the ground. Marty hid in the DeLorean and gunned the engine. It ran straight at us before it vanished and we stood in between a pair of flaming tire trails.


“Don’t be so sure,” assured the Deer Imagin as he opened me up like a door. “This way!” he called. He and Heather then went through me and I shut behind them.

“What just happened?!” I gulped.

“That only happens when an Imagin hold up its end of the deal with whoever made a contract with it!” yelped Den-O.

“He just used your most precious memory of this universe to travel back to that time!” elaborated Spark.

“November 5, 1955!” I breathed. “The day Doc Brown invented time travel!”

“I’d use my motorcycle,” muttered Spark, “but there’s only room for one, I don’t have sidecars, and the Flux Capacitor hasn’t been installed yet!”

“And Ryōtarō can’t afford to have you all on his pass,” sighed Den-O. “He’s stretching it with the five of us already.” Spark then got an idea.

“I DO have something,” she assured. She then cancelled her transformation and pulled a key from a hidden pocket in her dress. She fiddled with it for a bit. “If I got this right, we’ll be borrowing her for a bit while the events in Montgomery, Alabama on December 1st of that year are being preserved.”

“Who?” I asked. At that point, a familiar Vworp filled my ears. We turned to see the TARDIS appear!

“The Doctor’s not a taxi driver!” protested Wyldstyle.

“The Doctor and her companions are making sure Rosa Parks’ point in history is preserved,” assured the princess. “We’re just borrowing the TARDIS.”

“How are we gonna fit in there?!” Den-O asked.

“It’s not as cramped as you think,” I explained. “You might want to have ALL of the Den-Liner Crew here.” Den-O cancelled his transformation and Momotaros stepped out of Ryōtarō while Urataros, Kintaros, Ryutaros, and Sieg appeared. We entered the TARDIS and the Den-Liner crew gawked at the interior. It had changed when last I saw it. It had gears inside hexagons on the walls and lights inside other hexagons and the time rotor in the center of the console was one large crystal and there were crystal struts that angled towards the crystal in the center.

“Oh, she redecorated,” I mused. “I don’t like it!”

“This is impossible!” breathed Ryōtarō.

“It’s…bigger on the inside!” squawked Momotaros.

“This is, or ought to be, the Doctor’s TARDIS,” replied Haitao. “But, when we last saw it, it looked like a fancy kitchen, not a crystal cave.”

“Right then, November 5th, 1955, Hill Valley, California, United States of America, Earth, Mutter’s Spiral, universe B-A-C-K-T-0-T-H-3-F-U-T-U-R-3!” mused the princess as she fiddled with the controls. She then yanked on the large lever and the crystal time rotor went up and down with the struts’ tips going up and down in sync. As the TARDIS was in flight, the princess danced around the console, flipping switches and pressing buttons to keep the Doctor’s home steady. Soon, the time rotor stopped and there was a distinct thud. The princess then turned a monitor on in the wall and we saw the outside.

“That’s the barn Marty crashed into!” I revealed. And, soon enough, there was the DeLorean crashing through the barn.

“I can’t find the Imagin or Heather!” replied the princess.

“Then we may have beat them here,” Wyldstyle guessed. “Let’s get out of here and keep a close eye on Marty.”

“Right,” everyone confirmed as we left the TARDIS. It then took off on its own.

“Thank you!” the princess called to the winds. We then took off and followed Marty very closely as he improved his dad’s life and helped the Doctor Brown of this era rig up something from the town hall clock that would generate 1.21 gigawatts of power for the DeLorean to get back to 1985.

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