Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 65

The storm was getting nearer and nearer and time was against us! Marty’s parents met, albeit in different circumstances than Marty’s original history, and the Doc had just wired everything up. Marty wasn’t here yet! “Come on!” I whispered. “Damn, where is that kid?!”

“He should be here any minute!” hissed Haitao.

“There he is!” called Ryōtarō.

“Okay, he’s trying to give Doc Brown the letter!” I observed. “There’s the Doc, tearing it up!”

“Hey, there they are!” called Wyldstyle. Running towards the duo were Heather and the Deer Imagin!

“Everyone,” declared Ryōtarō as he drew out the phone, “we’re doing it together!”

“Darn straight!” confirmed the princess. She got her crystal out and pressed the button.

“SPARK!” it called. Ryōtarō then opened the phone.

“Henshin!” we announced as we ran towards Heather and the Deer Imagin. Ryōtarō pressed a button on the side of the phone and set it over the buckle.

“Climax Form!” shouted the belt as all the Imagin of the Den-Liner crew jumped into him. The Climax Form armor appeared and Den-O was ready.

“Ore-tachi…sanjou!” declared Den-O.

“Not you idiots again!” groaned Heather. We clashed again as Marty backed the DeLorean up. “Will you leave us alone!?!” roared Heather.

“You’re playing with fire!” warned Zhànshì. “If you make that belt, it’ll burn half the multiverse!”

“Like I care!” snapped Heather. “I’m coming back with a fully functioning body, one way or another!”

“Wait, what?!” said the Deer Imagin. Heather then used the Imagin as a club and swung him into us before tossing him aside.

“Let me tell you right now, you kangaroo,” Heather said to me, “if Marty returns to the future because of your interference, I will change the outcome of the whole trilogy very quickly!”

“I won’t let that happen!” I declared. I swung my blade across her front. She sparked as my blade made contact.

“What happened to the purity of unarmed combat?!” she asked.

“Again with that vile word!” I shouted.

“What, combat?” quizzed Heather.

“Purity, you idiot!” I insulted. “Gods, a kid with worse autism than ME could pick that up! It should be easier for a neurotypical like you! Unless, you’ve got a worse case of autism than me. It IS a spectrum disorder.”

“CALL ME A RETARD LIKE YOU, WILL YOU?!” roared Heather as she decked me.

“I didn’t even say ‘retard’!” I protested as I picked myself up. “You’re just hearing things!” Heather kept her focus on me while the rest dealt with the Deer Imagin.

“Dude, she’s playing you for a fool!” warned Spark.

“She thinks that,” chuckled the Imagin, “but I’ll have the last laugh!”

“She’s not gonna fulfill her end of the contract!” insisted Den-O. “She’ll leave you to turn back into sand!”

“I do not listen to traitors!” snarled the Imagin.

“That’s it,” sighed Spark, “we need more range.” She pulled a wand out and pressed a button. It curved itself and grew, becoming more metallic until it became a gun.

“WAND MAGNUM!” it announced. Spark then fired off six shots to keep him at bay. Then, we heard it.

“If that crackle is anything to go by…” muttered Wyldstyle.

“NO!” bellowed Heather as she turned around to see Marty go back to 1985.

“It’s…it’s gone!” gulped the Deer Imagin.

“What do you mean?!” demanded Heather.

“The part’s been lost to the winds of time!” explained the Imagin. “Even if I get us to the future, it won’t do any good! The part’s gone!”


“Is that what this is about?!” snarled the Imagin. “You just wanted to come back to life?! A weak creature like you?! It’s not important now! I’ll rip you apart! You are such a disgrace to your own pathetic, mongrel species!” The two then started clashing. “Besides, we’re both in the same boat!”

“I was gonna spread my purity all over the multiverse!” shouted Heather. “I was gonna rule all life! If no one would serve willingly, I’d break their minds! I’d force them to serve me!”

“THAT WASN’T OUR DEAL!” roared the Imagin. “I’m supposed to destroy a key moment in time to bring my future back, NOT BE AN ETERNAL SLAVE TO YOU!”

“I don’t listen to the ambitions of my inferiors!” yelled Heather as she broke the Imagin’s snout. When he reeled back, something flew out and landed at her feet. She picked it up and examined it, giving a smirk. “Well now,” she chuckled, “it seems I had the wrong target. It wasn’t possessed by a boy who was starved for a better life, but rather, a creature who was starved for his old future. Contract complete.” As we rushed at her, she flew through a rift that opened beneath her. It shut before we could follow her.

“YOU BLOODY EAR-BASHING DOG!” I shouted. I felt a hand on me and saw Zhànshì trying to get me to cool off. The Deer Imagin then fell to his knees as sand fell from him.

“No! I can’t die! Not like this!” he wailed.

“What’s with him?” I asked Den-O.

“Whenever we Imagin lose our contract holders,” replied Den-O in Sieg’s voice, “we simply turn into a pile of sand, never to be reconstructed again.”

“Heather most likely forgot about him,” clarified Spark as she cancelled her transformation. “Imagin need someone to remember them.”

“NO!” roared the Deer Imagin. “I won’t do it! Not like this! I REFUSE!” He slammed his hands to the ground and flashed a bright light from his body. When we could finally see, he wasn’t leaking sand.

“…That hasn’t happened before!” yelped Den-O in Momotaros’ voice.

“I have a theory,” gulped the princess.

“And that is?” asked Zhànshì as we cancelled our transformations and the Den-Liner crew came out of Ryōtarō.

“The Deer Imagin is in my time’s history books,” replied the princess. “He’s remembered by someone.”

“And that person,” continued the Imagin as he stood up, “was kind enough to give me this.” He turned slowly so we could see the new belt he was sporting. It was similar to Den-O’s but was more fanged around the symbol. “Luckily for you,” the Imagin continued, “I have no need to fight you lot.”

“What are you gonna do about it?!” hissed Wyldstyle. “You’re trapped here with us!”

“LOOK OUT!” I warned as Marty ran up to Doc Brown who was trying to piece it together in his panic. We hid and watched the scene unfold.

“Okay, relax, Doc! It’s me, it’s me! It’s Marty!” called Marty.

“No, it can’t be!” stammered Doc Brown. “I just sent you back to the future!”

“I know, you DID send me back to the future,” replied Marty, “but I’m back. I’m back FROM the future.”

“…Great Scott!” breathed Doc Brown. That was when he fainted and Marty tried to get him back to consciousness.

“Well, I’ll take my leave,” mused the Deer Imagin. “Ta ta!” He opened a door and stepped into what looked like a train car instead of a room. He shut it when he went inside.

“STOP HIM!” I called. I opened the door to see that it opened into a shop.

“He’s got his own time train?!” snapped Momotaros.

“Oh dear,” mumbled Ryōtarō.

“Now we’re trapped!” I shouted.

“Not if that noise is any indication,” replied the princess. It was the TARDIS arriving again.

“The Doctor’s gonna be mad that you borrowed the TARDIS without permission,” muttered Haitao.

“I didn’t ask for it this time,” gulped the princess. The Doctor stepped out looking right mad.

“This won’t end well,” Wyldstyle predicted.

“You!” snapped the Doctor as she pointed at the princess. “Inside! Now! You lot, as well!”

“I am SO grounded,” sighed the princess. We boarded the TARDIS and saw who the Doctor was travelling with this time. There was a young black man, a young woman of Pakistani descent, and an old man. They were respectively called Ryan Sinclair, Yasmin Khan, and Graham O’Brien.

“How long did you lot travel with the Doctor?” I asked.

“Long enough to swear off of Amazon for a while,” replied Ryan.

“Swear off of bubble wrap for a while!” added Yasmin, Yas, as she’s called to her friends.

“Seriously,” muttered Graham as he was taking his shades off and putting them in the pocket of his swim trunks, “I was enjoying getting my tan on Florana and then you lot steal the TARDIS!”

“Hold on, SHE stole it!” I protested as I pointed to the princess.

“You didn’t stop her!” argued Yas. “That makes you accomplices!”

“You ought to listen to her,” supplied Ryan, “she’s a policewoman.”

“Right, off to Vorton,” declared the Doctor. “Hey! I just remembered! This is Ryan, Graham, and Yas’ first trip to another universe!”

“Glad you’re happy,” muttered the princess, wondering how she was gonna tell her mum about this.

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