The Three Realms The Three Realms World Building


Ruled by: Royal Council with Reigning Monarch at head.

Building Style: Modern cities

Technological stance: Between Under and Mid-realm in terms of technologies

Main Belief: Light guides the way.

Main denizens: Zephyrs. Humans. Elves. Mermaids. Centaurs. Plant-folk. Genies. Dwarves. Kitsunes. Fairies. Chimeras.

Economic base: Healing. Education.

Magic Base: Light Magic

Continents: Wooded North. Cities and villages in West. Mountainous South. Desert Center. Snowy East. Oceans surrounding continents.

Notable Areas: Calando Merfolk Kingdom (West). Chromanian Sea (North). Blasarda Desert (Center). Sacchrinda Kingdom (West). Vorkath (West). Wysper City (West). Dwalna City (West). Regalin Sea (South). Coliamdii Kingdom (East). Drelda Forest (North). Lunarimba Sea (East). Gamfinar Jungle (North). Rooka Forest (North). Falchineve Drider Colony (South). Altiam Mountains (South). Ralandren Plains (South).

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