Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Chapters

Trinity Soul: Epilogue

250 years had passed. Megumi and Richard just woke up for a new day. She had become the Champion of the 591,001st 3V2R and won an artefact called the Central Stone, a rock that can give the user any power they want. Like the Master Wand, it was locked away to keep anyone from misusing it. Her daughters had just gotten up and put their Chizara University uniforms on. Unlike After Academy, Chizara University had seventeen houses, each one named after the respective colors of the princesses. Kaitlyn was in House Pink while Kaede was in House Yellow-green. Megumi and Richard were still in their pj’s as they shuffled to the table. Lisa had already begun plating up breakfast. “Good morning!” she cheered. “Dawn smiles on us and we are blessed!”

“Dawn who?” mumbled Richard.

“Rough night?” guessed Lisa.

“We didn’t get much sleep last night,” muttered Megumi. “What with a certain Morphus Tarantula scuttling in her lair and bumping against the glass last night!”

“Did you have a boy over for dinner?” snarked Kaede.

“You heard us?” winced Lisa as she finished handing out everyone’s meal and set herself down. “Sorry, I thought we were being quiet.”

“Just tell us when you have someone over,” directed Megumi. “So, who was he?”

“His name is David and he’s so dreamy!” sighed Lisa happily as she blushed.

“…Is?” quizzed Kaitlyn.

“He’s still alive?” asked Kaede.

“What kind of question is that?!” protested Lisa. “Female Morphus Tarantulas don’t eat their mates or failed suitors!”

“…You ate the boy tarantula I got for breeding purposes during the 3V2R,” recalled Megumi.

“Well, it was an animal, WE’RE people,” declared Lisa.

“Okay then,” muttered Megumi as she sipped her tea. They soon finished breakfast and Kaede and Kaitlyn grabbed their bookbags.

“We’ll see you this afternoon!” called Kaede. They hopped onto a transport pad, keyed in a command, and shimmered out of the house.

“So, what are you going to do?” Richard asked Megumi.

“Optimus and I will be wandering over to Arsha’s place,” mused Megumi. “We’re gonna be discussing the situation with Shocker Umbra. What about you?”

“You know, same old newscast,” muttered Richard. “I swear, I need an adventure to stave off the boredom. 271 years and I still get bored.”

“The curse of us immortals,” replied Megumi. They changed into their outfits after the discussion. “See you later,” bid Megumi.

“Bye, sweetie,” returned Richard as they kissed. Megumi then walked off to the park and met with a much-older looking Optimus and Arsha. They both had halos on their foreheads, meaning that they entered Beyond City after they died.

“Welcome, Megumi,” Optimus rumbled in a new, deeper voice.

“Hey, Megumi!” called Arsha before her back cramped.

“Hey, are you okay?” asked Megumi as she helped Arsha to a seat.

“Couldn’t the aches and pains have just stayed back home?” grumbled Arsha. “That’s it, I’m gonna accept a regeneration.”

“I might do the same,” mused Optimus. “Can’t fight Shocker Umbra with a bad back. Besides, I miss my old frame.”

“You’re still powerful-looking, I promise you,” assured Megumi. “Speaking of Shocker Umbra, what did you guys hear?”

“The rumors about them conning the Generation Riders are right,” rumbled Optimus.

“Looking for someone to do their dirty work!” growled Arsha.

“Well, that’s where we come in!” declared Megumi. “Tell you what, let’s get you guys back into younger bodies and then we’ll stop Shocker Umbra, all right?”

“Sounds good to me!” answered Optimus.

“Time to say goodbye forever to grey hair and wrinkles!” agreed Arsha.

“Then let’s get to it!” called Megumi.

“Let’s roll out!” announced Optimus. His forearms folded up to the shoulders, then both arms came together with the elbows touching and forming the nose of a futuristic truck. His head slid into the chest as his legs came together and swung up behind him to form the trailer bed as panels attached themselves to the top of the cab, making his new alt-mode a Mobian tractor trailer. His holo-form was an older looking hedgehog without the Matrix necklace he once had. Megumi and Optimus helped Arsha in, then Megumi came into the cab and shut the door so Optimus could drive off. The three friends were still thick as thieves and ready to clobber evil!

Sometimes when your hopes have all been shattered,

And there’s nowhere to turn,

You wonder how you keep going! (going)

Think of all the things that really mattered,

And the chances you’ve earned!

The fire in your heart is growing! (growing)

You can fly, if you try, leaving the past behind!

Heaven only knows what you might find!

Dare, dare to believe you can survive!

You hold the future in your hand!

Dare, dare to keep all of your dreams alive!

It’s time to take a stand,

And you can win if you dare!

Everybody’s trying to break your spirit,

Keeping you down.

Seems like it’s been forever! (ever), oh!

But there’s another voice if you’ll just hear it,

Saying it’s the last round!

Looks like it’s now or never! (never)

Out of the darkness you stumble into the light,

Fighting for the things you know are right!

Dare, dare to believe you can survive!

The power is there at your command!

Dare, dare to keep all of your dreams alive!

It’s time to take a stand,

And you can win if you dare!

Dare, dare to believe you can survive!

You hold the future in your hand!

Dare, dare to keep all of your dreams alive!

The power is there at your command, oh!

Dare, dare to keep all your love alive!

Dare to be all you can be!

Dare, there is a place where dreams survive,

And it’s calling you on to victory!

Dare, dare!

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