Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Movie Chapters

Chapter 14

The pair of them returned with another Kamen Rider wearing a Chronicle Driver.

“Who’s the new guy?!” I asked. The Engineers pulled me aside.

“Do you know how we keep coming back?” asked the BLU Engineer.

“The BLU Heavy told me you guys are clones,” I answered. “Wait, did you guys make a third Engineer?”

“One that needs the belt more than we do,” replied the RED Engineer. “It works for both of us, but neither of us want to abandon our team.”

“So, we made him so he can travel the multiverse while we help out our teams,” continued the BLU Engineer. “He’s taken to going by our real name, Dell Conagher.”

“He want to help you out against the Joker’s boss,” finished the RED Engineer, “if you’ll have him.” I thought for a few seconds, then decided.

“Engineers, I would gladly have him,” I answered. I relayed where the new Rider came from and we took up positions to kick the enemy into the air.

“What makes you think you can stop us?!” laughed the Joker.

“We have our ways,” I replied, “blending order and chaos seems to work.”

“Order and chaos CAN’T be blended!” argued the Joker.

“That’s why you constantly get sent back to Arkham,” I countered. “They ain’t mutually exclusive! Doomfist can attest to that!”

“He IS correct,” remarked Doomfist. “Only through chaos can order flourish. Or, as I prefer to say it, only through conflict do we evolve.”

“You, zip it!” snapped the Joker.

“In any case, it’s about to get real chaotic for you,” I chuckled, “since you’re right where we want you! Kamen Rider Guard! None shall harm my friends, family, and lady!”

“Kamen Rider Arch! My skills outdo Robin Hood!”

“Kamen Rider Seeker! It’s not gold I seek, but your end!”

“Kamen Rider Herald Y! I bring news of your defeat!”

“Kamen Rider Famine! I shall starve you of victory!”

“Kamen Rider Range! I’ve got you right where I want you!”

“I’m Wyldstyle! Time to think outside the box!”

“I am Technarain, the genius wanderer!”

“I am Pup-X5!” called a prerecorded message that X-PO made for Pup-X5. “I shall dig up success!”

“Kamen Rider Construct!” called the Engineers’ third clone. “Let’s do this Texas style!”

“You’re gonna do it DEAD style soon!” laughed the Joker. “GET THEM!” They leapt into the air to attack us.

“NOW!” I called. We spun the wheels and pressed the buttons.

“Final attack!” announced the Vortex Drivers.

“Final Pen Stroke!” supplied the Chronicle Drivers.







“RIDER CONSTRUCT KICK!” Our kicks landed on our opponents and pushed them towards the portal!

“NOOOO!” screamed Merasmus as the enemy was sucked in. “SOLDIER! YOU WERE THE WOOORST ROOOOMMAAAATE!” The portal disappeared once everyone was sucked in.

“Victory!” called the Overwatch announcer.

“…That ain’t the Administrator,” mused the RED Engineer.

“Play of the Game,” continued the Overwatch announcer. The Gateway then projected a screen with Arch posing. The caption read “Emmanuel Babineaux as Kamen Rider Arch.”

“What?!” I protested. “Why are YOU getting Play of the Game?!” We soon got our answer. While he was fighting Reaper, he had separated his bow into his blades and leapt up into the air before inserting his i.d. tag into the one in his right hand.

“Final attack!” it announced.

“RIDER ARCH SLAM!” he shouted. The impact caused Reaper to fly across the map.

“…Okay, you get Play of the Game,” I grumbled.

“Well, the moment has passed,” muttered the RED Spy.

“Agreed,” supplied the BLU Spy. “We have work to do over at Thunder Mountain.”

“Thunder Mountain?!” squawked the RED Soldier. “I don’t know how you knew that’s where we’re going, but you BLUs won’t take it from us!”

“We’ll be throwing our payload at your ass all day long!” snarled the BLU Soldier.

“I am going to strangle you with your own frilly training bra!” threatened the RED Soldier. He then chased the BLU Soldier out of the carnival with their compatriots following close behind, save for Construct. Once it was just us, we all powered down. The third Engineer clone, Dell as the original two called him, was wearing a purple Engineer’s outfit.

“Welcome to the team, Mr. Conagher,” I bid as I stuck my hand out for a handshake.

“Please, son, Mr. Conagher is my father’s name,” replied Dell as he shook my hand. “Just call me Dell.”

“Well then, welcome, Dell,” I greeted. We then finished and I turned to Pup-X5. “Get into contact with Vorton. Tell them the Tarlaxian crew gave their lives successfully getting the Source out of harm’s way. It should be in the Tarlaxian vaults. Tell them we’re on our way with a new member!”

“Belay that!” snapped Victor. “You lot still owe me an explanation as to why you decided it was a good idea to keep Megumi’s emotional collapse a secret!”

“…Pardon?” asked Dell. I sighed.

“During our first trip through the multiverse,” I explained, “we kept information about the enemy from our new allies, Wyldstyle included. When it was revealed that the one who gathered us MEANT for them to be with us, Megumi realized her mistake and had an emotional breakdown at her mistake. We kept it from our recent additions to the team because we didn’t want their views of us tainted. …But we still tainted them anyways.”

“Yeah, you did,” remarked Victor.

“Victor, I’m sorry,” I sighed. “The majority vote was that we wouldn’t tell you. We thought we were doing this for the greater good. …That was the first mistake, thinking we were doing this for ANY kind of good. I understand if you want to leave us.”

“I appreciate that, I really do,” muttered Victor. “Maybe…maybe we need a little more forgiveness here. A little more compassion than hatred. It’s just…why did you vote on this in the first place?”

“I raised the issue, saying that it would turn away any potential new members,” replied Emmanuel. “We debated and then voted.” Pup-X5 raised his hand, indicating he had something to say.

“Apparently,” read his tablet, “your arguments swayed Richard.”

“…No, they didn’t,” I replied. “I voted no.”

“…No, you didn’t,” argued Pup-X5.

“Yes, I did!” I insisted. “You can see that I voted no!”

“No, it says you voted yes!” replied Pup-X5. He displayed the results and they baffled me.

“Okay, I KNOW Emily voted no!” I declared.

“Something seems screwy with your voting,” mused Victor. “We need to check this out.”

“‘We’?” I repeated.

“I’m still mad at you all,” replied Victor, “but it looks like someone wants to drive a wedge into us. We need to settle this before I make any decision.”

“All right,” I declared. “Pup-X5, get us home.”

Richard’s team arrived after telling us what happened in the universe he and his team went to and we told him the news about the Rose clone and the Doctor’s involvement. “We’re coming up with nothing,” I explained as I held my crown in my hand. “The Doctor is unavailable to help right now, she’s busy trying to figure out why she’s forgetting an adventure.”

“Did Emily find anything?” asked Richard.

“She DID find something chemical in her,” I explained, “but that’s probably part of Gallifreyan biology.” At that point, the Doctor approached us. She was fanning herself with her hand.

“Could someone lower the heat?” she griped. “Far above what Time Lords are used to!” She then noticed something. “Wait, shouldn’t you be fanning yourselves as well? It IS 41.8⁰C.” (107.3⁰F)

“No, it’s a comfortable 23.8⁰C,” (75⁰F) I argued. The Doctor then seemed to let her attention get grabbed elsewhere.

“…I think my right heart is ARRGH!” She then doubled over in pain, clutching her chest at her right heart. “I’ve been poisoned!” she gasped. She then ran off for the cafeteria. We followed to find her grabbing Michael by the shoulders. “Ginger beer!” she gasped.

“Doctor!” protested Michael, presuming that to be the insult version of the phrase.

“I need ginger beer!” explained the Doctor. Michael hurried off and replicated the drink. The Doctor guzzled it down.

“Doctor, what’s going on?!” yelped Michael. “You’re acting like you need to go through detox!”

“Protein!” called the Doctor.

“Will walnuts do again?” sighed Michael.

“Doctor, how are any of this gonna stop whatever poison’s inside you?!” I protested.

“Wait, the Doctor’s poisoned?!” yelped Michael. He hurried along replicating walnuts and handed them to the Doctor who greedily devoured them. She then mimed shaking something.

“I can’t understand!” I yelped as Michael was trying to replicate something else. However, his panic was making his fingers make mistakes. The Doctor held up one finger. “One word. Shake, shake,” I floundered. “Milk shake? No, not milk, cocktail shake! What do you want, an orange screwdriver?!”

“ORANGE SCREWDRIVER?!” protested the Doctor when she finally swallowed the walnuts.

“WELL, I DON’T KNOW!” I shouted back.

“HOW IS ‘ORANGE SCREWDRIVER’ ONE WORD?!” continued the Doctor.

“She was miming salt!” called Michael as he got the desired dish. “She needs something salty!”

“What is that?!” I yelped.

“Anchovies!” replied Michael.

“Brilliant!” praised the Doctor as she scarfed down the anchovies.

“Why not just salt?!” I asked.

“That’s too salty!” answered Michael as he tried replicating something else. The Doctor finished off her anchovies and mimed a flash with her hands.

“A song?!” I guessed. “Er, I don’t know! ‘Turkey in the Straw’?!”

“‘TURKEY IN THE STRAW’?!” protested both Michael and the Doctor.

“Oh, all right, ‘American Pie’!” I snapped.

“Doctor!” called Michael when he finished with the replicator. “Close your eyes and pucker your lips!” The Doctor did so and Michael held a piece of paper to her lips. The Doctor felt the taste of paper on her lips and opened her eyes, yelping in surprise at seeing whatever was on the paper and jumping back before leaning back, opening her mouth, and letting something smoky come out. The smoke cleared and the Doctor leaned on the table before regaining her strength and standing upright to glare at Michael.

“Dearest Michael,” she hissed, “when I’m going through detox and ask for a shock, just get a defibrillator! Do not, under any circumstances, make me kiss A PICTURE OF BLOODY DAVROS!”

“Detox?” I asked. “Time Lords can get rid of poison?”

“Not every poison, just certain poisons,” explained the Doctor. “Especially THAT poison used on me. It’s Sparxotylin, a Time Lord developed poison that inhibits certain memories, especially the memory of being injected with the stuff. Lasts a long time, even throughout regenerations, before it starts to kill the Time Lord.”

“When were you poisoned?” I asked.

“Just before I was imprisoned within my confession dial,” replied the Doctor.

“The Time Lords poisoned you before imprisoning you?!” snapped Michael. “Your own people?!”

“So, this ISN’T connected to the Rose clone?” I asked.

“No, it isn’t,” replied the Doctor.

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