The Three Realms The Three Realms World Building


Ruled by: Monarch and Council.

Building Style: Futuristic Cities

Technological stance: Technological Capital of the Realms

Main Belief: Balance light and dark

Main denizens: Humans. Dwarfs. Centaurs. Elves. Merfolk. Driders. Plant-folk. Harpies. Kitsunes.

Economic base: Technology. Food.

Magic Base: Neutral Magic

Continents: Snowy South. Grassy and Woodland West. Cities and villages in East. Mountainous Center. Desert-like North. Oceans surrounding continents.

Notable Areas: Largandra (East) Algarda Merfolk Kingdom (West). Aridu (North). Midoran Forest (West). Galthar (East). Kurontar Sea Merfolk Kingdom (South). Trelfan Trench (South). Domoroto (South). Varshenta Beach. (East). Gafinar Cecaelia Kingdom (East). Regatim Oasis (North). Borompek Dwarf Kingdom (Center). Rokanth Village (East). Glasna Kingdom (South). Slempay Kingdom (West). Borsootha Slime Oasis (South).

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