The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


Frequently calling herself as hot as her home, the Under-realm’s Galdredan Lava Kingdom, Remsu the Succubus/Zephyr Blender is a trusted top lieutenant in Dr. Borg’s Realm Trinity Empire. Notice that the word “trusted” wasn’t in quotes? Well, that’s because she really IS trustworthy to Dr. Borg, trustworthy enough to be one of Dr. Borg’s spouses. At 21,345 years of age, she has enchanted her long hair to grow and shrink to any length she wishes to use for her attacks. She was orphaned a few days after she was born, but she’s decided not to let it stop her.

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


Princess Rosalmia Maropwem is the Crown Princess of the Over-realm’s Sacchrinda Kingdom. One of seven identical daughters of a Fairy father and human mother, Rosalmia and her sisters are very skilled in magic. However, she’s notorious in that she always flirts with everyone. At last count, she’s got 36 lovers, but she’s always looking for more.

Artwork courtesy of Azure-wolf96

Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Artwork


Coming soon, the Verse Vs. Verse Rumble Royale will be broadcast and updated relative to your universe’s time scale!

The content of the invite is a form while the name is handwritten to entice the person asked to participate in this great tournament.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Cast

Dame Emily Saunders


Having been made fun of for her weight, Emily had gained clinical depression. She was sure no one loved her until she saw three roses by her bedside table. When she found out they had come from her parents and brother, she found a way to stave off her depression by remembering her loved ones.

Over time, she became obsessed with roses, going so far as calling herself the Rose of the Internet. Much like the flower she loves so much, Emily has gained thorns with some snarky comments here and there.

When she heard about a gang of people dressing up for fun and being nerdy was forming and her brother was getting in on it, she joined up too. She gained enough medical knowledge to act as the resident medic for the F.N.S.

With help from Megumi’s mother, she gained a dress that showed how much she loved roses and wears a hairpiece with three roses to remind her of the people that gave her a reason to fight and live. Now, having gained a Vortex Driver, she fights as Kamen Rider Touché and will show everyone that there’s always a reason to live and a reason to fight.