Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 12: Seven Lights of the Earth)

TMC 12-2

The Autobots and their allies met in the conference room. “How did we figure out the Decepticons’ goals?” asked Optimus.

“The Decepticons labeled the Seekers were talking about them,” explained Topaz. “Our spy managed to get out of there before she was spotted.”

“Was it Rouge?” asked Sira.

“I wish it was me,” sighed Rouge. “To fully answer your question, no, it was a protege of mine.”

“We’ve already found them, so that should make extraction easier,” supplied Topaz.

“Or it could alert the Decepticons to their location,” rumbled Grimlock.

“Rodimus, does anything happen to the Chaos Emeralds in your time?” asked Optimus.

“Unicron manages to drain them,” reported Rodimus.

“All right, then, we DEFINITELY need to keep them out of Decepticon hands,” rumbled Ultra Magnus.

“And continue our search for this ‘Silver’ guy,” muttered Jazz.

“Everyone, I know we all want a little more time to grieve for Ironhide,” called Optimus, “but this war won’t give us such niceties. We’ll divide into seven teams of Autobots and organics.”

“I advise against that!” objected Ultra Magnus. “If we involve them, they’ll get squished!”

“You’re underestimating them, Ultra Magnus,” replied Optimus, “the same mistake I made that led to the Allspark fiasco. We need to trust them more. Besides, half of them have powers that keep them well protected against the Decepticons, especially considering the size difference.”

“Optimus, I really must protest…!”

“Your protests are noted, but my decision is final. Sonic, Topaz, Aleena, Sira, I trust we can rely on your help to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds since you know about them more than we do?”

“You can count on us!” promised Topaz.

“I ain’t letting those Decepti-creeps take even one!” assured Sonic.

“I’ve been sitting this fight out for too long!” declared Aleena. “I’m taking action this time!”

“I’m not letting those brutes harm this world a second longer!” proclaimed Sira.

“All right then, I’ll have the team assignments within the hour,” replied Optimus. “Let’s get this right, ladies and gentlemen.”

As Optimus busied himself with team assignments, he heard a knock on the door. “Come in,” he called. Ultra Magnus entered the office.

“Optimus, I say this as a veteran of the previous war, we MUST wipe ourselves from public memory!”

“…Questioning a command decision still, Ultra Magnus? That’s not your style.”

“Your bleeding Spark is causing you to make poor decisions! As the head of the Pax family…!”

“This is a war-time situation! We need all the help we can get!”

“Every time we’ve revealed ourselves to a non-Transformer population, we’ve always caused irreparable damage to their planet!”

“And prolonged the war! The Mobians know of the Decepticon threat and declared war on them, asking us for help!”

“Optimus, as head of the Pax…”

“You may be head of the Pax family, but I’m your commanding officer in this war! Believe it or not, my authority as Prime supersedes yours as the Pax Family Head! Another objection, and you’re confined to quarters! Dismissed!” Ultra Magnus glowered at Optimus before leaving the office. Optimus released a breath before returning to team assignments.

“Lord Megatron,” called Shockwave, “Laserbeak has reported military build-up on Mobius.”

“For what reason?” asked Megatron.

“He believes…”

“I’ll report it to him myself, thank you!” hissed Laserbeak. “I found seven areas that soldiers are gathering around.”

“…Seven, you say?” asked Megatron.

“Three guesses why that specific number.”

“I think I can hazard one.” He then activated the comms. “Decepticons, G.U.N. was foolish enough to hand us the locations of the Chaos Emeralds on a silver platter! Await team assignments!”

“I WILL say one thing for Eggman,” muttered Starscream, “he’s right; Megatron IS a fool. If I were leader…”

“Here we go,” grumbled Thundercracker.

“…And just WHAT, pray tell, is that supposed to mean?”

“It’s pretty much standard procedure here, ever since Jhiaxus’ predecessor. You grumble about a scheme, start your spiel with ‘If I were leader’ or some variation of that phrase, then cook up a scheme to depose of the Decepticon leader, it fails, the leader beats you like a drunk would with his wife, you end up in Repairs, so on and so forth, ad infinitum! Well, I’m gonna greet you with a big, fat ‘I told you so’ when that inevitable outcome happens!”

“Would you? Or would you bow to me if I said I had the D.J.D. on my side?”

“…YOU?! You’re probably at the top of their List! No way you’ve got Tarn on your side!”

“I do, though. You see, Megatron had deceived Tarn and the D.J.D. into thinking he was always a Decepticon. If they knew he was once an Autobot early on, he wouldn’t have been in the Pits of Kaon, much less their champion.”

“…You told Tarn?”

“And gave him all the evidence he needed. He then presented his revised List to me, putting Megatron at the top. If and when I DO become leader of the Decepticons, he’ll take my name completely off the List. He should be coming within…” An alarm then sounded. “…He’s early.”

“Tarn’s here?! Now?!”

“Don’t panic, you’re not even on the List.”

“…Soooo…our Master ain’t happy,” muttered Nemesis Prime.

“You think?!” snapped Crystal Widow. “How long has Sideways been in there anyways?”

“Since he first reported failure, I think. That was two days ago.”

“Well, we don’t have much time, our enemies are probably trying to secure the Chaos Emeralds and we NEED them drained!”

“Hey, is anything happening yet?” asked Rodimus Unicronus as he stepped up to them. “Just got off the horn with Straxus. He said he and Deceptitran are coming to help find Makeshift.”

“Straxus and Deceptitran?! Now?!” yelped Nemesis Prime. “It’s too early!”

“He said it was Unicron’s command,” replied Rodimus Unicronus.

“Afraid of us?” purred a voice. A black portal opened and Straxus arrived with a very fat looking Decepticon. He moved on a set of wheels instead of legs and had a huge mouth.

“Not remotely, just irritated that Unicron thinks you’re needed right now,” remarked Nemesis Prime. The door then opened and Sideways was flung out of the audience chamber. He groaned as he massaged his head, then he got a good look at the new arrivals.

“Straxus? Deceptitran?” he asked.

“The very same,” replied the fat Decepticon, Deceptitran. “Former Drone turned Terrorcon.”

“A very gluttonous one, Bub,” grunted Sideways.

“…Did you just call me…Blob?!”

“…Well, no, but, looking at you, maybe…” Sideways didn’t get very far with his rudeness as Deceptitran charged at him and slammed his fist into Sideways’ chest, throwing him across the room.

“Dude, you know he’s just a heavy-build!” protested Nemesis. “Why’d you call him Blob?”

“I didn’t, I said Bub!” grunted Sideways as he got up. “Spawn of a glitch, I’m gonna…!”

“Save it!” called Straxus. “We’re wasting time. Humans are gathered and it looks like they’re waiting for the Autobots. Makeshift has already told me that he’s at the Yellow Emerald’s location…never thought I’d ever call an emerald yellow.”

“I’ll go for the Green one,” declared Nemesis.

“Red for me,” replied Crystal Widow.

“I’ll take Cyan,” offered Straxus.

“Gimme Purple,” grunted Rodimus Unicronus.

“I’ll go for Blue,” Deceptitran chimed in.

“I guess that leaves White for me,” rumbled Sideways.

A dark void stretched out beyond Mobius. Hatred, anger, rage, and destruction fueled it. It felt blinded by the light. …However, that didn’t stop the light from shining. The light drifted comfortably, feeling safe and sound…until a voice called out. It was a kind, motherly voice. “You must awaken again,” the voice urged the light. “Messenger of day, of light, of rebirth, our enemy awakes this time!”

“…So, it IS the Time of Awakening,” replied the light.

“Your allies are already aware of the danger; they have taken the first step and are proceeding on to the second one.”

“I must help them!”

“Agreed. Go! Help Sonic as you did before!”

“At once, My Lady!” The light then took off quickly in another direction, gaining a shape as it flew through the void. It then made a noise of lip-smacking. “I haven’t had a Chocolate Chip Sundae Supreme in ages! Look out, Mobius, here I come!”

Megatron patrolled the moon with Starscream flying overhead. “Don’t you have an old lady with bread to find, you pigeon?” Megatron grunted over the comms.

“I’m just making sure you weren’t caught off-guard by any surprises,” replied Starscream.

“Starscream, what surprises are coming? The teams are planning their attack strategies and the D.J.D have returned home, so, again, I ask, what surprises are coming?”

“…H-how did you think to mention…?”

“Thundercracker told me everything.”

“…That COWARD!”

“You’re one to talk. Starscream, I’m a tolerant mech, but I don’t like treason. Tarn understood that my origins actually make me a better leader to bring victory, since I know how Autobots think. Attempt to usurp me again and you’ll be buried alongside Rumble.” Megatron then felt something near his foot that didn’t feel like rock. He knelt down and looked at the ground to see something…green and metallic. “Starscream, come down here.”

“Oh, fine!” grunted Starscream as he transformed and landed. “What could be so…what IS that?!”

“Help me dig it out.” Starscream and Megatron then used their hands to get the moon dust off the object. It was a green, pentagonal plate with an “M” symbol on it. “…Is that…?!”

“A Mini-con hibernation plate!” confirmed Starscream. Megatron reached towards the plate, then it started glowing. The plate then started changing into a small robot with tires on its shoulders and calves with gun barrels folded into its legs. The glow then died, and the small robot’s visor flicked on.

“…Where am I?” asked the robot.

“On the moon of the planet Mobius, Earth, once upon a time,” revealed Megatron. The small robot then looked at the symbols on the two Decepticons.

“Oh, thank Micronus!” he sighed. “I’m with Decepticons! Name’s Clench.”

“Clench?” asked Starscream. “The leader of the Cyclones?”

“The same.”

“What brings you here?” asked Megatron.

“I’m sick of Micron, that’s what!” answered Clench. “All my life, my Cyclones have been told that our way only leads to death! Those slagging Torpedoes always stifle our talents!”

“…I believe your abilities may help us, Clench. I have a little mission of great importance.”

“Unless you’ve got the Badge, kid…”

“I do.” Megatron took off the symbol on his chest and presented it to Clench.

“…Okay, then, in that case, how can I help?”

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