Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 18: Masters of Nebulos)

TMC 18-3

The Council of Peers had met the next day, ready to discuss the situation above their heads. “Fellow Peers,” began Llyra, “it’s clear that having multiple warships above our heads that are ready to do battle with one another is causing a lot of frayed nerves to the populace.”

“Frayed nerves is putting it mildly, Supreme Councilor,” argued a man. He was promptly shushed by his colleague.

“However, I am in talks with both Autobots and Decepticons,” continued Llyra. “I have made it quite clear that we will have no fighting within our solar system, whether it be on the surface of a planet or out in the space surrounding said planets.”

“They’re programmed for war!” rebuffed the man that commented on her opening statement.

“Councilor, they’re beings that think, feel, and go beyond their ‘programming’ like you and I.”

“With all due respect, no, they aren’t. Why else would there be Headmasters except to control them directly?”

“If they were machines of that low a level, organic life would have stopped their war before it got worse. But, their brains are as adaptive as ours, so mind control is out of the question.”

“Then what can we do?! Surrender?!”

“We did that with the Decepticons, and we didn’t exactly prosper then, did we? No, there’s a way for us to enforce limits. I have spoken with other members of society ranging from the poorest farmers to the ones living in luxury and they have offered radical solutions that will benefit us. Solution 1: areas where weapons are not allowed, be they natural-born or artificial. So, no Ban’grazas, no blasters, no wands, no-” a woman then burst into the Council Chambers.

“Supreme Councilor! Trouble! In space!” she called.

“What’s so important that you must burst in here?!” demanded Llyra’s nay-sayer.

“Ma’am, you said in space earlier,” interjected Llyra. “What’s going on up there?”

“It’s the Decepticon Headmasters! They’re within our solar system! Scorponok himself is here!” The Council then started talking amongst themselves, worry crossing their brows.

“You’re sure it’s Scorponok?” asked Llyra’s nay-sayer.

“Scorpion-shaped vessel, purple, black, and green color scheme, Decepticon and Predacon symbols on the topside, massive amount of guns, it’s Scorponok, no doubt!”

“Have our planetary defenses ready! We won’t let the Decepticon Headmasters land on our soil!” Every Councilor scrambled to their battle stations.

“Scorponok’s approaching,” reported Ravage.

“Excellent. Hail him,” said Megatron. Ravage keyed in a command, then arched an eyebrow.

“No response.” Megatron raised his own eyebrow.

“Try again. Use all frequencies.” Ravage did so.

“…Still nothing.”

“Prepare a channel on an open frequency.”

“Channel open.”

Slash’s optics flickered before she reported her findings. “Captain, the fleet’s receiving an open channel.”

“On screen,” ordered Grimlock. “Maybe this will explain Scorponok’s presence.” Megatron’s face appeared.

“Scorponok, this is Megatron aboard the Nemesis. I appreciate that you wish to crush our enemies, but there is no current need at the present time. The situation is delicate and sending in troops now would only disrupt our operations. You are to join our fleet and await my command.” There was a brief pause until Slash reported something.

“Scorponok’s maneuvering himself above the Folassian Forest!” she warned. “He’s preparing a teleport beam!”

“What?!” roared Megatron once Ravage reported the same findings. “Scorponok, what do you think you’re doing?! I said join the fleet!”

“Lord Megatron!” called Thundercracker aboard the Decimator. “Scorponok’s training his weapons on us!”

“All ships, raise shields!” ordered Megatron.

“All shields raised!” reported Ravage. Scorponok then fired on the Nemesis and the shots went through the shields! The ship rocked as it took damage. Shockwave made course corrections to keep the ship steady.

“Lord Megatron, Scorponok’s hailing us!” called Ravage.

“Ignore!” replied Megatron. “Coordinate damage control!”

“The call’s forcing its way through! I can’t ignore!”

“All ships, do not tamper with the Novacons’ mission!” boomed a voice. “I care not about factions! This is your only warning!”

“Warning?!” demanded Megatron.

“We who were once merely labeled as the Decepticon Headmasters now have a new name, the Novacons! Our mission assumes priority! Anyone who dares interfere, regardless of faction, will be neutralized!” Megatron gritted his dental plates.

“Scorponok, I’ve put up with one usurper too many in my lifetime! I will not suffer another, especially not one who dares to address me in threatening tones!” At that point, Zarak appeared on the screen.

“You have little say in the matter, you failure!” he growled. “You cost me everything! You cost me my job, my family, my home, my planet, all of it! I had to reside with beasts, a whole faction of them actually ACTING like beasts while the other half was undergoing a civil war against the Tripredacus Council!”

“What?! I gave no order to go against the Council! Predacons and you ‘Novacons’ are extensions of my will! And my will is-”

“Your will is nothing, False Lord!” interrupted Scorponok’s voice. “Nebulos will take over as the center of the Decepticon Empire with my Emissary, his binary-bond partner, and I at the top of the heap!”

“I am Megatron, Lord and Master of the Decepticon Empire! I command you to cease your attack run!”

“You don’t have the power to command a Metrotitan of my caliber!” Scorponok then fired on the Nemesis again, this time with an electric cannon! The ship conducted the electricity all throughout itself and into the crew. The treatment stopped after a minute and all ship systems rebooted itself. Once Tactical got power, Ravage checked his readings.

“Lord Megatron, Black Scar and the Novacons are at the edge of the Folassian Forest,” he reported.

“Clench, with me! Shockwave, you have the conn!”

“Where are we going?!” asked Clench as he followed Megatron off the bridge.

“To voice my complaints to Scorponok personally!” They made their way to the launch bay and Megatron transformed. “Clench, POWERLINX!” Clench transformed and attached himself to Megatron’s front, deploying his guns. New guns then deployed from the underside of Megatron’s tip as he activated his fusion cannons. He was held in place by a sling-field, an energy field that throws a bot out of the launch bay like a slingshot. “This mutiny ends NOW!” At that, Megatron was launched out of the bay and switched on his thrusters. He then made his way to Scorponok, ready to tear the Metrotitan a new one.

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