Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 18: Masters of Nebulos)

TMC 18-7

Five days after Galen and Rev went shopping for their outfits, the wedding began. The Autobots, Omnibots, and their allies were invited by Trema as she was going to officiate the whole thing per tradition. They graciously accepted the invitation. It was a traditional Nebulan wedding with four drums surrounding the venue. The guests and families sat around a stage with two doors leading from the stages underside. One door was styled to look like lava and the other looked like a waterspout. Surrounding the stage were multiple mouths with large teeth. Trema then stood in the center of the stage and began speaking. “In the beginning, the Gods forged Nebulan hearts, with the intention to frighten their enemies.” she began. The drummers then made soft drumbeats. “However, for a long time, the hearts were weak and could not inspire terror in anyone. The Gods then united three hearts.” One of the drummers then made a loud beat and a soft one three times over with a space in between the three pairs of drumbeats. “The Gods then felt satisfied, and from their emotions and their skin, they forged…Man.” Galen then came out of the lava door with an outfit of orange and brown colors. “And from their blood and their breath, the Gods forged…Woman!” Llyra came out of the waterspout door in a dress of dark and light blues. The second drummer then matched the first in the same beat. “It was then that the Gods felt satisfied! …But the hearts faltered.” The drummers then softened their beats. “And the Gods then asked…” By this point, people robed in black moved the mouths.

“Why do you falter?” they asked Galen and Llyra. “We have crafted you to be warriors that inspire terror.”

“The First Man and the First Woman then said…” called Trema.

“We are mighty, but we are alone,” continued Galen.

“What good is battle if there is no one to share it with?” asked Llyra.

“The Gods then realized their error,” continued Trema. “And so, from their emotions and their skin, they forged another Man.” Rev stepped out of the lava door in an outfit with the same colors as Galen’s. “And from their blood and their breath, they forged another Woman.” Kari then stepped out in a dress with the same colors as Llyra’s. The remaining two drummers then joined the first two in the same beats. “But the First Man and First Woman grew jealous of the Second Man and Second Woman. For whatever flaws were within the First Pair, the Second did not possess them. It was then that the Second Pair grew jealous of the First, for they felt that the First was stronger than they.” As she spoke, the brides and grooms grew expressions of anger. “As they grew jealous and angry, their jealousy soon appeared on their skin as their bodies, once pristine white, became green, their once-smooth chins grew spikes, their teeth sharpened, spots appeared on their skin, their ears became pointed, their hair grew gray and white, their eyes, once adorned with round circles with black spots, now altered so that their black spots became as pointed as the stars of the heavens, and the final alteration came from their fingers as claws of obsidian sprouted from their tips! It was then that the First and Second Pairs fought!” Galen and Llyra then slashed at Rev and Kari with their claws but missed them as Rev and Kari slashed at them. As the staged fight went on, the drummers then deliberately went into beats of discord. “And as they fought,” continued Trema, “the Gods made the error…of laughing in amusement. The laughter reached the Men and the Women and all four grew angry. And the Gods said…”

“You are perfect toys for us!” the people manipulating the mouths called.

“But the declaration tempered the First and Second pairs with wisdom,” continued Trema. “And so the Second Man and Woman said…”

“The Gods do not wish to treat their creations with respect! Why should we obey them?!” asked Rev.

“If we join forces, not even the Gods could stand against us!” declared Kari.

“The Gods learned of this treason and grew angry! They rose from their lurking places and attacked their creations!” When Trema finished, the people manipulating the mouths rushed up the stage and made the mouths circle the four. They slashed at the mouths with their claws, but they were weakening. “The Creations could not destroy the Gods with their own weapons, so they faltered and were about to be destroyed…until they broke eight of the Gods’ teeth!” The four punched the mouths and eight teeth fell out, one from each mouth. “The First Man then said…”

“We must use the Gods’ own weapons against them! They have given us the abilities to do so!” called Galen.

“And so the Creations gathered,” Trema continued, “and from the teeth, they learned how to make steel! They all sharpened the steel and made eight blades! These, they called ‘Ban’graza’, honored metal! With these new blades, the Creations slew one of the Gods!” The four then plunged prop Ban’grazas into one of the mouths and it fell dead. “It was then that the Gods knew fear! They tried to flee but could not escape their fate!” The four then killed the remaining mouths, all of them lying dead on the stage. “They then used their abilities for one final time, to make more of themselves as they stood now, jealousy scarred and all, to teach themselves that it was in-fighting that altered their original appearance.” The people that manipulated the mouths then rose and pulled their hoods back to reveal four men and four women. “From the remains of the Gods, the new people then used the skin to make stone, the blood to make water, the breath to make air, and the emotions to make fire that illuminates the sky! And the bones…they made rings around the new sphere of their world, their home which they called Nebulos, and they called themselves Nebulans! Unlike the Gods, the Creations were mortal and eventually died, but, to this day, none can stand in the way of twelve Nebulan hearts beating as one!” The drummers then unified and made a beat like the Nebulan hearts-beat. “Galen! Do your hearts beat for these three?!” called Trema.

“They do!” responded Galen.

“Do you swear to stay loyal to them and defend them against enemies as they would with you?”

“This I swear!”

“Llyra! Do your hearts beat for these three?!”

“They do!” answered Llyra.

“Do you swear to stay loyal to them and defend them against enemies as they would with you?”

“This I swear!”

“Rev! Do your hearts beat for these three?!”

“They do!” responded Rev.

“Do you swear to stay loyal to them and defend them against enemies as they would with you?”

“This I swear!”

“Kari! Do your hearts beat for these three?!”

“They do!” responded Kari.

“Do you swear to stay loyal to them and defend them against enemies as they would with you?”

“This I swear!”

“Then let none tear your twelve hearts asunder! Let them beat as one!” The drummers then made one final beat, signaling for the crowd to cheer! As the four newlyweds kissed one another, they stepped off the stage and were congratulated warmly.

At the reception, people were merry and happy for the Brides and Grooms. They all cheered as they stood for their speech. “Thank you!” called Galen. “Thank you very much for coming!”

“We have all often wondered what would happen after the wedding,” remarked Kari. “Now, though, we are certain.”

“Our union will take us to the stars, quite literally,” chuckled Rev. The guests mumbled to each other at that remark.

“I know this is a day of happiness, but the shadow of war has descended on Nebulos,” explained Llyra. “With Scorponok invading Nebulos in the name of a Decepticon Faction, they have declared war on us. Therefore, in the five days between Galen and Rev’s clothes shopping and today, members of the Nebulan Planetary Defense Force and the Omnibots have packed Fortress Maximus…and we shall pursue them to Animatros. Optimus, will you have us?” Optimus’ optics flickered, then he grinned.

“Llyra Rozak, you honor the Autobots with your invitation to join us! We accept! We’ll be leaving tomorrow! I trust that is an appropriate time?”

“A perfect time, actually. We’ve already undergone preparations.”

“Then, tomorrow, we go to Animatros!”

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