Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 20: Racing to win)

TMC 20-7

After Megatron gave Override a tour of the base, they entered the bridge. “Nice little setup you got here, Chief,” chuckled Override. “I think I’m gonna feel right at home!”

“I hate to have to cut the tour short,” remarked Megatron, “but we have business to discuss. You see, you have the formula to create Synthetic Energon, but we don’t know where it is. We fear that your…initiation has erased the formula from your mind, but we believe it’s in some form of external data storage. Giving us the formula will be most valuable to us.”

“And what’s in it for me if I do?”

“Why, the honor of being the first of us to destroy the Autobots and their allies, especially your former friends!”

“Destruction…yep! Destruction is always good!”

“I thought you would enjoy that pros-” the lights then flickered, and the screen went dead. Megatron then tried to key in a few commands.

“Is something wrong?”

“There must be a malfunction in main power!” grunted Megatron.

“Gee, hope it’s under warranty.”

“…Why don’t you go see if the repair teams need help and find out how long this will take, hm?” Megatron had already had enough of Override’s snide remarks.

“All right, I’ll get off your chassis. Override, HIGHTAIL!” Override transformed and sped off.

Knock-out and Scorponok were trying to deduce the problem so they could fix it. They heard someone transform and saw Override saunter into the room. “Big M wants to know how long this is gonna take,” she explained.

“Well, tell him not to get his software in a snarl!” growled Scorponok.

“We need to figure out what the slagging problem is, first!” said Knock-out. He then pulled a panel off the wall and yelped. “Hey! Shouldn’t there be a redactor modem here?!” Scorponok looked at what Knock-out was pointing out.

“Hey, yeah! There SHOULD!” he confirmed.

“No!” breathed Override, sarcasm dripping from her voice. “You shock me, Scorponok!”

“Make yourself useful,” hissed Knock-out, “and find another redactor modem! It’s a yellow microchip that should fit the hole here!” Override sauntered off and left Scorponok and Knock-out to discuss how such a vital component was missing. As she walked, she pulled out the microchip Knock-out described from her subspace pocket, then crushed it. She then saw a tall stack of containers.

“Hey! Boys! Think it’s over here?!” As they looked, Override pushed a container on the bottom, making the stack wobble.

“Hey, hey, HEY!” protested Scorponok as he and Knock-out walked to her.

“Will you be careful?!” supplied Knock-out.

“Oh, I’m being REAL careful!” purred Override. “See, I’m on THIS side and it’s all gonna fall…THAT WAY!” She shoved the stack towards the two mechs! They tried to get away, but Scorponok’s tail was buried first, then the rest of him. His claw tripped up Knock-out, knocking him to the ground and burying him as well. Override chuckled as she left.

“WHAT DID YOU TWO IDIOTS DO?!” Megatron demanded of the unconscious Scorponok and Knock-out as he and Waspinator investigated the “accident”.

“Idiotzzz do not rezzzpond,” reported Waspinator. “Idiotzzz are comatozzze.”

“Get them to the nearest CR chamber!” ordered Megatron. Waspinator then started dragging them to the CR Chamber, grumbling once Megatron was out of earshot.

“Random zzzoldier blowzzz up, Wazzzpinator zzzalvage! Wazzzpinator blowzzz up, NOBODY zzzalvage! Why univerzzze hate Wazzzpinator?!”

When he found it, Waspinator dumped Scorponok and Knock-out into the CR chamber. “ZZZeriouzzzly, doezzz no one care about Wazzzpinator?! …Okay, Wazzzpinator being unfair. Wazzzpinator DOEZZZ have friend in Terrorzzzaur. At leazzzt HE zzzalvage Wazzzpinator when Wazzzpinator blowzzz up.”

“You do it way too often, for my taste,” screeched Terrorsaur as he walked up to him. “Still, you do the same for me.”

“Hey, Terrorzzzaur. How’zzz trickzzz?”

“It’s good so far, just a little on edge. Call me paranoid, but I don’t trust Override.” Waspinator then thought about what Megatron told him earlier before the salvage operation.

“Megatron DID zzzend her to help ZZZcorponok and Knock-out. …You think-?” Waspinator’s question was interrupted by something swinging into his backside, scooping up Terrorsaur, and slamming them both into a wall! When it released them, they started flying into each other and into walls in a dazed fashion. All the while, Override smirked as she got some amusement.

“Heads up!” she called before she left. Unbeknownst to her, Eggman and Morgaine were watching.

“So, that’s the game, eh?” chuckled Eggman.

“This might be our chance!” replied Morgaine.

Waspinator and Terrorsaur flew into and around the bridge in a crazed manner. “Phazzze Fi-Fi-Five complete!” called Waspinator.

“It’s time for Phase Six!” cheered Terrorsaur.

“Waspinator! Terrorsaur!” shouted Megatron. “What are you two babbling about?!”

“Wazzzpinator?! Terrorzzzaur?!” buzzed Waspinator. “Negative-Negative-Negative! I am ZZZixzzzhot, Dezzzepticon Phazzze ZZZixer!”

“And you will address me as Gigatron, Master of the Cutter Beam!” screeched Terrorsaur. Shockwave had to duck as she tried to puzzle out what was going on.

“…Sixshot? Gigatron?” she asked. “Sixshot was a Xitran survivor and Six-changer. Gigatron also had ten modes. They’re both offline, though.”

“Then it’s clear,” muttered Megatron, “that Waspinator and Terrorsaur are wacko.”

“Wacko?!” buzzed Waspinator. “No, Wonko! Wonko the ZZZane!” He then proceeded to punch himself in the head, proving Megatron’s statement as well as making him grimace, not sure how to process this whole incident.

Override sped through the corridors of the ship in alt-mode. She then came to a junction and stopped to try and decide which way to go next. Just then, Morgaine and Eggman appeared on opposite sides of her. “Well, well, well!” chuckled Eggman, “my dear, look who it is!”

“Our most loyal friend!” purred Morgaine.

“…Is that supposed to mean something?” asked Override.

“Oh, don’t even attempt to lie here, lady!” snarled Eggman.

“You’re trying to destabilize this operation,” continued Morgaine, “so you can overthrow Megatron and take over! Well, know this;…we like this plan!”

“So, here’s the deal: you and us as equal partners!” suggested Eggman.

“…No, HERE’S the deal!” Override then transformed and grabbed the two humans, tightening her grip to grab their attention. “You’re gonna keep your big mouths shut and do EXACTLY what I tell you! One false move and you’re a new delicacy: Fleshling Caviar! GET IT?!” She then dropped them to the floor. They groaned in pain.

“Got it!” replied Eggman.

“Good!” Override then stormed off.

Megatron brought the security cameras online to try and figure out what was going on. The camera then caught Tarantulas twitching in a web! “What in-?!” yelped Megatron. He then got a medical reading. “Poisoned?!” That did it! His face went as red as his optics as he grabbed a radio and activated ship-wide comms. “WHAT’S GOING ON AROUND HERE?!” he bellowed.

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