Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 22: Battles of Cybertron)

TMC 22-6

Airazor waited by a container that their talons could wrap around. Tails checked the contents to see the miniaturized Starscream Bodily Infiltration team standing by. “You guys ready?” he asked.

“Ready and waiting!” replied Perceptor. Tails then closed the lid on the container.

“All set, Airazor!” he announced.

“They stoop to conquer!” replied Airazor as they beat their wings and took the box in their talons. They then flew off to Trypticon City.

“This is insane,” Grimlock grumbled inside the container. “In all my years, I never thought I’d actually crawl inside a bot’s body at such a tiny size.”

“On the other hand, it’s a new experience,” mused Shahra.

“Yes, this would make a fascinating entry for the Autobot Mass Induction Journal!” chuckled Perceptor.

“We need to succeed first before you write that paper,” remarked Deadlock as she sharpened her swords. Grimlock then noticed the giant one sheathed on her backside.

“Is that a-?”

“A Great Sword? Yes. It belonged to Dai Atlas.”

“…Have you ever used it?”

“Once, against Gigatron. Damn near made my Spark fade when I tried to avenge Dai Atlas.”

“How’s that?” asked Shahra.

“Great Swords draw on their wielder’s Spark energy to create attacks. It’s said that only the Faithful can fully utilize them without significant damage. I’m clearly not one of the Faithful.”

“…Is that what made you leave the Cons?” asked Grimlock.

“…Something like that.”

“We just entered Trypticon City limits,” Airazor called from outside. “No signs of being detected so far.”

No one was manning the necessary stations to detect the intruders. Everyone was gathered at the Main Square with large cubes of Engex. Starscream was the last to receive his cube. When he did, he began his speech. “My fellow Decepticons, Optimus’ brazen attack on my estate proved that he no longer considers Megatron a major threat. His actions have proved that he’s terrified of us now. With fear running rampant throughout the Autobot ranks, I propose a toast! To the imminent destruction of the accursed Autobots!”

“To the Autobots’ destruction!” cheered the crowd.

“Energy!” cackled Sunstorm. “We won’t need to conserve it after tomorrow! We can bleed the universe dry!” Everyone then drank half of their Engex. Soon, they all felt the inebriating effects of their drinks.

“Boy, theesh are good!” slurred Deathsaurus. “I needed ta refool! Energy!”

“ENERGY!” cheered the Decepticons as they all downed the rest of their Engex like drunkards.

“Boy!” mumbled Skywarp. “Thish shtufsh th gradesstsh!” He then fell to the floor in a drunken heap, as did many of his compatriots.

“Ah, thosh were th goodol daysh durin th ol war!” rambled Starscream. “Didn haff to shneek aroun in ugly Earth dishguysheshs!”

Airazor approached the Main Square, the container still in their talons. “All right, better glide now. Airazor, MAXIMIZE!” They went to bot mode and glided lower. They then saw the scene of drunk Decepticons sprawled across the square. “What in the world?!” they muttered.

“GO SHYBERTRON! LAND OF TH MEDDAL MOOoooonnnssshh!” Starscream passed out after his declaration.

“No wonder it was so easy!” chuckled Airazor. “They’re all over-energized! An opportunity like this only comes once in a lifetime!” They pressed a button on the side of the container.

“They’re getting ready to drop!” called Perceptor as the interior flashed green. Everyone then fastened themselves down, bracing for landfall.

Airazor flew as low as they dared and released the container. The container then fell onto Starscream’s chest, bouncing a couple of times before settling down. “Whuzzu?” he mumbled.

“Get us out of here! Fast, Grimlock!” urged Perceptor as everyone unfastened themselves and got up. Grimlock shoved the container’s lid open, and everyone ran out.

“Into the shoulder joint! Quick!” urged Deadlock. Everyone dashed towards the joint and jumped into it.

Starscream picked himself up and looked at the container, bringing it centimeters to his face so his bleary optics could focus on it. “What th…?” He looked around and saw Airazor. His drunken mind managed to reach a general conclusion. “Audobod addack!” he slurred. He then raised his hands and fired at Airazor. They converted to beast mode and flew off. After a few shots from the Heart, Starscream was back at normal operational status, able to think and speak more clearly thanks to burning off the excess energy. “Decepticons, ATTACK!” He was answered with snoring from his troops. “…Unbelievable! Bah, no matter! I’ll finish the Autobots myself!” He took to the air in robot mode and kept well behind Airazor. Unfortunately, Airazor could still sense his presence. They radioed the Autobot base.

“Base, this is Airazor! Be advised, Starscream’s following me! You better have that force-field ready!”

“This is Optimus. Warning received. We’re ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.”

Inside Starscream’s body, Perceptor led the team on their path. “The Heart of Cybertron would logically be located in Starscream’s chest, since his Spark would serve as a good distributor for its energies.”

“Well, we better hurry!” urged Shahra. “We’ve got less than two hours to get to it!”

“Why’s that?” asked Deadlock.

“The shrinking spell isn’t permanent. Once it wears off, we return to our normal size.”

“Oh, NOW you tell us!” grumbled Grimlock.

“Yes, Starscream isn’t big enough for the four of us,” remarked Deadlock.

“If we can’t locate the Heart,” decided Perceptor, “then we let the spell wear off. The resulting increase in size will cause Starscream to be torn apart.”

“Yeah, and we die with him!” argued Grimlock.

“If it frees Cybertron, so be it,” replied Deadlock.

“…Yeah, fair point,” conceded Grimlock.

“Not so fast, that’s just a last resort,” urged Perceptor. The team then found a green wire that sat suspended in front of them.

“What’s that?” asked Shahra. Perceptor gulped.

“A guiding wire for electro-sanitizers!” he explained.

“Incoming!” called Deadlock. A green ring held around the wire by electric energy and firing off electric blasts approached them at an alarming rate. The team then ran from it.

“What’s the deal with them?!” asked Shahra.

“They’re part of a Transformer’s immune system!” replied Perceptor. “They protect the body from microscopic impurities, like a human’s white blood cells!”

“Oh, great, and WE’RE the impurities!” gulped Shahra. The electro-sanitizer continued on its deadly mission to purge Starscream’s body of foreign contaminants, pursuing them relentlessly.

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