Standalones TTR

Nothing to do

The writer’s flipped,

They have no script,

Why bother to rehearse?

I have been trying to finish the fourth chapter of Book Three of The Three Realms, but I’m hitting a road-block right now. As you can guess, Falnii and Foresna ain’t too happy about that. Falnii’s read that book over a dozen times now and my lack of story is trying her patience. The next chapter WILL come, I promise!

I wonder how comfy having a cloud chair will be.

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Sorsha Longbark lives in the Gamfinar Jungle of the Over-realm. Jungles are unusual dwellings for any Elf as the myriad of dangerous creatures are not pleasing. Then again, Sorsha’s not the usual Elf. She’s a reclusive alchemist of an unknown age, preferring only to make contact with her mother. As such, she’s not looking for anyone else.

Artwork courtesy of TheGamingCentaur