Emotional Spectrum Ballgown Corps Guardians

Red Lantern Wraiths

Angresna and Rajintago are the Guardians of the Red Emotion of Rage. They founded the Red Wraith Corp after discovering the Red Light and its associated emotion and entity, Wratina the Judge. They are the ones who the other Corps call when a criminal is too dangerous and must have vengeance enacted on them when justice fails. They take in other women that seek vengeance on their tormentors and train them to master their rage.

cast Journey Through Wonder

Xiomara Elizondo (Kamen Rider Seeker)

Xiomara Elizondo is a very proud woman. Once hailing from Spain, she joined the F.N.S when she and her family moved to the US. Then the Vortech Wars began and she became Kamen Rider Seeker. During the peace between adventures, she married Megumi’s brother, Hiroki, and gave birth to his children. She, Hiroki, their children, and her parents (Señor and Señora Elizondo) live at 771 Mountain View Drive, Beyond City 991783. She’s a student of After Academy and Chizara University. When not at school, she’s the owner and manager of a flower shop, Flores De Elizondo. When the day’s work is done, she can be found in her garden or painting at her easel. Unfortunately, the Author’s plans will disrupt that tranquil life.

The Three Realms The Three Realms Cast


The Over-realm’s cold Coliamdii Kingdom is not a place to be unprepared for and 683 year old Mariah Warenda, even in her harem outfit, keeps warm. She also works as an accountant to keep her 10 sisters comfortable. She’s in love with a genie named Namdaresh and their dates are unforgettable.

Artwork courtesy of Punisher2006