Transformers: Mobian Chronicles Transformers: Mobian Chronicles (Arc 23: Seeds of the Future)

TMC 23-4

“N-no. No!” remarked Optimus as Starscream helped Primacron create Skywarp and Sunstorm. “Starscream’s old, but he’s not THAT old!”

“Optimus is right,” agreed Megatron. “He never revealed his age, but body-dating places him to be, at least, twice my age.”

“Funny what bodily regeneration can do for a bot, hm?” chuckled Vector Sigma. While they were talking, Starscream and Primacron created the entire War-world Crew.

“So, what, they picked up their leader during the Unicron Games?” asked Optimus. Starscream then touched Sunstorm and the two were enveloped in a bright light. The light died and only Starscream remained.

“So THAT’S how Sunstorm became a part of Starscream,” remarked Megatron.

“And that’s not all of them,” replied Vector Sigma. “His creatures became bigger and bigger until finally…” a yellow cloud of light then formed, “he created Tornedron, a cloud of living energy that, like a cannibal, feeds on energy, leaving suns dark and planets inert, blank slates to do with as he pleases! He unleashed Tornedron on two worlds, once inhabited, now drained so he could construct his greatest creations. Thanks to a vision, I warned Lux, Umbra, and Gaia, and we stormed his lab with a team of police. This was the first time I had ever seen my mothers and step-sister so angry…and they were rightfully angry!” The scene changed to Primacron typing in a command on his computer until the door was torn down by the Vok Police and their Goddesses. Lux, Umbra, and Gaia were in vaguely humanoid shapes, respectively composed of light, dark, and green energy clouds.

“Primacron, you’re under arrest!” shouted Lux.

“You dared pursue experiments and spells that separate light and dark when you should be using them both!” growled Umbra.

“You disrupt the balance with your experiments!” snarled Gaia.

“…Vector Sigma found out, didn’t he?” sighed Primacron.

“Come quietly, Primacron,” ordered Lux. “You will receive a fair trial.”

“I somehow doubt that. Arti-Voks, break them!” Starscream and his troops then attacked the Vok while Primacron did battle with his Goddesses and Vector Sigma.

“Our battle was long and fierce, nearly tearing Voksphere apart,” relayed Vector Sigma, “but, in the end, we lost.” Primacron was thrown near a console, then he pressed a button and all the people of Voksphere, Goddesses included, quickly turned to stone, save for Vector Sigma and Primacron and his creations. “I tried everything to stop him, but the Arti-Voks’ transformation abilities proved too much for me.”

“Since you can no longer stop me,” Primacron taunted the past Vector Sigma, “I might as well tell you what the experiment will achieve. I intend to see which will win, light or darkness. I will split myself in two, one being a creator of light, the other a dark destroyer, and use them to figure out what is ultimately the dominant force. My creator half will send soldiers to stop my dark half while the destroyer will corrupt other soldiers to fight for him. If that initial battle ends in a stalemate, then the soldiers that spawn from my light half will fight against one another and be the new representatives of darkness. Once the fight results in one side being totally obliterated, then Starscream shall recombine my halves and tell me the results. Then I will kill either Lux or Umbra and turn the universe to the survivor’s element. If both sides make peace before readout, Tornedron will wipe the slate clean, and my halves will try again.”

“As long as I breathe, you won’t win!” challenged Past Vector Sigma.

“Bold of you to assume you will exist in a form…with lungs!” Primacron then fired a laser at Vector Sigma and turned him into energy. He then encased the energy in a gold multi-faceted sphere.”

“So that’s how you became the greatest supercomputer,” mused Optimus. “I’m…sorry that happened.”

“Hold on, two halves?” asked Megatron. The scene played on as Primacron keyed in a command on the console. Soon, two giant, planet-sized beings appeared within Voksphere’s solar system. Both had metal wings, but one was skeletal in appearance. One looked to be a wise sage while the other looked like the devil. Optimus and Megatron recognized the shapes.

“Primus!” gasped Optimus as he pointed to the sage-person.

“And Unicron!” breathed Megatron as he pointed to the devil. Primacron then gathered light and darkness in each hand, then fired them into Primus and Unicron’s bodies. He faded from existence, and once he did, Primus and Unicron’s optics flashed online and they locked their gazes on one another, their faces contorting in rage before they charged at each other and fought. “So, Primus and Unicron…were once a Vok known as Primacron?!” asked Megatron.

“Yes…yes, I’m afraid so,” confirmed Vector Sigma.

“…Wait, I met Gaia,” remarked Optimus. “It was after the Unicron Games. If she was turned to stone like Lux and Umbra…”

“She is a Nature Goddess,” replied Vector Sigma. “Stone is part of her specialty.” Gaia broke out of her stone prison and then thrust her hand into the ground. She strained, trying to free the Vok. “Regretfully, the initial petrification drained Gaia’s energy, so she only broke out after the Thirteen defeated Unicron.” Gaia then looked up and flew out of Voksphere’s atmosphere. “Eaten up by revenge, she sought the two halves of Primacron, but was only able to find Unicron. As she dueled him and imprisoned him, along with herself, within a stone sphere, she managed to find my consciousness and told me to find receptive Sparks who could handle the truth and rally everyone to fight against Primacron’s halves and the Arti-Voks. So, I began my search…and found two. Once you entered my chamber, I broadcasted this entire tale across Cybertron. Everyone now knows why they were fighting an endless war, both sides were nothing more than aspects of Primacron’s twisted ideals, the Autobots representing light and the Decepticons representing darkness.”

“…So, that’s it?” asked Megatron, downcast at what his life entailed. “I fought on both sides…only to hear that my sacrifices were meaningless?”

“Don’t take all the grief,” mumbled Optimus. “I was just as bad by staying on my side.”

“But now, you can change that fate!” urged Vector Sigma as the projection faded and revealed the Vector Sigma Chamber. “You, my receptive Sparks, can turn the Transformers into something more than machines fighting against machines! Right now, your forces are going after Starscream and his siblings!”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just Cybertron that heard the news. While he was in transwarp, Unicron saw everything through his mental link to Primus. He heard about Vector Sigma telling Optimus and Megatron about the experiment and their fate. He roared in frustration and changed course, searching for Tornedron.

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