Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Chapters

Trinity Soul: Ch 68

Caan stood on the Tiger’s bridge, staring at the viewscreen, watching the progress of the portal. It was already half of Chizara’s size. Another half-hour and it would be twice the size of the planet, big enough to engulf it. Caan twitched as if he was in his old Dalek state. Just then, the alarm sounded. “Report!” he barked.

“Intruder has appeared in Main Engineering, just outside the door to the backup bridge,” replied the computer.

“Can you identify it?” asked Caan.

“Outline resembles Optimus Prime,” reported the computer, “but the color of his optical sensors does not match visual records.”

“Display,” ordered Caan. The screen switched to a view of Main Engineering with Optimus walking around. His optics blazed white instead of blue. “I see what’s going on,” chuckled Caan. “Patch me through to the intruder.” The intruder then got a good look at a screen near him. “I was right, you ARE still alive.”

“Ah, yes, the clairvoyant squid,” chuckled the intruder. While it had Optimus’ image, it spoke in Vortech’s voice.

“I must admit,” chuckled Caan, “I did not expect you to pick the Cybertronian to possess.”

“Well, with Megumi and Arsha dead, my options were limited,” explained the intruder.

“It doesn’t matter,” declared Caan. “Your end is near.”

“Is it, now?” purred the intruder.

“The portal will continue to expand,” boasted Caan. “When even the satellites are engulfed, I will augment this ship to continue the portal’s growth. This universe will be consumed if it means stopping you!”

“And what’s to stop me from leaving?” asked the intruder.

“…What?” hissed Caan.

“I can enter one of the abandoned ships,” explained the intruder. “War made them with interdimensional engines. I could leave for another reality and take it over as I wish. Why not? This world is clearly doomed!” Caan realized the error of his boasting and fear gripped his heart. “Tiny tin squid with a tiny tin brain! Davros must be so proud of you!” The intruder cackled in victory. “But, I AM magnanimous in victory! I know you Daleks want life to fall at your hands, so I will let you face me for a final battle! You’d best be prepared! I await you in Main Engineering!” The call ended.

“Computer, activate Rift Blockers!” ordered Caan. “I am NOT letting him get away like this!”

“Rift Blockers online,” reported the computer. Caan then found a spare gunstick and took it with him to Main Engineering. He found the intruder and fired on him, turning him into a photonegative briefly and knocking him to the floor. He then entered the backup bridge and programmed a course into it.

“Say goodbye, demon!” hissed Caan. The Tiger flew towards the portal!

“So insignificant!” taunted the intruder as he pulled himself towards the door to the backup bridge. “So quick to assume!”

“Silence!” barked Caan as he shot the intruder again. He went back to programming something into the helm console.

“You think you have won,” grunted the intruder. “I am taking this ship over! With Optimus’ technical expertise as a part of me, I can command this vessel to go anywhere I want!”

“Optimus never encountered MY programming skills,” boasted Caan. He finished keying in a command and the thrusters on the outside of the ship exploded. The Tiger was running on inertia now. “Every time you try to repair the thrusters, I will keep overloading them and keep locking the controls! You will remain here and watch as I, Caan, finally end you!” He got a reading on the helm console. “Ah, we’re approaching the portal’s gravity well right on schedule. I will lower the Rift Blockers long enough for me to escape, but they will switch back on when I am gone. The end of this game is in MY favor! Checkmate, Lord Vortech!”

“Oh, Caan, you are so slow on the uptake!” laughed the intruder. Just then, Caan noticed the optics’ lights slowly turn blue. As the intruder spoke, the voice changed into Optimus’ voice. “We’re not playing chess, we’re playing YuGiOh!” The intruder then turned into a Transformer-sized Megumi!

“And you just activated a trap card!” the intruder laughed in Megumi’s voice.

“What the?!” spluttered Caan. The intruder raised a hand and pointed to it as it shimmered and faded to reveal a metal endoskeleton! “A mobile solid-light generator?!”

“It’s called a Holo-droid!” cheered the intruder as it reconstituted the arm. “Right now, Arsha, Optimus, and I are speaking through it!”

“WHERE IS VORTECH?!” demanded Caan. The Holo-droid turned into a Transformer-sized Arsha as she took control.

“Definitely dead this time!” she answered.

“YOU DON’T KNOW THAT!” argued Caan. The Holo-droid turned into Optimus as he spoke.

“Maybe we don’t,” conceded Optimus. “But, we’re pretty sure this time and we are NOT going to let you hurt anyone else because your inherent arrogance forbids you to accept that!” Caan dashed into the backup bridge and tried to work the helm.

“I have to…I have to turn this ship around! I have to…to find him!” he gasped as he worked. “I must…! I overloaded the thrusters! I locked the Rift Blockers! …I can’t control the ship!” He then returned to Main Engineering, dropped to his knees, and pleaded to the Holo-droid as it assumed Megumi’s shape. “SAVE ME! WE MUST RESUME THE HUNT! VORTECH WILL ONLY ANNIHILATE UNIVERSES UNLESS WE STOP HIM!”

“Indeed,” replied Megumi through the Holo-droid. “That’s why we’re getting rid of every chunk of him.” The Holo-droid opened its fists to reveal a feminine arm and a sword, both looking like they were made of Vortech’s skin, Igura’s Vortonian arm and the Foundation Saber. The Holo-droid let the objects fall to the floor. Just before the Foundation Saber hit the floor, however, a man’s hand grabbed the sword’s handle and swung the blade right into and through Caan’s neck, chopping his head off! As the head and body fell to the floor, the Holo-droid gasped as it relayed who the mystery man was. “HIRO?!” yelped Megumi.

“That was for my wife, you son of a b***h!” hissed Hiro.

“How did you…?!” spluttered Megumi.

“I activated a rift onto here as you opened one for the Holo-droid,” explained Hiro. He then keyed in a command on an Engineering Console. “I’ve activated a tractor beam disseminator,” he revealed. “This ship needs to get into the portal and nothing will stop it. With the Rift Blockers locked in place and shields up, I’m not going back.”

“Hiro, you’ve turned the Tiger into your tomb!” protested Megumi. “Let us help you! Let us save you!”

“I have nothing left now,” replied Hiro. “Caan exterminated the last remnants of Shocker Rift. My wife and unborn child are dead. All of the universes under my control are now free. Ambassador Hell would only execute me if I returned home. No, I’m dying on my own terms.” He ran out of Main Engineering. With the door being too small, the Holo-droid couldn’t pursue. All Megumi could do was uselessly call out for Hiro. Hiro arrived on the bridge and looked directly at the portal. “I have done enough in this life without you, my sweet eagle,” he declared to Igura’s spirit, wherever it was. “Don’t worry, wherever you are, either Heaven or Hell, I shall be with you again. Just hold on, your husband will be with you very soon.” He then morphed into Tora-Otoko and thrust his fists into the air. “Shocker gundan…BANZAI!” (Long live the Shocker Army!) The Tiger then entered the portal.

On the Virginia, Megumi stumbled backwards into the Captain’s Chair in sheer shock. “He just…he couldn’t…I wasn’t…he’s gone…” She then felt a hand on her shoulder. It was Richard’s hand and he looked at her in sympathy. She glanced up, then stood up and hugged him tightly. They stayed that way for a good few seconds, not caring that people were staring at them.

“Er, dudes,” called Soundwave from the Nemesis, “I hate to sound like a total downer, but…what about the portal?!”

“Watch,” directed Lacey. Everyone turned to their viewscreens to see the portal getting smaller! It shrank and shrank and shrank over thirty seconds before disappearing entirely. “Remember, Vortech gave up pieces of himself to make a weapon and to give Igura access to it. I guess the portal thought those pieces were enough for it to close.”

“…So, that’s it?” asked Optimus. “The end of Caan and Lord Vortech?” Megumi broke off her embrace with Richard, silently assuring him that she was all right.

“And of Shocker Rift,” she declared. “May Adachi Hiro find his wife, wherever she may be. Now, as for you two, Megatron and Dr. Borg…”

“Rosadera, could we avail upon you to send us home?” asked Megatron.

“We both need to rebuild,” explained Dr. Borg.

“Of course,” replied Rosadera.

“Before you do send us home,” interjected Megatron, “Prime, we haven’t finished our little quarrel yet!”

“You really still want to fight me after what we just went through?!” protested Optimus.

“Dr. Borg,” pleaded Arsha, “PLEASE tell me you’re dropping your plans to control the Realms!”

“I have no intention to do so,” replied Dr. Borg. “I’m just focusing my conquest on the sub-dimensions that make up our universe. Oh, Megatron, I must tell you this, I found Shockwave’s plans to dissect me and use me for her experiments!”

“Well, I can’t say as I’M pleased with you wanting to dissect us!” snarled Megatron. “So we are agreed, our alliance is terminated! Let me warn you; if I catch you in my universe…!”

“The feeling’s mutual!” growled Dr. Borg.

“Then, goodbye, FOREVER!” declared Megatron. “Chizarans, you may send us back!”

“As you wish,” chuckled Rosadera. She snapped her fingers and the Nemesis and Scorpion vanished in pink light.

“Er, you DO realize they had dimensional tech with them, yes?” quizzed Megumi.

“Oh, you mean the dimensional tech we swiped from them as they were talking?” giggled Rosadera.

“Well, with that loose end tied up,” sighed Optimus in relief, “I still have one to tie up with Skyfall. I…I owe her the biggest apology of my life.”

“There’ll be time for tying up loose ends when we all gather at After Academy,” called Death. “The student body and staff heard about our victory and they’ve set up a party in our honor! All of us are invited, including the former participants of this 3V2R and our lovely judges!”

“I’ll be glad to attend!” declared Alfalna.

“Us Martians love a good party!” cheered Elizabeth. “Count me in!”

“I shall definitely be attending!” accepted Ultragingana.

“And we would be honored to accept,” finished Rosadera. “I would love to see After Academy!”

“Before we go,” interjected War, “I’m going to retake my flagship. X-PO, do you mind being at the helm again?”

“Don’t mind at all,” replied X-PO.

“Skyfall and Quake Hammer will also assist you,” offered Optimus.

“Thank you,” mumbled War. She beamed over and found her old crewmates already at their stations. The fleet then set a course for After Academy and entered the rift.

“I have to say,” muttered Mickey, “I feel bad for Caan. I got to know him over the last few years. He was just trying to do what he thought was right.”

“What he thought was right,” argued Richard, “was conquering, killing, and being a racist cigarette butt smashed into the face of reality! Good riddance to him, I say!”

“As do I,” agreed Megumi. “Now that Hell’s existence has been confirmed, I think it’s safe to say that he’s rotting there!”

“So, for that,” declared Richard, “you’ll forgive me if I say this calls for celebration! Drinks are on me, everyone!” Everyone cheered at the idea of someone buying them drinks.

The party was in full swing! The heroes of the multiverse were cheered to the echo when they arrived! The Mayor of Beyond City gave a moving speech, praising the F.N.S. and their allies, both new and old. He left himself out of the speech, being a more humble politician, and draped medals around their necks. Although, he stopped when he noticed someone missing. “Er, where’s War?” he asked.

“War?” called someone from the crowd. “I saw her sitting by herself at the fountain.”

“Excuse me,” bid Megumi as she headed off to the fountain. War was just sitting on the edge of it, staring off into space and uncharacteristically slumped over. “There you are!” called Megumi. War turned her head to see Megumi, then returned to the spot on the horizon she was staring at. “War, what are you sitting here for? The Mayor’s honoring us! He’s got a medal for you! We’ve won! After all of that, we’re performing a new ceremony; a reinstatement ceremony! We’re welcoming you and Mickey back!” War didn’t respond. “…War? …War, are you okay?”

“No,” replied War. “No, I’m not okay. Your future said that Vortech was manipulating us to turn against each other while he slept inside you, Optimus, and Arsha. I’m afraid I don’t see the relevance of his manipulation. My anger at you for not siding with me, my terrible decisions, that was all me. I was the one that did what I did, Vortech be damned. was that angry with you about keeping Megatron, Hiro, and Dr. Borg from me. …I was ready to cut you down.”

“But you didn’t,” countered Megumi. “That’s what’s important.”

“No, the fact that I was even okay with WILLING to is what’s important,” sighed War. “Megumi, I…I can’t accept reinstatement into the F.N.S. right now. I need to get away from all this for a bit. I need some time to think. I’m taking a sabbatical while Michael fills in for me.”

“Will you be home in time for Founding Day?” asked Megumi, saddened at War’s decision, but understanding why.

“We’ll see,” sighed War as she got up.

“War,” called Megumi, “for what it’s worth, I’m sorry for kicking you out like that. Before we even heard about Vorton, I swore that I would take all factors into consideration before kicking someone out. …I didn’t do that with you and I’m sorry.”

“…I’m sorry too,” mumbled War. “I always thought of myself as someone who always heeds her friends. …I didn’t and I deserved to be kicked out like that.” She then took out a communicator. “Ruthless, this is War. One to beam up.” She vanished in a teleport beam, leaving Megumi to sigh and wish her friend luck silently. She returned to the stand and explained what was going on.

“I just got the letter saying I was taking over for War for the foreseeable future,” revealed Michael. “I’ll just put the medal in her office.”

“I’m sure she’d like that,” agreed the Mayor.

Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Chapters

Trinity Soul: Ch 67

“…What?” asked Megumi as she still controlled Vortex: Trinity Soul.

“After I had killed my people,” explained Vortech, “the Chizarans asked me what the reward would be for seeking Eternity…but I still haven’t found it! What is this hopelessness?! I see all of reality before me…and it is useless! Does this mean I have dragged myself through the rift…for NOTHING?! Why do I not know what my reward will be?! Am I…insignificant?! The mere question is…is…sickening! …I have been in one place for too long! I…I cannot…! I am…tiny! I am…incomplete! I cannot…process this without…without…! They can’t help me now! The Vortonians cannot give me what I seek anymore! I am…I am…I am…unimportant! No, not true! …It’s true, though. Nothing matters! Nothing I do matters! The multiverse doesn’t care if I turn it into one universe or not! It…it simply IS!” He then grabbed Vortex: Trinity Soul by the shoulders with fear and pleading in his eyes. “I need existence! I need reason! GIVE ME LIFE! GIVE ME FUNCTION! I…I CANNOT…!” He then released Vortex: Trinity Soul and stumbled to the portal generator ground controls. “…I fear!” he gasped. “I…I can’t process this! I am MORE than this…but I am tiny! …Nothing I do matters! Tell me! I beg you! Tell me how I can exist! How I can live!”

“So THAT’S what you’re afraid of,” mused Arsha as she took control of Vortex: Trinity Soul. “…Honestly, it’s the same thing I’m afraid of. One day, we expire and that’s it. Not even rank will make people really remember you. Nothing we do matters before we die. …But it does.”

“She’s right,” agreed Optimus as he took control. “There’s always something new. There’s always something to test you and make you better. Maybe…maybe you could turn human? Abandon the quest for a bit and live out…”

“NO!” roared Vortech as he slammed his fist to the ground and made an energy shockwave, knocking everyone back. “I know your experiences! I know your existence! I have been part of you for three of Megumi’s years! I have seen your ups and downs! I KNOW how life works! I have seen all of your battles! YOU ARE SMALL! I AM…!”

“Tiny,” replied Vortex: Trinity Soul as all three of her components released their hold. “You said so yourself.”

“You are but dust!” snarled Vortech. “I am the fiery core of a planet! I am the rocks that destroy a town! I am the seas that flood the lands! I am the wind that rips buildings out of the ground! Don’t even dare to THINK that your existence compares to mine!” He then swung wildly with his staff and tried to land a hit on Vortex: Trinity Soul. She didn’t permit herself to be struck down. She leapt up into the air and pressed the button on the Transcendant.

“Triple Final attack!” it announced.

“RIDER TRINITY KICK!” she declared. She flew through the air, foot first, and struck Vortech down. Vortech was gasping for breath before an explosion engulfed him. When the flames died down, Vortech was on his knees as Vortex: Trinity Soul removed the Transcendant and split into Megumi, Optimus, and Arsha.

“I am the fiery core of a planet!” whispered Vortech as he curled into a fetal position. “I am the rocks that destroy a town! I am the seas that flood the lands! I am the wind that rips buildings out of the ground! …But what is the fiery core of a planet to Eternity but a smoldering ember in a firepit long doused? What are the rocks that destroy a town but grains of sand on Eternity’s beach? What are the seas that flood the lands but a glass of water to hydrate Eternity? What is the wind that rips buildings out of the ground to Eternity but a breeze generated by a fan? There is nothing that lasts within Eternity. …I am afraid. …I…I cannot bear this confusion any longer! I am…I am alone.” Blue mist then came from Vortech’s skin. “I am…irrelevant.” By then, Vortech was no longer clutching himself tightly. “There is no reward for seizing Eternity, is there? Mortals know this and still continue to live.”

“…No, there isn’t a reward for seizing Eternity,” replied Megumi.

“I have only the same questions since I began my crusade,” sighed Vortech. “Now…now I am falling apart.” He gestured to the blue mist coming from his body. “For some reason, I feel no pain. I always thought death was painful. I guess it depends on how one dies.” Speaking of which, Death arrived with her scythe. Vortech looked up, the white lights making up his eyes fading and revealing brown eyes, HUMAN eyes. “…It’s getting dark now,” he muttered. “The game is over; the players depart from the table. I am alone. …I am afraid.”

“Don’t be afraid,” soothed Megumi as she, Arsha, and Optimus knelt by Vortech. “We’re here with you.”

“…Death, will you permit me to ask my last questions?” asked Vortech.

“Very well,” replied Death.

“Everyone, let’s assume, hypothetically, that I won,” pondered Vortech. “I would give you the perfect lives you’ve always wanted. No stigmas. No tragedies. No need to suffer.”

“And we wouldn’t be here talking about it if our lives went exactly as we wanted it,” countered Batman. “Yes, every day I wish that my parents didn’t die. But, while I always miss them, if they didn’t die, I wouldn’t be fighting crime right now. I would be a bratty rich kid with only the name Bruce Wayne as the single identifier. I wouldn’t have made the friends I did; I wouldn’t trust Commissioner Gordon; I wouldn’t constantly reach my hand out to those that needed help. I wouldn’t be Batman.”

“If my life went the way I wanted it,” supplied Gandalf, “I wouldn’t consider the Hobbits as very heroic in their unique fashion. I doubt I would even be in Middle-Earth. I would still be a scared Maiar spirit staying in the Undying Lands.”

“I doubt I’d have any drive to join a resistance group if my life went the way I wanted it to,” mused Wyldstyle. “I wouldn’t have met Emmet or fought against Lord Business.”

“I wouldn’t be the one inspiring others to fight against evil if Shocker didn’t make me what I am today,” continued Hongo. “I would just be a nobody who never really learned anything outside of a textbook and spent his days riding his motorcycle.”

“I had five people die under my command,” recalled Arsha. “I always thought it was a Captain’s duty to keep every single crew member alive. My crew told me that was an unhealthy conceit and I saw why. Without having them die, I wouldn’t come face to face with the fact that they knew the risk of death was there as they signed up. They wanted to protect the Realms and they gave their lives to do so. If they didn’t die, I don’t think I would be a good Captain.

“The fact that my brother leads the Decepticons still breaks my Spark,” recounted Optimus. “I also stumbled as Prime as I let my arrogance take hold. Still, I came out stronger and continue to do so. There’s no reason for me to need a different life than the one I’ve got now.”

“I know exactly what would have happened if Hiro acted as a father to me,” mused Megumi. “I wouldn’t be adopted by a more loving family. I wouldn’t have moved to America. I wouldn’t have made many friends. I wouldn’t have met you. I wouldn’t be a student of After Academy. I wouldn’t be married to an American. I’d be a normal Japanese woman, unknowing of her dad’s old home in the Kamen Rider universe.”

“You believe there’s a point to existence, even if that existence is imperfect,” Vortech summed up.

“I’ve always thought so,” replied Megumi.

“What if you’re wrong and there isn’t?” asked Vortech.

“Then I hope that, if I ever DO regain my mortality and die,” answered Megumi, “that I die thinking that I would do it all over again still.”

“…Braver than I am,” sighed Vortech as he shut his eyes. Death swung the scythe and Vortech simply turned into blue mist that faded away.

Up in space, the Vortech Clones fell to the floor and returned to a HumaGear state. They were no longer functional and all weapons-fire stopped as everyone saw Vortech die. Everyone performed sensor sweeps for any lumps of Vortech left behind. “All scans…negative,” sighed Rosadera in relief. The other ships reported the same.

“N…no,” remarked Caan.

“It’s over,” sighed War.

“No,” repeated Caan.

“Well, I don’t know about you,” growled Megatron, “but whatever deal Hiro made with me is no longer worth it. I’ll stick to conquests within my own universe.

“No!” snarled Caan.

“As shall I,” muttered Dr. Borg. “This whole adventure has cost me dearly and I intend to return home and…”

“No, no, NO!” roared Caan. “IT’S A TRICK! VORTECH’S STILL ALIVE!” He opened a rift and arrived on the Tiger’s bridge. He then keyed in a command and beamed everyone on the ship into space. Hiro was rescued, his crew wasn’t so lucky as the ship’s weapons fired on them, then targeted the satellites and fired streams of energy at them.

“Hailing frequencies opened!” called Mikhail on the Virginia.

“Caan, what are you doing?!” demanded War.

“I’ve increased power to the portal generators! There is NO escape for Vortech!” replied Caan.

“Someone get him off that ship! Destroy it if you need to!” called Hiro from the Scorpion’s sick bay. The ships fired on the Tiger, but it proved fruitless. The shields wouldn’t budge.

“He’s adapted to our weapons fire!” reported Megatron. “We can’t stop him!”

“In one hour, the portal will be large enough to swallow the planet!” called Caan. “Vortech will NOT escape this time! This sacrifice will not be made in vain! I will kill Vortech! Behold, the end of this game! The Daleks are supreme! Dalek Caan, the last of the Cult of Skaro, the last Dalek veteran of the Last Great Time War, WINS!”

“Caan! No! Please!” begged Mickey. “Don’t do this! You’re smarter than this!”

“Caan, there’s no need for us to continue the hunt!” called Eggman from the Nemesis.

“You two may act foolish,” replied Caan, “but you are the only two beings I have respect for. You recognized the danger before anyone else and took the appropriate actions to bring us to victory. I am sorry for what I must do to protect reality itself.” He closed the communications channel and stood at the now abandoned helm. “As it was before, so shall it be again. Caan, alone against evil. Let this saucer take me to the edge of infinity if it must; I will end you, Vortech!”

The fleet was still trying to hail Caan or destroy the ship, but nothing was working. “It’s no good!” sighed Mickey. “Nothing’s going to get through to him!”

“He’s right,” sighed Rosadera. “Azuliterii’s trying to circumvent the shields, but it’s going to take the hour needed to bring down the portal!”

“Well, we have to do something!” argued War. “We can’t just…!”

“Er, guys?” asked a voice on a broad transmission. “What’s going on?”

“Prime?!” asked Megatron.

“It’s all of us,” replied Optimus.

“Minna-san, why is the portal getting bigger?” quizzed Megumi. “Vortech’s dead! We need to shut that thing down!”

“It’s Caan!” called Mickey. “He’s completely lost his mind! He thinks Vortech tricked us again and he’s gonna use the portal to swallow Chizara!”

“Because, of COURSE, he would!” rasped Batman.

“Did he even use his clairvoyance to check?” asked Gandalf.

“I don’t think he bothered to!” replied Eggman.

“The portal would have closed itself if Vortech went into it, right?” asked Lacey.

“Right,” answered Azuliterii, “and I’m trying to find a way to shut it down, but Caan’s blocked us out. The longer we wait, the bigger the portal gets, and the less chance we have of getting out of this.”

“I think I have a plan forming,” mused Lacey, “I just need a distraction.” Optimus got an idea.

“Grimlock,” he called, “do you still have my Holo-droid?”

“That’s where the Fear-o-tron came from,” answered Grimlock. “We just heavily modified it.”

“Beam it down,” ordered Optimus. “I need to tinker with it.”

“SERIOUSLY?! RIGHT NOW?!” protested Teletraan. “KID! PRIORITIES!”

“I DO have my priorities, Teletraan,” answered Optimus. “One of those priorities is keeping my skills up! We’ll call back when we’re ready.” The call ended, leaving a lot of people to massage their temples.

“You know,” muttered Tails, “one of these days, he’ll be only halfway through whatever activity he’s got on his mind and we’ll have already saved the world without him!”

Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Chapters

Trinity Soul: Ch 66

Vortex: Trinity Soul rolled out of the way of Vortech’s staff swing, combined the axes into staff mode, and slammed the ground with it, creating a large energy shockwave. Vortech simply chopped with his hand and made a gap so the energy wave passed him harmlessly. Vortex: Trinity Soul then got an idea. She opened up several rifts and summoned Batman, Hongo, Wyldstyle, Gandalf, and Lacey. “What on…?!” spluttered Gandalf.

“It took all of us to defeat Vortech before,” explained Vortex: Trinity Soul, “so I thought it would be best to summon you all here.”

“Catchphrase time, is it?” chuckled Vortech.

“…You know what, we’ll humor you for once,” declared Vortex: Trinity Soul. “I might as well show off a trick in the process.” Her eyes then turned blue-purple and she moved a bit, examining herself. She was a little stunned.

“Well now,” she chuckled in Megumi’s voice, “I didn’t know she could do that. In any event, Kamen Rider Vortex! Evil will ultimately bow to me!” Her eyes then turned electric blue and Optimus took over.

“I am Optimus Prime!” he declared. “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings!” The eyes turned pink and Arsha spoke.

“I am Arsha Royana!” she announced. “I shall defend the Realms with my very soul!” The eyes returned to their powder-blue state and Vortex: Trinity Soul spoke in her normal voice.

“Kamen Rider Vortex: Trinity Soul!” she proclaimed. “The power of three will slay you!”

“Henshin!” called Lacey as she spun the dial on her belt. “Kamen Rider Apocalypse! Your world shall end!”

“I am Gandalf the Grey! Prepare to see some fireworks!”

“I’m Wyldstyle! Time to think outside the box!”

“I’m Batman! The Dark Knight rises!”

“Rider…HENSHIN!” called Hongo. He leapt into the air and became Kamen Rider Ichigō. “I am the start of a group of warriors! I am Kamen Rider!”

“I am Lord Vortech,” chuckled Vortech. “Prepare to be knocked into another dimension!” Vortex: Trinity Soul and Gandalf fired off magic blasts at Vortech, but he absorbed them both, then redirected the combined energy into them, knocking them onto their backs. Wyldstyle used a bit of the streets to build a bat-themed suit. Batman took control of it and slammed its fists down onto Vortech, but Vortech caught them in an energy bubble before flicking his wrists and tearing the Batmech asunder with only his mind. Apocalypse and Ichigō then leapt into the air as Apocalypse spun her dial again.

“RIDER KICK!” called Ichigō.

“RIDER APOCALYPSE KICK!” shouted Apocalypse. Both kicks hit Vortech hard, but Vortech got up, grabbed them, and threw them aside.

Up in space, the battle fared ill. Vortech’s fleet was getting smarter. All of his ships kept dodging the laser fire of their enemies. On the Nemesis, Ravage was having a tough time. “Our weapons can’t get a clean hit on them!” he called to Megatron.

“Advise Scarship to unleash his missiles!” ordered Megatron. “Full spread! We shall do the same!”

“Understood!” confirmed Soundwave as he transmitted the message to the Metarex ship.

“Ultra Magnus, I think NOW would be a good time for the Overshock Sonic Battery!” advised Prowl.

“Then we shall use it!” declared Ultra Magnus.

“Sonic! Shadow!” Tails called. “Load yourselves into the Sonic Power Cannon! We’re gonna test out how powerful the shot will be with you two!”

“Understood, Captain!” replied Shadow.

“Hey, you called Tails ‘Captain’!” laughed Sonic. “Maybe you should serve on his ship more often!”

“Don’t get any ideas!” snapped Shadow.

“Everyone, prepare for the Tunnel Torpedo!” ordered Grimlock.

“All adjustments made!” called Slag.

“Fire Razor Laser Disc Swarm!” Hiro ordered Tactical.

“Got it!” confirmed the Combatman.

“Has this ship fired its wing weapons before?” asked War to Richard.

“Quite a few times during that incident with the pirates,” replied Richard.

“Then we use them now!” declared War. “Fire Wing Streams!”

“We’re getting a transmission from the High Sky!” called Shalvey. “The Meteor and Scorpion are on the same call as well!”

“Put them through!” ordered Oak. Malnar, Dr. Borg, and Lardeth appeared on screen.

“Oak, we need to unleash all our drone fighters on the enemy!” advised Malnar.

“I second that!” agreed Lardeth.

“Then we shall swarm the enemy!” declared Oak.

“I only have 20,” reported Dr. Borg.

“Every little bit helps,” assured Oak. “Swarm pattern Omega! Launch all drone fighters and destroy them!”

“Photonic cannons! Now!” ordered Eelinape.

“Photonic cannons ready and firing!” called his Tactical Officer.

“Unleash the Swarm!” shouted Ultragingana.

“All hunter missiles away!” replied her Tactical Officer.

“Anti-matter Blaster! Now!” called Elizabeth.

“My lady, the weapon hasn’t been tested yet!” protested her Chief Engineer. “The anti-matter could…!”

“BRAK TELAR SHEK!” (OBEY YOUR ORDER!) shouted Elizabeth. The Chief Engineer gulped, then engaged the weapon.

“All-Powerful Engineer!” called Alfalna. “Ready the Deflector Launcher!”

“Deflector Launcher ready, Great Demoness!” reported her Engineer.

“FIRE!” shouted Alfalna.

“We have no choice,” sighed Rosadera. “We need the Spectrum Annihilator now!”

“So soon after we made the precautions to Elizabeth and Megumi’s round,” grumbled Azuliterii as all of the Chizaran princesses placed their hands on their consoles and poured their energy into the weapon.

“Seekers, we need to assist!” declared Starscream. “Starscream, Turbofoxes 1 through 10!”

“Thundercracker, Turbofoxes 1 through 10!” called Thundercracker.

“Skywarp, Turbofoxes 1 through 10!” declared Skywarp.

“LET THEM FLY, BOYS!” ordered Starscream. All ships and fighters fired their weapons at the fleet and the enemy ships were caught up in a brilliant light that lasted a good few minutes.

“Did we get them?!” asked Skywarp.

“Skywarp, we can still detect their warp engine signatures,” sighed Thundercracker. “Why do you even ask?”

“I’m an optimist,” whimpered Skywarp.

“You’re an idiot!” snapped Starscream.

“It’s no good!” growled Richard. “We can’t disable that fleet! We need to help Megumi out somehow!”

“We’re being hailed by the Chizarans,” reported Mikhail.

“On screen,” ordered War. Rosadera appeared, looking out of breath.

“Azuliterii’s patching into the satellites at the moment,” she reported. “We need to figure out what’s going on down there.”

“Agreed,” answered War. “Can you patch it through to all ships?”

“That was the plan from the start,” replied Rosadera.

“I’ve got a visual!” called Azuliterii.

“Put it through!” called Rosadera. The fight on the Chizara’s surface appeared on all viewscreens. Right now, Vortex: Trinity Soul had brought out Megumi’s second sword-gun and a Cyber Key.

“You know,” mused Vortex: Trinity Soul, “Megumi and Optimus always wondered what happened if a Cyber Key was used instead of an i.d. tag. Might as well find out!” She flicked the Cyber Key into the air and fired a stream of energy at it from her hand. “CYBER KEY POWER!” she invoked. The Cyber Key inserted itself into the weapon’s i.d. tag slot and a stream of energy erupted and surrounded the blade. “Holy crap! That actually works!”

“Final attack!” called the sword.

“RIDER TRINITY CYBER KEY SLASH!” announced Vortex: Trinity Soul as she swung the blade downwards and fired an energy wave at Vortech. Vortech merely held up his hand, stopped the energy wave, shrank it into a small ball of light and ran it along his arms like a basketball, then fired a torrent of energy at all of the combatants. They all ended up knocked down; groaning and grunting in pain.

“So amusing,” laughed Vortech. “So entertaining. …So fantastically futile. I am so much more than you, gnats. Even when I slept, you did nothing but play my game, and thus it shall always be.” Vortex: Trinity Soul glared at Vortech, then her gaze softened. She then recovered her strength enough to sit Japanese-style. Vortech blinked as confusion started flooding his brain. “Wh…what is this?” he asked.

“It’s my surrender,” explained Vortex: Trinity Soul. “I give up. You may kill me since I don’t have Megumi’s immortality.”

“WHAT?!” yelped Apocalypse.

“NO!” shouted Ichigō.

“What are you doing?!” protested Batman.

“Now YOU abandon reason for madness?!” argued Gandalf.

“There’s still so much to live for!” pleaded Wyldstyle.

“…No,” remarked Vortech. “No, you…you can’t do that.”

“You said this was a game, correct?” asked Vortex: Trinity Soul. “Well, I’m out of moves. Game over. The only winning move is to cease playing and there’s only one way to stop.” Vortech glanced around in confusion, then he realized her plan.

“NO!” argued Vortech. “YOU CAN’T DO THAT!”

“Then kill me!” countered Vortex: Trinity Soul. “Absorb my power! Whatever! None of us like this game and we no longer wish to play!”

“I will!” warned Vortech. “I will absorb your power, kill you, destroy your universe…!” Vortex: Trinity Soul stood up and let Megumi do the talking.

“SO WHY HAVEN’T YOU?!” she demanded. Vortech didn’t reply. “…Well? Why haven’t you?!” continued Megumi. “You’re perfect and all-powerful and all-knowing and all the garbage you spouted at us last time! You were smashing every reality into one back then! Yet, you’ve been around for five years and lain dormant for three! You could have started your search up earlier and yet, you DIDN’T!”

“What the hell is she doing?” demanded Caan as he arrived on the Virginia’s bridge.

“No clue,” muttered War, “but I think we’re gonna find out.”

“You…you HAVE to fight! I order you to!” demanded Vortech. “Continue the game, Megumi Hishikawa!”

“No!” disobeyed Megumi. “I figured you out! This eternal game nonsense? That’s your fear of you actually achieving your goal of godhood!” Vortech flinched. “The Chizarans called their eternal life and power a curse to those that seek it and they were right! After exploring the limits of their power and life, everything was pointless and so dull that they wanted to be mortal again! The only reason they’re still here now is because their tournament, throughout its rounds, gives them the feeling there’s always something out there that not even THEY know about!”

“She is laying the truth on THICK, isn’t she?” muttered Rojenthi.

“She’s not wrong,” replied Verdutha. “That IS why we hold the 3V2R.”

“Five years ago, we all showed you how small perfection really is! How terrifying of a goal that really is!” continued Megumi. “Well, this isn’t Foundation Prime, but here we are, having this exact same debate! Nothing has changed! You know where Foundation Prime is, what the Foundation Elements are! You could go back at any time, but you haven’t! Why? Because what’s the point?! You’re trying to stave off the inevitable boredom and insanity by playing this game, but it’s just a temporary diversion! You want us to play this over and over and over, well I say it’s gotta end at some point! If you won’t end it, then I will! WHAT ARE WE EVEN DOING?!”

“I…I…” replied Vortech before his legs gave out and he steadied himself on the controls. “…I still have no answer…”

Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Chapters

Trinity Soul: Ch 65

Megumi toured the Virginia when it was three hours out from Chizara. She felt as, even if she were immortal now, Vortech could do something to take it away and she would die. She felt it would be the last time she saw that panel, that console, that bulkhead, the whole shebang. She made her way to an observation lounge and looked out the window. As she glanced, she noticed Caan standing at the window. “…Are you all right?” she asked. Caan didn’t even flinch. He saw her arrival right down to the second.

“It’s nothing, I just…” for all his ability to see into the future, Caan was struggling to find the right words. “…I DID have a home on Skaro. In fact, that’s what Skaro means in the tongue of my Kaled ancestors, home. Every Dalek always wants to be on Skaro, even those that were created on other worlds. Then the Last Great Time War broke out and I became part of the Cult of Skaro, an order of Daleks that were tasked to come up with imaginative strategies to defeat the Time Lords. Then we were ordered to pack up an army of Daleks and hide in the Void in a Void Ship until it was reactivated and we all found ourselves fighting Cybermen from another universe at the Battle of Canary Warf, believing that Skaro and Gallifrey were gone for good. After the Doctor defeated us, we went through an emergency temporal shift and found ourselves at the construction of the Empire State Building and intended to use it and a passing solar flare to make a new breed of Daleks as our leader, Sec, ordained. Thay, Jast, and I didn’t like that, so we introduced pure Dalek DNA into corpses and reanimated them to be our army. Thay and Jast had Sec, in a form similar to mine, executed and our army turned on them, killing them before I killed the army. After the Doctor confronted me, I flew back into the Time War and retrieved Davros before a monster we called the Nightmare Child devoured him. I went insane from the experience and coaxed Davros into my scheme to destroy the Daleks after I saw what we did. Then Vortech raised me from the dead in this form and I saw that he would destroy us, but could never tell the Daleks that as they would have exterminated me on sight if they weren’t under Hiro’s control. Now they’re free and Skaro’s back, but I can’t go home anymore. I have no refuge, only allies instead of friends, and I know Thay and Jast would consider me just as bad as Sec and would rather kill me. I sometimes wonder what I’m fighting for anymore.”

“A world where we don’t have to worry about interdimensional horrors,” replied Megumi. Caan looked towards Megumi, then chuckled softly.

“Indeed,” he agreed. The ship’s intercom then beeped to life.

“Bridge to Megumi,” called Hiroki’s voice. Megumi activated a comms console.

“Go ahead,” she directed.

“A Chizaran fleet is approaching our position,” reported Hiroki. “We’ve also got some friends adding their ships into the mix; Grimlock’s ship, the Fang, Tails’ ship, the Blue Typhoon, a ship belonging to Decepticon allies, Scarship, and we also have a couple of ships from Arsha’s world, the Meteor under the command of Princess Malnar Emboramii and the High Sky under the command of Prince Lardeth Felompha, and we have some allies from the 3V2R helping as well. We’ve got the Klantay under the direct command of the Great Demoness, Alfalna, Ultragingana’s ship, the Osaka, and Elizabeth’s personal ship, the Ares.”

“More allies will help us out tremendously!” cheered Caan.

“Tell them they’re more than welcome to join us!” declared Megumi. “Make sure they’re briefed on the situation before we reach Chizara.”

The fleet arrived in orbit around Chizara to see Vortech’s ships holding their position. They had taken up position on the other side of Chizara and lowered their shields briefly. Megumi, Optimus, Arsha, and the portal generator ground controls were beamed down and the fleet returned to get into a stare-down with Vortech’s. Ultra Magnus was in command of the Ark, War was given command of the Virginia, and Oak took command of the Endeavor. “All ships, report,” commanded War over the subspace channels.

Ark, standing by,” announced Ultra Magnus.

Nemesis, standing by,” reported Megatron.

Fang, standing by,” called Grimlock.

Blue Typhoon, standing by,” replied Tails.

“Scarship, standing by,” boomed Scarship.

Virginia, standing by,” answered War.

Tiger, standing by,” called Hiro.

Endeavor, standing by,” rumbled Oak.

Meteor, standing by,” announced Malnar.

High Sky, standing by,” reported Lardeth.

Scorpion, standing by,” replied Dr. Borg.

Klantay, standing by,” called Alfalna.

Osaka, standing by,” declared Ultragingana.

Ares, standing by,” proclaimed Elizabeth.

Hammer of Tarlax, standing by,” answered Eelinape.

Spectrum, standing by,” called Rosadera from the Chizaran Mothership.

“Hold position until Vortech attacks us,” ordered War. “We need to stay as defensive as possible for those three down on the planet’s surface.

“Lord Vortech,” called a Vortech Clone at the helm of the flagship, “We have multiple contacts as predicted. They’re holding position as of now.”

“Any life-signs on Chizara?” asked Lord Vortech.

“Three, My Lord,” replied the Helmsman. “On the far side of the planet relative to our position. Most likely, those heroes.”

“Well, I have no intention of letting this game end as of now,” declared Lord Vortech. “Captain Vortech, take command until my return.”

“Aye, Sir,” replied a second Vortech Clone. He sat down while the original summoned a rift to the planet’s surface. “Mr. Vortech, open a channel to the fleet.”

“Yes, Captain,” confirmed the Vortech Clone at the Communications Station. He flicked a few switches before reporting. “Channel open, Sir.”

“All ships, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT fire on the enemy unless ordered to by Lord Vortech or the enemy fires first,” ordered Captain Vortech.

Megumi, Optimus, and Arsha continued with their work on the ground controls and gained access to the satellites. Optimus keyed in a command and the satellites fired streams of energy, creating a portal to the unstable pocket dimension. After a few seconds, he shut off the energy streams. Megumi then called up the fleet. “Okay, we did it!” she reported. “Get us out of…!”

“I see you’ve accepted my invitation to come here!” called Vortech’s voice. The three yelped and whirled around to see Vortech.

“By the Ones, it’s creepy when you do that!” remarked Arsha as she put her hairpiece to her waist.

“I know,” purred Vortech.

“Er, before you do what you plan to do to us,” Optimus gulped, “I need something cleared up. In fact, we all do.”

“You may speak,” granted Vortech.

“You died when the rift loop Megumi and her friends trapped you in had collapsed,” reminded Arsha.

“How did a lump of you survive?” asked Megumi. “Are you just a piece of Vortech he left behind before he was trapped in the rift loop?”

“That wasn’t me that was trapped by you,” explained Vortech.

“…What?” quizzed Megumi.

“The lump of me that powered the Quad, that was me,” elaborated Vortech. “You’re right in that I did leave a piece of myself behind, but the piece was the being you fought and defeated. I had a constant mental link with it until its demise.”

“You mean we defeated only a PIECE of you?!” yelped Megumi.

“A piece with the majority of my power,” replied Vortech. “I had hoped it would win, but it was trapped in that rift loop and died when the loop collapsed! My power was diminished, made less! It was disgusting! I was rendered as powerless as you lower life-forms! All I had were my old powers over my Keystones and…”

“Wait, YOU created the Keystones?” asked Optimus.

“I made the Gateway Megumi and her friends use on a daily basis!” elaborated Vortech. “I had only created five of my planned eight before Vortoranii took over that abandoned Chizaran experiment.”

“The universe that After Academy now uses?” quizzed Megumi.

“…Ah, so you ARE immortal,” chuckled Vortech. “Still, from what I see, you’re nowhere near the level of a Chizaran.”

“And I aim to stay that way,” answered Megumi. “Godhood’s overrated.”

“I beg to differ, given my own powers,” replied Vortech.

“So, that lump of you my friends and I attacked inside the Quad? That was you?” quizzed Megumi.

“And you permanently weakened me,” growled Vortech. “That batarang sent me back to Foundation Prime and I waited for my piece to notice me during the battle, but it fell to hubris and was destroyed! I waited for two years, alone on Foundation Prime. When you returned and unknowingly stepped on me while fighting Hiro, I reactivated and split myself into three, one of my parts burying itself into your subconscious. The other two landed in Optimus and Arsha and were charged when you entered the lowest points of your respective lives. I was content to wait until all three fragments of me had completely taken over all of your bodies so I would return and recombine. Ah, but I didn’t NEED to take you over separately.”

“Yeah, the Convergence was a bit of a boost, wasn’t it?” mused Optimus.

“And what a boost it was!” cheered Vortech. “As you sought to reunite with your loved ones, all of my fragments had reconnected with each other and I played chess against you all, waiting to see if you would turn on each other or become friends. While you lean towards the latter, you still accepted the invitation for the Verse Vs. Verse Rumble Royale to keep the Master Wand out of everyone’s hands.”

“That thing is like the Infinity Gauntlet!” replied Megumi. “That’s too much power for anyone!”

“Still, I didn’t need it,” dismissed Vortech. “When all three of you tried to contact Vortoranii, I intercepted the transmission and decided to make my presence known. I will admit, finishing the game threw a wrench into my plans, but I had a backup…at least, I did until YOU, Ms. Royana, decided to pull that stunt during our Okamon match!”

“You will address me as ‘Your Highness’!” hissed Arsha.

“What’s a princess compared to me?” scoffed Vortech. “In any case, I traveled here to regain a device that would have gathered the Foundation Elements to me instantaneously, only to have searched this entire planet and remember that the Chizarans already destroyed it and its blueprints so it wouldn’t be rebuilt.”

“That’s gods for you,” chuckled Optimus.

“Listen, I’d LOVE to catch up with you,” gulped Megumi, “but I think we’ve all overstayed our welcome, so we’re just gonna go and…” Vortech fired a beam of blue light into the sky and a sphere of blue energy surrounded Chizara.

“No beam-outs for you!” snarled Vortech. “It is as it should be, you and I fighting for the sake of the multiverse. Still, I don’t want your fleet to get clever.” He turned his gaze to the sky. “Captain Vortech, destroy the enemy vessels,” he ordered.

“The enemy fleet’s coming at us in an attack formation!” Prowl announced to Ultra Magnus.

“Sir, we’re getting a transmission on a fleet-wide frequency!” called Blackarachnia. “We’ve all been cleared to strike back and leave no ships remaining!”

“Then we shall do so!” declared Ultra Magnus. “Ready weapons and raise shields! We’re going in!”

“Are all weapons ready?” Megatron asked Ravage as the cat-like Decepticon manned the Nemesis’s tactical station.

“Ready and waiting,” reported Ravage. “Starscream and his Seeker Trine also report ready.”

“Excellent!” praised Megatron. He activated the comms. “Starscream, you are go for launch! Transform and Rise Up!”

“I thought you’d never ask!” cheered Starscream as he, Thundercracker, and Skywarp charged out of the Nemesis’s hangar, transformed, and joined the smaller fighters in the battle. They narrowly avoided a stream of weapons-fire from an enemy vessel. The attack hit the Endeavor instead.

“Shields holding!” called Malak.

“Very good!” praised Oak. “Forward torpedoes, launch!” Malak keyed in a command and fired all forward torpedoes at the vessel that shot at them. The vessel was losing its shields, but it still survived the torpedo barrage. The vessel focused on the Blue Typhoon as it fired its weapons. The weapons adapted around the Blue Typhoon’s shields and hit its hull.

“They’re adapting around our shields!” Cosmo called to Tails on the Blue Typhoon. “Modulating frequencies!”

“Allow me to show you what this ship can really do!” declared Tails. “Engage the Particle Disseminator!”

“Particle Disseminator online and ready!” reported Tobias.

“FIRE!” ordered Tails. A small light appeared on the nosecone of the ship and grew bigger and bigger until it became a large column of horizontal laser fire that hit the enemy vessel and reduced it to nothing.

“VAPORIZED!” cheered Tobias.

“Er, not to argue,” gulped Cosmo as she pointed to the viewscreen. Another of the enemy vessels seemed to grow a bud. The bud opened and released tiny specks of metal before the specks combined and formed the ship that was destroyed.

“…Welp, we’re screwed!” remarked Tobias.

“Did they just…grow a replacement ship?!” yelped Skywarp as the Seekers flew through space.

“That’s going to make things difficult,” mumbled Thundercracker.

“AHEAD!” warned Starscream. Missiles were flying towards them. The Seekers broke formation and barely missed the missiles.

“YOU MISSED US!” taunted Skywarp.

“I wouldn’t bet on that!” called Thundercracker. The missiles had changed course and were right behind the Seekers!

“BREAK OFF!” ordered Starscream. They split up and flew with a missile tailing each of them!

“Fraggit all! I HATE Hunter Missiles!” snapped Skywarp.

“It’s your move,” Vortech declared to his three opponents. “Although, you seem underprepared for this confrontation.”

“Looks are deceiving,” replied Megumi. “I probably can’t kill you, but I bet we can make you mad!”

“With your biting wit?” snarked Vortech.

“Nope, with a new powerup!” cheered Megumi. She brought out her belt and fastened it.

“Vortex Driver!” it called. She then inserted her i.d. tag, then brought out the Transcendant and pressed the button.

“TRIPLE ASCENDANCE!” it announced. She then put its tab into the Vortex Drover and folded it over the wheel. “TRIPLE SET!” Optimus, Megumi, and Arsha then assumed a ready stance.

“Henshin!” they all proclaimed. Megumi pressed the button again and the transformation began!

“POWER OF THREE! ASCENDED TRINITY! KAMEN RIDER VORTEX: TRINITY SOUL!” cheered the Transcendant. They had combined into Kamen Rider Vortex: Trinity Soul.

“All of their power has come together to defeat you!” snarled Vortex: Trinity Soul. “The one thing you fear! Why else would you want to control such power?!”

“Lord Vortech knows no fear!” argued Vortech as he readied his staff.

“That’s a lie if I ever heard one,” snarked Kamen Rider Vortex: Trinity Soul as she summoned Optimus’ axes. The two glared at each other, then Vortex: Trinity Soul moved her axe slightly, enough for Vortech to charge wildly, his staff raised to strike!

Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Chapters

Trinity Soul: Ch 64

As the ArkNemesisTigerVirginiaEndeavor, and Scorpion pursued Vortech’s hijacked fleet, a Tarlaxian fleet joined them. The Hammer of Tarlax was currently under Eelinape’s command as Scorpainia had to stay behind to focus on the baby in her womb. Megumi was checked over by Emily in the Virginia’s Sick Bay. “All signs are good,” declared Emily. “You’re free to go.”

“Thank you,” bid Megumi. “I need to talk with everyone on the Ark.” She headed to the transporter room and beamed over to the Ark’s Conference Room to meet Rosadera, Arsha, Oak, Caan, Mickey, Eggman, Sonic, Richard, Optimus, Ultra Magnus, Megatron, Starscream, Dr. Borg, Tormo, War, and Hiro.

“You doing okay?” asked Richard.

“Bit of a headache from Vortech’s possession,” replied Megumi. She then gave a glare to Hiro and Caan. “Hiro, Caan,” she greeted, not even bothering with honorifics.

“Megumi,” growled Hiro, dropping the honorifics as well. The tension could be cut with a knife before Megumi changed the subject.

“What’s our status?” she asked.

“Still pursuing Vortech,” replied Optimus.

“He doesn’t have a host anymore,” mused Arsha. “Does that mean he’s more vulnerable?”

“Vortech never needed a host to survive,” answered Hiro.

“He can’t really make Vortexons anymore,” supplied Megumi. “I remember seeing that during the Okamon match.”

“Unfortunately,” sighed War, “he’s probably reprogrammed the HumaGear crews of my fleet to obey him. He’s still got an army.”

“Why is he going to Chizara, though?” asked Oak.

“…Funny you bring that up,” mused Arsha as she tried to think about why.

“He’s still unsuspecting of us,” interjected Caan. “We should increase speed and fire on sight before he suspects an attack! With any luck, the power systems of each ship will be disabled and Vortech will be weakened!”

“Each ship has independent power systems to prevent that from happening,” replied War. “I planned for such a method of attack.”

“Then any tactical insights would be appreciated,” declared Tormo.

“See, that’s the funny part,” remarked Megumi. “Optimus, Arsha, and I are aware of more of his thoughts now, but one of them has been confusing me.”

“What’s that?” asked Rosadera.

“Why do his thoughts turn to Chizara?” asked Megumi.

“…She’s right, that makes no sense and Vortech is blocking my ability to peer into his timeline for me to get any answers,” muttered Caan.

“What do you mean?” asked Eggman.

“Vortech’s endgame was to smash all universes and sub-dimensions into one giant universe,” explained Megumi. “That could only be possible by gathering the Foundation Elements.”

“Is there something on Chizara that would make gathering them easier?” asked Sonic.

“No, the Vortonians asked us to destroy it completely,” answered Rosadera. “He saw us reduce the device to dust, then to atoms, then to nothing.”

“I think the better question,” remarked Optimus, “is why did Vortech decide to bide his time?”

“Vortech’s been awake since the battle for the Sources on Foundation Prime,” recalled Megumi. “That was three years ago. It took Hiro that long to get more recruits for Shocker Rift, but it took Vortech way less time to gather the Foundation Elements once he found Foundation Prime. So, why is he ignoring Foundation Prime if there’s nothing for him on Chizara?”

“Perhaps he knew I was after him,” boasted Caan.

“No offense, Caan,” remarked Hiro, “…actually, ALL the offense, you fled from him along with me when he made the Quad and turned on us all. Neither of us were in a position to stop him back then. It took Megumi, Lacey, and all of their allies, including all of the Doctor’s incarnations, to stop him. But no dimension was attacked in his name! He’s just been sitting inside Optimus, Arsha, and Megumi! There’s something else in his head that not even they knew about.”

“Speculation of his motives aside,” interjected War, “attacking him now will do us no good. Doing so will only condemn us to fruitlessly pursuing him for the rest of our lives. We need a permanent solution.”

“She’s right,” declared Mickey. “I’m sick of this skullduggery! We need to end this now!”

“Then we need our smart people to come up with a miracle,” replied Optimus.

“The resources of Shockwave’s lab,” offered Megatron, “should help all of our scientists to produce a solution to this crisis. Eggman, you and I will tell Shockwave of this development.”

“I’ll join you,” offered Dr. Borg.

“I’ll have Ratchet and Perceptor assist you,” declared Optimus. “Maybe Tails can help too.”

“Lukas, Dell, and Liam will help as well,” announced Megumi.

“I’ll have Thangred, Melandra, and Marshii help you guys,” proclaimed Arsha.

“Hiro, I suggest you train for the coming battle,” suggested Megumi.

“Sure,” muttered Hiro.

“Let’s finish this, people!” declared Megumi. “Vortech’s going down again!”

Once all the scientifically-minded people were in Shockwave’s lab on the Nemesis, they began making numerous plans to try and defeat Vortech. “What about a Sentry nest keyed only to Vortech’s genetic signature?” asked Dell.

“That requires more metal than we have,” muttered Shockwave, “and there’s no guarantee that Vortech won’t consider your Sentries.”

“There IS the machine you and Metal Sonic used to control that city Transformer,” surmised Eggman.

“Mr. Prower here,” replied Shockwave, “had his Nutzanbolts eat it and destroy any and all information on it.”

“Besides,” supplied Tails, “Vortech could grow big, from what Megumi said, and Metroplex isn’t around to save us.”

“This is getting us nowhere!” hissed Lukas.

“Well, we don’t really have much choice,” griped Marshii.

“Lads, Lassies, let’s not fight,” suggested Liam. “Only if we work together do we…”

“Wait a cycle,” remarked Perceptor as inspiration hit him. “I believe we’re asking the wrong question here.”

“Explanations?” asked Shockwave.

“It’s not ‘How can we beat Vortech?’,” elaborated Perceptor, “it’s ‘Why did Vortech choose those three specifically?’. Megumi, I can understand, but Optimus considered him a myth and Arsha never even heard of the stories surrounding him.”

“…He’s right, why choose them?” muttered Shockwave as the wheels were turning.

“Maybe, for some irrational reason,” mused Ratchet, “he fears their power combined. I mean, Arsha’s a young woman, yet she’s got plans to unite the Realms and that requires a lot of power in some fashion. On top of that, she’s skilled in magic.”

“Optimus has that Matrix and his own magical abilities,” supplied Dell.

“And Megumi can use the abilities of anyone with that belt of hers,” recalled Marshii. “But, the question is, is that enough to make Vortech afraid of them so bad he wants that power under his control?”

“Megumi’s been the one with the greatest connection to Vortech,” offered Lukas. “Maybe she could tell us?”

“Her answers will either make or break Perceptor’s theory,” replied Shockwave. “Let’s ask her.”

“I’ll call her here,” offered Dell as he took out his cell phone and dialed Megumi’s number. He heard the ringing until he got a response.

“Moshi moshi?” asked Megumi.

“Megumi, darlin’, could you come over here for a second?” asked Dell. “We need some data to either prove or disprove a theory.”

“I’ll help in any way I can,” replied Megumi.

“That’s all I ask,” finished Dell. Megumi hung up and she was beamed over to Shockwave’s lab.

“What do you need from me?” asked Megumi.

“When Vortech had control of you,” inquired Shockwave, “did you get any reason why he chose you, Optimus, and Arsha?”

“…Now that you mention it, yes,” replied Megumi. “He did some research on Optimus and Arsha and was terrified of them seeing the multiverse. When I accidentally reactivated his memories and soul three years ago, his thoughts immediately went to them. With the power of the Matrix, Optimus and Arsha’s magical abilities, Arsha’s political and naval know-how, and my Vortex Driver, Vortech feared that such power could finish him in the long run, so he sought to control us. Is there anything else you want to know?”

“That won’t be necessary,” answered Shockwave, “but thank you.” Megumi bowed as she called for a teleport back. “Well now,” mused Shockwave, “perhaps we should make something based around combining their powers.”

“I think I have something in mind,” replied Tails, “we just need an Ascendant and Optimus and Arsha’s i.d. tags.”

“I can provide them,” offered Lukas.

“You propose that we make a new power-up to combine their powers?” guessed Shockwave.

“If things go right, yes,” answered Tails.

“We had best get started, then,” declared Shockwave.

War, Megumi, Arsha, and Optimus were called to Shockwave’s lab about an hour later. “I understand you have something?” Megumi asked all of the scientists.

“We do,” replied Lukas. “We had to use my Ascendant to make it, but it’s a noble sacrifice. Besides, Dell offered to make another one since he worked with them more than I did.”

“We just need you three to test it out,” explained Tails as he pointed to Megumi, Optimus, and Arsha.

“Why us?” asked Optimus.

“Because, if our equations hold,” replied Shockwave, “you three will understand what fusion truly is.”

“Wait a minute, I want to make sure I got that right,” interjected Megumi. “You guys made an Ascendant that would allow someone to fuse with two people instead of just one?”

“Not exactly,” answered Dell. “We set it so that only you can use it and only fuse with Optimus and Arsha. Vortech fears your powers combined, so we need to use that against him.”

“And you need us to test it out,” surmised Arsha.

“Correct,” confirmed Dr. Borg.

“Then let me have it,” declared Megumi.

“Presenting the Transcendant!” announced Lukas as he handed over the device. It could fit like the Ascendant could, but the wheels were the size of the one on the Vortex Driver and had Optimus’ image on the one facing her right and Arsha’s on the remaining one. Megumi inserted her i.d. tag, then pressed the button on the Transcendant’s top.

“TRIPLE ASCENDANCE!” it called. She then inserted it into the driver. “TRIPLE SET!” She then struck her ready pose as Optimus assumed his usual melee ready stance and Arsha went into a stance that looked like she was ready to dance.

“Henshin!” announced Megumi.

“Henshin!” Optimus and Arsha repeated. Megumi pressed the button again and changed first into Royal, then her suit bulked up and turned white with gold trim, making her Kamen Rider Proto-Vortex, then the bulk flew off and revealed her final form of Kamen Rider Vortex!

“I didn’t…” she muttered before Optimus and Arsha turned into mist and fused with her. Her new armor had Optimus’ face on her right shoulder pad and was armored like him, as was her left leg, while Arsha’s face turned into her left shoulder pad and her left arm and right leg were armored after her. Her helmet gained Optimus’ antennae and Arsha’s bun and hairpiece. Her cape was still white and she examined herself.


“That just begs the question of who’s in charge,” muttered Eggman.

“Megumi?” asked Marshii. “Optimus? Arsha?”

“…I am all of them, yet none of them,” replied the Rider in a totally different voice than either Megumi, Arsha, or Optimus’. The voice was clearly feminine, but spoke in an otherworldly tone. “I am their combined whole, Kamen Rider Vortex: Trinity Soul.”

“…I was NOT expecting that!” gasped Eggman. “But, I was expecting not to expect something, so it doesn’t count.”

“Is there…?” gulped Ratchet.

“They all reside in me,” explained Vortex: Trinity Soul, “and they’re as unnerved about what happened as much as you are.”

“Unnerved is putting it mildly,” muttered Ratchet.

“How much do you know?” asked Shockwave.

“Everything about the lives of all of my components,” answered Vortex: Trinity Soul, “especially what’s going on. A question still lingers in my mind; why did you ask for War?”

“While War was influenced by Vortech when he possessed you,” explained Tails, “she was trying to take over the Chizaran Satellite Network to make space-based weapons to target Caan.”

“Yeah, I remember that,” sighed War as she looked away, ashamed.

“Some of the weapons you were designing are quite sophisticated,” continued Eggman, “all in a bid to destroy Caan.”

“Are you saying you think we can use the satellites to destroy Vortech?” asked Vortex: Trinity Soul.

“I think WAR was, actually,” replied Tails.

“It’s possible,” explained Marshii, “that while she was influenced by Vortech, War was creating a weapon against him. I have to say, that’s impressive.”

“The Ascendant’s program,” elaborated Lukas, “came with various mental safeguards to shield us from Vortech. If those safeguards were expanded upon, they could be used to trap Vortech.”

“Combined with dimensional technology,” supplied Dr. Borg, “we could create a small pocket dimension made from the safeguards that could contain our enemy.”

“Natural entropy of a dimension that size,” continued Dell, “will make it decay within seconds of the portal closing and Vortech won’t be able to escape. Thus, he’ll die along with it.”

“We’ll need the satellites to both project the safeguards and close the portal,” mused War. Everyone then winced.

“Therein lies a tricky bit,” remarked Tails. “Even with more help, Vortech’s fleet is still a match for ours.”

“He needs his attention drawn away from the battle in space,” elaborated Shockwave.

“And the main satellite controls need a means of control set up on the ground,” continued Dell, “as well as on board the Virginia.”

“We need someone to set up the ground controls on Chizara,” finished Marshii, “and draw Vortech’s attention away from the space battle.”

“I have an uneasy feeling,” remarked Vortex: Trinity Soul, “that someone is me.”

“Don’t tell Caan,” answered Eggman, “but I would prefer that he does it. However, while Vortech DID restore his clairvoyance with a bit of his own being, it’s not enough to close the portal.”

“Besides, we’d have a continual lock on you to bring you out of there if things go awry,” assured Tails.

“…Well, my components and I agree that it’s the best option,” declared Vortex: Trinity Soul. “When we get to Chizara, we’re putting an end to this once and for all!” She then took out the Transcendant and split into Arsha, Megumi, and Optimus.

“Minna-san, we’re only getting one shot at this,” reminded Megumi. “There can be no margin for error. We’ll tell everyone the plan in an hour.”

Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Chapters

Trinity Soul: Ch 63

Okamon, a children’s card game from Arsha’s world as complex as Yu-Gi-Oh with a popular anime supplying it. The idea is that monsters have been using denizens of the Realms to fight in their war to achieve dominance in their world, Salsania. Both players have a set amount of mana and health points, 20,000 each, and five types of cards, Monster, Field, Spell, Attribute, and Attack. The Monster cards show how much health a monster has, how much defense it has, and how much mana it uses for spells. Monsters only use two Attribute cards to enhance the Attack card they’re using. Field cards can turn the tables on an opponent when invoked. Attacks are how the Monster will fight. Spells consume mana and will assist in enhancing a Monster’s chances of victory unless a Field card is used. There are five basic Monster types, Saber, Wand, Archer, Brute, and Story. Saber-type has equal health and defense, but consumes a lot of mana points to use a Spell card. Wand-types are excellent when it comes to mana consumption, roughly the same amount of health as a Saber-type, but their defense is poor. Archer-type has poor defense and consumes a lot of mana, but is excellent with health. Brute-type boast excellent defense and health, but their mana consumption is the worst of all types. Finally, Story-types are poor with defense and health, but mana consumption is the same as Wand-type. Confused yet? Don’t worry, Vortech and Arsha’s fight will demonstrate how the whole system works. Rosadera had summoned two consoles for each combatant to lay their cards down. Three spaces for Monsters, a space under the Monster space for each Monster’s Attack, a space above the upper left of each Monster space for Spells, a space above all three for the Field card, and two spaces below each Attack space for Attributes. There was also a space for discarded cards on the left of the board. Once the consoles activated, Vortech smirked at Rosadera. “No speech about what the fight’s going to be?” he asked.

“I won’t humor you like that,” hissed Rosadera. “Aren’t you the challenged? Isn’t the first move yours?”

“Don’t rush me!” snarled Vortech as the decks for both players appeared. The decks were then divided by card types. They then drew two Monsters, a Spell, a Field, three Attributes, and two Attacks. “Let’s see,” mused Vortech, “I think I’ll call Punchshield Chanter to the field in defense, set a Field face down, and end my turn.” A humanoid knight then appeared, armed with a giant shield with a boxing glove on it, and it knelt behind the shield.

“I summon Swiftjumping Nymph,” announced Arsha. A blue-skinned girl in a cutesy outfit appeared and giggled while winking. “Your Punchshield Chanter can deflect any forward punches, but I intend to utilize that to my advantage. I activate the Spell: Highjumping Victory!” Arsha’s mana went down to 19,800. “She can go over your Chanter’s shield and land a punch there! I’ll have her use the Punch Attack and enhance it with the Attributes: Impact and Diamond! With your Chanter struck down while in defense, he loses half his 2,500 health points and you lose half of that.” She placed the Spell and Attribute cards in their respective places and Swiftjumping Nymph chanted before she leapt into the air and turned her fist into a diamond.

“SHINING METEOR!” called Nymph as she flew down to Chanter at an incredible speed, fist first.

“I play the Field card, Shield Rise!” announced Vortech. “Punchshield Chanter can now raise his shield up to block Nymph’s attack and we all know the effect he has!” Chanter raised his heavy shield up and blocked the punch. “No matter what Attributes are used,” continued Vortech, “the rebound will rip through Nymph and decrease her health AND yours!” The instant Nymph’s fist made contact with the shield, she crumpled to the ground, clutching her fist, and screaming in pain. Her 3,500 health decreased to 1,750 and Arsha’s decreased to 19,125. “Anything you wish to set down, or shall I go?” Arsha saw the Field card in her hand, then smirked.

“No, I think I’ll let you go,” she answered.

“Your mistake,” chuckled Vortech. “I call Former Brute Telandro to the field and I’ll have his Attack be a kick enhanced with the Resonate and Dust Attributes. Before I attack, I’ll set this Field and end.” A hulking knight appeared. “Best play a Field card now. If not, your Nymph’s health will drop to zero and you’ll lose half of that health. ”

“No, I think Nymph’s Effect will give me the health advantage here,” chuckled Arsha. “The instant she is destroyed in battle, she activates an amplified reverb effect. While I DO lose 875 health, you lose her original amount and the Attack CAN’T be stopped when Attributes are used!” Telandro rushed at Nymph.

“SINGING DUSTER!” shouted Telandro as he executed his kick.

“STOP, YOU IMBECILE!” called Punchshield Chanter. Too late. The attack hit Nymph and she was sent flying backwards as she faded in laughter while Arsha’s health went down to 18,250 while Vortech’s health dropped to 16,500.

“Er…oops,” gulped Telandro.

“That was quite the lucky break you had there,” chuckled Vortech. “That’s all the luck you’re going to get, though. I have no intention of letting you get away with that. You best summon a good monster.”

“Oh, I intend to,” replied Arsha. “I summon Chansus the Necromantic King to the field!” A rotting corpse of a bearded man in royal clothing appeared. “I’ll then have him cast the Spell: Revenance to return Swiftjumping Nymph to the field as his undead servant!” A zombie version of Nymph then appeared and bowed to Chansus before assuming an attack position. Arsha’s mana then dropped to 19,300. “I’ll then play the Field card: Undead Unity! All undead Monsters will have their Attack strength multiplied by the amount of undead Monsters on the field! As there are two, my Monsters’ strength is doubled!” The two Monsters roared in appreciation at the power boost and prepared to attack. “I’ll have Chansus attack Chanter with a staff swing boosted by the Attributes: Cyclone and Wave, then Nymph will kick Telandro with the Attributes: Multi and Amplify! Go! Attack them now!”

“That’s a big mistake!” laughed Vortech. “I play my Field: Sanctified Purity! The Undead return to a fully living state! If I recall, because you played Undead Unity, your former zombies are now hurt!” The flesh of the zombies flowed back onto their bones and their skin returned to a living state as they charged.

“STORMING SWING!” called Chansus the former Necromantic King. He hit Chanter, but was attacked by a reverb effect, a FATAL reverb, meaning the Field card Arsha played was against him! He faded away, screaming into oblivion as Arsha’s health decreased to 14,000.

“RESONANCE CROSSBOW!” called Nymph as she kicked Telandro multiple times and then faded painfully, dropping Arsha’s health to 12,040. Vortech’s health only dropped to 15,000.

“Not good,” gulped Arsha as she set a Field card.

“My turn,” chuckled Vortech. “I call one last Monster, Olphenant.” An elephant-like knight appeared. “Now, I shall cast a Spell: Trumpeting Rally!” Vortech’s mana went down to 19,000. “With this Spell, all Saber-types have their attacks boosted! I shall then have Olphenant use his mace and augment it with the Burn and Twin Attributes, then Chanter shall use his shield with Amplify and Electric, after which, I shall have Telandro use his mighty fists with Impact and Drop! Since you have no Monsters, I can attack you directly! Tear her asunder!” Olphenant’s mace then copied itself and they set themselves on fire!”

“MORNINGSTAR METEOR!” he called. Electricity surrounded Chanter’s shield.

“SHOCK-QUAKE!” he announced. Telandro then leapt into the air and enlarged his fists.

“DYNAMITING BASH!” he shouted.

“I play the Field card: Wall of Redirection!” called Arsha.

“WAIT! STOP!” shrieked Vortech to his Monsters as he recalled the Field card’s effect.

“While I DO take direct damage,” explained Arsha, “it’s less than you wanted. I only take 3,000 instead of the 9,000 as usual. You, on the other hand, since it will destroy your monsters, will lose 6,000.” Arsha’s health dropped to 9,040 and Vortech’s dropped to 9,000 as his Monsters faded away.

“Very lucky!” hissed Vortech as he set a Field face down. “It’s your go!”

“I summon Swanelle the Dancer,” announced Arsha. An Elf with wings and a swan motif to her ballet outfit appeared. Vortech laughed.

“She’s hardly the strongest Wand-type!” he boasted. “Heck, she’s probably the biggest consumer of mana put of all the Wand-types, almost takes as much as a Saber-type!”

“Perhaps, but her effect is very potent,” counted Arsha. “If she’s summoned after the fall of two monsters, she can resurrect them in their original forms. Thus, I bring back Chansus the Necromantic King and Swiftjumping Nymph as they were before!” A fully alive Nymph and a now-rotting Chansus arrived on the field again. “I then have Swanelle cast a Spell: Wands United!” Arsha’s mana dropped to 18,020. “With three Wand-types on the board, she has boosted their Attacks threefold! Next, I have Swanelle kick with Blade and Cyclone! Then, I have Nymph use another Kick with Diamond and Amplify! Last, I have Chansus use his staff with Burn and Reach! Destroy him!”

“RAZOR PIROUETTE!” called Swanelle as she spun and gathered the most fearsome winds with her tutu before kicking the winds towards Vortech.

“DIAMOND SLAM!” shouted Nymph as her leg turned into diamond and she flew through the air with her foot extended and aimed at Vortech.

“INFERNO’S GRIP!” roared Chansus as he swung his staff and fired a stream of flames towards Vortech.

“I play the Field card: Strength Resurrected,” called Vortech. Telandro reappeared and took the brunt of the attacks. Vortech’s health dropped to only 8,700.

“What the?!” yelped Arsha. “When did…?!”

“Just now,” replied Vortech. “You really should be more careful with your mana. Do you recall the effect?”

“…Once that card is played,” gulped Arsha, “those with lower mana lose their monsters and 3,000 health!”

“And I believe that’s you,” chuckled Vortech as Swanelle, Nymph, and Chansus faded away. Arsha gulped as her health dropped to 6,040. Telandro stood grinning with Vortech as Arsha set a Field face down. “Face it,” taunted Vortech, “you cling to a lie! Diversity is weakening you! I’ve proved my point! I’ve demonstrated that the weakness of those that are inferior only leads to weakness overall! All it takes is one differently-minded person to destroy what you hold dear. Just one person! You’ve got someone trying to tear down what you perceive as perfect, am I right? I know I am. Why else would you fight Dr. Borg? Why else would Optimus fight his own brother? Why else does Megumi fight Hiro? Yet, for reasons that elude me completely, you won’t accept it! You still believe that differences are inherently good! By the gods that died with my people, you make me want to puke! What is it with you?! What makes you fight for diversity? Clinging to innocence? Wanting to make a society where differences don’t matter? Something like that, I bet! …Something like that was posed to me. I…I’m not sure how I first heard about diversity being strength. Sometimes I think it was my family who told me diversity was strength, sometimes I think it’s the propaganda of Vortoranii. If I really wanted to know, though, I suppose I could take the TARDIS! My point is this: diversity actually killed my people. When I saw how many people were still killing each other beneath Vortoranii’s radar over some differences, I decided it was time to create a new universe! I admit it! That’s what prompted my search for the Foundation Elements! That’s when I decided to be the last of the Vortonians! Why can’t you people accept the truth?! I mean, you’re a Realmfleet Captain! You’re obviously intelligent! You must see the reality of diversity! Do you know how many times your current Age of Unity nearly ended over a Fae pollination squadron going to the wrong flowers?! Do you know what triggered the end of the previous Age? An argument over whether or not taxes were the way to go! Do you know how many different ideas were spouted?! It’s all a joke! Everything that’s ever been preached about diversity, it’s just a joke that went on too long! So, why do you insist on retelling the joke?!”

“…Because I don’t see diversity as a joke as, genetically speaking, it brought me into the world,” replied Arsha. “Incidentally, I DON’T see my life as perfect, nor do I want to. I see a life that can be constantly improved upon, but you don’t see continual improvements to life as something that’s necessary. In my eyes, I don’t see a demi-god, I see a child that doesn’t want to change. I say you’re wrong, diversity IS strength. I don’t know about the rest of the multiverse, but, without it, the Realms would collapse in on themselves.”

“You honestly believe that?” scoffed Vortech. “You’re more naïve than I thought. In any case, this will be the end. Because he was brought back, I hereby have Telandro use his fist altered with Earthquake and Drain and attack you directly.”

“GROUND-BREAKING LEECH!” called Telandro as he punched the ground and created a fissure that ran towards Arsha and reduced her health to 3,040. 1,000 of her mana vanished as Vortech’s mana replenished to its full 20,000. Arsha set a Field face down.

“You haven’t a hope of defeating me or freeing Megumi and Optimus,” declared Vortech. “Face it, you’re done. Go ahead and summon a Monster, Telandro will cut it down.” Arsha looked at her hand, then grinned.

“He won’t get the chance,” giggled Arsha. “Vortech, did the Spell: Circumvent exist when you played Okamon?”

“…What?” asked Vortech.

“Did the Spell: Circumvent exist when you played Okamon?” repeated Arsha.

“No, what IS Circumvent?” asked Vortech.

“I’ll explain when the Monster I summon casts it,” replied Arsha. “Speaking of which, I summon Kuwagor, the Fiend!” A four-armed, stag beetle-looking humanoid appeared; dressed in black robes and armed with knives.

“What good is HE going to do?” scoffed Vortech. “He’s only boosted when he has Attributes added to his Attack. It’s not going to be enough to cut me down, especially with Telandro.”

“Now is where I explain the Spell: Circumvent,” declared Arsha. “When it’s cast, the Monster can go around the enemy Monsters and attack the player’s health directly.”

“It still won’t be enough,” dismissed Vortech. “Even with both Attributes added to a Kick, he’s only going to lower my health by about 6,400, not enough to defeat me.”

“Yeah, except,” countered Arsha, “it’s not just a Spell being used. You see, I still have a Field card to play: Attribute Triad!”

“…No!” breathed Vortech as horror crossed his face.

“That’s right!” cheered Arsha. “Attribute Triad allows me to use a THIRD Attribute to his attack, thus it means his attack will be 9,600, far above your health! If I recall, you DIDN’T set a Field at the end of your turn.”

“YOU CAN’T DO THIS!” pleaded Vortech.

“Watch me, boy!” challenged Arsha. “I play the Field: Attribute Triad! Oh, and thank you for suggesting a Kick for his Attack. I think I’ll supplement it with Twin, Burn, and Swift! Kuwagor, finish this duel!”

“With pleasure!” cheered Kuwagor as he split into two copies, let the feet set themselves on fire, and ran around Telandro at such a speed, both copies looked like blurs. “BURNING SPEED ROUND!” called both copies of Kuwagor as they swung their feet towards Vortech.

“Oh, come on!” squeaked Vortech.

“That’s the name of the game, don’t wear it out!” finished Arsha. The attack hit Vortech and his host, Megumi, crumpled to the floor as Telandro vanished, the health dropped to zero, and Optimus woke up.

“Oh, my processor!” groaned Optimus. He then opened his optics and examined his hand. “Oh, good, I’m in full control. …MEGUMI!” He and Arsha then dashed to Vortech’s former host, Megumi.

“Megumi, can you hear me?!” called Arsha.

“…Loud and clear,” groaned Megumi as she opened her eyes. They were no longer white like Vortech’s. They were her normal brown again. “Good game,” praised Megumi.

“I had a good Okamon teacher,” chuckled Arsha. “Believe it or not, I got the idea from Optimus’ memories with that…er…holo-droid, right?”

“You saw my YuGiOh duel with that thing?” asked Optimus. He then flashed a cocky grin. “I was amazing, wasn’t I?”

“Boast while you can,” called a voice that sent fear racing up and down Megumi’s spine. Everyone turned to see Vortech in his old body picking himself up.

“You know the fight terms!” hissed Rosadera. “You will leave at once!”

“Oh, of course,” replied Vortech, “but Arsha was ‘mum’ on where I would go to in order to satisfy leaving Vorton!” He then opened a rift and let himself fall into it while War, Skyfall, Quake Hammer, and X-PO came out of another.

“MY SHIP!” she called.

“Ah, an Android army, splendid,” chuckled Vortech. “Good, you shall be my minions.”

“Our mission,” countered the HumaGear crewman, “is to protect the multiverse.”

“Sorry,” dismissed Vortech, “but your mission is to obey me.” He brought out a ZetsumeRiser, cloned it, and attached them all to the HumaGear crews of all ships in War’s Fleet. They resisted for a few seconds, but it proved no good. They became more obedient to him.

“Awaiting Vortech Zetsumerise Key,” droned all the HumaGears.

“Excellent!” chuckled Vortech as he made the Zetsumerise Key based on him and handed them all to his new soldiers. “It will be an empire of me!”

“VORTECH!” called the Zetsumerise Keys as all HumaGears pressed the buttons.

“Me, me, me!” laughed Vortech as the Zetsumerise Keys were inserted into the belts and the sides were pushed.

“ZETSUMERISE!” called the belts as they changed all of the HumaGears into perfect copies of him.

“Me too,” chuckled the first of his android clones.

“Captain Vortech,” commanded Lord Vortech, “set course for Chizara. Once there, all ships will hold position until Megumi decides to challenge me.”

“Aye, aye, Fleet Admiral Vortech,” replied his first clone. All of War’s former ships then opened a rift and flew straight to Chizara.

Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Chapters

Trinity Soul: Ch 62

Mirai-Megumi had returned to the future while everyone was on Vorton, doing their part to try and get Vortech out of Optimus, Arsha, and Megumi. Right now, they were trying to contact Vortoranii so they could get some advice. As they worked, a pink flash of light appeared and formed Rosadera. “What the heck’s going on?!” she yelped.

“An intruder!” called Caan as he and Eggman leveled their weapons at her.

“Hey, hey, hey!” protested Richard as he got between them.

“How did you find us?!” demanded Eggman.

“I walked!” snarked Rosadera. “Look, in all seriousness, what’s going on here?! I got word that you guys made an unstable pocket dimension and now you’re actually working with these schlubs?!”

“We have a common enemy now,” explained Megumi.

“Can she be trusted?” asked Caan.

“Can you?” quizzed Optimus.

“I don’t think any Chizaran wants Vortech to succeed in whatever game he’s playing at,” replied Arsha.

“…Uh, why mention Vortech?” asked Rosadera.

“Because Caan’s right and Vortech’s still alive,” answered Optimus.

“…And you believe a Dalek?” quizzed Rosadera.

“Initially, no,” replied Megumi, “but my future confirmed what he said about Vortech’s status.” Rosadera gulped as she detected no lies from Megumi.

“We can’t hold the 3V2R if Vortech’s still around,” declared Rosadera. “I’m suspending it until Vortech’s well and truly dead!” She made a few calls and was satisfied with her answers. “Okay, with all that out of the way, what are you doing right now?”

“Wasting our time,” grunted Caan.

“And, er, do your enemies know what’s up?” asked Rosadera.

“They’re currently patrolling our space at the moment,” explained Megumi, “to prevent Vortech’s followers from making contact.”

“And we just went off duty,” called Megatron as he, Hiro, and Dr. Borg came in.

“About the unstable pocket dimension,” explained Mickey, “we needed the leaders of each group to listen with a cooler head. We let it collapse a while ago after they agreed to hear us out.”

“Long story short, Vortech’s inside me, Arsha, and Megumi,” continued Optimus.

“The rejected sushi platter,” supplied Arsha as Caan scoffed at the insult, “thinks we can weaken him by separating him from us and Megumi thinks someone named Vortoranii can offer advice on how to do so.”

“Even if she can’t,” finished Megumi, “she’d be a powerful ally.”

“This is pointless,” grunted Caan. “She would have already…!” Caan was interrupted by the arrival of Vortoranii’s ghost.

“Wh…wha…?!” stammered Vortoranii.

“Vortoranii, relax,” advised Megumi. “We’ve summoned your image here to talk directly to you, but it’s not going to last. I know about the conversation you had with my future self and Death, but my current anger about that is unimportant. Let me sum up, Vortech’s living inside the three of us,” she indicated herself, Arsha, and Optimus. “We need any advice you can give to get him out.”

“…Oh,” remarked Vortoranii. “Is that all? I already know about Vortech.”

“…You do?” asked Rosadera.

“Of course,” replied Vortoranii. “Megumi’s carried me around since the Sources. Did you think I wouldn’t know what was going on?”

“The Sources?” muttered Megumi. “No, you and I parted company after the Vortech Wars.”

“Oh, is that what you’re all calling your battle against me?” asked Vortoranii.

“Battle against…?” quizzed Megumi before a horrible theory formed in her head.

“That’s right,” chuckled Vortoranii as her voice changed. “You didn’t contact my former Queen. Who you got was…” her form then changed into the guy they once thought dead! “LOOOOORD VORTECH!” Vortech then cleared his throat. “Too much?”

“WRONG END!” squeaked Arsha.

“What are you quaking about?” asked Caan. “It’s just his image. He can’t harm us.”

“So, all the pawns are now aware of the game,” chuckled Vortech. “So small, so scared. I must say, I do enjoy playing with you all. I don’t want this game to end. …Nothing to say? Usually your type spouts a speech about good triumphing over evil. Let me tell you right now, good is hopelessly naïve.”

“Wait a minute,” called Megumi. “Why am I afraid?!” She gave her full attention to Vortech. “I’m not afraid of you! I bested you before, I’ll do so again!” Vortech gave Megumi his full attention.

“As you can clearly see,” he remarked, “you only diminished me!”

“I did, yes,” agreed Megumi, “I shall do worse!”

“Tiny tin girl in tiny tin armor,” taunted Vortech, “thought she could be the dragon-slayer only to realize she’s the damsel in the tower waiting for a prince to rescue her! Farewell, you fools!” He faded away, leaving everyone a little scared.

“…Did he really say I’m nothing more than a damsel in distress?!” snarled Megumi.

“I told you it was a waste of time!” growled Caan.

“I don’t see you coming up with any better ideas, octopus-head!” shouted Hiro.

“To get Vortech out,” explained Eggman, “is going to take something he doesn’t want happening to happen. He knows we’re aware of him now, but he must know we won’t succumb to him.”

“Vortech’s going to fight back,” replied Megatron.

“He needs…a sign,” mused Dr. Borg.

“Something to break his spirit in some way,” supplied Arsha.

“A reminder,” continued Caan, “that there’s something he CAN’T win against.”

“…Wait a minute,” realized Megumi. “I think I have something! Excuse me!” She dashed off to her room and found the chess game. “Right where I left you!” she cheered. She gathered the board and pieces and ran back to the Gateway Room. As she set up the board, Optimus and Arsha reached the same conclusion.

“So, our mystery opponent…!” began Optimus.

“The reason why a chess game is following us…!” supplied Arsha.

“The one moving the white pieces,” confirmed Megumi, “is Vortech. He said so himself, he doesn’t want the game to end. Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to make it end!”

“Excuse me, ladies,” bid Optimus as he made the Black Bishop to capture an enemy Pawn at King’s Knight 5. His optics briefly went white as his hand grabbed the White King and moved it to King’s Bishop 2. His optics returned to their natural blue as he saw the looks of fear on everyone. “Did…did Vortech…possess me to make his move?” he gulped.

“He did,” confirmed Megatron.

“That confirms my theory,” muttered Megumi.

“My turn, then,” declared Arsha. She got a Pawn to capture an enemy Pawn at King’s Rook 5. Her eyes turned white and Vortech commanded her arm to make a Rook capture the Pawn she had previously moved. Her eyes went back to normal once the move was completed.

“My move,” gulped Megumi, not looking forward to the possession. She moved a Bishop to capture the Rook Vortech made Arsha move. Her eyes turned white and her arm moved the White King to King’s Knight 2. Her eyes went back to normal as Optimus moved a Rook to King’s Bishop 7. His eyes went white and Vortech used him to move his King to King’s Knight 1. As Optimus regained control of his own body, Arsha moved a Knight to Queen’s Bishop 4. Vortech took control and moved one of his Knights to Queen’s Knight 1. Megumi then moved a Rook to take a Bishop at King’s Bishop 1. Vortech took her over briefly and looked over the board, panicking at trying to find a move. Megumi regained control. “Check and, I do believe, MATE!” At that moment, Optimus, Arsha, and Megumi’s eyes switched back and forth from normal to Vortech’s white as they thrashed in pain before collapsing on the floor.

“What happened?!” called Megatron as he picked Optimus up.

“Vortech happened,” replied Caan. “He’s brought them into his mind. Right now, they’re all facing him, but he’s got control of Megumi’s mind and can manipulate her as he sees fit. He’s working on Optimus’ mind right now, but Arsha has an advantage over his attempts, having been trained since she was a baby to block out mental attacks.”

“Let’s get a view of the fight, then!” declared Rosadera as she snapped her fingers and made a mirror. Inside the mirror, Megumi was chained, Optimus was fighting chains, and Arsha couldn’t be chained as Vortech stood against them.

“Get out of our heads!” demanded Megumi as Arsha transferred her hairpiece to her waist.

“Stop rummaging around in our minds!” snarled Optimus.

“I invite you to stop me!” challenged Vortech. He then saw images of Malnar, Lardeth, Richard, Blackarachnia, Falnii, Gorfanth, and Foresna. “Ah, your thoughts drift to your lovers. How perfectly heroic! How would they feel if you attacked them?”

“You’re not using us like that!” snarled Arsha as she fired a magic blast from her hands.

“Fascinating,” chuckled Vortech as he deflected the blast with his staff, “trained since birth to stop mental attacks. Highly effective.” Arsha fired another blast. “Relax! Relax!” advised Vortech as he absorbed the shot. “If you’ll calm down a moment, you’ll find this a pleasant experience. You’re becoming one with perfection.”

“I SAID OUT!” shouted Arsha as she threw a massive fireball. Vortech blocked it with an ice wall. “What is this place, a mental arena? Some kind of colosseum?”

“This is fantastic!” cheered Vortech. “I’m already powerful, but I’m dealing with Kitsune level magic, especially from a Blender! I mean, I’m going to have rewire the brain so it’s only my will in there, but what power! What magnificence! With Optimus’ power, I’ll be above even the Chizarans! …Oh, look! Cybertronians! There’s information on the Transformers! Oh, this is just dreamy!”

“I’m allowing you access to Cybertronian biology,” declared Optimus. “Specifically, what we run on.” Images of various forms of Energon then flashed by.

“Oh, look at that!” giggled Vortech. “The raw, crystal form of Energon! So harmful, yet so necessary!”

“I could lower my Energon radiation tolerance right now,” replied Optimus. “Go way below safety levels and let stray Energon particles bombard my body with radiation, then I could refuse to transform. After stasis lock, who knows what will happen to my psyche. But, the option is available.”

“What’s he doing?!” hissed Megatron as he saw everything in the mirror.

“Challenging Vortech, it seems,” chuckled Rosadera.

“…Stalemate, then,” grunted Vortech in the mental arena. “Someone needs to control these bodies! With Arsha around, it just makes us too evenly matched!”

“What’s that?” quizzed Megumi. “No, don’t answer. I’m just talking. You said ‘stalemate’.”

“I currently control Megumi’s mind,” explained Vortech as he manipulated the chains around Megumi to drag her across the floor, “you’re still in command of your own, Ms. Royana, we each control 46.3155 percent of Optimus’ head. 7.369 percent is still in the balance. Whoever gets that gets everyone’s minds.”

“Why is MY brain in the balance?!” protested Optimus.

“So, how shall we determine the victor?” mused Vortech.

“Do you play Okamon?” asked Arsha.

“I was quite the avid Okamon player in my day,” replied Vortech. “You’re proposing to play an Okamon match to end this stalemate?”

“Winner takes all,” answered Arsha. “No one can access that portion of Optimus’ mind without winning the game.”

“…What say we take this to the real world, since a Chizaran is here?” suggested Vortech. “For this match, I’ll use Megumi’s body. Not that she has a lot of choice in the matter.” He snapped his fingers and the view in the mirror vanished as Arsha and Megumi’s bodies got up. As they opened their eyes and Arsha transferred her hairpiece to her waist again, Megumi’s eyes were revealed to be white as she chuckled evilly. Vortech had taken full control of Megumi’s body! “You can’t win!” he laughed in Megumi’s voice.

“I invite you to stop me!” challenged Arsha.

“You understand,” remarked Vortech, “when I win, I get your bodies and memories and powers!”

“When I win,” answered Arsha, “you get out of our heads! You leave Vorton! Nobody gets hurt! You understand, nobody gets hurt! Now, declare your deck-type.”

“I shall be using a Saber-type deck,” replied Vortech.

“Then I will use a Wand-type deck,” declared Arsha.

“Rosadera, are you familiar with what’s going on?” asked Vortech.

“An Okamon match for your victims’ freedom,” summed up Rosadera.

“Exactly,” chuckled Vortech. “I think we’ll fight right here in the Gateway Room. So? What do you think of the match?” Rosadera sighed, then decided to humor him.

“The challenge has been set, the terms have been agreed upon, and the chance of victory is agreeable for both sides,” she declared. “I, Rosadera, the pink Princess of Chizara and the peace leader, will be judging. In two hours’ time, your fight begins! Prepare and make ready! Good luck!”

“I don’t need it,” chuckled Vortech.

Blancalmarem and Nemengra began their broadcast with Amavorte and Rojenthi. “Ladies and gentlemen, I wish we could begin this broadcast under happier circumstances,” began Blancalmarem.

“Regretfully, troubling news from Vorton have reached us,” continued Nemengra.

“Rojenthi and Amavorte,” Blancalmarem went on, “received an emergency transmission from Rosadera on Vorton.”

“What they are about to tell us,” finished Nemengra, “will only spell doom if we don’t prepare. Amavorte, Rojenthi, you’re up.”

“Ladies and gentlemen,” sighed Amavorte, “this is neither a drill, nor a joke. The greatest scourge of the multiverse, Lord Vortech, the last of the Vortonians, is NOT dead. I repeat, Vortech is NOT dead.”

“He’s been hiding out in the minds of Optimus, Arsha, and Megumi,” supplied Rojenthi. “They’re trying to get him out, but, if they do, he’ll certainly target us.”

“Evacuation to Universe 1-B will commence the instant this broadcast is finished,” explained Amavorte. “Take only what you need. All non-essentials MUST be left behind, no exceptions.”

“Once evacuated,” continued Rojenthi, “all fighters will report to the training camp. I know this is unpleasant to hear, but a draft has been instituted. Preparations for soldiers will be our only chance of returning to our lives, because, from this moment on, it is my solemn duty to inform you all, Chizara and her people are at war with Vortech.” She nodded to the camera people and the broadcast ended.

“I better get started with evacuations,” sighed Amavorte.

“Naratelto’s probably emptying her womb right now,” guessed Blancalmarem, “giving birth to make sure she doesn’t go into battle in a pregnant state. I’m gonna help her.”

“I’ll evacuate our families,” offered Nemengra.

“I’ll get my family to Universe 1-B and await you there,” declared Rojenthi. The garden cleared itself of people, leaving only the wind as its companion.

Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Chapters

Trinity Soul: Ch 61

The EndeavorArkVirginiaNemesisScorpion, and a Shocker Rift saucer named the Tiger flew through the rift on course for the universe Caan and his allies were in. The captains of each ship were in a conference over the subspace channels. “So, are we clear on the plan?” asked Megumi.

“The Ark and Nemesis,” replied Optimus, “will begin surface bombardment, making sure our targets are unharmed, yet surrounded.”

“The six of us,” continued Megatron, “will then beam down and apprehend them, holding each one in our brigs.”

“I will have Caan,” supplied Hiro, “Optimus will hold Dr. Eggman, and you will interrogate Mickey.”

“If War comes,” Dr. Borg went on, “the Scorpion and the Tiger will try to hold off her fleet while the Virginia and Endeavor will assist in both bombarding and holding off War’s fleet.

“When we get to Vorton, we hold our targets until we get answers,” finished Arsha.

“Excellent,” declared Megumi. “We’ve only got one shot to get answers. If we screw up now, we’ll never get them.”

“Megumi!” called Richard from the bridge. “War’s fleet beat us to it!”

“What?!” yelped Megumi.

“Well, looks like we’re ALL holding off War!” grumbled Arsha.

“We need extra protection!” declared Megumi. “Everyone, pick someone else to assist us! We’re going in hot!” The call ended and Megumi entered the bridge. “Richard, with me!” she ordered. “Hiroki, you’re in charge until we get back!” Richard and Megumi then entered the transporter room and fastened their belts.

“Vortex Driver!” the two belts called. They then took out their Ascendants and i.d. tags and inserted both.

“Ascendance! All set!” announced their Ascendants.

“Henshin!” proclaimed Richard and Megumi.

“Full Ascendance!” called the Ascendants. They turned into their Ascendant Rider forms and beamed onto the surface of the universe. They met Hiro as Tora-Otoko with a Shocker Rift Drone Dalek, Megatron with Starscream, Optimus with Ironhide, Arsha in her armor with Bashoon, and Dr. Borg with Jansha. They found Caan as Kamen Rider Dal, Mickey as Kamen Rider Lux, and Dr. Eggman fighting off Kamen Rider Adaptus and a Dalek-based Kamen Rider, Metaltron as Kamen Rider Ex. Just then, War in her Rider Form, Skyfall, and Quake Hammer shimmered into view.

“There they are!” called War.

“NO, YOU DON’T!” shouted Royal as she clashed with War.

“Stay out of this, mortal!” demanded War as she blocked Royal’s sword swing.

“Shows what you know!” taunted Royal. “After Academy’s universe made everyone immortal, even bringing the dead back to life!”

“LIAR!” shouted War. Guard assisted Royal as Optimus and Megatron clashed with Quake Hammer and Skyfall.

“You side with the enemy!” accused Optimus. “You hide the fact that you’ve married a Decepticon from me! You attack innocent people! You’re no Autobot, you cruel Pit-spawn!”

“I’m being cruel to be kind!” argued Skyfall. “Like a child scares me!”

“A child that’s stripping you of the Autobrand for this, traitor!” countered Optimus. Megatron concentrated on Quake Hammer.

“You know, I told the D.J.D. that you died defending me!” Megatron snarled at Quake Hammer. “Maybe I should tell them I was mistaken and have you put back on the List!”

“Believe it or not,” growled Quake Hammer, “I don’t think the D.J.D. will listen to you, considering your Autobot origins!”

“I have abandoned that faction a long time ago!” roared Megatron.

“That’s no excuse for the D.J.D!” countered Quake Hammer. Tora-Otoko, the Dalek, Dr. Borg, Arsha, and Bashoon focused on Dal, Lux, and Eggman while Ex and Adaptus tried to get around the group of four. Dr. Borg and Bashoon tried to knock Adaptus off their backs while Ex attacked Arsha, Tora-Otoko, and the Dalek.

“EXTERMINATE!” called the Dalek as it fired. The blaster bolt was deflected by Ex’s new armor.

“Nice try,” taunted Ex.

“EXTERMINATE!” shrieked the Dalek as it fired again and again. “EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! WHY WON’T YOU JUST DIE ALREADY?!”

“I can’t,” purred Ex as she punched through the Dalek’s casing. She then retracted her fist to reveal the remains of the Dalek’s internal flesh.

“COME HERE!” roared Tora-Otoko as he swung the Rift Breaker at Ex. Ex dodged the attack, but left herself open to Arsha’s punch.

“Why you!” snarled Ex as she performed a roundhouse kick. Arsha caught Ex’s foot and flipped her to the ground. Tora-Otoko inserted his old i.d. tag into the Rift Breaker.

“Final Attack!” it announced.

“TORA RIFT SLICE!” shouted Tora-Otoko as he swung it sideways, creating an energy wave that hit Ex and cancelled her transformation, changing her back into Metaltron. Tora-Otoko arched an eyebrow. “You’re…blue?” he muttered.

“What, got something against a new breed of Dalek?” asked Metaltron.

“Eggman!” called Lux. “Any time now!”

“Got them!” cheered Eggman.

“NOW!” shouted Dal. Eggman pressed a button and everything gained a bluish tint. Metaltron and Adaptus looked around in stark confusion.

“WHERE’D THEY GO?!” demanded Metaltron as she passed through Optimus’ leg while everyone tried to steady themselves.

“Never mind them,” urged Adaptus as she turned back into the former Cyber-Planner Gi. She now wore a silver dress. “We have other recruits to find,” reminded Gi.

“Yes, yes, we do,” remembered Metaltron. “Come on, we need to leave.” She summoned a Rift and they vanished into it.

“Er…couldn’t they…?” asked Quake Hammer.

“It’s a temporary pocket dimension,” explained Lux as he turned back into Mickey. “Eggman was supposed to leave them out while we talked.”

“Sweet Primus!” groaned Optimus. “Who calibrated that?! Feels like my internal mechanics took a weekend in Six Lasers Over Cybertron!”

“Clearly, the problem is your weak constitution,” remarked Dal as he changed back into Caan.

“Oh, yeah, forgot about you!” hissed War as she drew her sword.

“WHOA! WAIT! NO!” yelped Mickey as he got between War and Caan.

“Mickey, you’ve got five seconds,” warned Royal, “to explain what’s going on here and why you’re working with Caan and Eggman!”

“You’re owed no such explanation!” snarled Caan. “You should have kept your nose out of our business!”

“And let you conquer Foundation Prime?!” roared War. “Not a chance!”

“What use would I have for Foundation Prime?!” snapped Caan.

“Everyone, calm down!” urged Mickey. “We’re all in this together!”

“Calm down?!” protested Guard. “You’re working with Eggman and a former Dalek! You saw how dangerous one was during the incident with the Sources! Mickey, we’ve been against them from the start, you’ve been working with them since you joined us three years ago! Maybe before that! I say Caan’s wrong! We’re ALL owed an explanation!”

“…Wait, you mean you really don’t know?” asked Mickey.

“Of course, they don’t!” snapped Caan. “Anyone can tell you that and they don’t need my clairvoyance.”

“But I thought they would have, at least, suspected!” argued Mickey.

“Suspected what?” asked Optimus.

“Guys, I went to Megumi’s future!” revealed Mickey. “I know what’s going on!”

“My…future?” asked Royal.

“Ask and she shall appear,” called a voice. Mirai-Megumi appeared, wearing her perception filter. “Now, before I get into the big reveal,” she began, “Megumi, did Death tell you about my conversation with her and Rosadera?”

“Yeah, why?” asked Royal.

“Good,” declared Mirai-Megumi as she took off the perception filter. “Now I don’t have to have this stupid thing and can reveal why I hired Caan to assist in this matter.”

“…Okay, when do I go senile enough to want to hire a former Dalek?!” hissed Royal.

“It’s not senility,” argued Mirai-Megumi, “it’s ensuring time stays on track and we only need to worry about a different version of Shocker.”

“What?” asked Guard.

“Minna, Caan’s right!” revealed Mirai-Megumi. “Vortech is still alive!”

“…That…That…THAT’S ABSURD!” argued War.

“I warned you, Megumi,” hissed Caan. “I told you I saw you, Optimus, and Arsha fighting Vortech before you were robbed of the Sources by Hiro. You should have heeded my advice and prepared for his second coming!”

“You left his service with me!” argued Tora-Otoko. “You only heard the news that Vortech was imprisoned in a rift loop and died when it collapsed!”

“Would someone tell me what’s going on?!” demanded Dr. Borg.

“About five years ago,” explained Royal, “my friends and I, the original Vortex Riders, got Batman, Hongo, Wyldstyle, and Gandalf on a crazy journey that spanned the entire multiverse to defeat the last of the Vortonians, Lord Vortech. He was going to smash every reality into one another to make a perfect, singular universe. We stopped him by trapping him in a rift loop and it collapsed, thus it KILLED him!”

“Vortech’s alive and well in this time!” corrected Mirai-Megumi. “He’s just hiding within someone. Three someones, in fact. Want to know who they are?” She then pointed to Royal, Optimus, and Arsha.

“…He’s…inside us?” asked Optimus.

“Snoozing right in your heads,” confirmed Mirai-Megumi.

“Er, guys,” gulped Eggman, “can we continue this in normal reality? The pocket dimension’s about to collapse!”

“I’ll tell you what,” offered Royal as she cancelled her transformation, “we’ll order our ships to stop shooting at each other to hear your explanations. If we’re satisfied, we’ll let you off the hook. If not, we’re throwing you in prison. Sound fair?”

“Fine,” agreed Mickey.

“…Very well,” grunted War as she cancelled her transformation.

“She speaks for us,” declared Megatron as Tora-Otoko turned back into Hiro.

All ships stopped shooting at each other and listened to Mirai-Megumi, Mickey, Caan, and Eggman explain why they did what they did. “But…but…that’s not…” muttered Hiroki.

“I went to the future,” replied Mickey. “Vortech’s still alive!”

“It’s just…a little hard to take in!” remarked Hiro. “How long has he been inside their heads?”

“He was split across different points in time as well,” explained Mirai-Megumi. “During the fight on Foundation Prime over the Sources, unbeknownst to me, I had backed my foot into a small lump of Vortech. It activated his memories and soul and he was split into three fragments. One of them buried itself into me, the second went into Optimus during Sira’s lecture about how the soul knows when someone is turning bad, even if the mind is clouded.”

“That was after I had lost my magic briefly,” muttered Optimus. “I was falling into delusions of power.”

“The third was when Arsha first met Dr. Borg as she explained her plan to use a virus to take over the Realms,” continued Mirai-Megumi.

“I still owe you for ruining that plan,” Dr. Borg threatened Arsha.

“Doctor, shut up,” hissed Megatron.

“Right now,” finished Mirai-Megumi, “Vortech’s just lying in wait, manipulating us all to turn against each other.” War’s face fell when she heard that.

“Wait, then where does the Ascendant come into play?” asked Optimus.

“That was something 200-year-old me did,” explained Mirai-Megumi. “Yes, she’s also locked looking like she’s 21. In any case, she told Sludgiona what was going on before the Vortech Wars and told her to make the prototype Vortex Drivers, then make new ones.”

“Did she tell Sludgiona to make the Chronicle Drivers?” asked Dell.

“No, that was all her doing,” replied Mirai-Megumi. “The Lukas of my time programmed the virus that destroyed them.”

“The virus Mickey installed in them?” asked Jandro.

“The same,” confirmed Mirai-Megumi.

“That still leaves me confused,” muttered Optimus. “Why did it need my Spark? Why couldn’t you just say that the Ascendant needed it?”

“Because that would have made the timeline messier than it already is,” replied Mirai-Megumi. “Truthfully, it needed a good source of energy, I just forgot that it need something on the level of your Spark.”

“Then why was the Ascendant made at all?” asked Arsha.

“Because it’s not just a power-up,” replied Mickey. “It’s not a fancy gadget! It’s armor! Mental armor!”

“Of course!” cheered Lukas. “Wunderbar!”

“Huh?” asked Richard.

“Vortech is a being of pure energy,” explained Lukas. “To fight someone like him, you need to fight in a manner similar to his existence, with greater energy, and a Transformer’s Spark, especially one bonded to the Matrix, is the very thing needed to hold him back!”

“It’s one of a myriad of ways we fight someone like Vortech,” explained Mirai-Megumi. “People like him are classified as Industria Bestias, Beasts of Energy. We have ways of defeating them or blocking them.”

“The Ascendant isn’t just for making new forms,” continued Caan. “It’s a shield, a method of keeping Vortech from taking over your minds and bodies. With Megumi in possession of an Ascendant, Vortech can’t use you lot, not even Optimus and Arsha. However, he’s still inside your bodies and we need him OUT to defeat him.”

“Then we gotta reconvene and plan on Vorton,” declared Megumi. “For now, all charges against Mickey and Eggman need to be dropped. War, I need you to…War?” War wasn’t on the screen. Instead, it was Quake Hammer. “Where’s War?”

“In her ready room,” replied Quake Hammer. “She heard everything, but I think hearing that she was manipulated into betraying you all by Vortech left her shaken.”

“…Permission to come aboard?” asked Megumi, guessing why she was shaken.

“Granted,” answered Quake Hammer. “We’ll beam you over.” Megumi was transported via teleport beam to the bridge of War’s ship and was shown where her ready room was. She knocked on the door.

“Come,” mumbled War’s voice. Megumi stepped in to see War huddled in a corner, pulling her knees to her chest, and looking sorry for herself.

“War?” asked Megumi. “Are you okay?”

“More or less,” muttered War. “Are you okay?”

“I’ve been worse,” assured Megumi. “…Er, about Mickey…”

“I’m not pursuing him, not anymore,” replied War in uncharacteristic softness.

“…What are you thinking about?” quizzed Megumi.

“Everything,” answered War. “…Specifically, what I did against you and what I was planning to do to you. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” replied Megumi. “You were manipulated by Vortech.”

“Was I?” mumbled War. Megumi winced, guessing what War was going through.

“…Look, we can save the pity party for later,” declared Megumi. “We need to get Vortech out of me, Optimus, and Arsha.”

“True,” sighed War as she stood up. “What do you need from me?”

“Right now, we’re all going to Vorton to make Vortech aware that we’re on to him,” explained Megumi. “You up for another fight against him?”

“…Yes!” declared War.

“I’ll see you on Vorton, then,” finished Megumi. “Virginia, this is Megumi. One to return.” She vanished as War took her place on her bridge.

“Lay in a course for Vorton!” she ordered Skyfall. All ships then sped off for Vorton.

Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Chapters

Trinity Soul: Ch 60

Phury was being fanned in her throne room and being fed fruit as she lounged on her chair. “Angarr,” she called, “where’s Amavorte? She’s supposed to bring me to my opponent.”

“I don’t know, my Queen,” answered Angarr.

“…Well, I suppose that’s the default for you males,” sighed Phury.

“I find that males and females both function better when both are treated as equals,” called Amavorte’s voice. She was right behind the Appoplexian fanning Phury.

“Do you NEED to do that?!” snapped Phury.

“Chizarans prefer to be unexpected in some capacity,” replied Amavorte. “Your opponent is ready.”

“As am I,” purred Phury. Yellow-green light enveloped the two ladies and they appeared in After Academy’s gym. Megumi had exchanged her usual outfit for workout clothes.

“I hope you’re ready to answer for your men’s crimes,” growled Megumi.

“You’re the one who has committed a crime against one of my men,” hissed Phury, “thus insulting me.” The two ladies took their places on opposite corners of the ring and Megumi turned into Tora-Onna. Amavorte took to the center of the ring as a camera appeared.

“I am Amavorte,” she announced, “the yellow-green princess of Chizara and the earth leader. Representing her new home of 8-3-Y-0-N-D-C-1-T-Y and a permanent student of the multiverse’s leading educational institute, After Academy, we have Megumi Hishikawa with home-turf advantage! Representing G-W-3-N-1-0, we have Queen Phury of Appoplexia! This bout is a test of physical strength. Both of them will fight in this ring until one of the opponents is thrown out of the ring. No weapons may be used and Megumi must stay in her currently fuzzy state as Tora-Onna. Tora-Onna, are you ready?”

“Let me at her!” growled Tora-Onna.

“Queen Phury, are you ready?” asked Amavorte.

“Always. That’s a female Appoplexian’s default,” purred Phury. Amavorte then swung her hand down.

“Hajime!” (Begin!) she announced as she teleported out of the ring. The yellow-green flash distracted Tora-Onna just enough to allow Phury to slam her fist into Tora-Onna’s face. Tora-Onna was rendered dizzy by the punch and couldn’t regain her vision fast enough. Phury kept punching her opponent at every available open spot before flooring her. Phury stomped over to Tora-Onna, ready to pick her up and throw her out of the ring, when Tora-Onna caught Phury’s foot as it was coming down and pushed it up, causing Phury to fall and hit the floor hard. Tora-Onna then flung her opponent headfirst into the pole holding the ropes, making Phury just as dizzy as Tora-Onna was. Unfortunately, Phury recovered quickly and grabbed Tora-Onna’s hand and flung her over the ropes! Tora-Onna hit the floor hard.

“MEGUMI!” called Richard.

“NO!” shouted Arsha.

“That can’t be legal!” protested Optimus.

“YOU defeated Vortech?” scoffed Phury as Tora-Onna picked herself up and turned back into Megumi. “You must have relied on your minions too much.”

“They’re not my minions!” hissed Megumi. “They’re my friends! My power!”

“And your weakness, if the rumors about you going against War are any indication,” purred Phury. “Amavorte, I don’t believe there was a round limit.”

“No, that wasn’t agreed upon,” sighed Amavorte. “It’s understood that you only needed one round. This contest is over. The winner is…!”

“STOP!” shouted a voice. Angarr stormed in, madder than ever. “PHURY, I OUGHT TO SHRED YOUR CLOTHES, YOU SAND-COVERED CHEATER!”

“I beg your pardon!” snarled Phury. “What did you call me?!”



“HOLD ON!” called Amavorte. “General Angarr, why did you call Phury a cheater?”


“…And, ‘nip’ is…?” quizzed Megumi.

“Catnip,” elaborated Amavorte. “The Appoplexian equivalent of the human drug called ‘speed’. General Angarr, what more proof do you have that Phury took nip?”


“I will not stand here and be insulted by a male!” snarled Phury. “I’ve taken no drugs! Megumi must have planted some to try and hide the fact that she took some!”

“I most certainly did not!” argued Megumi. “Have the best doctors check me over! They’ll find no drugs in me!”

“The only way to settle this,” declared Amavorte, “is to have your doctors check you over and send us the results while your respective police forces search your living spaces.”

“I am Queen of Appoplexia and will not be subjected to this brand of barbarism!” roared Phury.

“Since the Chizarans are god-like,” requested Megumi, “ and in the interest of fairness, I must ask that you have YOUR doctors check us over and YOUR police search our living quarters.”

“…I shall have to obtain the warrants for both,” replied Amavorte, “but I believe that you’re speaking as a woman with nothing to hide. That doesn’t mean you are exempt, but I believe your words.”

“Megumi,” stammered Phury, “I think it best for both of us if I go with you. I formally request asylum.”

“I will certainly grant you asylum,” answered Megumi, “when you have been absolved of this crime.” She headed to the locker room to change back into her dress.

“The nerve of her!” snarled Richard. “Accusing you of drug-usage! I ought to smack her! I’ll declaw her, that’s what I’ll do!”

“The best way to disgrace an Appoplexian, from what I’ve read,” mused Megumi, “is to destroy their clothes. Appoplexians consider their sense of shame to be the most highly advanced in the universe.”

“…You shouldn’t be condoning what I say in anger,” Richard remarked.

“I’m a grown woman and an immortal,” argued Megumi. “I’ll condone whatever I damn please.” The two then heard a knock on the door. “That must be the Chizaran Police.” Richard headed to the door and found men and women in yellow-green police outfits. One of the officers handed Richard a search warrant with Legowltor’s signature on it.

“You guys must place this case very high on your priority list if you’ve got Legowltor to authorize this,” mused Richard. “Please, come in.” He stood aside and allowed the Chizaran officers into the house. Every nook and cranny was checked and rechecked ten times over with Megumi and Richard watching them closely in case someone decided to plant evidence. There was another knock on the door. “Now who could that be?” asked Richard.

“Hopefully, Amartonadii with Megumi’s drug test results,” replied an officer. Another officer opened the door and it was Amartonadii as predicted. “Well?” asked the first officer.

“Not even a milligram of any drug of any kind,” reported Amartonadii.

“We haven’t found anything that would implicate her either,” answered a third officer.

“We’re done here,” called the first officer. “Clean this place up.” The Chizaran officers and Amartonadii snapped their fingers and the house looked as it did before the officers searched the place. “Thank you for your cooperation,” bid the first officer as everyone left in both yellow and yellow-green lights.

“Goddamn, having your house searched is tense, even when the officers are good and you’re innocent!” shuddered Richard.

“I’m feeling a little stressed myself,” gulped Megumi.

“I’ll make us some tea and strawberries,” offered Richard.

“I’ll make whipped cream to go with it,” sighed Megumi as their lives were coming back into order.

The investigation had ended and Amavorte had called both Phury and Megumi to the ring in After Academy’s gym. She paced in front of the pair of them. “I suppose you know the warrants authorized us to check other records as well,” she began. Both Megumi and Phury nodded. Phury had a smug look on her face for some odd reason. “Both of your records say that neither of you purchased any form of drugs. Megumi, I believe your records are accurate.”

“As are mine,” chuckled Phury.

“Normally, I WOULD believe that,” hissed Amavorte. “I would say your records were accurate…if they didn’t have evidence of Galvan levels of TAMPERING!” Phury gasped when she realized she was found out! “PHURY OF APPOPLEXIA, ANGARR WAS RIGHT! YOU HAVE CHEATED!”

“Wait, my princess!” begged Phury. “I can explain…!”

“No, you can’t!” shouted Amavorte. “As far as I’m concerned, no explanation will save you! Article 2 of the General Rules of Combat: no chemical enhancements are accepted unless it is determined that they need such enhancements to survive! You were determined not to need them! How dare you attempt to deceive us!”

“That wand is mine! I will not allow failure to stain me again!” argued Phury, dropping her façade of civility.

“Well, this was a poor way to win!” snarled Amavorte. “Megumi will be the one going to the final round while YOU will fight Optimus over Third Place Prize! If you DO win, the prize will be delivered to you in a year’s time, relative to your universe’s time-scale!”


“CAN AND WILL!” Amavorte roared back. “Quite frankly, I cannot begin to describe my disgust at you! Break another rule and you will not be welcomed back to the Verse Vs. Verse Rumble Royale!” She snapped her fingers and they all went back to their respective homes. Megumi met with Arsha and Optimus in the Gateway Room.

“Well, that sours the experience,” muttered Arsha.

“Why would she go that far?” quizzed Optimus.

“Maybe she’s sick of her losses,” guessed Megumi. “In any case, sorry for saddling you with a cheater, Prime.”

“I’ll teach her to cheat!” promised Optimus. Just then, R9 rushed past everyone.

“Whoa!” yelped Arsha. “Hey! R9! Where’s the fire?!”

“Dudes! What are you doing standing around for?!” called R9. Kit-10 then came up to them. “Kit-10, did you confirm it? I don’t want this to be like the retirement home on Tarlax! I think one of the old ladies from it is stalking me!”

“It’s confirmed!” reported Kit-10. “I’ve also received corroboration from Discornia about strange dimensional rifts!”

“Then we need the Brigadier with us to coordinate things!”

“Er, are we having a major processor-trip here?” asked Optimus. “What am I missing?”

“Prime, we need the Autobots’ help on this!” continued R9. “I’ll call in that favor Megatron and his allies owe us after saving their lives!” He contacted Megatron.

“Ah, R9-D7, correct?” greeted Megatron. “What can I do for you?”

“Dude, we’re calling in that favor!” announced R9.

“Let me hear it from Optimus!” snapped Megatron.

“Would someone explain to us what’s going on?!” called Megumi.

“We found them!” replied Kit-10.

“Who?!” quizzed Arsha.

“Mickey! Caan! Eggman!” elaborated Kit-10. “We’ve found them! They’re fighting Metaltron and that Cyberman version of Usagi!”

“…Well, Megatron,” mused Optimus, “looks like R9’s right. We ARE calling in that favor.”

“All I need to help you out,” declared Megatron, “are the Nemesis, the Scorpion, and the remainder of the Shocker Rift fleet.”

“We’ll get you there,” offered Megumi, “then bring you and your ships over to Caan’s location. R9, give the coordinates to the Brigadier. Megatron, rally your men. We’ll meet you there.”

“See you then,” replied Megatron. The call ended and Megumi made a general broadcast.

“Everyone, prepare for battle!” she called. “Caan has been located! Repeat, Caan has been located! Assemble in the Gateway Room for a plan of attack!”

“All Autobots, this is Optimus!” declared Prime. “We’re getting in on this fight too! Assemble in the Gateway Room!”

Endeavor, this is the Captain!” announced Arsha. “Assemble in the Gateway Room! We’re participating in this fight as well!”

“War!” called Skyfall. “We’ve got him! Caan’s been located!”

“Excellent!” cheered War. She made a broadcast to all ships. “We move out! Caan will not escape us and Mickey will answer for his betrayal!” Quake Hammer thumped his console in rhythm and started singing.

Qoy qeylIs puqloD. (Hear! Sons of Kahless.)

Qoy puqbe’pu’. (Hear! Daughters too.)

yoHbogh matlhbogh je SuvwI’ (The blood of battle washes clean)” By then, Skyfall and War had joined in.

Say’moHchu’ may’ ‘Iw. (The Warrior brave and true.)

maSuv manong ‘ej maHoHchu’. (We fight, we love, and then we kill.)

nI’be’ yInmaj ‘ach wovqu’. (Our lives burn short and bright,)

batlh maHeghbej ‘ej yo’ qIjDaq vavpu’ma’ DImuv. (Then we die with honor and join our fathers)

pa’ reH maSuvtaHqu’. (In the Black Fleet where we battle forever,)

mamevQo’. maSuvtaH. Ma’ov. (battling on through the Eternal fight.)

Trinity Soul Trinity Soul Chapters

Trinity Soul: Ch 59

Arsha and Optimus were waiting for Blancalmarem to pick them up by the Gateway. “I must say,” mused Arsha, “I’m a little surprised she’s judging us.”

“Yeah, I thought she was an announcer with Nemengra,” agreed Optimus. “When did announcers…?” his question was interrupted as white light flashed and formed Blancalmarem.

“Commander Topaz has prepared the firing range,” she announced. “We’ll just go there now and…”

“Madam, a question,” interjected Arsha.

“Yes?” asked Blancalmarem.

“Have you always judged a round?” inquired Arsha.

“Why, yes, all of us princesses do,” replied Blancalmarem. “Nemengra and I may be the main commenters, but we don’t have a monopoly on that.”

“Who’s taking your place?” asked Optimus.

“At the moment, Elizabeth is,” answered Blancalmarem. “Any further questions?”

“No, we’re good,” replied Arsha.

“Then, away we go,” declared Blancalmarem. The three then vanished in white light and reappeared at the firing range. Commander Topaz rubbed her eyes as she recovered from the flash.

“I don’t think I’m EVER going to get used to that,” she muttered.

“Us contestants haven’t gotten used to it either,” supplied Optimus. The camera appeared and Blancalmarem smoothed out her dress before beginning.

“I am Blancalmarem,” she began, “the white princess of Chizara and the life leader! Representing T-R-4-N-5-F-0-R-M-3-R-5-M-0-8-1-4-N-C-H-R-0-N-1-C-L-3-5, we have Optimus Prime with home-turf advantage! Representing T-H-3-T-H-R-3-3-R-3-4-L-M-5, we have Arsha Royana! This bout will be a test of acuity in magic. Optimus and Arsha will each fire a magic blast from their wands, trying to get close enough to the center of the target. They will each have ten shots and whoever gets the closest shot to the center is the winner. No other weapons may be used and neither will interfere in the other’s attempts. Optimus Prime, are you ready?”

“Bring it!” cheered Optimus.

“Arsha Royana, are you ready?” asked Blancalmarem.

“Let’s start the match!” answered Arsha.

“Then I shall determine who fires their first shot,” declared Blancalmarem. “Optimus, since you have home-turf advantage, call it.” She pulled out a coin.

“Tails,” called Optimus. Blancalmarem flicked the coin into the air, then caught it, slapped it to the back of her hand, then got a peek.

“Good call,” praised Blancalmarem. “You may fire when ready, Optimus.” Optimus twirled his wand before slicing the air from side to side and firing a magic blast. It hit the target on one of the interior rings. He holstered his wand and indicated it was Arsha’s turn. Arsha smirked, then pointed her wand down before flicking it upwards towards the target and fired a magic blast. When it hit the target, slightly nearer to the center than Optimus’, she holstered hers and nodded to Optimus.

“Oh no,” groaned Oak. “They’re baiting each other!”

“Happens in your universe too?” sighed Jazz.

“What’s going on?” asked Richard.

“They’re trying to show off how flashy they can flick their wands,” explained Jazz. “A Mage’s rap battle, if you will.”

“Ah,” realized Richard.

“By the Allspark, I thought he grew out of that,” groaned Blackarachnia.

“He doesn’t change much, does he?” chuckled Ultra Magnus.

“Sometimes his attitude,” mused Blackarachnia, “reminds me of when we first met.”

“It was at a party on Cybertron, ten years before he received the Matrix,” recalled Ultra Magnus. “He was boasting about his family’s preference to be warriors.”

“I got so sick of it and threw a full Energon cube at his head,” giggled Blackarachnia.

“You then told him that he was a disgrace to the Pax family name,” continued Ultra Magnus, “and mopped the floor with him.”

“Dad was spark-showering mad at that,” revealed Blackarachnia. “I seem to recall your mother telling him he was going to Yoketron’s estate as punishment. Yet, he talks about Yoketron fondly. Why?”

“He met Jazz there,” replied Ultra Magnus. His attention was then grabbed by Optimus’ next shot. His wind-up looked like he was fencing with his wand. His shot was slightly farther from his first.

“Folks, I promise you,” Blancalmarem assured to the camera, “their posing has no merit in this bout. All I’m judging is their accuracy.” Arsha pirouetted three times before tilting her body so it was parallel to the ground and she lightly flicked her wand, making a magic blast hit the target. It was perpendicular to her previous shot.

“Oh yeah?” remarked Optimus. He then got into a one-handed handstand and pointed his wand between his legs, firing another blast.

“Getting fancy, are we?” chuckled Arsha. She then leapt into the air and expanded her skirts, letting the sudden updraft keep her afloat and parachuting down gently as she fired another magic blast.

“Showoff!” hissed Optimus.

“Like he has any room to talk!” snapped Brendan as he and Jandro set up aluminum-backed mirrors to replace the silver-backed ones so they could see themselves.

“That boy is quite the cocky one, from what I’ve read in my copy of his dossier,” recalled Jandro.

“I swear, I never displayed this level of OW!” Brendan accidentally cut his lips with his new fangs.

“It was tough for me, too,” assured Jandro.

“I need to ask before I say something stupid,” muttered Brendan, “were you born a Vampire?”

“Nope, I was turned,” answered Jandro.

“Then you DO know what I’m going through,” sighed Brendan. “Okay, that’s a bit of a relief.”

“Brendan, sweet-blood,” chuckled Jandro, “even Vampires that have been that way since their birth have the occasional mishap.” Just then, there was a knock on the door.

“Coming!” called Brendan. He opened the door to reveal a sparkling, pale human.

“I’ve got two deliveries,” explained the sparkler. “One for a Mr. Jandro Dormu from After Academy’s Uniform Department.”

“That’s me,” called Jandro as he took the package.

“And the other is for a Mr. Brendan Patterson from Fabric of Reality,” continued the sparkler.

“My new dress!” cheered Brendan as he accepted his package.

“Hey, if you ever feel tired of him,” purred the sparkler, “maybe you can hang with a real Vampire?” Both Jandro and Brendan bared their fangs.

“Back off, you pale imitation!” snarled Brendan. “You sparkle-fairies are NOT Vampires!”

“I dare you to take Brendan from me!” growled Jandro.

“Why don’t you go take a bath in holy water?!” challenged the sparkler. Brendan then grabbed the sparkler’s shoulder and punched him straight in the mouth.

“Insult my boyfriend again! I dare you!” he taunted as the sparkler spat out his chipped fangs.

“MY TEETH!” he cried. “YOU RED-EYED…!” The door was then slammed in his face.

“Stupid imitation Vampire!” muttered Brendan.

“How that ridiculous Twilight garbage has ANY following among VaOUCH!” yelped Jandro as he cut his lips with his fangs. “…See what I meant earlier?” chuckled Jandro.

“Let’s not focus on the knock-off Vampires, my rose,” advised Brendan. “I believe the match is still going on.” Optimus and Arsha had both taken seven shots each while the altercation went on.

“If you’re quite done on deciding!” hissed Blancalmarem.

“Don’t rush a magic blast fling pose!” retorted Optimus. He then did a bit of break-dancing before firing his eighth shot.

“Nice try,” laughed Arsha. She leapt into the air, did ten backflips, then punched the back of her wand, making it shoot her eighth one.

“Kids,” muttered Rachet as he, Emily, Marshii, and Henry tidied the infirmary.

“You were that young once,” remarked Henry.

“True,” conceded Ratchet. “…Okay, where’s the laser scalpel?!”

“What’s it look like?” asked Marshii.

“Long silver tube,” described Ratchet. “Red light at the end that generates the laser I need.”

“That one?” asked Emily as she pointed to the tube.

“Ah, there it is,” sighed Ratchet happily. “Thank you.”

“Not a problem, Doc,” replied Emily.

“Don’t call me ‘Doc’!” snapped Ratchet.

“Hey, Ratchet, about the microscope I lent you…” began Marshii.

“Ah, yes, the microscope,” recalled Ratchet. “Just finished my analysis of Emily’s blood. I’ll give it to you once we’re…” He was interrupted by something breaking. Everyone turned to see Henry looking guilty at a mess he made of a couple of pieces of equipment, specifically, Marshii’s microscope and the machine Ratchet used to operate it!

“So…I guess the red button SHOULDN’T have been pressed,” gulped Henry.

“I NEEDED THAT!” shouted Ratchet and Marshii.

Optimus traced various shapes with his wand before firing his ninth shot. Arsha made her wand cartwheel across her arms five times over before she caught it and fired her ninth one. “Right, this is the last one!” declared Optimus. He tossed his wand into the air, got into a push-up position, transformed from vehicle to robot mode five times over, got up and did ten jumping jacks, then proceeded to do an entire kata before he kicked the end of his wand and fired his last shot.

“Okay, that’s good, I’ll give you that,” mused Arsha. “But, this is where it ends.” She then tossed her wand into the air, shut her eyes to concentrate, moved her tails in a graceful manner, danced as if she were gliding instead of stepping, twirled, then, as it came level with her, flicked the end of her wand and fired her final shot. She stopped her dance, opened her eyes, caught her wand, and curtsied. Optimus clapped his hands, impressed at what he saw.

“That topped mine,” conceded Optimus. “Good job.”

“Yes, the wind-ups were amazing,” remarked Blancalmarem, “but that wasn’t what the contest was about, was it?” Optimus and Arsha arched their eyebrows in confusion, then widened their eyes as they blushed in embarrassment.

“Scrap, that’s right!” groaned Optimus.

“Target shooting,” winced Arsha. “Oops.”

“You two seriously forgot?!” protested Blancalmarem. She then sighed. “Some people are so easily distracted.” She ran outlines along the targets and shot-marks, Optimus’ in red and Arsha’s in pink, lined the outlines up and measured each shot. “This contest is over,” she announced. “The winner, with her fifth shot, is Arsha Royana! You two will be returned to Vorton shortly. Optimus, though you have suffered a defeat, know that it only brings as much dishonor as you feel necessary. Would you care for an interview with Nemengra and I?”

“…You know what, sure,” replied Optimus.

“Then I shall bring you to our garden once Arsha is dropped off,” declared Blancalmarem. White light surrounded them and took Arsha to Vorton while Optimus went with Blancalmarem. Arsha was congratulated on all sides.

“That was nicely done!” cheered Megumi.

“Well, looks like my boy needs to work on his magic shooting,” mused Ironhide. “First off, I gotta remind him that you can’t get distracted with anything fancy, especially in battle!”

“And it seems YOU need that reminder as well, Captain,” rumbled Oak. Arsha just giggled nervously and rubbed the back of her neck as an embarrassed grin crossed her blushing face again.

The interview broadcast began as usual. “I am Blancalmarem, the white princess of Chizara and the life leader,” began Blancalmarem.

“I am Nemengra, the black princess of Chizara and the death leader,” finished Nemengra.

“I had the honor of judging the bout between Optimus Prime and Arsha Royana today,” continued Blancalmarem.

“The bout was centered around magic target shooting and Arsha claimed victory,” explained Nemengra.

“Now, if they just remembered that, the bout would have gone a lot quicker!” grumbled Blancalmarem.

“Yes, the competitors soon switched their focus to whoever could wind up their shots better,” recalled Nemengra.

“Optimus has accepted being interviewed, so, maybe, we can get some answers from him,” mused Blancalmarem.

“Here’s is the interview in full,” announced Nemengra as the screen behind them displayed the interview.

“It says in your dossier,” revealed Blancalmarem, “that you’re the first adolescent to be named Prime. What were your thoughts after that?”

“Oh, the usual,” replied Optimus. “Underestimating how hard leadership is, failing a lot, listening to grumbles of unhappy bots.”

“Yet you stay on,” mused Nemengra. “Why?”

“Because, at the end of the day,” answered Optimus, “I still feel pride for my job of serving Cybertron in my current capacity.”

“You view your job as a public service?” summed up Blancalmarem.

“Every job in the field of politics, even voting,” affirmed Optimus, “is a public service. To try to make a career out of it, in my opinion, cheapens the sacrifice you’re making. That’s why I instituted term limits to all politicians on Cybertron.”

“And people feel as if they’re being heard?” quizzed Nemengra.

“It’s one of a few solutions to restore honor to politics that I have in mind,” replied Optimus. “Another is to do away with our electoral college system that we adopted from 21st century Americans and go for a pure democracy in electing our representatives.”

“Well, sounds ambitious,” mused Blancalmarem.

“The people’s voice needs to be heard,” declared Optimus.

“That is, indeed, a noble goal,” agreed Nemengra. “Now, concerning the bout…” Optimus sunk into his seat as he blushed.

“It’s about the show Arsha and I put on during our wind-ups, isn’t it?” guessed Optimus.

“Well, that,” answered Blancalmarem, “and I’m still trying to figure out how you two forgot the fight terms since you BOTH agreed to them!”

“Mages, sometimes, love to show off,” explained Optimus. “More often than not, that gets in the way for us. It looks like it’s a ‘multiversal constant’, as the Vortex Riders put it.”

“So, you succumb to childishness frequently?” guessed Nemengra.

“Yes,” mumbled Optimus.

“Well, I think we’ve said enough,” declared Blancalmarem. “Thank you for your time, we’ll send you home.”

“Do you need to?” gulped Optimus.

“You’re gonna have to hear the lectures eventually,” answered Nemengra. “‘Til all are one.” The screen went dark and Blancalmarem and Nemengra returned to their audience.

“I’m sure Optimus is getting an audioful,” sighed Blancalmarem.

“After the break, Amavorte will be judging the round between Megumi Hishikawa and Queen Phury of Appoplexia!” cheered Nemengra.