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Elphaba Thropp

That dress was hard to make.


The Wicked Witch of the West from the Land of Oz, herself! The Western Country had known fear and terror under her rule. That is, until she ran into Megumi Hishikawa and her Vortex Riders. Instead of Dorothy melting her, it was them and a friend, Kamen Rider Wizard.

Death decided to give her another chance, and she took it, regaining her magic over time, and becoming a part of the support staff with Rusty and The Brigadier.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Movie Chapters

Chapter 24

Day Two of the trial arrived and we were ready to clear Rusty’s name. “So, you found no evidence of Dalek coding,” I asked Edgeworth.

“Not a lick,” confirmed Edgeworth. “Now, if Elkrandek found anything, I know how to dismiss it.”

“Here’s hoping it works,” I gulped.

“The trial is about to begin,” called the Bailiff.

“Shall we?” offered Edgeworth. We entered the Courtroom, the same witnesses as last time: Hongo, Wyldstyle, Gandalf, Batman, Elphaba, Rusty, Richard, Emily, and myself.

“All rise for the Honorable Judge Legowltor!” announced the Bailiff. We rose as Legowltor sat in his seat.

“Please be seated,” he directed. We sat down and he banged the gavel. “Court will now reconvene for the trial of the Experimental Portal Operator.”

“The Prosecution is ready, Your Honor,” declared Edgeworth.

“The Defense is ready, Your Honor,” answered Elkrandek.

“Last time, the Defense proposed that the witness, Rusty, fell back onto her old Dalek ways and framed the Defendant,” recalled Legowltor. “Today’s proceedings will start there. If the Prosecution could give their opening statement, we will get underway.”

“Your Honor,” began Edgeworth, “it is no secret that Rusty was once a soldier of the Dalek Empire. However, I hardly see a, pardon the phrase, ‘True’ Dalek choosing a humanoid form, since they hold the unquestioned belief in their superiority in all aspects, even genetically. The Prosecution will cheerfully clear this slander on the witness.”

“Defense, your rebuttal?” asked Legowltor.

“It IS true, no Dalek likes the humanoid form,” remarked Elkrandek. “However, those that ARE humanoid Daleks usually have their hatred increased to a dangerous level. In their minds, they were FORCED to adopt such a state. The defense argues that Rusty was acting in such a state.”

“Objection!” called Edgeworth. “Your Honor, this is nothing but vile slander towards the witness!”

“We shall see,” remarked Legowltor.

“Your Honor, I would like to call Rusty to the stand,” suggested Edgeworth.

“Very well,” replied Legowltor. “Rusty, take the stand.” Rusty obeyed.

“Ms. Rusty, could you kindly tell the court a little bit about why you have a humanoid shape?” requested Edgeworth.

“…As I said to you in the lobby earlier today,” gulped Rusty, “you may not believe it.”

“Please, testify on your current genetic circumstances,” insisted Edgeworth. Rusty drew in a deep breath before beginning.

“Before the Vortech Wars, I WAS a Dalek soldier, in the middle of a war with the humans of the Combined Galactic Resistance,” she recalled. “I had led a normal, hate-filled Dalek life until a battle left me adrift in space. Unbeknownst to me, my casing’s power source had cracked and was leaking radiation. During such time, I saw a star being born and deemed it beautiful, concluding that life will always find a way to continue despite the Daleks’ attempts. The Doctor and their companion at the time fixed me and I almost reverted back to basic Dalek programming until the Doctor linked their mind to mine. I saw what the Doctor saw, felt what they felt, and learned why they hated the Daleks so much. In true Dalek fashion, I saw the Daleks as an evil that must be exterminated. After defeating a Dalek task-force, I went off on my own adventures and met with a Cyberman that didn’t have his emotions removed and remembered who he was; Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. We went on to form a new UNIT, dedicated to keeping the peace throughout the galaxy. We had gotten reports that the Daleks and Cybermen were on a planet in the midst of a cold war. We went to investigate and found the F.N.S wandering around the planet, looking for the Keystone that was discovered to be in the Dalek Emperor’s possession. The Doctor helped out and got us all to Vorton. The Brigadier and I joined Elphaba in operating the Gateway. I was still trundling around in a Dalek’s casing…until one sad day in the F.N.S’ journey. Now, this is where it gets unbelievable. Hiro, possessing a Lambda-class Portal Operator, sabotaged a Star Destroyer under Vader’s command. I went to fix the sabotage, but the radiation penetrated my casing and ravaged my body. I had died, but my soul was preserved in my casing. At the time, I hopped to the nearest data-store under the possession of a Mr. Benjamin Kirby Tennyson; the Omnitrix. Through the Omnitrix, I went to the planet of Primus and used various genetic samples to construct the body you see now. I found a way back to Vorton, revealed myself to the F.N.S, and continued in my efforts to help them stop Vortech.”

“Objection!” Edgeworth finally called when he found his voice. He had his fist on the railing and was steadying himself with it in sheer shock of what he heard. “When you said I wouldn’t believe your testimony, I think you undersold it! You died and came back to life?! How is that possible?!”

“Your Honor, I must agree with the Prosecution’s objection!” supplied Elkrandek. “It is clear the witness is deranged in some fashion!”

“Hold it!” protested Rusty. “Your Honor, there is evidence that my story is true! Check with Azmuth on all available data within the Omnitrix on the day I died! Also, check with the F.N.S, you will find that they gave me a rather moving funeral!”

“Your Honor, the Prosecution already did so,” called Edgeworth, “but still can’t believe it, even though it’s been checked and confirmed.”

“If it’s been checked and confirmed,” replied Legowltor, “I see no reason to dismiss the witness’s testimony. Objection overruled. Besides, there IS precedence for such an incident.”

“…Very well,” sighed Edgeworth.

“The Defense would like to offer an apology for calling the witness deranged,” interjected Elkrandek. “It was clearly disparaging.”

“Apology accepted,” replied Rusty.

“Then, I believe this clears Ms. Rusty’s good name,” declared Legowltor. “Unless there are objections?”

“No objections,” answered Elkrandek.

“No objections,” confirmed Edgeworth.

“Splendid, we can continue with the main topic of these proceedings,” resolved Legowltor.

“The Prosecution would like to call the F.N.S’ doctor to the Stand,” declared Edgeworth. Rusty sat down as Emily took the stand. “State your name and occupation for the Court Record, please,” he directed.

“Emily Saunders,” answered Emily. “Chief Medical Officer for the F.N.S, Freshman at After Academy, and Captain of the FNSS-01, Virginia.”

“A CMO and a Captain at the same time?” spluttered Legowltor.

“I know it’s unorthodox,” replied Emily, “but it’s helped the F.N.S on more than one occasion. Besides, we have a system where someone else takes command of the Virginia if I’m unavailable in some fashion.”

“Well, if the system works, I will not judge, for once,” conceded Legowltor.

“Ms. Saunders, you have, on more than one occasion, interacted with the Defendant, correct?” asked Edgeworth.

“Yes, but I fail to see where you’re going with such a question,” replied Emily. “We’ve ALL interacted with the Defendant at some point in our lives.”

“Tell the court what your interactions entailed,” directed Edgeworth. Emily was still confused, but went ahead.

“They were centered around general maintenance,” she testified. “I know, again, unorthodox, but he IS labeled as a sentient machine under Article 7, Section 5, Paragraph 3 of the Sentience Act. As such, he’s granted the rights of healing without prejudice. Rusty walked me through on his mechanics and operational systems. Before the Defense even goes there, no, I don’t have the skill to plant such an idea in his head!”

“Now you understand why I asked,” smiled Edgeworth. “Your witness.”

“Ms. Saunders,” called Elkrandek, “your last statement was ‘I don’t have the skill to plant such an idea in his head,’ correct?”

“It was,” replied Emily. “Are you suggesting someone in the F.N.S did so?”

“No, I’m suggesting you may have suggested it to my client,” explained Elkrandek. “I propose that you planted the idea so it would seem that you would be innocent in all this!”

“Tell me, if that were true, why would I bother telling the new guys in secret?” asked Emily.

“Wh…wh…WHAAAAT?!” shrieked Elkrandek.

“Your Honor, if I may, I would like to testify on that subject,” offered Emily.

“By all means,” agreed Legowltor. Here comes more testimony.

“The vote results we got said that we wouldn’t tell the new guys,” she began. “That didn’t sit well on my conscience, nor my boyfriend’s, so we told one of the new guys, Deung Moon-kyung, before this adventure was brought to our attention. During the adventure, while the Virginia was on course for 5-U-P-3-R-M-4-R-1-0, I told my Chief Engineer at the time, Liam McIntyre, about what went on.”

“I reiterate the Witness’s question,” called Edgeworth, “if she planted the idea in the Defendant’s processors, why would she tell the newer members behind the F.N.S’ back?”

“Simple!” replied Elkrandek. “The sting of conscience was too great for her!”

“And yet, X-PO faked the results before she decided to tell the new members,” remarked Edgeworth.

“That doesn’t disprove my theory!” answered Elkrandek.

“I’m rather afraid it does,” chuckled Edgeworth as he wagged his finger. “The time at which the idea would have been planted would have proved far too early to enact it now.”

“There IS a way to do it!” challenged Elkrandek. “If I recall, there is a magic user among the team Rusty was a part of!”

“Some sort of time spell?” chuckled Edgeworth. “I’m afraid the person you’re describing would testify otherwise. She happens to be the next Witness. If she could take the Stand, please.” Emily and Elphaba swapped places. “Your name and occupation, if you please,” requested Edgeworth.

“Elphaba Thropp,” replied Elphaba. “Former Ruler and Wicked Witch of the Western Country of the Winkies in the land of Oz and head of the Gateway Operational Team.”

“Ms. Thropp, if you would tell the Court your usage of magic in your day to day operations, it would clear something up,” directed Edgeworth.

“My magic usage is limited, actually,” testified Elphaba. “As many would know, I used to rule the Winkies with an iron fist. The F.N.S and their ally, Kamen Rider Wizard, took Dorothy Gale’s place in dousing me with water. Death brought me back and put me on Vorton. In my world, a full use of magic must lead to the purging of all original desires with the potential to fall to evil, as I did. I was so evil that I became aquaphobic. Water was too pure for my, then, wicked frame that I melted when in contact with the stuff. I came back and learned another path to magic, but it requires that I treat it as a partner, not a slave. I usually experiment with it nowadays. Temporal Magic is rather beyond me at this point in time.”

“Hold it!” called Elkrandek. “Another one who died and came back to life?! What is wrong with Death?! Resurrection was forbidden a long time ago, especially for one so wicked!”

“Objection!” replied Edgeworth. “Elphaba’s resurrection was a necessary one! It was another chance for her and allowed her to live life in a different manner! Besides, you heard her! She’s a member of the team! I hardly see how her past can affect her if she is still trusted to this day!”

“Objection, Your Honor,” insisted Elkrandek, “Elphaba is someone who is known for playing the long game!”

“Perhaps in most universes, yes,” replied Legowltor, “but it is common knowledge that the witness here is a woman who’s long left the Winkies alone and is a valuable ally to the F.N.S. Objection Overruled.”

“Have any more theories,” asked Edgeworth, “or is the Defense grasping at straws? Perhaps you wish to disparage the good name of the next Witness?”

“And who is the next Witness?” quizzed Legowltor.

“A wizard of Middle-Earth,” replied Edgeworth. Elphaba and Gandalf changed places. “Your name and occupation for the Court Record.” Gandalf blew a smoke ring before answering.

“I am Gandalf the Grey,” he introduced, “a member of the Istari and head of the Fellowship of the Ring.”

“Mr. Gandalf, have you ever used magic in an ill manner?” inquired Edgeworth. “For example, have you used it to directly influence anyone?”

“Certainly not!” replied Gandalf hotly. “That is a magic more dark than I wish to use!”

“Then please, explain your relationship with the Defendant,” directed Edgeworth. Gandalf blew another smoke ring before testifying.

“Much like Batman, I had bumped into Megumi’s group during an adventure where I supposedly died in the universe they are most familiar with,” he began. “After Frodo Baggins, a dear friend of mine, was kidnapped by Vortech, I was taken in by X-PO along with the rest of the Feudal Nerd Society to fight Vortech. I had no idea I was part of a larger plan. After defeating Vortech, I returned home and spent two years in the Shire in peace now that Sauron no longer dwells in Middle-Earth. Two years later, I responded to a call to arms by Megumi. However, I had no idea we were manipulated in such a fashion until after our initial return to Vorton from other universes.”

“And not once can you claim using magic on anyone within the group?” asked Edgeworth.

“Not once,” replied Gandalf.

“Objection!” called Elkrandek.

“Mr. Elkrandek, I am getting rather annoyed by your interruptions!” hissed Legowltor.

“Your Honor, forgive my interjection,” apologized Elkrandek, “but there IS something the Prosecution overlooked. In this instance, I must thank Gandalf.”

“Erm, you’re welcome?” quizzed Gandalf.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is a well-known fact that magic has a trace when used,” explained Elkrandek. “It has been known to affect machinery. I submit that my client was affected by stray magic!”

“Objection!” argued Edgeworth. “Portal Operator robots are powered by maho-engines; a power source that uses magic! It is highly unlikely the Defendant was affected in such a manner!”

“X-PO is an Experimental Portal Operator!” countered Elkrandek. “It’s unlikely that the shielding for any external magic was perfected when he was built! Stray magic must have affected him while Gandalf and Elphaba were using it within Vorton! In all honesty, I’m a little angry I didn’t think of this.”

“It will be my turn to get angry soon!” threatened Gandalf. “If you accuse me of affecting X-PO so irresponsibly again, I shall! Then you will see Gandalf the Grey uncloaked!” The courtroom went dark!

“GANDALF, NO!” I yelped.

“ORDER IN THE COURT!” shouted Legowltor as he banged his gavel.

“Your Honor,” interjected Edgeworth, “I assure you; an examination of any stray magic will determine whether or not X-PO was affected at all.”

“Does the Defense agree?” asked Legowltor.

“The Defense agrees, Your Honor,” answered Elkrandek.

“Then tomorrow’s proceedings will be centered around whether or not it’s possible for X-PO to have acted because he was affected by magic!” declared Legowltor. He banged his gavel. “Court is adjourned!” We filed out of the Courtroom and spoke with Edgeworth.

“Dude, what are you trying to do?!” I yelped.

“Tell me,” quizzed Edgeworth, “have you seen Gandalf or Elphaba use magic so irresponsibly?”

“I haven’t,” I replied, “but that’s hardly my business now, is it?”

“I’m proceeding under the belief,” replied Edgeworth, “that any stray magic would have affected you too. From what I have researched, magic tends to affect organic life-forms quicker than machines.”

“…When are we getting checked out for that?” I asked, understanding where he was going.

“I just need to make some calls,” answered Edgeworth as he got out his cell phone. He dialed a number and spoke with the person on the other end.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 28

“Thankfully,” the Doctor said as Michael finished, “we put Irina in the Zero Room, where one floats in air to fix themselves or stabilizes one’s condition. That Dalek Gaia Memory wasn’t anywhere near as powerful as a Dalek’s gun.” I ran my hands over my face.

“Okay, I have good news and bad news,” reported Emily as she finished. “Good news, Irina’s alive and is demonstrating brainwave activity. Bad news, brainwave activity isn’t evidence of consciousness. Rather, it’s an endless dream from which she may never wake.”

“What can we do?” I asked.

“The only thing we can do is keep calling to her,” replied the Doctor.

“The only logical choice for starting the process, given Irina’s relationship with him,” I mused, “is Mikhail. Mikhail, could you…Mikhail? Mikhail, where are you?!”

“Hey, where’d Michael go?!” asked Ankh.

“Don’t forget Richard, he’s gone too,” observed Batman. A thought struck me.

“You don’t think…?” I quizzed.

“It’s possible,” theorized Batman

“Hey, guys,” called X-PO, “I’m hearing some chatter from Michael, Mikhail, Richard, Rusty, Elphaba, Wyldstyle, and Eiji in the gateway room. The phrase ‘Make Davros hurt’ was thrown around. Any reason leap to mind?”

“Those idiots!” I hissed.

I stood at the gateway. My sister, Irina, was in a coma. Anger was directing my actions, anger that I feel is justified. “You seek revenge!” said a harsh, grating, metallic tone.

“Da,” (yes) I replied. Rusty glided to my side.

“On just Davros?” asked the Dalek. I turned to face him.

“You’re not stopping me?” I asked.

“I wish to help you!” replied Rusty.

“Ah, anything to make the Daleks hurt,” I guessed.

“Why just the Daleks?” asked an American voice. I turned to see Michael and Richard coming.

“Not this time, you two,” I directed.

“Your sister was hurt under my recent command,” argued Michael. “Honor must be satisfied.”

“And you helped me when Emily was beaten black and blue by one of her bullies that wanted her to commit suicide,” continued Richard. “I would be ashamed if I didn’t help.”

“What’s this I hear about getting revenge?” asked a woman. Elphaba came in. She had regained her ability to fly on a broomstick. “Trying to make this Davros character pay? Wasn’t he acting under orders?”

“It’s within Vortech’s sick mind to make us hurt,” hissed another voice. Wyldstyle came up with Eiji.

“You all wish to assist?” I asked.

“You need an attacker from the sky,” replied Elphaba.

“My Master Build abilities are handy,” offered Wyldstyle.

“And I’ve got a Combo that can take care of any cheaters,” replied Eiji.

“Then what are we waiting for?” I asked. “Set dimensional coordinates for Skaro!”

“No!” barked Rusty.

“No?!” I roared.

“Blindly rushing into Dalek territory,” explained Rusty, “is self-extermination! We must draw Davros out!”

“And to do so,” supplied Elphaba, “we need to make Vortech hurt. To do that, we need to hit where it hurts most, his wallet!

“Go on,” I invited.

“Vortech has set up Nonexistium mines in Rusty’s native universe,” answered Elphaba. “We strike at a big one and tell Vortech to send Davros our way at the next one.” I mulled it over. On the one hand, I wanted to make Davros pay quickly, but, on the other hand, blindly rushing at the Daleks will ensure my death. The cons of rushing at the Daleks outweighed the pros.

“Like I said, set dimensional coordinates for a big mining operation in Davros’ universe,” I said.

“I obey!” replied Rusty.

“How is this POSSIBLE!!!” roared Vortech. “Four missions, all in D-0-C-T-0-R-W-H-0, and only Igura succeeded in hers when she got the Foundation Element! You, Rani, nearly affected my plans with that dimensional manipulator nonsense! The universes you would have made would have faded in 2 hours anyway. Believe me, I tried that before getting the Foundation Elements. You, Yeti, perhaps it was a mistake to sever you from the Great Intelligence if the Gaia Memory is too complex for your processors!” Vortech turned to me. “So? I didn’t hear your excuse, Davros!”

“Because I have none,” I replied. “We failed to destroy the Doctor, nothing more.”

“Then why do you smile?!” snarled Vortech.

“I have news that may…interest you,” I answered.

“Speak quickly,” hissed Vortech.

“I took the liberty of testing the Maximum Drive of the Dalek Gaia Memory the Rani had so graciously created,” I explained.

“You don’t have a Maximum Drive slot,” observed Vortech.

“You don’t need a belt to initiate a Maximum Drive,” I answered. “I fashioned a weapon from a Dalek gun to allow it to use a Gaia Memory and decided my escape was a perfect test.”

“You…used the Dalek Maximum Drive?” guessed Vortech. I turned to one of the prisoners, a Mr. Sergei Kuznetsov.

“Do you know the true name of Kamen Rider Climb?” I asked him.

“My daughter, Irina,” answered the man. A thought struck him. “No. You didn’t!”

“I call the Dalek Gaia Memory’s Maximum Drive Dalek Extermination!” I laughed.

“You are bluffing!!” protested Sergei.

“I never bluff when one has died at my hand,” I answered.

“Then perhaps this day is not totally lost,” mused Vortech.

“If we can be so sure,” growled Sauron as he stomped into view. “It HAS been a while since any of us have killed one of the Vortex Riders.”

“Because it has been a while since a DALEK was provided the opportunity to do so,” I reminded.

“Really now?” snarled Sauron. “Because the mutants under my command during my time in the DC Comics world were utterly useless!”

“You dare call the Daleks mutants!” barked one of my children.

“My creations have enslaved entire worlds, Sauron,” I recalled, “while you sent your pathetic Orc forces after a simple ring!”

“You must be lying!” denied Sergei. “There’s no proof Irina is dead!”

“If it’s proof you want,” I chucked, “I am all too happy to provide.” I let a holographic projector do its work. Horror had spread across his features. “Word of advice, a scientist is always willing to give proof!”


“You are welcome to try!” I countered as I charged my hand with electricity.

“Enough!” shouted Vortech as he threw up a barrier between us. “Davros, are you certain that Kamen Rider Climb was exterminated?

“With this very Gaia Memory, Lord Vortech,” I replied as I pressed the button.

“DALEK!” it announced.

“Is everyone ready?” I asked.

“For Irina!” cheered Michael.

“For the Multiverse!” called Wyldstyle.

“For making Davros pay!” shrieked Rusty.

“For paying off old debts,” declared Richard.

“For a new chance at life!” called Elphaba.

“For my friends!” cheered Eiji.

“For honor!” I called. “POYEKHALI!” (Go!). We charged into the portal and fell through the vortex.

“You Riders might want to change before we arrive at the mine,” suggested Wyldstyle

“Good thinking,” I replied. Eiji put in his Medals and the rest of us drew our i.d tags. Eiji told us how his transformation abilities work, so I knew what was going on when he scanned his Medals.

“HENSHIN!” we announced.

“TAKA! TORA! BATTA! Tatoba! Tatoba, TATOBA!” sang Eiji’s OOO Driver. The rift opened to let us into a mine. The coordinates were set to the Cybermen’s home world of Mondas. What we saw was a sight I never thought was possible, but, given that Vortech has a hand in this, he may need the cooperation between the Daleks and Cybermen. Both species were working together to mine for Nonexistium. The mines were large enough but had special machinery that regenerated the metal once it was exhausted.

“Quite a bit of Daleks and Cybermen,” muttered Battle.

“How do we deal with them?” I asked.

“Set off minor explosions in random areas,” suggested Battle. “Get all enemy forces to investigate. Clear out any enemies near a communications console. Contact Foundation Prime to draw out Davros. After stating our demands, blow the place sky high and move on to the mines on Skaro.”

“Khorosho,” (Good) I declared. “Find explosives and spread out.”

“It’s a pity she was wearing her mask,” I said to my children as we went down the hall in Vortech’s fortress. “But, I can only imagine the terror she felt as she fell to the technology you, my children, have made. Lord Vortech now understands that the difficult tasks are best assigned to the Daleks.” We passed by a couple of Tarlaxians, Discornia and a creature made of purplish putty with red eyes and a vaguely humanoid form called Sludgiona.

“Hell spawn,” muttered Ms. Sludgiona in a burbling voice.

“Impure mutants!” snarled Discornia. Now, Hell spawn, I can let slide, but calling my Daleks impure mutants…! We turned to face them.

“What did you say?!” I growled.

I must say, the Rani is the worst lab partner ever. We were fixing up the Yeti Vortech had acquired and she was griping all the time. “Fixing things up was so much easier when Urak was around!” she moaned

“Spare me!” I hissed as I adjusted the jaw. It was then I heard Dalek gunfire. The Rani and Yeti heard it too.

“What is going on out there?!” demanded the Yeti. It got up and stepped out of the room. “How are these ladies supposed to…!” It didn’t get far as a Dalek blast shot his jaw. It goggled at the broken implement. “I JUST HAD THAT FIXED!” it roared, pulling out its Gaia Memory.

“YETI!” announced the Memory.

We had set up the explosives in the mine and acquired hiding places so the enemy wouldn’t see us. Battle told us to wait until the Daleks and Cybermen had concentrated their forces at the explosive sites. Thank goodness Wyldstyle can Master Build explosives. “Not yet,” motioned Battle. “Wait. …NOW!” We pressed the detonator that Wyldstyle built and the explosives went off.


“Moving to delete hostile elements!” reported a Cyber-Leader.

“Seek! Locate! Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy!” ordered a Black Dalek. The enemy started investigating while a single Dalek and Cyberman guarded the communications terminal. These two were…different from the rest of their species. The Cyberman looked like he was in a silver bodysuit that simulated piping woven into it, had a chest piece with exposed wiring, a helmet with larger handle supports around the ears, a see-through mouth plate, and totally circular eye holes instead of the tear-drop design. The Dalek was gunmetal grey with black sensor globes, possessed tiny dome lights instead of the large ones I was used to, and a white light in the eyestalk with a black dot in the center, making the eye look like it had a pupil.

“Those are a Dalek and Cyberman from the 80’s!” whispered Battle. “What are they doing still in operation?”

“Sshh!” I hissed. “They’re about to speak. I want to hear them.”

“Cyber-unit L-4-R-R-Y,” droned the Dalek.

“Yes, Dalek T-1-N-4?” asked the Cyberman.

“Cyber-unit Larry?” asked Guard.

“Dalek Tina?!” snickered Battle.

“SSSHHH!!” I hissed.

“Do you wonder why we’re here?” asked Dalek Tina.

“I suppose that is one of the universe’s greatest mysteries,” mused Cyber-unit Larry. “Why are any of us here? Are we some cosmic coincidence or is there really a god with a plan for us? That kind of thinking keeps me from fully recharging.” There was a brief silence.

“No,” elaborated Tina. “I meant, why are we here guarding a communications terminal instead of investigating the explosions?”

“Oh,” replied Larry.

“What was that stuff about God?” asked Tina.

“Nothing,” answered Larry. I motioned for us to move.

“If you wish to find out about God’s existence,” I announced as I drew my blade, “I am all too happy to help in that regard. If you wish to live, move aside. I’ve come for Davros. Stand down and be spared.”

“ALERT!! ALERT!! INTRUDERS IN THE COMMUNICATIONS CAVERN!!” screamed Tina. She didn’t get very far as I ran her through with my sword. Larry then grabbed a silver tube with a red cylinder on it and trained it on us. Battle then opened a small bag and threw the contents onto Larry’s chest. It was gold dust and the instant it landed on him, Larry started sparking and giving off a death rattle. He fell, dead. I ran my fingers over the dust and examined it.

“A Cyberman killed by glitter? That’s ridiculous!” I declared.

“Not when it’s an early model Cyberman,” elaborated Battle. “The glitter’s made of actual gold.”

“You mean to tell me you turned gold into glitter in case you meet this kind of Cyberman?” I asked.

“Exactly,” replied Battle. “Coat the chest unit of these early model Cybermen in gold and you suffocate them.”

“I see,” I muttered. I then returned my focus to the mission. “Wyldstyle, take Guard with you and build a bomb big enough to level this place. OOO, Rusty, keep watch for the enemy. Elphaba, clear an escape route for us. Battle, help me open a line to Foundation Prime.”

“Just look what they’ve done!” snarled Igura as she stormed up to me in her Kamen Rider Talon persona.

“Spare me the dramatics,” I dismissed. “The Yeti’s jaw can be fixed.”

“This isn’t about the Yeti or me, Lord Vortech!” protested Talon. “The Daleks are creating dissension among the ranks! These savages are a threat to our plans! They should be confined! RESTRAINED EVEN!”

“I said that about you when your group came here,” muttered Ambassador Hell.

“Besides, you could not produce restraints strong enough to hold a Dalek!” boasted Davros.

“Loooord Vortech,” droned a Cyberman. This one was in a zip-up bodysuit, had a large front unit with wires and piping everywhere on the body, a cloth mask with eyeholes and a lantern on top of the head where the handles connect. As it spoke in a stilted monotone with some words drawn out and the others run through rapidly, the mouth opened but made no movements to form the syllables, “weee have recieeeved an eeemergency transmission frooom theeee Nonexistium mines ooooon Mooondas.”

“What seems to be the trouble?” I asked as I gave a glance to a broken Sergei.

“Uuunnknown, Lord Vortech,” reported the Cyberman. “Theee caller will speeeak only tooo you.” I accepted the call.

“T-1-N-4, L-4-R-R-Y, what is it?” I asked, assuming that it was the Dalek or Cyberman at their post. The voice with the Russian accent surprised me.

“Nice operation you have here,” snarled the caller. “Sadly, it is under new management.”

“Mikhail?” asked Sergei, sadly, knowing that Irina’s death affected his son as well.

“Kamen Rider Gallop,” I guessed. “The Rider that fancies himself a Cossack.”

“I have a bit of Cossack training,” answered Gallop. “My horseback skills are unmatched. However, like Irina, I fancy myself a swashbuckling pirate. Speaking of pirates, with the help of my team, of course, I just robbed you of one of your big, juicy mining operations.”

“The loss of ONE asset is hardly a blow to my cause,” I dismissed.

“Perhaps,” threatened Gallop. “But, I shall keep attacking them one by one until you give me what I want!”

“And WHAT, pray, is that?” I asked.

“The demon that put my twin sister in a coma!” declared Gallop. Wait, what?

“Coma?” I repeated.

“Mikhail, are you saying Irina lives?!” asked Sergei excitedly.

“Da, Papa,” replied Gallop.

“You are a liar!” hissed Davros.

“Davros,” called another voice. “Not so nice to hear you again.”

“Kamen Rider Battle, you saw Climb fall!” snapped Davros, correctly identifying the voice.

“We got her into the TARDIS and discovered that the Maximum Drive of your Dalek Gaia Memory gave off a low yield blast,” explained Battle. “Thanks to the Doctor’s efforts and to the efforts of our medic, Irina’s alive.”

“KHOROSHO!” shouted Sergei, his pain of having to bury his daughter now gone.

“So,” continued Gallop, “here is the deal. We’re going to hit the Nonexistium mine on Skaro. If you would care to meet us there, Davros, perhaps you can save Vortech from another loss. Oh, and Vortech, just in case you ever wondered what an exploding mine of Nonexistium sounds like…” He left the channel open as he pressed the button on a detonator.

“Escape ship primed and ready!” reported Rusty as he flew it to us. I snatched up some studs, 245,000 in total, and put them in a bag. Might as well make some profit. We jumped aboard as the bomb started shaking. We sped through the caverns before the bomb blew up. The explosion started catching up to us. We escaped…what’s the expression…by the skin of our teeth. The entrance collapsed as Rusty flew us to Skaro.

To say that Vortech was livid would be an understatement. As the transmission ended in static. Vortech strode angrily towards Davros. I smirked under my helmet. “Keep away!” yelped Davros.

“You’re hardly in a position to order anyone around,” hissed Vortech. He swatted Davros’ hand aside and pressed a button. The chair started beeping and lights turned off. Davros was trembling violently until he pressed the button again. He started getting his breath back. “You allowed Kamen Rider Climb TO LIVE!!” roared Vortech.

“Daleks,” chuckled Sergei with a fat grin on his fat face. “Not, er, up to snuff, I believe is the expression. Isn’t that right, Talon?”

“You, shut up,” I ordered.

“Lord Vortech,” begged Davros, “I swear upon the Daleks, Irina could not have survived her wounds!”

“Well, the evidence says otherwise!!” roared Vortech. “It appears I am owed a Vortex Rider’s life. And if it’s not Irina’s, it had better be Mikhail’s!”

“Approaching Skaro!” reported Rusty. Battle was not exaggerating when he said Skaro was one of the worst planets to look at. It was blood red, had three moons, sickeningly green clouds, and two major continents divided by a mountain range.

“We’re being hailed,” called Battle.

“Tell the Daleks that we’ve come for Davros,” I rumbled.

“Funny,” continued Battle, “it IS Davros on the other end. He said that he’s ordered an escort to bring us to the mine near the Petrified Jungle.”

“A hasty trap that we shall spring,” I declared. “Tell him we’ll follow the escort on the path they chose.” Michael did as he was told and we followed the Dalek Escort to a stone-like jungle. Nearby was a tall city. The mines were about a mile to the city’s south. We landed near the entrance to see Davros and a horde of Daleks surrounding us. Michael described him perfectly on Vorton. “I see you were busy after Michael came here last,” I observed.

“Whereas YOU have been stupid enough to seek revenge!” ranted Davros.

“Prerogative of a brother when his sibling is harmed,” I replied.

“Speaking of visits,” recalled Battle, “I would have figured, after your sewers attacked, you would have drowned in the corpses of your children.”

“Not when there is an escape pod to be had,” answered Davros.

“And a nearby Dalek ship to collect you, I surmise,” guessed Battle.

“Ah!” exclaimed Davros. “There, I was fortunate.”

“Oh, for a moment, I guess,” I mused. “I’m thinking that Vortech didn’t like hearing about my sister’s survival.”

“For the time being,” countered Davros. “Comas can go both ways.”

“True,” I conceded. “But, I can’t help but feel there’s an unanswered question. Why are you working for a thief like Vortech?”

“You cannot steal what is simply a random object to most people,” answered Davros. “No one, aside from Vortech, is interested in the Foundation Elements!”

“Not what I have heard,” I declared.

“As Vortech’s people, the Vortonians, have been exterminated,” ranted Davros, “and your friends are now fractured, you will not hear that claim again!”

“Do you never do anything but smash and kill?!” protested Wyldstyle.

“There, you are mistaken, Madam Wyldstyle,” argued Davros. “The Daleks have taken to calling me by my title on Necros.”

“The Great Healer?” asked Battle.

“A somewhat flippant title, I confess, but not without substance!” boasted Davros. “I have turned these Daleks into a raw war machine, healed them from the disease of defeat!”

“While working for Lord Vortech, I notice,” I observed. “Did the Daleks expect you to join him?”

“The Daleks understood that power over reality itself was ripe for the taking!” declared Davros.

“With you as their leader?” I asked. “You’re more man than Dalek.”

“So, what of the Dalek sewers?” asked Battle. “Or will they still rot down there?”

“You should know me better than that, Battle,” hissed Davros. “I never waste valuable resources.”

“How can the dead be valuable?” I asked.

“Because the dead make excellent concentrated protein!” replied a Dalek.

“My children are developing their galaxy quickly,” continued Davros. “Nutrient loss WAS one of the empire’s major problems.”

“You’ve turned the inhabitants of your sewers into food?” I said, repulsed at the idea.

“And it has placed me above even the Emperor Dalek!” raved Davros.

“And you lot are okay with resorting to cannibalism?!” I called to the Daleks.

“The dead are only useful in prolonging the living!” replied a Dalek.

“I’ve heard enough!” I declared as I drew my blade. The others got ready to fight.

“If you would permit me,” interjected Davros, “I’d like to show you a new ability I have.” He pulled out the Dalek Gaia Memory Battle had described on Vorton. “Are you familiar with Dopants?”

“Sorry?” I asked.

“When an organic creature is implanted with a connection for a Gaia Memory,” explained Davros, “It gives them power and a form based on the Gaia Memory. The resulting creature is called a Dopant. The only thing that can cause a Dopant to revert to its host’s original state would be a Maximum Drive, where all the power is focused in one attack.” He then pressed the Memory button.

“DALEK!” it announced. Davros then put it into his chair. Light flowed around him as data symbols came over him. His shape soon changed. His chair turned into legs with the lower legs looking like a Dalek’s skirt. He gained a new left arm where the forearm looked like the gunstick, with a gun barrel hidden in the palm, and the right arm had a plunger hidden in the palm. The head looked more like the Dalek dome with the eye embedded in it.

“You now bear witness to the Dalek Dopant!” cheered Davros’ new form. We got ready to fight. OOO extended his claws and rushed at Davros. Davros sidestepped and punched OOO on the spine. Wyldstyle built a cannon out of some Daleks and fired, but Davros shrugged it off. I changed into Wyldstyle Steel and built off the cannon, making it bigger. The two of us fired, but Davros leapt over it and attacked. Wyldstyle broke the cannon and rebuilt it into a combat suit for Rusty. Rusty plugged in and went on the offensive. Davros used the plunger in his hand and lifted him up into the air.

“ALERT!! ALERT!!” he squawked. “SUIT MALFUNCTION!!”

“Get out of there!” I yelled. Rusty shot his way out as Davros tore the battle suit in half. Battle and Guard did a double team attack and swiped at Davros repeatedly. Davros started laughing!

“That tickles!” he jeered. Davros then threw them into me, knocking the wind out of us. He then started laughing. “I see that your green skinned friend is gone!” he called. I looked up and grinned under my helmet.

“A spell to halt the progress ahead!” chanted Elphaba’s voice. Davros started looking around. “To freeze, to bind my foe in red!” Red chains from the air wrapped around Davros. He was yanked into the air and was taken for a ride by Elphaba! She had regained her cackle as she flew, writing “Surrender, Daleks,” in the sky. Davros then managed to plant his feet on the ground. Elphaba stopped and tugged on the chains. Blue light then appeared beneath Davros’ feet as he took off, taking Elphaba off her broomstick! This time, he took her for a ride and made a diving maneuver towards the ground. Davros pulled up in time, but Elphaba did not. When she hit the ground, she lost her concentration on the chains, releasing Davros. We were at Davros’ mercy.

“Look at you inferior creatures,” he boasted. “Lying at my feet with merely seconds of your transformations left.” Why was Davros right? Our transformations cancelled out. “With my Daleks,” continued Davros, “I shall be utterly unstoppable! The Dalek machines being manufactured automatically…”

“I know the Doctor said this to you already,” interrupted Michael, “but it’s not the machines, but the minds. The Daleks are totally evil!”

“And I still do not accept that!” shouted Davros. “The Daleks are merely programmed to survive! To do that, they must become the dominant species! When all other life forms are suppressed, when the Daleks rule everything, then there is peace. Wars will end. Daleks are not a tool of evil, but of good!”

“And to prove your megalomania,” continued Michael, “you created a virus that would destroy all life on contact.”

“You must mean the Reality Bomb,” recalled Davros.

“What?” asked Eiji.

“Electrical energy binds our atoms and their individual parts together,” elaborated Michael. “The Reality Bomb cancels it out. Soon, all manner of matter falls apart, becoming dust, the dust becoming atoms, and the atoms…nothing.”

“Nothing?” I repeated.

“This was in response to a question the Fourth Doctor posed to this lunatic,” finished Michael. He turned to Davros. “If you were to create a virus in your laboratory, something contagious and infectious that killed on contact, a virus that would destroy all other forms of life…”

“You wouldn’t use it, would you?” I asked Davros.

“…To hold in my hand, a capsule that contains such power,” began Davros, “to know that life and death on such a scale was my choice… To know that the tiny pressure of my thumb, enough to break the glass, would end everything…Michael was right! The Reality Bomb was my virus! If the Doctor had not interfered, that power would have set me up above the gods! But I shall try again to make a new virus! AND THROUGH THE DALEKS, I SHALL HAVE THAT POWER!”

“How is that helpful to the universe?!” wailed Wyldstyle. “There’s no democracy! You would deny freedom! You would be unfair to everyone that isn’t a Dalek!”

“Democracy?” spat Davros, as if the idea were vile. “Freedom? Fairness? Those are the creeds of cowards. The ones who will listen to a thousand viewpoints and try to satisfy them all. Achievement comes through absolute power, and power through strength! You have lost!”

“Alert! Time capsule detected!” screamed a Dalek. It was then that a familiar noise rang through the air. Soon, Davros, Skaro, the Daleks, and all other things aside from me and my team faded to make way for the TARDIS’ interior. I made a mad dash for the door, but someone held me back.

“This does not concern you!” I bellowed.

“Wrong!” snarled a voice. The accent was Russian and the tone was feminine. It couldn’t be! I tried again, but the person started gripping my fingers. I turned to see a fully conscious Irina! She released her grip on my fingers. “You idiots better hope Davros can’t follow us to Vorton,” hissed Irina. “If he can, I’m holding you responsible, Mikhail.” There was venom in her voice. I didn’t understand why. I couldn’t dwell on it for long as the TARDIS lurched!

“That monster just latched on!” reported the Doctor, not knowing Davros’ new Dopant form.

I paced the Gateway room, waiting for that familiar Vworp the TARDIS makes. Emily and a new arrival that Hiroki recommended sat on the platform. They were eating some cake, celebrating a successful procedure that brought Irina out of the coma. He was a young Japanese surgeon that also functioned as a Kamen Rider. From what Hiroki told me, this man, Kagami Hiiro, was a genius surgeon at only 24. He was a bit cold, but it was clear he was trying to get over that. His Rider alias is Kamen Rider Brave. Equipped with the Gamer Driver, he uses a game cartridge, or Gashat, after the Japanese onomatopoeia for inserting a game cartridge into a console, based on a fantasy RPG called Taddle Quest to transform and gain power. Hiroki also said that if there was someone beneath Hiiro’s notice, he would dismiss them by saying their existence was a “No Thank You”. Given that Emily knew the medical terminology and tools to get Irina out of that coma, such a phrase wasn’t flung her way. “Careful, Meg,” warned Emily, making me twitch, “you’ll make a trench in the floor.” That was when I heard a Vworp.

“Ah, the Doctor’s returned,” observed Shōtarō.

“It sounds like she’s about to…” began Philip. He didn’t complete his sentence as the TARDIS practically bounced in with a monster hanging on the side. It then started beating on the doors.

“What in the…?” yelped Hiiro as everyone gawked at the monster. The monster then looked around.

“So, this is Vorton, the base of operations for the Vortex Riders. Quaint, compared to my children,” snarled the monster. It then turned to Shōtarō and Philip. “WHAT? W hasn’t left?! I’d best take care of you two first.”

“Philip,” directed Shōtarō, “access the Gaia Library on this monster.”

“Beginning the lookup,” reported Philip. A bright light then appeared beneath him as he shut his eyes. “Keywords?” he asked.

“Dalek Dopant,” answered the monster.

“Stay out of this!” I hissed. Philip then gasped.

“It’s Davros!” he yelped. Shōtarō goggled at the Dopant.

“That thing became a Dopant?!” he cried.

“Correct,” confirmed the Dopant, Davros. The occupants of the TARDIS then exited said time machine.

“You, idiots that decided on getting revenge,” I snarled, “go to my quarters. I’ll talk to you once I’ve dealt with Davros.” I drew out my i.d tag. “Henshin!” I then drew out a new i.d tag, the W i.d tag. I had to touch both Shōtarō and Philip at the same time to get it. I selected CycloneJoker for the specific form.

“W CycloneJoker Steel!” announced Vortoranii.

“CYCLONE! JOKER!” called the W Driver’s voice. The music for the respective Gaia Memories played. Shōtarō and Philip then pulled out their Gaia Memories, Heat and Metal. They pressed the buttons.

“HEAT!” called one.

“METAL!” called the other.

“Henshin!” announced the two men. Philip then put his Memory in the belt and passed out. Hiiro caught him and brought him to safety. Shōtarō then put his Memory into the belt after Heat appeared. He then opened the belt.

“HEAT! METAL!” called the belt. HeatMetal’s Memory music played as W twirled the Metal Shaft.

“And now, my turn,” declared Hiroki as he drew his i.d tag. “Henshin!” After the transformation sequence, he drew out his W i.d tag and selected the form.

“W LunaTrigger Steel!” called his belt.

“LUNA! TRIGGER!” announced the W Driver’s voice. An ominous glowing sound played followed by some rock guitar riffs. His steel looked like W, but it was yellow on the right side and blue on the left. We went on the offensive, Sengoku using his fancy katana in rifle mode, or tanegashima mode, as he calls it, and firing multiple shots, forcing Davros to try and seek cover. W made multiple hits with his staff and scorched him on impact. My punches and kicks had a windy effect to them. Soon, Davros could barely stand.

“This clinches it!” called W as he put the Metal Memory into his shaft.

“METAL! MAXIMUM DRIVE!” announced the Memory.

“METAL BRANDING!” shouted W. Sengoku then put his i.d tag into the rifle and leveled it on Davros.

“Final attack!” called the weapon.

“RIDER LUNATRIGGER BLAST: TRIGGER FULL BURST!” shouted Sengoku. I jumped into the air for a Rider Kick.

“RIDER CYCLONEJOKER KICK: JOKER EXTREME!” I announced. Sengoku then fired multiple homing shots on Davros. W’s staff lit up on both ends as he delivered a powerful blow to Davros. I split down the middle and both halves charged at Davros. First my right half, then my left. Both sides reconnected when I landed. I felt weird but shrugged it off. We then came together.

“Saa, omae no tsumi o kazoero!” we all finished. Davros’ Dopant body exploded, revealing his old self, and an ugly man he was, and the shattered remains of the Dalek Gaia Memory fell.

“NO! MY POWER!” wailed Davros.

“Doctor, take him to the brig,” I directed as we cancelled our transformations. The Doctor then grabbed Davros’ chair and pushed him to the brig.

“Release me, Doctor!” ordered Davros. “You will return me to Skaro!”

“Shut up, or I’ll switch you off!” threatened the Doctor. She soon brought him into the brig as I headed for my quarters. When I arrived, I leveled my gaze at the ones that tried to seek revenge. Those idiots looked pitiful, like children that were sent to their rooms to wait for the other parent to tear them a new one.

“Well?” I asked icily. “I’m waiting for your explanation.”

“You are…well within your rights to…” began Mikhail. Wrong way to begin.

“We’re not talking about my rights,” I snarled, “we’re talking about the fact that you let your anger towards Davros blind you.”

“Davros brought harm to my sister!” argued Mikhail.

“And she was hurt under my command,” supplied Michael.

“On top of that, he helped my sister,” answered Richard. “I owed him.”

“Besides, we need to make the enemy hurt,” mused Elphaba. Rusty nodded his eyestalk in agreement.

“YOU THINK THAT’S JUSTIFICATION FOR PETTY REVENGE?!” I roared. I turned to Eiji and Wyldstyle. “I didn’t hear your reasons!”

“They’re friends,” replied Wyldstyle.

“They needed backup,” gulped Eiji. I shook my head.

“I don’t believe this!” I shouted. “Tell me, does revenge ever complete anyone? Here’s a hint, NO! It doesn’t! It might fly with the Klingons, but we’re not Klingons and those are not Klingon uniforms! Irina almost lost her brother! If she didn’t convince the Doctor to find you, you would have been dead on Skaro, not even in your native universe! There is a limit to the amount of stupidity I can put up with and you’ve just crossed it! Now, I don’t want to hear another word about revenge or making someone hurt! In fact, I don’t want to hear about Davros being hurt while he’s our prisoner! Is that clear?!”

“Your Highness, Davros is too dangerous to be left alive,” retorted Michael. “He may try to…”

“Crystal clear, Your Highness,” interrupted Mikhail. “This will not happen again and Davros will not be touched unless you say so.”

“And I won’t be saying so anytime soon!” I snapped. “Now, all of you idiots, GET OUT!” They shuffled out of my room. “Oh, and Mikhail, I recommend you do everything in your power to make amends with your sister because she almost lost a family member and considered how to approach telling your dad about your death.” Mikhail said nothing, just nodded and shuffled out after the rest of his team. My room was empty, so I took a breath and sat down. Never, in all my life, had I gotten so angry. Then again, never, in my life, had I nearly lost my friends.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 10

Once he and Turretorg were retrieved, the Joker spoke to Lord Vortech back on Foundation Prime as he had an ice pack on his head. “And then they stole this shiny thing I found!” he reported.

“Chance meetings and setbacks to your petty pilfering do not concern me,” dismissed Vortech. He pulled out the nuclear rod. “We have the Foundation Element, that is all that matters.”

“Trust me,” warned the Joker, “if you underestimate the Crêped Crusader, you’ll end up getting battered!”

“Like yourself?” snickered Hiro. The Joker growled. Hiro poured himself a glass of wine. “A toast, to a successful mission,” praised Hiro.

“Maybe the rest of us would celebrate,” snarled an angry, male voice, “if we didn’t suffer!” A Japanese man strode up in a black suit with black armor, a gold eagle for a belt buckle, a black cape with a green interior, a gold right hand and left pincer claw, and an elaborate gold and black headdress covering the head aside from the face, making him look like a pharaoh of Egypt, and gold moth antennae on top. He carried a red whip and was flanked by Shocker Combatmen. This was the current leader of Shocker, Ambassador Hell. “Just look at what they’ve done to us!” snarled Ambassador Hell.

“Spare us the melodramatics, Ambassador Hell,” Vortech waved off. “Hiro’s right about the mission being a success.”

“This isn’t about success or failure of a mission!” protested Ambassador Hell. “The Vortexons and the Joker’s minions are creating dissension among the ranks of Shocker! These savages are a threat to this whole operation! They should be confined, restrained even!” He was punched in the face by Turretorg.

“You could not produce a restraint strong enough to hold us Vortexons!” it boasted. It turned to Hiro and Vortech. “In any case, my lords, Comms-Op is receiving a call from Dimension K-A-M-3-N-R-1-D-3-R.

“What is their reason for calling us?” asked Ambassador Hell.

“How did they even get this dimension?!” asked Vortech as he handed the nuclear rod to a Vortexon.

“Unclear, Lord Vortech,” reported Turretorg. “All we can glean is that the caller will only speak to Hiro.”

“Me?” yelped Hiro.

“They requested you by name, my lord,” confirmed Turretorg.

“Patch it here,” ordered Hiro.

“I pledge obedience,” saluted Turretorg. It fiddled with a machine which made a giant view-screen come out of the floor.

“This is Hiro Adachi, Kamen Rider Rogue,” demanded Hiro. “State your business or face destruction.”

“Hiro-san, now really,” purred a feminine voice, “is that any way to address your lover?” A Japanese woman appeared on the screen. She wore a white lab coat with a red arm band on the left arm, a woman’s business suit, with pants, short, black hair, and was flanked by Shocker Combatmen. These had the skeletal motif made in raised silver and had armor on the suits.

“Igura!” cheered Hiro as a smile appeared on his face. “I heard from Ambassador Hell that you were dead!”

“I was,” confirmed Igura, “but I had some help in coming back. Sadly, Urga and Buffal weren’t so lucky.” She heard a snicker and saw Ambassador Hell with a look of amusement on his face. “I’m glad to see that my allies’ permanent death causes amusement for you,” hissed Igura.

“Oh, you misjudge me,” countered Ambassador Hell as he sobered up. “I shall miss them deeply. They were worthy adversaries. In any case, why are you calling?”

“Can you get the person creating portals to send one to my base?” asked Igura.

“Of course, my dear,” obliged Vortech. “Bring your minions as well.”

“Thank you,” said a grateful Igura as she bowed. The transmission ended as a portal opened to let the last remnant of Shocker Nova onto Foundation Prime. Igura broke into a sprint and gave Hiro a hug which he reciprocated. Ambassador Hell rolled his eyes.

“Is that jealousy I detect, Ambassador?” mused Hiro.

“Hiro,” purred Igura, “my men need access to your database. Could we use it?” She gave a sweet smile.

“Absolutely not, traitor!” hissed Ambassador Hell. Igura and Hiro rolled their eyes as they broke their embrace and glared at Ambassador Hell. “That database is for Shocker use only! Traitors like you…”

“What our old boss, Damon, meant, Igura-chan,” interrupted Hiro, “is that our entire database is open to Shocker Nova. Feel free to use it at your leisure, my sweet eagle.” He kissed Igura’s hand.

“Flatterer,” complimented Igura as she walked off to a terminal with a smile on her face.

“Surely, you don’t mean that?!” protested Ambassador Hell. “How did you even know my real name?!”

“That’s unimportant,” dismissed Hiro. “What IS important is that I was most sincere when Igura could use our entire database at her leisure.”

“It builds trust, you see,” supplied Vortech.

“They don’t need to know every single detail about our military operations!” protested Ambassador Hell.

“The decision has already been made,” shrugged Vortech. “In fact, I’ve seen how effective the Nova Combatmen have proven, so from now on, whatever decision you make about Shocker must be submitted to Igura for approval and, if approved, she will submit it to me either in person or through Hiro.”

“That will NOT happen!” declared Ambassador Hell. The tension could be cut with a knife. Vortech then used his powers to lift Ambassador Hell into the air and throw him into the wall. Hiro then walked over to the Shocker Leader.

“I trust that was an unguarded emotional comment,” he whispered, “so I will convince Vortech to ignore it THIS time. Make plans to do exactly as you’re told or I will have you move for practice six feet underground!” Hiro stormed off to help Igura with access to the database while Ambassador Hell looked onwards. “Now,” said Hiro to the Joker as he moved towards the terminal, “where’s the robot? I had it modified to use the Keystone for your use.”

“And a keystone is…?” ventured the Joker.

“Purple shield thing?” explained Hiro, hoping the Joker would catch on.

“Oh, the shiny thing Batman took!” exclaimed the Joker with a grin.

“Wait a sec,” gulped Hiro as his smile turned into a warning one, “is that what really happened, or a joke?”

“That’s what happened,” explained the Joker, unaware of the now dangerous position he was in.

“What a terrible joke,” whispered Hiro.

“I told you, it wasn’t a…” the Joker was interrupted.

“You allowed the Vortex Riders to take the Chroma Keystone?!” snarled Hiro. “DO YOU HAVE ANY NOTION OF THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR BLUNDER?!”

“Wait a sec,” yelped the Joker, “we have the Foundation Element. I don’t see why…”

“I DON’T CARE ABOUT SOME TRINKET!” roared Hiro. “My daughter and her little band have a color activated Keystone, meaning any and all Chroma-locks are under their control!”

“Daughter?” quizzed Igura. Hiro slightly relaxed.

“How about I tell you what happened in my absence from Shocker,” he offered as he turned and led Igura away.

Meanwhile, we had arrived back on Vorton. Lord Business massaged his rear. “That could have gone a little more smoothly,” he said. A portal opened back to his home dimension. “I believe that’s my ride,” said Lord Business. “Well, it’s been fun, but I have some reconstruction to do. Oh, before I go,” he handed us a bag of studs, “I believe the total should be 160,000 studs. Bye bye!” He stepped into the portal and it disappeared

“There it is, the Chroma Keystone!” exclaimed the voice. “Now we’re talking!”

“Let’s see what this one can do,” mused Batman. “Chroma Keystone, activate!”

“Incorrect Keystone request,” reported Batman’s gauntlet.

“What?!” snapped Batman.

“I guess you can only use the Shift Keystone,” I guessed.

“Then who’s using the Chroma Keystone?” asked Emily as the Keystone attached itself above the Shift Keystone.


“We won’t be blindsided then,” sighed Emily in relief.


“You were saying?!” I hissed as I drew my sword. We all flew down to the cafeteria. The doors were closed. “On three, we swarm the place,” I directed, “Ichi! Ni! SAN!” We burst in and spread out to give ourselves cover. What we saw just…wasn’t possible! There, holding a small glass of water, in all of her green skinned- black wearing, pointy hatted glory, was the Wicked Witch of the West! She saw us and gave a smirk.

“Red alert,” she joked. She then drank the contents of the glass! My eyes widened. Surprisingly, she wasn’t dissolving and squawking “Oh, what a world! What a world!” As she finished, she licked her lips and sighed. “You know,” she mused, “long before I was a Wicked Witch, I used to drink this religiously. I missed that part of my past. Of course, that was negligible as I had better things to do than try and find a cure to my old water allergy, like conquering Oz.”

“Up to your old tricks?” asked Emily.

“I haven’t the vaguest notion of doing so at this point in time, Rosie” dismissed the Witch, making a reference to Emily’s dress, “considering that there’s something greater going on. I need to destroy it before it destroys me. But, that’s rather hard for me to do. I no longer have any magic! I was hoping to go into business with your wizard.”

“My dear lady,” protested Gandalf, “you gave us magic folk a bad name! Couldn’t you have toned the wickedness down a tad?”

“I don’t know,” purred the Witch, “I found good to be dumb.” She then saw my expression. “You don’t believe me. Do you really think I would humiliate myself like this?”

“When it serves,” replied Emily.

“It’s the truth!” insisted the Witch. “What you see before you is a defrocked Elphaba Thropp, condemned to live out her days as a normal person!”

“The question of whether or not you have magic is irrelevant,” I dismissed. “The question of your return to life, however, I would like answered.”

“As would I,” replied Elphaba. “Last time I saw you, I was melting away in my observatory. The next thing I knew, I woke up, screaming in the dimensional vortex. After that, I ended up here. That’s all I know.”

“What do you want?” I asked.

“Your compassion,” explained Elphaba. Need I describe how I felt about that? “All right,” Elphaba tried again, “sanctuary on Vorton, dreary as it is for all parties concerned.”

“Get on that broomstick of yours and get out!” I demanded.

“I have no powers!” protested Elphaba. “You look upon Elphaba Thropp, the ordinary!”

“Elphaba the Tyrant!” I argued. “Elphaba the Conqueror!”

“Elphaba the Miserable!” Elphaba argued back. “Elphaba the Desperate! What must I do to convince you?!”

“Take a swim,” suggested Batman.

“Oh, very clever, you poor excuse of a winged monkey,” snarked Elphaba. “Eat any good books lately?”

“For the last time, I’m a bat!” snarled Batman. “Not a dog! Not a brat! And I’m CERTAINLY not one of your Flying Monkeys!”

“You wish for compassion? Sanctuary?” I asked.

“Yes,” confirmed Elphaba.

“Hongo-san, Duke Emmanuel, Dame Emily,” I directed, “have the computer help put Elphaba in the brig.” A grin crossed Emily’s face.

“Delighted, Your Highness,” she chuckled.

“You can’t do this to me!” protested Elphaba. Emily then grabbed her by the shoulder, digging her nails into it.

“You will walk,” ordered Emily as a blue path lit up for her, “or I will carry you.” Emmanuel was holding the door open while Hongo directed them to leave with is hand and a smile.

“…Given the option,” mused Elphaba, “I’ll walk.” With Emily’s hand still firmly on Elphaba’s shoulder, the group was led to the brig. Emily picked out the cell wand led the boys back up to the cafeteria. We decided to have lunch while we pondered our options.

“If she can drink water,” guessed Irina, “splashing her in the night won’t do the trick.”

“I hate to pander to a stereotype of a manner-driven culture like most Southern states,” replied Richard, “but I fail to see the honor in killing her.”

“I fail to see the honor in letting her live,” argued Lukas. “She has proven unrepentant.”

“Her comments have demonstrated that fact,” I granted, “but Mom always said that mercy is the greatest weapon of all time.”

“She usually follows up with a warning to the effect of mercy being misused!” argued Hiroki.

“When it comes to killing,” I countered. “If we kill her, who are we being merciful to?”

“The multiverse,” replied Xiomara.

“Too vague,” countered Batman.

“I’m not exactly wild about her coming back,” agreed Wyldstyle, “but there are other ways to deal with her.”

“If she stays,” argued Michael, “we’ll probably have two messes to contend with instead of just one.”

“I say we listen to Megumi,” suggested Gandalf.

“You cannot be serious!” protested Hiroki.

“If we kill her when she didn’t make any threatening moves against us or the multiverse,” explained Gandalf, “we would prove ourselves as low as the enemy.”

“You’ve killed people before!” argued Hiroki. Probably not the brightest thing to say.

“I gave them a chance to back off before I attacked,” hissed Gandalf with a hint of anger. “I never kill unless it’s the last resort!”

“Someone, talk some sense into him!” cried Hiroki.

“He speaks sense,” argued Mikhail. “There is no need to kill Elphaba.”

“Really?!” snapped Irina. “My younger brother decides to let a known threat live?!”

“She has made no move to attack us,” countered Mikhail. “I say we observe her. If she makes a move against us, all bets are off and she dies. If not, she may prove valuable.”

“Her magic is impressive,” observed Tanisha. “I agree with Mikhail.”

“As do I,” called Emily as she, Hongo, and Emmanuel reentered the cafeteria. “She had given us valuable info on operations in Oz. Once she helped us, she could only do a simple levitation spell. Her story on once being powerless checks out.”

“And you three are just taking her word for it?!” yelped Haitao.

“Of course not,” replied Emmanuel. “Lie detectors line the cells in the brig. It proves useful for interrogation.”

“And on a side note, her compliment on my and Emmanuel’s dresses proved sincere,” supplied Emily.

“Much as I want to rehabilitate her,” argued Richard, “we’ll need more proof than a compliment on your clothes!”

“Then she stays alive so we get that proof,” I said with a tone of finality.

“Nee-san, please!” protested Hiroki.

“Your princess has made her decision!” I declared. “Killing Elphaba in any way, shape, or form is out! Am I clear?” Silence permeated the room. “Good.” I said. “Now, let’s get our meals. Bring one to Elphaba.”

“I’ll bring it to her,” volunteered Emily. Elphaba’s meal was a chicken breast with broccoli. As we ate, Emily eating with our prisoner, the debate ran through my mind. Throughout the journey, I was hellbent on killing Hiro. Looking back, that might be an escape for REAL justice for him and his allies. I started mulling over options on keeping him confined for life. Hongo’s right, killing someone should always be a last resort. We then finished our meals, took our showers, and then headed for bed.

Back in the Simpsons world, Death had arrived at a house. She knocked on the door to reveal a girl in stereotypical goth clothing. “Pardon me,” whispered Death, “may I have a moment of your time, Ms. Lacey?”

“Sure,” agreed the girl, Lacey. Death was let in. “What are you doing here? Business as usual? Am I your client?”

“Hardly,” replied Death. “I’ve been away on a long journey and saw something…peculiar.”

“It’s that sword you gave Mom,” guessed Lacey. “That stupid looking thing that you told her never to touch.”

“Your mother’s ‘stupid’ sword?” asked Death as she sat down. “The one that feels ‘wrong’ to you?” She held out her hand. “Give it to me.”

“Give you the sword?” quizzed Lacey.

“For a moment only,” whispered Death. Lacey got the sword down from the mantelpiece. It was a broadsword in a black scabbard with a silver handle and guard. “Can you see any markings on it?” asked Death.

“No,” answered Lacey. “Kind of plain, if you ask me.”

“How about now?” asked Death as she casually tossed the sword into the fire. Lacey gasped and rushed towards it only to be held back by her visitor. “Wait!” hissed Death. “Do you desire it so much?”

“…N…no!” stammered Lacey. “But why burn it?!”

“Because I had unwittingly given your mother a fragment of the enemy’s power!” explained Death as her whispering voice went up a fragment. “It will corrupt and destroy any who have it until he or she passes under the enemy’s power. Named after the enemy’s desire for a perfect world, this was called the Foundation Saber!”

“That isn’t how Mom kept her appointment with you, is it?!” gulped Lacey, getting frantic.

“No, she is still safe from the enemy,” assured Death, “but you are in danger!” Death then picked up the sword from the fire. Much like the One Ring, the sword was unharmed. Death tossed it to Lacey, who instinctively caught it. She was surprised at the temperature. “Reveal part of the blade,” instructed Death. Lacey blinked, but obeyed. Instead of metal, the blade seemed to be made of solid space.

“It was metal before, I swear it!” declared Lacey.

“Oh no, this is the Foundation Saber’s natural state,” whispered Death as she took the sword back. “Stay here. I must take it and seek out War, the one who was duped into making this thing.”

“Be safe,” called Lacey. Death left the house with the sword, mounted her white horse, and charged off into a portal of her own design.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 7

As we tumbled through the vortex, the enemy was showing his displeasure for failure. “I GAVE YOU A SIMPLE JOB!” roared Lord Vortech as he swung his staff at Hiro. Hiro flew to the other end of the rapidly finishing fortress of Foundation Prime. As he flew, Vortech’s minions, the Vortexons, featureless humanoids that were made of the same stuff as their master, looked on. “I told you to get the Keystone located in that absurd little dimension and you let a green skinned woman get it! Don’t forget that I can easily destroy you for failure, Hiro!”

“There’s something you’re forgetting, Vortech!” Hiro roared as he charged at his employer and decked him. “If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t be able to get Ichimonji’s typhoon! If I recall, that’s one of the Foundation Elements. If I didn’t discover the Rogue Driver and reverse engineered it to make a transformation belt for my colleagues in Shocker, my native dimension would very well be a null dimension and it would pass your notice!”

“And if I recall, I was the original genius behind the Rogue Driver’s construction!” snarled Vortech. He threw a punch, which Hiro caught. He then raised his staff and was about to bring it down when he felt the barrel of one of the Rogue Driver’s guns at his belly.

“It’s been so long since you built me,” boasted the Rogue Driver, “that you forgot that I know your weakness.”

“I’m not afraid to cheat to win,” exclaimed Hiro. Vortech considered what was said.

“Point…taken,” He lowered his staff and backed off. “Perhaps I overreacted. A Foundation Element is on its way, so a Keystone isn’t a big loss.”

“A wise decision,” praised Hiro as he holstered the gun. A portal opened to deposit Dorothy and her friends in front of the throne that just finished.

“Ah,” mused Vortech. “Good guys?”

“I might be a villain!” called the Scarecrow.

“Ignore him,” hissed the Tin man.

“Thank you, to the left, please,” responded Vortech as he sat on the throne. The Vortexons grabbed the group at their master’s mental command. “Oh, and you won’t be needing those lovely ruby slippers anymore, my dear!” A Vortexon took the slippers off. Dorothy and her friends were place in separate cages near Robin, Frodo, MetalBeard, and our parents.

“Have you got any idea where we are or what’s going on?” asked Robin.

“Sorry,” replied Fred, Richard and Emily’s dad, as he spoke for all our parents.

“A nightmare, maybe?” asked my adopted mom, Haruna.

“Might as well be,” mused Ichimonji as he wore a different belt without a fan inside.

“I know it’s not Kansas,” observed Dorothy. “They took my slippers.”

“They took the One Ring, too,” recalled Frodo.

“And the Kryptonite I was holding,” exclaimed Robin.

“And my treasure chest of ill-gotten booty,” sighed MetalBeard.

“And my belt, the Typhoon,” reported Ichimonji.

“They did not steal anything from us,” observed Sergei, Mikhail and Irina’s dad.

“Maybe we’re not important,” mused Amanda, Fred’s wife.

“My treasure…” moaned MetalBeard.

“Don’t worry, MetalBeard,” assured Robin, “We’ll get it back.” MetalBeard brightened at this. “And then I WILL have to return it to the rightful owners.” The grin faded.

“I’m Frodo Baggins, madam,” said Frodo. “Who are you?”

“Dorothy Gale,” introduced Dorothy. “This is the Scarecrow.”

“Scarecrow?!” yelped Robin.

“Not Jonathan Crane,” assured Angela, Xiomara’s mother.

“Oh,” Robin sighed with relief.

“And this is the Tin Man,” continued Dorothy. “And that’s the Cowardly Lion.” Said talking animal was muttering “I DO believe in spooks!” over and over. While introductions were made, the Vortexon with the slippers approached his master.

“Excellent!” cheered Vortech. “Place them with the other elements.” The Vortexon obeyed. Vortech then used his magic to lift them and place them on their images in the hole in the floor and reactivate the shield over it. He cackled once the job was done.

“Must you cackle?” protested Hiro.

“It’s therapeutic,” explained Vortech. “You should try it.” Another portal opened and released a clown in a purple suit and an old man in white robes and a staff. “Bad guys?” asked Vortech. “Excellent. To the right, please.”

“I am Saruman the White,” protested the man in white. “I am not a ‘bad guy’!”

“Pfft! Please!” scoffed the clown.

“Look!” cried Vortech, putting on a show of fear. “Sauron!”

“My lord!” yelped Hiro, pretending to be scared. “What brought you here?!”

“My lord, Sauron!” exclaimed Saruman as he turned and kneeled. “It is I, your faithful serv…!” All he saw was the fortress’ interior. He realized he was played for a fool as he heard the clown laughing at him.

“If I recall,” mused Hiro, “Sauron is a Dark Lord. Doesn’t that imply evil, Saruman?” Saruman was about to argue but couldn’t get the words out and slumped his shoulders in defeat. “And then there’s you,” said Hiro to the clown. “You call yourself the Clown Prince of Crime. Wouldn’t crime be evil? Not that I complain about your work, Mr. Joker.”

“Well, at least SOMEONE appreciates my work!” cheered the Joker. “Unlike a certain bat in my belfry and his Boy Blunder!”

“I heard that!” called Robin. The Joker pretended not to notice.

“To your right, you say?” quizzed Saruman to Vortech.

“If you don’t mind,” confirmed Vortech. He pointed to the weapons pile on his right. “You’ll find lots of fun weapons and we can offer you some excellent opportunities to use them!”

“Well,” giggled the Joker, “we’d have to be crazy to refuse that offer!” Vortech arched an eyebrow and hmmed in confusion.

“Er, I hate to ask this of a comedian,” winced Hiro, “but can you explain the joke?” The Joker twitched.

“That means we’re in,” he groaned.

“Follow me to the weapons range,” called Hiro. “I’ll get you acquainted with our arsenal.” The two bad guys from different dimensions followed him with the Joker laughing his head off.

While that was going on, we arrived back at our base of operations. The gateway was still in one piece. “Goodness,” exclaimed Gandalf, “I almost lost my staff that time!”

“Same here,” agreed Wyldstyle, “except with my lunch.”

“Yeah, I almost threw up the apples I had,” muttered Tonje.

“I don’t understand why Fili was so against apples when he got to Lake Town,” said Gandalf.

“Given that he was in a barrel that smelled of apples before he got there,” replied Michael, “I’d have the same reaction if I were in his position.” Batman took out the gateway piece and examined it. It jumped out of his hands and floated in the air.

“Hey, nice job!” called the voice from earlier. “You brought back the Shift Keystone.”

“Keystone?” quizzed Wyldstyle. “What’s a keystone?”

“I’m guessing it’s this,” mused Batman as he pointed to the Gateway piece as it attached itself to the right-most area. Batman’s left hand then floated in the air and glowed purple before a purple gauntlet materialized with the Shift Keystone’s symbol.


“Oh, so that’s why they’re called Keystones,” realized Tanisha. “They’re holding the gateway together like a bridge!”

“Hey, Haruto,” announced the voice, “I found your dimension. You can go home whenever you wish.” The gateway opened a portal.

“In that case,” bid Haruto Soma, “I must say farewell.”

“It was an honor to fight alongside you,” praised Hongo.

“Yeah, alongside, instead of against,” Haruto pointed out. “Last time we met, it was you and the other Showa riders against us Heisei riders.”

“And you proved that you’re still worthy of the name Kamen Rider,” praised Hongo. “Farewell, Haruto-san.”

“Farewell, Hongo-san,” called Haruto. “Farewell, everyone.” He jumped into the portal while we all waved goodbye.

“Now,” I quizzed my belt after the portal closed, “what’s the idea with the studs we got from Glinda?”


“Glinda gave us a cash reward!” exclaimed Emmanuel. I grinned wickedly.

“Money!” I cheered.

“Easy,” called Batman. “What about the gauntlet I got?”


“So, this thing can give me the power the Witch had when we fought her?” asked Batman.


“No one else can use it,” I guessed. “Still, impressive technology. Where did it come from?”

+THIS DIMENSION IS THE TECHNOLOGY’S DIMENSION OF ORIGIN+ boasted my belt, as much as a monotonous voice can give a boasting tone.

“What is this place anyway?” asked Wyldstyle.


“Remaining fragments?” asked Richard. “You mean, we’re floating on a dead planet?”

+AFFIRMATIVE+ confirmed my belt.

“Then, how are we breathing?” I asked.


“Shower!” I exclaimed. “Did you guys hear that? What a wonderful word!”

“I suggest some food and cleaning ourselves of any filth we’ve acquired,” commented Richard. “I haven’t had a decent shower since we left Castle Nerd Skull.”

“An excellent idea!” cheered Emily.

“I agree!” I affirmed. We all departed for the showers and got ourselves cleaned. Our clothes were put in machines marked “Clothes mended and washed while you wait.” Once my shower was finished, I found my dress neatly folded and my tiara sparkling like new in a basket in my changing stall. I got myself dressed and walked out while adjusting my tiara on my head. I met up with the others with clean clothes over at the cafeteria.

“Ye GODS!” exclaimed Michael. “I never felt so clean!”

“I will admit,” mused Batman, “even a hero like me needs a clean uniform.”

“And food is waiting for us!” I called. My belt talked me through how to operate the replicator and soon I was greeted with something from my home country, a comfort food, really, Chazuke, or Ochazuke made with light fish stock poured over rice and topped with things like umeboshi and grilled salmon, my personal preference of toppings. This is one of my favorite rice dishes. Soon, everyone got their meals and we sat down and ate. Those from Japan, Hongo, Hiroki, and I, said “Itadakimasu” (I gratefully receive) before we ate. We all ate our meals and had our drinks in happiness. For just that moment, we didn’t care about a dimensional crisis. Hiroki said his late father would say that if the entire human race got together to eat and drink and be merry, conflict would be nonexistent. I wish I met the man. After we ate, we Japanese said “Gochisosama” (Thank you for the meal) and we all found our bedrooms. We bid each other good night and flew off to Dream Land.

Back in the Merry Old Land of Oz, in the Witch’s throne room, a Winkie in his old gear and green makeup examined the puddle of green liquid that was once a person. He then took a vial and put a portion of the liquid into it and pricked his finger to let blood drip in the vial. The next step was to put a drop of water into the mixture, cork it, and shake it. He turned to leave when he saw a woman in a black ball gown with a skeletal motif, a black cloak, skull makeup, and black orbs for eyes. She looked at the vial, then back at the Winkie.

“Nardo will not appreciate that,” she whispered. “He needs this freedom.”

“Freedom?” scoffed the Winkie. “We were starving before the Witch came. Many of us would rather have food than freedom. Now, out of my way!”

“Even though you know my power, you still give me orders?” asked the woman. “True, it wasn’t her time, but she will not rule here again.”

“Get out of my way!” snarled the Winkie.

“Try and move me!” hissed the woman. She flicked her wrist and summoned a scythe. The woman then got into a defensive stance. The Winkie charged, with the intent to knock her down. It didn’t go so well as she used the staff part of her scythe to trip him up. The vial flew out of his hands as she spun in a circle with the scythe pointing at the ground. It opened a vortex beneath her. She remained floating above it as if she were on solid ground. The vial tumbled in as the Winkie was thrown into a wall, knocking him out. She took a book from her cloak and skimmed over it until she found what she was looking for. “A pity,” she said. She turned to the unconscious Winkie. “Looks like I’ll be back for you in ten minutes. A stress induced heart attack is a rather painful way to go, but you insisted on working yourself to death. In a way, you chose to be a slave instead of living your life to the fullest. I cannot say where you’ll go. Farewell. Your fate is sealed. Forget you ever met me. A freak portal took that vial out of your hands.”

“My lady, hold for a moment,” called a woman’s voice. The woman in black turned to see a Winkie woman in her natural yellow clothes.

“Widow Netterop,” whispered the woman. She smiled. “Good to see you.”

“So, it’s true?” asked Widow Netterop. “The Witch had secret police?”

“I’m afraid so,” confirmed the woman. “I wish it weren’t true, but she feared rebellion from both the Flying Monkeys and your people. However, it DID make her vulnerable to outside influence, as I’m sure you’ve heard.”

“Has the Emerald City been informed about this crisis going across the dimensions?” asked Netterop.

“I spoke with the Wizard of Oz himself,” whispered the woman. “He is preparing accordingly, with the resources available. I would suggest to your brother that he do the same.”

“I’ll tell him at once,” assured Netterop. “Would you like to stay for a while? My daughter is preparing Chicken Soup. She hasn’t seen you in a while, good Lady Death.” The woman, Death, considered.

“I don’t see why not,” she finally decided. “Lead the way. I’ll deal with this man in ten minutes.”

“If you don’t mind my asking,” quizzed Netterop as she led her oldest friend out of the tower, “how will he die?”

“Stress induced heart attack,” whispered Death. Netterop shut the door behind them. The click of the lock woke the Winkie. He had forgotten his encounter and realized the vial was gone. Inside the vortex, the vial cracked and shattered. The mixture then grew into a humanoid shape. It then formed a mouth and a feminine shape. It screamed from pain of the vortex winds reforming her into Elphaba Thropp, the former Wicked Witch of the West.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 6

“So, how did you get here in Oz?” I asked Haruto-san after Hiroki and I explained to everybody who he is.

“I was fighting a new Phantom that I had never seen before,” explained Haruto, “when that lunatic Rider, Hiro, decided to interfere. He killed the Phantom, leading me to believe that he was a friend. That was a mistake. He opened a portal, threw me inside while saying that I’m one less interference. Somehow, it ended in a town of little people, about half my height. I was met with a woman in a gown similar to yours, but in lightish pink, a tall silver crown, and a staff with a silver star on the end of it.”

“Must have been Glinda,” mused Emily. “In the books, she’s the Good Witch of the south while in the 1939 movie, the one that this dimension is set in, she rules the north.”

“I didn’t get her name at first,” continued Haruto, “because once I introduced myself so I could ask her questions, one has to be polite in a new land, a bunch of black boxes with red eyes and clawed fingers on tendrils started attacking.”

“That description sounds a lot like the Micro-managers from my dimension,” said Wyldstyle, “but Lord Business had taken them apart for Master Builders to use as they see fit. Heck, one of his robots in a saloon girl disguise became a Master Builder!”

“In any case,” continued Haruto, “I turned into Wizard and fought them off, helping the Munchkins rebuild their town and part of the yellow brick road, as well as their red one. Glinda helped out as well and finally introduced herself to me, calling me a good wizard. She offered to help me since I helped the Munchkins. I told her that I needed to go home and she told me of the Emerald City, the Wizard of Oz, and how to get there. That’s when the Munchkins started singing Follow the Yellow Brick Road. And now, I’ve put it back in my head!”

“Americans call it an earworm,” muttered Hiroki.

“Appropriate name for it,” murmured Haruto.

“I can think of worse earworms,” I countered. “There’s Frozen’s…” My horse then started whinnying nervously. The same was with the other horses, even Shadowfax.

“My lady,” called Gandalf, “we’re near the Haunted Woods Dame Emily spoke of. I recommend we continue on foot. The horses are too restless.”

“Good idea,” I agreed. “Dismount!” We all got off our horses and reassured them that we’ll be back. Batman got out of the Batmobile, locked it, and Wyldstyle, Hongo, and Haruto dismounted their bikes. We had to crawl under a fallen tree to enter the woods.

“I believe the castle that witch spoke of lies beyond these woods,” mused Gandalf. We traveled farther near a tree with an apple and encountered more flying monkeys. “Oh dear, more of these repulsive creatures?” We fought them off, but a monkey I sent flying knocked the apple off the tree. The tree started moving as it revealed a face and arms!

“What do you think you’re doing!” snapped the tree. “Oh, you!” He started hurling things at us! Gandalf cast a barrier to protect us.

“I’ve never heard of an Ent that acted and spoke in such terrible ways!” he cried.

“That thing is no Ent, it’s a menace!” countered Emily. “We need to get it out of here!” It was then I heard someone’s stomach growl. I turned to Lukas.

“That wasn’t mine!” he argued. “Herr Haruto used a donut ring, remember? I already had food!”

“That’s right,” confirmed Hiroki. “You were the only one to refuse a plain sugar donut! It’s your stomach that growled!”

“Not true!” I protested. A louder growl came through. We all realized it was everyone’s stomachs. “Oh, for God’s sakes!” I shouted to my stomach. “We’re on a journey to save the multiverse! What do you want?!” My stomach growled louder. “Oh, complain, complain, complain! That’s all you do!”

“Your highness,” called Emily, “I have an idea.” Her voice got louder. “We’ll just find another, more respectable tree, without apples like his!”

“Are you hinting my apples aren’t what they ought to be?!” shouted the tree.

“Oh no!” countered Emily. “We just don’t want little green worms!” That got the tree mad as he started plucking the apples off of his branches and started throwing them instead of the debris in the forest. I then got the idea.

“You call that a throwing arm?!” I shouted. “Come on! My grandma throws harder than that!” That wasn’t an empty taunt. My adopted grandmother’s throwing arm is scary strong! That made the tree madder and he started throwing twice as fast. It went from taunt to throw to taunt to throw that even Batman started joining it. Soon the tree went back to throwing debris. “Haruto-san, do you have a spell that can get rid of the tree?” I asked.

“As a matter of fact, I do!” he cheered. He then put a ring on with an axe design and waved it over the hand shaped belt buckle, the Hand Author.

“Chop, please!” announced the Hand Author’s voice as it summoned a giant axe, scaring the tree into running away.

“Okay, you can…” my request came too little, too late as the axe chopped down the other trees, blocking our path, “…get rid of the axe.” I finished lamely.

“Gomen’nasai!” (I’m sorry!) gulped Haruto.

“Can’t be helped,” replied Gandalf. “In any case, I believe we have something to tide us over.”

“Apple break, everyone,” I announced. “We’ll clear the debris later.” Us dress wearers held our topmost skirts for the apples to rest while the rest gathered them up. Once all apples were retrieved, we put them in a pile and started munching. We had a 10-minute break and finished them off in that time frame. We tossed the cores into the bushes and approached the debris. Haruto used a levitation spell ring to clear it.

“My Lady, the way is clear,” he called.

“Haruto-san, you are too kind,” I replied as I curtsied. We proceeded to another clearing which had another roadblock of rocks.

“Your Highness,” requested Emmanuel, “permettez-moi.” He then started hurling the rocks out of the way. Say what you want about him and his clothing preferences, but Emmanuel is very strong.

“Merci!” I thanked. The others were impressed.

“Ah, yeah!” cheered Wyldstyle. “Now that was cool!”

“Maybe,” replied Emmanuel, “but the bridge to the castle is out on the other end.”

“Drat,” I hissed. “Is there any indication of a grappling hook?”

“I’m afraid not,” reported Emmanuel.

“What about the debris?” asked Gandalf. “We could use it to repair the bridge.”

“That would take too long,” I countered.

“Not as long as you have magic,” replied Haruto. I turned to him.

“You think you guys can build a bridge?” I asked.

“If we have at least three more magic using folk,” replied Gandalf.

“All right,” I cheered. “Richard, use Gandalf Steel and help Haruto and Gandalf lift the debris to form the new bridge part. Hiroki, Wizard Steel with me. We’ll go into flame style and solidify the debris so it can support our weight. Haruto, what ring would accomplish that?”

“A ring called meld works best,” explained Haruto. “Before you ask to borrow that ring, I’d like to point out that during our fight on the yellow brick road, your ‘Wizard Steel’ had the same ring loops as mine. The meld ring was on there. It has a design of metal shards forming a river.”

“Thank you,” I replied. That makes the job a lot easier. Hiroki, Richard, and I struck our henshin poses.

“HENSHIN!” we announced. Our armor formed and almost immediately, we swapped out our i.d tags for the magic ones.

“Gandalf Steel!” called Richard’s belt. While the wardrobe dissolved, Hiroki and I chose the flame style.

“Wizard Flame Steel!” announced our belts. “Flame, please! Hi! Hi! Hi, hi, HI!” Our flame style armor appeared and we got our rings on.

“Everyone in position?” I asked. Everyone confirmed. “Let’s do it!”

“Levitate, please!” called Haruto’s Hand Author as he, Gandalf, and Richard brought the debris to the destroyed section of bridge and formed the shape. Hiroki and I mimed flipping the levers on a WizarDriver and heard the chant of “Lupachi magic, touch to go!” We scanned the meld ring.

“Meld, please!” announced our belts as a wave of heat washed over the debris to make a solid patch for the bridge. Batman looked at the castle.

“A gigantic castle for just one person?” he mused. A grin formed on his face. “I’m beginning to like this witch!”

“You’re not gonna try and upgrade your base into a castle, are you?” asked Xiomara.

“Hmm,” pondered Batman. “The Bat-Castle has a nice ring to it.”

“And when the people of Gotham mistake you for a vampire?” asked Xiomara. I never thought anything of the “spooky” persuasion would make the Dark Knight shudder, but apparently, vampires do.

“Don’t remind me!” he shuddered. “I’ve met some guys that dressed like vampires wanting to suck my blood with special syphons around the canines! Forget it, no Bat-Castle!”

“Oh boy,” gulped Emily as Richard, Hiroki, and I cancelled our transformations.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“We’ve got Winkies patrolling the castle!” reported Emily. The Winkies in this dimension were green-skinned like the Witch and wore gray outfits with orange designs, signifying rank, most likely, and black boots. They all carried halberds and chanted “Oh-Ee-Yah, Ee-Yo-Ah!” to keep the rhythm of their march. A patrol was marching into the castle.

“Crud,” I swore. “With the Witch in possession of a gateway piece of unknown power, she probably doubled the guard!”

“Then why don’t we walk in there?” asked Haruto.

“Are you out of your tiny little mind?!” I yelped.

“Well, there is a disguise ring,” explained Haruto.

“That’s right,” exclaimed Hiroki, “the Dress-Up ring!”

“The what?!” asked Wyldstyle.

“Haruto can go in disguise if a mission against a Phantom needs stealth,” I explained. “But, the question is, can it work on all of us?”

“I don’t know,” mused Haruto as he put on a ring with the design looking like a dragon with a bow tie on. “Let’s find out.” He then waved it over the Hand Author.

“Dress-Up, please!” announced the Hand Author. Haruto then stuck his arm out and runic circles passed over us, putting us in Winkie outfits. It also gave us the skin color of the Winkies. Batman blinked at the outfit.

“I look ridiculous!” he hissed.

“Just go along with it!” I whispered back. “Emily, since your our resident expert on all things Oz, you lead us in.”

“Follow my lead, everyone!” called Emily. We got into two lines, with Emily leading in between. She set the marching rhythm and started chanting “Oh-Ee-Yah, Ee-Yo-Ah!” We soon followed suit and marched right up to the drawbridge with the portcullis already lowered. The Captain of the Guard stopped us.

“I don’t recall a patrol in that formation!” he barked. He turned to Emily. “What sector were you patrolling?”

“Sector 21, sir!” answered Emily.

“The Western Border, I see,” mused the Captain. “Anything to report?”

“A cantankerous apple tree started hurling objects at us,” reported Emily. “We got rid of it.”

“How did an Eastern Talking Tree wander in here?” asked the Captain to himself. He shook his head. “In any case, anything else to report?”

“No, sir,” replied Emily. “Nothing out of the ordinary.”

“Right,” finished the Captain, “Off you…” he was interrupted by another group of Winkies coming up the path. “Wait your turn!” barked the Captain. “I need to clear the patrol for Sector 21 here!”

“That’s us, sir,” said the head of that patrol. Uh oh! The Captain arched an eyebrow.

“That’s impossible,” he snapped “These soldiers are the patrol for Sector 21!”

“No, sir, we are!” argued the Patrol Commander.

“Sir,” called one of the Guard Captain’s immediate subordinates, “permission to point out some observations?”

“Permission granted,” replied the Captain.

“First, sir, you will recall that our women are being admitted into the army?” asked the subordinate.

“Right,” confirmed the Captain.

“Well, sir,” elaborated the subordinate, “didn’t our master say that they will be part of the army next week?” Uh oh times two!

“Hey,” realized the Captain, “yeah, you’re right!”

“Second, sir,” continued the subordinate, “article 9, section 2, paragraph 3 states that all soldiers must be well groomed, subsection 4 states that beards are not allowed!” He pointed to Gandalf, Mikhail, and Richard. Uh oh times three! “Third, sir,” continued the subordinate, “that bridge wasn’t repaired until a few minutes before they arrived! My conclusion…”

“YOU LOT ARE THE IMPOSTERS!” roared the Captain. The disguise was cancelled. “SOUND THE ALARM! RAISE THE DRAWBRIDGE! GET THESE INTRUDERS IN CHAINS!” ordered the Captain.

“Well, time to go in Marine style!” called Richard.

“Marine style?” asked Hongo and Haruto.

“We’re fighting our way through!” I translated as I got my i.d tag.

“Now THAT I can get behind,” cheered Tonje.

“Driver on, please!” announced the Hand Author as it turned into the WizarDriver. Haruto then flipped the levers and the familiar chant of “Shabadoobie, touch to henshin!” started playing.

“Rider…” began Hongo. Haruto took out the flame style ring.

“HENSHIN!” we all shouted.

“Flame, please! Hi! Hi! Hi, hi, HI!” sang the WizarDriver. Soon, all riders were in their suits and we started fighting off the Winkies. Arch tossed one into the moat. Insert Wilhelm scream here. Our weapons knocked down a bunch and Ichigō used his own fighting style to get rid of them. “Excite, please!” announced the WizarDriver. Wizard then grew to gigantic proportions to kick the Winkies away. The enemy was gone, but the problem of the drawbridge remained.

“There should be some outdoor controls,” called Batman.

“I see them in that guard house,” replied Kämpfer. “Batman, help me out. The rest of you, clear off. Let the techs work.”

“I hope the Wicked Witch isn’t expecting house guests,” gulped Wyldstyle.

“Considering we did raise a ruckus and knock over all the soldiers,” countered Tanisha, “the possibility of a ‘warm’ reception is very high.” The sound of chains snapping made a red light go off in my head.

“Back away!” I shouted. Everyone was clear when the drawbridge went down. The portcullis was still down, but there was a mechanism that a batarang could spin. Batman tossed one and the portcullis went up. We charged inside to see the Witch above us.

“So, you made it inside, did you?” she screeched. “Well, I hope you like it here, because I’m going to make sure you never leave!” She cackled as she fled to her tower room. The door with a flying monkey design closed behind her.

“Uh oh,” gulped Wyldstyle, “I thought things were going a little too well.” We fought off some more Winkies and headed to the wooden stairs with a candelabra on top. A flying monkey flew in and knocked it over, setting it on fire. It revealed part of a wall jump panel and a box hidden underneath. “Time to think outside the box,” chuckled Wyldstyle as her relic detector found a grappling hook. Kamen Riders Clash and Swing, Livia and Tonje respectively, activated Batman Steel and together with Batman, they pulled the box apart. The box contained panels to complete wall jumping. Once they were set up, Kamen Rider Zhànshì, Haitao, and Kamen Rider Battle, Michael, activated Wyldstyle steel and wall jumped up to the top level. A couple of Winkies swung their halberds but were no match for two of my 15 best friends. Once they were finished with the guards, Battle and Zhànshì let down a rope to let the rest of us up. When he got up, Gandalf magically picked the lock on the door to open it up. Once opened, we went up the stairs to the Witch’s tower, opened the door, and poked our heads inside. We then cautiously stepped inside to see the gateway piece.

“Maybe she’s not here,” whispered Wizard.

“That, or she’s hiding,” countered Batman. Sadly, the Dark Knight was right.

“So,” screeched the Witch, “you’ve come to steal my treasure, have you?” She then held the piece in her hands. It started glowing and made three portals in the air. One was cyan, one was magenta, and one was yellow. “Shift! Witch! Yellow!” said the Witch. Another yellow portal opened beneath her and she was sucked in. She ended up coming out of the yellow portal in the air. “And you think you’ll escape with it, do you?” she said to us. “You won’t even escape with your lives!” She cackled as usual.

“Why can’t you two do that kind of magic?” Batman asked Gandalf and Wizard. Gandalf harrumphed at that comment.

“That kind of magic is beyond what I’m capable of,” argued Wizard. “Besides, what she’s doing is not really magic.”

“Exactly!” supported Gandalf. “All she’s doing is moving faster than the eye can follow!”

“Then let’s find a way to stop her!” exclaimed Wyldstyle.

“Go ahead and try!” shrieked the Witch. “You can’t steal my new toy from me! I’m the only one who knows how to use it! It’s of no use to you! What are you people, anyway?”

“Steal?” asked Ichigō.

“We are no mere burglars,” argued Gandalf. “Although, I do happen to know a rather good one.”

“As for who we are,” began Outback, “Kamen Rider Outback! Better watch your back, mate!”

“Kamen Rider Claw! My weapons shall turn you into ribbons!”

“Kamen Rider Swing! I’ll be taking your legs!”

“Kamen Rider Hunt! I shall always get my prey!”

“Kamen Rider Clash! A duel with me shall end in your defeat!”

“Kamen Rider Climb! Mountains are a warrior’s best friend!”

“Kamen Rider Gallop! My riding skills are unmatched!”

“Kamen Rider Sengoku! You shall get a taste of Feudal Japan!”

“Kamen Rider Royal! Evil will ultimately bow to me!”

“Kamen Rider Guard! None shall harm my friends, family, and lady!”

“Kamen Rider Touché! En Garde, thing of evil!”

“Kamen Rider Zhànshì! Try and stop my quest!”

“Kamen Rider Arch! My skills outdo Robin Hood!”

“Kamen Rider Kämpfer! Your defeat will be certain at my hands!”

“Kamen Rider Seeker! It’s not gold I seek, but your end!”

“Kamen Rider Battle! For friends and family, I shall be victorious!”

“Kamen Rider Wizard! Saa, showtime da!”

“Erm, I am Gandalf the Gray!” stammered Gandalf, as he was unused to saying a catchphrase, “I shall weave a spell of defeat over you!”

“…I’m Wyldstyle! And I am not a DJ!” Wyldstyle figured she’d get that out of the way, not that the Witch would know what a DJ is.

“I’m Batman! The Dark Knight rises!” Really? Going with a movie title? Not that you’d know about that.

“Time to go the Heisei route,” muttered Ichigō. “I am the start of a group of warriors! I am Kamen Rider!” He then struck his starting Henshin pose, his red scarf flapping in the breeze.

“You’ll be called corpses when I’m through with you!” shrieked the Witch.

“Guys,” called Sengoku, “I have a plan.” We huddled up so she couldn’t hear us. “Emily, old Greenie over there hates water, right?”

“Right,” confirmed Touché, “in the book, she was so wicked, all the liquid in her body had dried up.”

“Well, first, we need to find a way to close those portals,” planned Sengoku. “I’m going to need some cages and chains to hold them in the air.”

“They’re all over the room,” observed Batman.

“My bind ring should hold them,” supplied Wizard.

“Excellent!” cheered Sengoku. “All we need to do is taunt her so she gets down. When that’s done, I want a Master Build of a hydro cannon connected to Wizard’s WizarSwordGun in gun mode. For the Finale, I’ll need a water shooting strike with Batman and Gandalf aiming the cannon’s barrel at the Witch.”

“What do you want the rest of us to do?” asked Arch.

“The Witch will make her soldiers fight us,” explained Sengoku. “We’ll hold them off.”

“I’ll be taunting her,” cheered Touché.

“Then we have a plan!” I exclaimed. “Minna, ikōyo!” (Everyone, let’s go!) Touché, Wizard, and Guard started hurling insults while Batman, Wyldstyle, and Gandalf gathered bars for cages and the rest of us kept the monkeys and Winkies at bay.

“Stay in the red mist, that’s just fine!” began the Witch. “Your thoughts, your moves, your…”

“RIDER KICK!” shouted Ichigō as he leapt up into the air, pulled his left leg up, stuck his right leg straight out, and kicked her off her broom.

“All right, mister!” snarled the Witch. “You’ll pay for that! The form I see shall seal your fate! Let the man’s armor be my new shape!” Green fire surrounded her and formed some sort of suit. Once the flames died down, the suit turned out to be like Ichigō’s, but it was black with a point on the helmet, green eyes, and a green mouth cover. She then started delivering punches with the same power as Ichigō.

“Bind, please!” announced the WizarDriver as the cages were finished. One of them had a Flying Monkey, but we got rid of it. The cages were raised.

“Sheesh!” I taunted. “You’re too slow, Witchy-poo!”

“I’ll show you slow!” snapped the Witch. “Shift! Witch! Cyan!” She found herself in a cage. “What the? Shift! Witch! Magenta!” Another cage. “Shift! Witch! Yellow!” Another cage. “Shift! Witch! Magenta!” Back in the cage. She started shaking it until it dropped on the crystal ball. “Curses! CURSES! My crystal ball! My new powers are…gone! GONE!!”

“I think I’ve got an idea to keep her preoccupied,” called Wyldstyle. “Seeker, Battle, time to get building!”

“Arch, Guard!” I ordered. “With me!” The three of us leapt into the air with both feet in front of us. “RIDER ROYAL KICK!” I shouted.

“RIDER GUARD KICK!” announced Guard.

“RIDER ARCH KICK!” called Arch. Our kicks threw her for a loop while Wyldstyle, Seeker, and Battle finished the pump. I grabbed her shoulder and got her i.d tag.

“Time to change styles!” exclaimed Wizard. He flipped the levers on his belt, making it chant again. This time, he scanned a ring that had the visor of the flame style ring, but it had a diamond shaped sapphire instead of a ruby.

“Water, please!” announced the WizarDriver. “Sui-Sui, Sui-Sui!” The chant almost sounded like Beach Boys music. A blue runic circle came down over his head to his boots, changing the outfit from red to blue, even changing the jewel shapes on his coat and giving his helmet a point at the top of the eyes. He tossed Wyldstyle, Seeker, and Battle his WizarSwordGun and helped them complete the Hydro Cannon. The Witch was still dazed from three simultaneous flying kicks, so Batman and Gandalf adjusted the cannon while Wizard pulled the thumb on the hand to open it. It started chanting “Come on and shoot! Shake hands! Come on and shoot! Shake hands!”

“The finale!” called Wizard as he scanned the water style ring.

“Water, shooting strike!” announced the fancy gun/sword hybrid. “Sui, sui, sui! Sui, sui, sui!” He pulled the trigger and unleashed a torrent of water on the Witch. Once over, she gave us a mad look as she shrieked in fear.

“YOU CURSED BRAT!” she shouted.

“Bat,” countered Batman. I think you guys know who said this part.

“I’m melting! MELTING! Oh, what a world, what a world! Make sure to cancel my newspaper delivery!” I will admit, asking to cancel your newspaper delivery as your final words shows remarkable foresight on your part, but it’s still a weird choice of last words. The Wicked Witch of the West had melted away and all that was left of her existence were her clothes, hat, and broomstick. Arch poked the remains with his foot to check if she was alive. After confirming her death, we cancelled our transformations. Haruto released a sigh of relief.

“I’ve never been in my suit that long,” he panted.

“Starts to smell after a while,” I agree.

“Speaking of smell,” quizzed Gandalf, “how do you suppose she ever took a bath?” Wyldstyle sniffed the air.

“Maybe that isn’t monkeys we can smell?” she guessed.

“Phew!” exclaimed Michael as he sniffed. “And I thought the French smell bad!”

“Pardon?!” hissed Emmanuel. Thankfully, a bubble floated in before there was another British and French war. It dissolved to reveal Glinda in all her pink and silver wearing glory.

“Well!” she called. “I see that there are quite a few good witches and wizards here!”

“Lady Glinda!” yelped Emily as she got on one knee. We all did the same.

“No need for that,” assured Glinda. “You’re all heroes. It is I who should be kneeling to you.” That was when Winkies and Flying monkeys burst into the tower and saw the remains of their former master.

“She’s…she’s dead!” exclaimed the Winkie leader. “You killed her!”

“Who are you?” asked the Monkey Chieftain. I realized that we don’t have a group name…until now.

“We’re called the Vortex Riders and…” I was about to apologize, for all the good it’ll do, when the Winkie leader knelt down.

“Hail to the Vortex Riders! The Wicked Witch is dead!” he announced. The rest of the Winkies and Monkeys genuflected and repeated the Winkie leader’s words. Well, most did, but those that got down didn’t see.

“Erm, thank you,” I stammered. I wasn’t sure how to respond to this situation. When one of the F.N.S kneels, he or she is playing the role of a reigning monarch’s subject. It’s just an act for us that we enjoy to the point of hamming it up. These are people that live such a life 24/7. I’m not an actual princess, but they don’t know that.

“Please, let us help you!” pleaded the Winkie leader. “What do you wish?” Great, a reward.

“Er, if it’s all right,” I said, “I would like to know your history with the Witch, as well as other past political dealings. In exchange, we shall give you the history of our native dimensions.”

“Hold on!” yelped Hongo. “What are you trying to do?!”

“Megumi, we can’t just open political discussion with people from other dimensions!” shouted Hiroki.

“I have to agree with your brother, my lady!” affirmed Emmanuel.

“But Dorothy didn’t complete her journey!” argued Glinda. “She was kidnapped before she reached the Emerald City! This whole journey was to show how her actions and decisions affect everyone! You must help us get her back!”


“Do we really have a choice at this point?” I asked. My question was directed to everyone. There was silence for a moment. I knew they were trying to figure out a good counterargument before I made my decision final. Time to act now. “Look, I get that there’s a non-interference clause in the multiverse somewhere, but in this time of crisis, we need all the help we can get. With people helping us in their native dimension, we can at least stabilize the mess. Imagine what all dimensions could do if we all assisted each other in a time of crisis.”

“She’s right,” mused Emily.

“Are you out of your tiny little mind, Em?” exclaimed Richard.

“Damage to this dimension has already been done,” said Emily. “We weren’t supposed to kill the Witch, Dorothy was. Even then, it’s by an accident when she puts out the Scarecrow.”

“Good thing I got her i.d tag,” I mused. “We can use her power to our advantage.”

“That power is best in your hands,” agreed the Winkie leader as he rubbed his face. Many more did the same. Apparently, the green skin tone was nothing more than makeup as human skin tones appeared on most of the faces. “Once we have established treaties with the Gillikins, the Munchkins, and the Quadlings, we shall aid you in your cause!” said the leader.

“Munchkins, I’ve heard of,” muttered Richard, “but Gillikins and Quadlings?”

“The Quadlings are my people,” explained Glinda. “My friend, Locasta Tattypoo, is the real Good Witch of the North and rules the native Gillikins.”

“Then why did you rule the North as well?” asked Emily.

“Because Locasta had to deal with her Wicked predecessor, Mombi, again,” Glinda explained. “She asked me to rule the North in her stead while she dealt with Mombi permanently. She’s back in the North while I must return to the South.” She turned to the Winkie leader. “Good Sir Nardo,” she said, calling him by his name, “I would be delighted to help you rebuild the Western Country. It shall shine yellow once again!”

“My thanks, Glinda!” cheered Nardo. “And Vortex Riders, when next we meet, the Western Country shall be in its former glory!”

“I look forward to it,” I affirmed. Then a certain oddity I became used to happened.

“Another rift!” called Wyldstyle.

“Before you go,” announced Glinda, “take these as a reward.” She handed us some small discs of different colors, gold, silver, blue, and purple. “The total should be 125,000 studs.”

“Er, thank you?” I stammered, uncertain of their use.


“Batman!” called Gandalf as he pointed to the gateway piece. It was being sucked in!

“On it!” exclaimed Batman. He used his grapple gun to snag the gateway piece and pull it towards us. The portal’s size started fluctuating.

“I believe the rift is becoming unstable!” observed Gandalf. “Shall we take our leave through it?”

“I’m coming with you guys until I find a way home!” called Haruto.

“Where do you think this one leads?” asked Wyldstyle.

“Wherever it is, it’s gotta be better than this garish nightmare!” muttered Batman. “Come on!” We all jumped into the portal and found our vehicles floating there as well. We tumbled towards our new destination.

Kamen Rider Vortex Kamen Rider Vortex Chapters

Chapter 5

Our destination was a bright, sunny place with a yellow road leading to a green city. It seemed familiar, but I couldn’t place my finger on it. “We are NOT in Gotham anymore,” muttered Batman.

“I would have had a more pleasant journey on the back of that Balrog,” commented Gandalf as he checked Shadowfax’s hooves since he landed hoof first on the road. Hongo took a deep breath and smiled.

“The air reminds me of the countryside I would sometimes pass,” he sighed in peace. “What’s disagreeable about this place?”

“It’s so…colorful!” hissed Batman as he tensed up.

“Yes,” mused Gandalf as a peacock strutted by, “it is rather pleasant.” The peacock gave a squawk of approval. Wyldstyle was looking at her scanner.

“I can’t see MetalBeard,” she sighed.

“Well, something’s close,” replied Emmanuel. “You’re still tracking that signal.”

“This way,” called Batman. He was about to go off the path when Gandalf stopped him.

“I believe the correct course of action is to follow the yellow brick road,” he commented.

“Why does that sound so familiar?” asked Emily. “In any case, it may lead to a missing gateway piece.”

“Ah ah ah!” called a voice that made me snarl. “That’s not for you!”

“Hiro!” I hissed. The tiny sliver of hope I had that I was wrong vanished when I saw him.

“Interesting that we should find ourselves here,” mused Hiro.

“Whatever business you have does not concern this dimension!” I hissed. “Leave at once!”

“Actually, it does,” countered Hiro. “My client had detected an energy signature that he recognized in this dimension. Considering he’s paying me for my jobs, I’m not leaving.”

“And suppose someone gets in your way?” asked Mikhail. Hiro started laughing.

“Who’s going to get in my way? You?” he asked. “Don’t be stupid. Megumi may be the strongest out of you lot, but she couldn’t withstand my assault!”

“You cheated!” snarled Richard.

“I didn’t see any wrestling ring ropes back home,” replied Hiro.

“Back home?” I quizzed. “You mean Hongo-san’s home dimension?”

“And my native dimension,” elaborated Hiro. “I’ve had the Rogue Driver for some time.”

“It’s how that organization got the idea for a transformation belt,” supplied the Rogue Driver. “What was its name…er…Seeker? Soaker? …er…”

“Shocker?!” shouted Hongo.

“That’s it!” confirmed the Rogue Driver.


“Considering that the Queen ain’t here to enforce it anymore,” countered the Rogue Driver, “I see no reason why I should care.” Hiro then shot a carriage at the side of the road, blocking the path.

“Catch you later!” called Hiro as he jumped over the carriage.

“COME BACK HERE, YOU COWARD!” No sooner had I shouted that, I heard Hiro hit the other side of the carriage.

“WHAT’S THE…BIG…IDEA!” he shouted in a voice that was rapidly getting slower.

“Apologies,” rasped a voice that didn’t mean the apology, “but I’ve been plucked from my universe and dumped here in this absurd wonderland. On top of that, you…landed on…my…head! …That’s a…declaration of…war…” I then heard two thuds.

“It…can’t be!” I stammered, a grin forming on my face as I recognized the voice.

“We’ll need to find a way past this roadblock,” rasped Batman. “Let’s look around.”

“The carriage seems to stretch past both sides,” Gandalf pointed out.

“There is the old brute force method,” mused Richard.

“I think I see a hook for the grapple gun,” I called. “Batman, mind helping me attach it to the carriage? It looks like a two-person job.”

“Sure,” affirmed Batman. It was indeed a two-person job as Batman held the hook into place while I attached it to the fabric of the carriage. Once it was attached, I struck my henshin pose.

“HENSHIN!” I announced and activated my suit. Then I swapped my i.d tag with the Batman one. The wardrobe closed on me.

“Batman Steel!” called my belt. Once that was done, the wardrobe dissolved as I had donned the cowl. Batman and I then fired our grapple guns and pulled until the carriage split apart. It revealed Hiro lying on a bed of poppies with Prince Vegeta of Dragonball Z fame! I squeed, then zipped the lip as it might wake the Saiyan Prince. Not a single person in the poppies stirred.

“Okay,” gulped Wyldstyle, “so I’m guessing those are NOT normal poppies. Do we have anything that will help us cross safely?”

“Driver,” I quizzed my belt as I switched to my default i.d tag and allowed the wardrobe to don the “royal steel”, as it was called, on my body-suit, “do our rider forms have a means of breathing?”


“My helmet also lets me breath in air that’s not suitable for normal humans,” replied Hongo, “and the horses for the Vortex Riders are machines, so they don’t need to worry, but that leaves Gandalf-san and his horse, Batman-san, and Wyldstyle-san.”

“Actually,” countered Wyldstyle, “with the parts from the carriage, I can upgrade my bike to help the horse.” Shadowfax seemed to agree wholeheartedly with that idea.

“You can ride with me, Gandalf,” offered Batman as he entered the Batmobile. Gandalf then boarded the vehicle while Wyldstyle upgraded the bike to allow Shadowfax to ride, the rest of the Vortex Riders transformed. We all got on our respective steeds, Shadowfax entered the new bike, Batman activated the Batmobile and we all moved around the sleeping Prince Vegeta and Hiro. We soon got away from the deadly poppy field. Gandalf and Batman got out of the Batmobile.

“I think this contraption,” mused the gray wizard as he patted the Batmobile, “could almost give Shadowfax a run for his money.” Shadowfax heard that and snorted in offense. Then, we heard something ahead of us.

“Is that…singing?” asked Wyldstyle. The lyrics sounded familiar. Emily’s eyes went wide in delight when she heard it.

We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz!

We hear he is a whiz of a wiz, if ever a wiz there was!

If ever, or whether a wiz there was, the Wizard of Oz is one,

Because, because, because, because, because, because,

Because of the wonderful things he does!”

“IT’S OZ!” shouted Emily. “WE’RE IN THE MERRY OLD LAND OF OZ!”

“And everyone can give me the idiot prize!” I berated myself. Emily had played The Wizard of Oz until she scratched the DVD back at the abandoned factory, which I lovingly christened Castle Nerd-Skull.

“Then Dorothy and her friends must be singing their way to the Emerald City!” guessed Richard.

“It’s not just singing,” mused Gandalf, “it’s a singing scarecrow, amongst other oddities.”

“The Scarecrow!” snarled Batman. “I knew it! This is all a hallucination!” He charged towards Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion.

“I think he’s going crazy,” observed Wyldstyle.

“‘Going’, my dear?” asked Gandalf. “He’s wearing a bat costume.”

“You guys don’t understand,” explained Xiomara, “there’s a member of Batman’s Rogues Gallery called the Scarecrow that uses gas to commit his crimes. The gas targets your phobia and makes you suffer hallucinations based around that phobia.”

“So, if I breathed the fear gas, I’d start seeing spiders crawling all over me and freak out?” asked Mikhail.

“Exactly!” confirmed Xiomara.

“But the Scarecrow from Oz really is a scarecrow!” yelped Emily.

“He’s having the same kind of misunderstanding I had!” realized Hongo.

“After him!” I called. I say that a lot, don’t I? Batman was moving from hiding place to hiding place very quickly until he stopped in front of Dorothy’s gang.

“You’re coming with me, Scarecrow!” he hissed!

“Another one to join us on our journey!” cheered Dorothy. “And what are you missing?”

“A sense of humor,” replied Batman. “Hand him over!”

“But why ever would we do that?” asked Dorothy.

“Because he’s a heartless villain!” explained Batman, losing patience.

“No,” countered the Tin Man, “I’m heartless. He’s brainless.”

“Batman!” called Xiomara as we caught up. “That’s not a person making it move! It’s just straw!”

“What?” yelped Batman. “Then how is he moving?”

“I don’t know,” replied Xiomara, “but that’s not Dr. Jonathan Crane! That’s a real scarecrow!”

“Am I still a villain, though?” asked the Scarecrow.

“I s-s-see something s-s-scary!” stammered the Cowardly Lion as he pointed to the portal behind them.

“What? Is it Toto again?” asked the Tin Man in a callous tone. Wait, what?!

“Oh my!” cried Dorothy. “You ARE heartless!” That’s when they started getting sucked into the portal. “Oh no! Not another tornado!” The portal then closed once they were inside. A faint bit of laughter could be heard.

“What on Middle-Earth is going on?!” yelped Gandalf.

“Yeah, who was that laughing?” asked Wyldstyle.

“I don’t…know!” hissed Batman, his patience for this whole mess at an end.

“Emily,” asked Richard, “was the Tin Man always a jerk before he got a heart?”

“No, he was still kind before he met the wizard,” replied Emily.

“Look!” called Wyldstyle as she pointed down the yellow brick road. “Is that one of the missing pieces from the gateway?” It was a purple oval with a symbol of three circles in an upside-down triangle pattern. The points started from cyan, to yellow, to magenta with arrows pointing in the direction I had described.

“Yes,” confirmed Batman. “Let’s grab it and get out of this place!”

“What about Vegeta?” I asked.

“Who?” quizzed Batman.

“The man with the pointy hair asleep with Hiro in the poppies back there!” I explained.

“Do we need him?” asked Batman.

“No, but I do,” said a voice. We all turned to see a cat-like humanoid with purple skin, no fur, and Egyptianesque clothing. His tail flicked lazily. “I see someone reactivated the gateway,” observed the creature. I trembled a bit but held it in check.

“Er, can someone explain who he is and why he knows the guy in the poppies?” asked Emmanuel.

“That’s Lord Beerus,” I gulped, “God of Destruction in the Dragon Ball franchise.”

“And I am honored to meet you!” called Emmanuel, getting the scope of the guy. He knelt down in front of Beerus.

“Oh, please, get up!” hissed Beerus. “I can’t stand groveling.” I wanted to argue the point as various episodes had him act indifferent to groveling, even slightly enjoying it, but who argues with a god of destruction? “In any case, I’m taking Vegeta back with me. He’s got training to do and gallivanting across the multiverse is the last thing he needs.”

“A tournament’s coming up?” I asked.

“As a matter of fact, yes,” confirmed Beerus. He headed over to the poppies “In any case, I’ll just take Vegeta here and be on my way.”

“Er, Lord Beerus!” I called as he entered the poppies. Oddly enough, he wasn’t affected as he picked up Vegeta.

“You were about to say something?” asked Beerus as he slung Vegeta over his shoulder.

“Er…never mind,” I murmured. Beerus shrugged and turned to leave before he tripped over Hiro. He then angrily kicked him out of the poppies and disappeared. I wish he hadn’t done that, but them’s the breaks. He then left in his own manner as Hiro woke up.

“Oooogh,” he groaned. “What hit me?” He looked around to see that we were strategically walking away from him. Unknown to us, he followed.

“We’re almost there!” called Gandalf as the gateway piece came closer with each step we took. “Goodness, this has been remarkably easy, hasn’t it?”

“Oh, you just had to jinx it, didn’t you?!” hissed Batman.

“I can’t believe a wizard would ever say that!” cried Lukas. That was when we heard an evil cackle.

“And the Wicked Witch of the West decides to buzz us!” hissed Emily. The Wicked Witch was indeed flying overhead on her broom, green skin, black clothing, hat and flying monkeys completing her look.

“Now that the meddling do-gooder is gone, all of Oz is mine!” cackled the Witch. “So long, Dorothy! So long!” One of the monkeys ooked, tapped her on the shoulder, and pointed at the gateway piece. The Witch got a look at the thing. “What’s that? Something magical?” A grin as wicked as her attitude appeared on her face. “It looks so pretty! It feels so powerful!” She turned to the flying monkeys. “They can’t have it!” she ordered. The monkeys got into formation and dived with her in front.

“It would appear we’re not the only ones interested in the gateway pieces,” observed Gandalf.

“GRAB IT!” I shouted as I mounted my horse. The rest of us got on our horses/vehicles and charged at the gateway piece.

“No!” called Hiro from behind us. “No, it’s mine!” He summoned a demonic looking motorcycle and sped off after us.

“Get away from my property!” ordered the Witch. “…Whatever it is!” Some monkeys almost scalped us with a sweeping dive!

“We’ve got monkey dive-bombers!” warned Batman. “…Can’t believe I just said that.”

“Ugh,” groaned Wyldstyle. “This place makes Cloud Cuckoo Land look normal!” Hiro then used a mechanism in his bike’s seat and launched himself at the Witch, knocking her off the broom. I sped towards the gateway piece and leaned to grab it when Hiro shot my rear and knocked me off my horse! The Witch then threw Hiro into me and ran for the piece while I grabbed Hiro by the legs and used him as a club to knock her away.

“So,” said the Witch as she summoned an ugly looking green fireball, “you won’t take a warning, eh? I’ll take care of you now!” She then cackled wildly as she trapped us all in a ring of green flames. I then heard a yelp as a man in casual clothes run out of the flames slapping his rear to put it out. I was too busy fighting the Witch and Hiro to give the man much thought. I then got out the i.d tag and struck a pose.

“HENSHIN!” I announced. I then leapt through the blue circle and became Kamen Rider Royal. “Kamen Rider Royal!” I said. “Evil will ultimately bow to me!”

“We’ll see about that!” countered the Witch. She got back on her broomstick and took to the air to cast more ugly green fireballs!

“That broomstick of hers,” observed Wyldstyle, “it’s defying gravity somehow!”

“Thank you, Captain Obvious!” called Irina. The man that had his rear on fire had put it out and grinned.

“Magic against magic,” he chuckled. “This should be fun.” He then put a ring on his right middle finger with a hand design on it and held it in front of his belt buckle with a hand design like the ring.

“Driver on, please!” announced a voice. That’s when everybody payed attention to the man as a silver belt with a black hand with gold trim appeared around his waist. He then flipped some switches on both sides of the belt, making the hand move from the right to the left. The belt started singing, of all things. “Shabadoobie, touch to henshin! Shabadoobie, touch to henshin!” The man put a ring on his left middle finger. It had a smooth cut, round ruby in the center with some sort visor on top that was connected to a hinge.

“Henshin!” announced the man as he flipped the visor on the ring over the ruby, giving it eyes. He then held the ring over the belt.

“Flame, please!” called the belt. A red runic circle appeared on the man’s left side and passed through him. “Hi! Hi! Hi, hi, HI!” (Pronounced “he”, not “high”) He ended up in a black suit with a black trench coat, silver shoulder pads, square cut rubies running down the front of the coat, a red interior of the coat, and a silver helmet with a ruby on the face with the ring’s visor design on the face. I had only seen one Kamen Rider series from start to finish, and that’s the rider!

“Saa, showtime da!” (Now, it’s showtime!) announced the rider.

“Kamen Rider Wizard!” I cheered. The Witch blinked, then an evil grin crossed he face again.

“Your outfit just gave me an idea!” she said. “A spell to halt the progress ahead! To freeze, to bind my foes in red!” She cackled again. A slew of red chains wrapped around us all! Kamen Rider Wizard slowly moved his arms to get his hands on the belt’s levers and swapped the hand to the right again. The belt started singing again!

“Lupachi magic, touch to go! Lupachi magic, touch to go!” He then moved his hand to a ring strap which were silver with an orange gem in the center. They each had a design on the top. The one Wizard grabbed had a dragon poking its head and wing out of a portal. He replaced the hand ring on his hand with the new ring and scanned it on his belt, the WizarDriver. “Connect, please!” said the belt as a small red runic circle appeared near his hand. He put his hand in and grabbed some sort of intricate silver gun with a left hand making a fist on the end of it. He pulled the trigger and shot the broom the Witch was on. She fell off and it broke her concentration, thus making the chains disappear.

“You bothersome little worm! I’ll get you for that!” she shouted. She then started swinging her broom around like a weapon. I got an idea and touched Wizard’s shoulder. My belt then got the Wizard i.d tag. I then stole a ring with a shovel design.

“Hey!” protested Wizard.

“Borrowing!” I replied. I swapped my i.d tag with the Wizard one.

+IDENTIFICATION TAG HAS MULTIPLE FORMS+ said my belt. +SELECT FORM+ Four circles appeared in front of me with the different form rings for Wizard. I picked the one with the square citrine. The wardrobe closed around me. “Wizard Land Steel!” said my belt. It then said “Land, please! Dododo Dododon, Don Dododon!” in the WizarDriver’s voice. This form takes the trench coat of wizard with whatever gems it’s studded with, in this case, citrine. I couldn’t resist.

“Saa, showtime da!” I announced.

“First my ring, then my land style, now my words!” cried Wizard.

“Like I said, I’m borrowing them,” I countered. I then mimed flipping the levers on the WizarDriver and heard the familiar chant of “Lupachi magic, touch to go!” I then scanned the ring I swiped from Wizard over my driver. From the words of “Dig, please!” I’d say it was a dig ring. Several yellow runic circles appeared. The parts of the ground they were hovering over disappeared in dust, leaving holes once they vanished. Some of us tumbled into the holes, the Witch included. She poked her head out to address her troops.

“What are you flying fools waiting for?!” she screeched. “Attack! Attack!” The monkeys started throwing rocks at us. One of the rocks knocked the Witch’s hat off! “Watch it!” she screeched as she jammed it back on her head and dived into the hole.

“Just when I thought today couldn’t get any MORE strange!” rasped Batman. He dove into a hole to get away from the monkeys. The rest that didn’t fall in the holes I made originally followed suit. I heard a bunch of people say “Henshin!” with only one “Rider…HENSHIN!” over them. I met with Kamen Rider Arch, Emmanuel in the tunnels connecting the holes.

“Thoughts, your highness?” he asked.

“It’s probably going to turn into a whack-a-mole game,” I guessed “10 points on whacking your enemies, minus 20 on hitting the Witch.”

“This whole fight is making me see red!” protested Arch.

“Stay in the red mist, that’s just fine!” called the Witch. “Your thoughts, your moves, your actions are MINE!” Red chains appeared around us again. From what I saw overhead, Kamen Rider Kämpfer, Lukas, was lifted out of the hole. Her mistake, his gain, as he leveled his updated crossbow at her hat and fired! The crossbow bolt knocked the hat off, making lose concentration again. She screamed in frustration. “I’ll teach pesky little troublemakers like you to get in my way!” she snarled. At that point we all got out. Rogue was about to fire when I sucker punched him, leaving Wizard open to fire his WizarSwordGun. He didn’t leave it in gun mode and instead unfolded it into sword mode.

“I have it!” called Ichigō. He had the gateway piece in his hands. In retrospect, he shouldn’t have said that.

“A spell to halt the progress ahead! To freeze, to bind my foe in red!” This time, the chains wrapped around only Ichigō. Rogue charged to get the gateway piece, only to get tackled by the monkeys.


“Tufted Capuchins, actually,” countered a voice. Rogue turned to see a monkey’s fist deck him. Meanwhile, more of the now named Winged Capuchins had gotten their hands on Ichigō and got the gateway piece back on the ground from all the movement. Arch had let an arrow fly towards the Witch, making her dodge and retreat to the air.

“I’ll get you, my pretty,” she swore, “and your giant dog, too!” She was referring to the Dark Knight.

“I’m a bat…man!” he replied.

“Seize the shiny and fly! Fly back to the castle!” ordered the Witch to her troops. “And what did I tell you about speaking?!” One of the monkeys rolled his eyes and started scratching his pits.

“Ook, ook,” he muttered. He then charged towards the gateway piece.

“Nuh-uh!” protested Wyldstyle as she ran towards the piece. “No you don’t!” She leapt up to grab it. Too little, too late. The monkey already grabbed it. She fell face first on the road. As the monkey started flying to rejoin the witch, she started taunting us.

“You’ll have to be faster than that, my fine lady!” she boasted. “Without my sister’s ruby slippers, you’re no match for me! Away, my pretties! Away!” The whole troop flew off towards the west, where her castle was. The flames had died and Rogue was mad.


“I hold no responsibility over this,” I countered.

“Bah!” snapped Rogue as he cancelled the transformation. He then boarded his bike. “When next we meet, you won’t survive!” he swore to me. His bike then summoned a portal as he sped through. I then turned to Wizard.

“How did you get here?” I asked.

“I’ll explain on the way,” he replied as he used the connect ring again to summon his motorcycle. He then dehenshined into Haruto Soma. “For now, that piece may be my only way home and I need to get home now. Phantoms are invading again and I need to stop them.”

“Then help us and we can get you home,” I offered.

“After her!” called Batman as he boarded the Batmobile.

“Hey, that’s my line!” I shouted as I mounted my horse. We all got on our vehicles, dehenshined, and sped off into the west.